Saturday, December 31, 2011

J Crew - hinged gem bracelet

J Crew's hinged gem bracelet (66533, $50) came in black and maybe one other color online. The most recent price was $29.99.

The length is 7.5", according to the online description. I liked this more than I thought I would. It fit my wrist exactly. If it had been 1/2" looser, I probably would've kept it. The crystals are pretty. The spot on my wrist where the bracelet is measures

A couple more reviews in case you missed...

Orbit necklace ($138) - Irl pics - Great necklace. Bad picture.

Enamel and pavé-link necklace ($78) - Irl pics (scroll down) - Another sucky photo. This is prettier in person.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gap - 30% off

The boring fog has lifted a bit at Gap. I've actually noticed some cute things online recently. I wonder if these fashions are post-Patrick Robinson. Anywhobeddo...take 30% off reeular priced styles with GAPSPRING thru tonite, Thu.

Striped buttoned boatneck T ($24.95) - I got this in S and PM. The PM worked out well. I didn't even bother trying the regular S. The sleeves are long, even on the petite. The fabric is soft and the tee is so comfortable, as noted in some of the reviews. The color combo pictured -tan/black -- is cute. The tan is kind of peachy. I have an abundance of striped tees and wear them often. Most are usually needing to be laundered, so I got the off-white/black combo as well.

More stripes! I'm done worrying about whether I have too many stripes. They're more obvious than, say, a floral, but florals don't look so good on me. So stripes it is! And as I said above, I wear them so much that multiples are ok. The ones I've purchased from last year won't last thru 2011. These look cute, esp the dress. Reviewers are getting better on the site, but I still try some things for myself based on my experience w/Gap. Some people seem down right exaggerationous. You usually take an 8 and you took a 0? (raises eyebrow)

Tulle ballet skirt ($59.95) - I had a ball w/my maxis during maternity. I'll definitely be rocking the maxi trend in SP/SU13, dresses and skirts. If this is too light and fluffy for you, check out the gathered long skirt in light asphalt (grey). Still flowy and light in fabric, based on the stock pics, but the color is deeper.

I'm hoping that this will post ok for Thu. We are on staycation and supposed to be offline for 2-3 days. We'll see how that goes as laptops are always nearby. We took the whole freaking house w/us for the baby. Wish us luck!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

J Crew on Net-A-Porter

If you missed these at J Crew in-store or online, they're now on sale on Net-A-Porter:

Gingham cropped pants ($22.50) - I believe these are the gingham scout chinos as seen on Ema and on Audreybella

Lumini leather jacket ($357) - Sizes 6 & 10 remain

Sequin embellished tank ($30) - Size M only remains - Irl pics

Aviator chinos ($28.50) - See them on Megan Crew Reviews and her do-over

Size 4 - waist = 30.5", hips = 39.25", thigh = 25.25" - measured 1" below crotch
Size 6 - waist = 31.5", hips = 40.25", thigh = 26"

I haven't ordered from Net-A-Porter, but I recently ordered a J Crew men's sweater from Mr. Porter. The experience was 5-star. Email communication & status updates were thorough. The sweater was packaged in a thick box. Really lovely. I'll have to share pics of the sweater some time because it was for moi! Size XS, off-white, fisherman style. I ordered a men's XS sweater in the past & it didn't work. This one I just recvd has renewed my interest in checking out the men's dept, just in case...

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Rue La La

Things have gotten very interesting over on Rue La La this year. There are always really cute things to like. Even more so now than in the past. Also, they have introduced a new shipping feature. If you make a purchase, shipping is $9.95 as it always has been. However, you get the next 30 days free shipping. The feature is quite nice. Also, you don't have to hunt around the site to figure out how many free shipping days you have left. The info always on the main page, upper right-hand corner after you log in. As you can see, I have 12 days remaining.

I ordered this JPK Paris 75 handbag in the Nylon Handbag boutique that's currently open. The drop is 5", so it probably won't go over my shoulder, but it has a long strap and can be worn crossbody. I'm looking forward to this because my J Crew patent tote from 08 is starting to show wear. The handles are leather on this, which is nice. $69.90.

