Tuesday, January 10, 2012

J Crew - bubble necklace

J Crew's bubble necklace (92687, $150) currently comes in modern red is $89.99 in-store as of 1/5. In-store additional 40% was still going yesterday, Mon 1/9. My guess is it will continue thru this week. The bubble necklace is also available in papaya, black and turquoise.

This isn't an official outfit. I'm just trying the necklace on. However, I would include this as a wearable option just like this, so a happy accident. I also have the necklace in grey from a couple years ago. The size and materials won't strike everyone's fancy, but it's a beautiful piece. Check out the bubble...

* on A Stylized Hysteria (turq, scroll down)
* on AppGal (an Ebay version)
* on Audreybella
* on Beach Chic Style (a turq Ebay version) and here (a yellow Ebay version)
* on Between the Lines (an Ebay version)
* on Blondie Esquire (yellow, pic 6)
* on Breakfast At Gigi's (a veryjane.com version)
* on Caitlin Schmidt (pic 3)
* on Chic Chef (yellow)
* on Clothing Is My Collection (white)
* on Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins (papaya Ebay version)
* on Colorful Corporate - J'Crewlet version and retail green
* on Confessions of the Glitterati
* on Elle Bow Room
* on Ema
* on Fabulous On A Budget 
* on Fashberries (turquoise) and papaya
* on Fashion Bananas (red)
* on Fast Food & Fashion 
* on Gigi's Gone Shopping - yeah, me again, I have it in grey
* on Ginger Girl (an Ebay version)
* on Glitter and Grace (an Ily Couture version)
* on Handbag Aficianado (navy)
* on J Crew Is My Favorite Store (red), bubble pink, kelly green, navy and neon azalea
* on Krystal Schlegel 
* on Michelle Kay Palmer (turquoise Ebay version)
* on Minime Style (turquoise)
* on Miss USA Olivia Culpo (yellow)
* on Mix & Match Fashion
* on My Dressy Ways (an Ebay version)
* on One Too Many Closets
* on Phis Phis
* on Pink Peonies and worn doubled
* on Roxy's Girl Time (an Ebay version)
* on Sequins & Stilettos
* on Sequins & Stripes
* on Shop With M (kelly green & neon fuchsia), J'Crewlet version
* on Simply Bold
* on Sew Petite Gal
* on Southern Lovely (yellow, 2nd pic)
* on Style Sophisticate
* on The Average Girls Guide (a turq Ebay version) and here (a pink Ebay version)
* on The Jew in J. Crew
* on Tumble Down South
* on Tweed & Toile
* on Two Wheeler
* on What Denée Wore - (yellow Ebay version)
* on What I Bought Today - written commentary on her experience w/the non-retail bubble vs retail
* on Workday Weekend.
* on Yogagirl (last pic)

Top (S): J Crew try-on, will be reviewing in next post
Pants (29S): I love my J Crew stretch vintage bootcut cords
Shoes (8): J Crew 2008 (Similar here and here)

Look! J Crew's pluma pendant on the left (2010, sold out). Sabine pendant ($28) on the right, available at Piperlime. It has a matching bracelet. I don't know if I'd wear them at the same time. The bracelet is more moolah, $38. I liked the pluma pendant after it sold out, unfortunately. It sometimes pops back in a Factory version, but I was unwilling to chance it. There's no Factory easy to drive to near me and I wouldn't want to eat return shipping. Piperlime has free shipping both ways and if you're a Gap family cardholder you can save 10% today with TUESDAYS. The pluma has that nice filigree flair, but the Piperlime option is in the same vein.

And a brand new to Piperlime, Cassie by Schutz($150) - Cute!

Chime in...
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p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.


  1. I love the bubble necklace but I have no business buying another bauble with 6 drawers of necklaces. I know. I'll be the next Hoarders episode.

    P.S. But if I was going to get it, I would pick red!

  2. just like eleanor i have plenty of neclaces from the crew.i would still love to have one of the bubble neclaces preferably in the modern red.
    great combination with the striped top!

  3. I really like the outfit lady! The necklace is perfect!

  4. Hey Gigi, I *get* this necklace.. it's just a bit murch for me. Cute on you, though! :-)

  5. I love the red with the stripes, super cute outfit!! Thanks for the link love!

  6. I have the bubble from way back in black, turquoise and papaya. I wear the black a ton, and just yesterday wore the turquoise to brighten up a grey dress. It's a statement necklace for sure. The amount I've worn mine, they are literally pennies per wear by now.

    I really like the red with the stripes! Happy accident indeed.

  7. Hey Gigi!
    I just realized that JCrew offers 1.5% cash back through Ebates now. Do you remember if that is how it always was before the holiday months? Seems low... not that it will stop me or anything...

  8. Ah, love your outfit. You look so cute.


  9. Gigi-Love the Bubble. Do you know if it on sale in stores in all colors or just black and red? I love the red and turquoise.

  10. The bubble is a true statement necklace, isn't it Gigi? Even after all this time, I'm still on the fence about getting one myself though and I do love it whenever I see it on others.

    The pluma is one of my favorites - I think you'd really like it, so keep checking for pop-backs. The factory version looks identical to the original in the close-up pictures, so it may be a safe buy.

    The Pipelime look alikes are a great find too!

  11. I have always loved that necklace but the color is my favorite so far! I really think you lucked out on that outfit because I totally love it!

  12. I love the necklace. Esp in red. It looks great with the shirt you have on.

  13. I just bought an ebay knockoff of this necklace for $20 lol...it hasn't come yet, so we will see how good/bad the quality is!

  14. I am in the minority here since I am not a fan of this necklace.

    Ebates @ J Crew was 4% and higher before the holidays.

  15. Thanks for the tip on the in-store price of this necklace, Gigi! I have been lusting after it and the extra 40% might make the price a little more palatable to me.

  16. Gigi - I contacted a PS in the stores about this and hope I am able to take advantage. Thanks so much for posting this!

  17. I have the soft violet from two year ago and wear it very rarely (I wear my turquoise H&M knockoff more). Maybe I should sell it and get the black one, it is so difficult to find a nice black necklace. Do you know if the black is on sale as well?

  18. Thanks for linking to my blog! I am completely obsessed with the bubble necklace. Send help! ;)

    1. blondieesquire - You're welcome :)


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