Friday, February 24, 2012

J Crew - spindrift sweatshirt

Spindrift sweatshirt (70241, $59.50) - Size S - The color choices are navy, light emerald and neon azalea, XXS - XL. The description on this claims that it's longer and leaner. I would have to disagree w/that. Check it out on A JC Shopping Habit, on AppGalon ShOperaRach, on Shop With M and on Miranda Kerr as seen on The Look For Less.

Shoes 8: J Crew Juliet (Similar here, here and these are similar to JC's Valentina)

I found it to be tight in the upper arm, shoulder and upper chest. I imagine it would stretch a little as you wear it. However, the S just didn't feel like the right size. I would get a M in this, which would also able me to wash/dry without worries. I am not a big fan of wearing pink for me, but I like the neon azalea color. It looks good in this sweatshirt. Not good w/these pants. I tried on a bunch of things w/these pants and might have to try to re-take those photos. There's a lot of green in the pants and that plus the brown doesn't play nice w/the current, new brights.

Spindrift sweatshirt in stripe (67730, $65) - Size S - The color choices are honey brown champagne and blue vintage champagne, XXS - XL. Is it the stripes, or does this seem longer? Maybe someone tried it on before I did. It still felt fitted, but not as fitted/cropped as the solid spindrift. Check it out on Atlantic-Pacific.

Do you buy these types of items from J Crew, or do you seek out lower price points?

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  1. Gigi, I have to agree with you about the neon azalea spiindrift; it's a pretty color per your photo. Neon azalea's true identity is all over the place: pink here, coral over there...

    The striped top does appear longer on you. Do the wide stripes create an optical illusion? It just looks bigger overall. Search on spindrift on JC's site, & it brings up a solid & a stripe top side by side, w/the photo's sized the same but the striped one appears longer & 'bigger' overall.

    I tried the Blue vintage champagne (what a mouthful!) striped spindrift, and the fabric & fit are fine, but it's not a must-have for me. Hmm, after considering the difference between the solid & stripes, maybe it was a good decision to return the striped spindrift.

    Since I don't like fooling with other online retailers very often (too comfy w/the crew & madewell) & rarely get out to shop, I won't be seeking it at a lower price anywhere else

  2. I bought the striped one on promo in a small and I found it to be running big, however I cannot fit a tee underneath it. I caved an ordered 2 last night pink and the green and I sized up for both to a Medium. I wear these alot in the coming months thanks for your review.

  3. I adore the neon azalea color but I am limiting myself on getting too much of that color because I know me, and I'll end up looking like a pink highlighting disaster one day.
    Zara currently has a sweatshirt on their site under the TRF section for about $40 and it also comes in the neon-y pink and yellow. The fit is slouchier and it has a little back zip detail. May be a good alternative for those who like the spindrift but want a bigger fit.

  4. I agree with you, it's not really a long and lean silhouette. I bought the blue/champagne stripe during the knits and tees promo. I sized down to a small, as I have been doing with a lot of J.Crew knits lately, whenever they are offered in xxs. It's a cute tee (not a sweatshirt) but one is enough.

    Thanks for the review.

  5. Thanks so much for this review! I didn't have a chance to try this on when I was in the store earlier this week. Like Lisa, I'm trying to limit myself on getting too much of this color. I really like bright colors. Thanks again!

  6. 'Short and boxy' but that would probably not sell very well so 'long and lean' it stays. Probably just copied from another description, lol. And yes, the striped one is bigger, it happens all the time with J.Crew.
    Thanks Gigi!

  7. I like both on you, but I think the striped one is more flattering. Did you try the blue striped one?

    I am always waiting for lower price points. :)

  8. Honestly, for the price these are not great. I would shop around a bit more for something cheaper if you had to have it. I live 15 miles from the nearest real mall, but 4 miles from an outlet mall so I usually hit JC at the outlet here. It is different stuff than at the regular store but the basics are reasonable on sale. I always wait for a sale. I get lots of great cute tops at LOFT 1.5 miles from my house. We have a small outdoor mall and not alot of shoppers and there is a sale there all the time.

  9. I didn't try it but If I had to buy it I would buy it in the light emerald colorway which is beautiful. I have to say that I am a bit confused by all the green shades and their names this season, it is a bit like the retro orange/modern red last year. This light emerald doesn't look like emerald at all but looks a lot like the festival green, while the warm jade looks a lot like emerald (and if jade at all not "warm" but "dark" or "deep").
    BTW my daughter created the cutest acronym.
    She pronounces "J Crew" as "J clue", like in "I don't have a J clue about these color names".

  10. ha- the name of this sweatshirt really does just sound like 'spendthrift'! I just love these J Crew basics- for some reason they please me so much more than any other offerings elsewhere! Really falling for this neon azalea colour finally...

  11. I love the azaela -the stripes do look longer!

  12. Ok, I tried it today in navy and it felt tts, it didn't feel tight up on me. The sleeves length is kind of weird (very short 3/4) but I really liked it. There are other things that I would like to get first but I am sale wishlisting it...


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