This year I finally realized and accepted that my personal style is not really edgy. The edge I believed that I injected into my preppy wardrobe is really just flair. There's a difference. In my mind I like spikes and chains and other hardware on shoes, but that look tends to clash w/my core style. I really like this boots. They're not really a walk on the wild side. However, they're something I would've purchased in the past and simply not worn because they don't really 'go' with the other clothes I have. Too bad. They're really fly. $119.90

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Banana Republic - a good deal

Banana Republic's classic trench is available in black & khaki. The original price was $198 and it's on sale for $119.99. Use BRSALE30 for an additional 30% off thru Thu, 12/29. This trench runs in regular, petite & tall sizes.

Size PS that I bought in March 2010. I'm not sure if there are differences to the 2011 version.

Same coat in my 2nd trimester. I paid $120 with a 40% coupon and have gotten so much wear out of it.

I haven't been into or "into" BR for quite some time. I still look online, though. Not much catching my eye except these shoes...

And this headband, which reviewers say runs small.
sparkling leaf headband ($19.99)

I've been looking at the Lyla tee dress for awhile now. It's $44.99, which very attractive w/an additional 30% off of that price. I know I have a ton of stripes, though, so I'll just look from afar. Even if it's on the thin side, it's still very cute. I'm not sure stripes could ever disappoint me.

My post-Christmas strategy was to wait it out a day or two. Let the returns come in and then visit the stores. I want to visit Anthro for their 50% off sale. And that's probably about it. There's nothing I particularly want or need. Did you go out yesterday? And/or, how was your Boxing Day?

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Monday, December 26, 2011

J Crew - sequinth!

Of course you know I mean are some irl pics:

Glimmer long-sleeve tee (62049 , $88) runs XXS - XL. Color choices are black, stormy sea and dark khaki. It's currently $59.99 online. This is a size S. I thought the Flashdance-y look might be kind of cool, so I slipped it to favor one shoulder. Eh. See it on 1 More Shopping Blog, on DaniBP, on I am Khatu, on I Have A Degree In This, on Notes From the Dressing Room, on Pearls and Twirls and on ShOperaRach.

Size S - chest = 34"
Size M - chest = 36"

j crew black sequin top
 Size S, black
Pants (4): J Crew meander pants

Shoes (8): J Crew serengeti  (Similarish here and here)

I have enough sequins, so I really tried this on only to share pics. Something about the sequin type and the quantity make this a nighttime top, imo. It might look ok for day w/a cardi or jacket over it, but I don't think it would look casual enough for day without something over it. 

Drapey sequin tank (32360, $78) - Size M, natural - The last price I saw in-store was $59.99, mid Dec. It's currently $29.99 online. See it on Alterations Needed and on Easy Petite Looks.

Size S - chest = 32.5"
Size M - chest = 34.5"

j crew sequin tank
 Size M, natural

You can get excited for me, but I'll be honest...I'm holding in my stomach. I wish it looked like this. I'm doing pretty good 15 wks out, considering I've only exercised a few times and not at all consistently. I might just start working on my arms since hand weights are easy. And I'll worry about the treadmill later. Mini wants to be held for naps and for one of us to be in the room until she falls asleep. By the time I get a moment I don't have the energy to put towards working out. Too bad as I know it would make me feel good. Back to the top. I am inclined to agree that this top might run one size small. If you to try to ensure that it will be more loose than tight, take the larger of your J Crew sizes.

Glitterati ballet flats (55936, $128) come in metallic black, metallic cherry & metallic gold. I wear 7.5, but often take 8 in J Crew shoes. This year they've updated the ballet flats, improving the quality. The sizing is more accurate imo and I now take a 7.5. These are 7.5. I also took a 7.5 in the Lula leopard ballet flats. I wasn't excited about the gold on these. I really wanted to be because they were $79.99 in-store the day I saw them plus 30% off. I just didn't get the feeling in them, so I passed.

Metallic cherry - also size 7.5. Love these. Got the feeling and kept them.

With a new baby in tow, I haven't worn any sequins. It's less about the wash or dry cleaning aspect and more about wanting to feel cozy with and huggable to Miss Mini G. I've worn more sherpa & fleece, like this robe. Sooooo cozy.
How are you & sequins this year? Tight? Not as close as last year? Chime in...

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