Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old Navy - irl pics

I'm officially enamored with Old Navy's weekend promo. Savings recap:

30% off for cardholders - good thru 11/3
* online with ONSTUFF30 online, one-time use only
* in-store multi-use, just show your card, ask for stuff 'n' save promo, be sure to get your free tote

25% off for non-cardholders - good thru 10/30 extended till 11/2
* online with ONSAVE25
* Print this coupon to use in-store.

Old Navy cash
* In-store earn up $10 for every $20 spend, up to $30 per transaction in Old Navy cash to be used for a future purchase between 11/17 & 11/22. Remember this because they forgot to give it to me on a transaction, so I have to go back.

Why am I so excited? I assumed that the additional 30% off clearance they were running earlier in the week in-stores would end on Thursday in light of Friday's new promo, but it continues. This means you can save 30% off clearance, plus an additional 30% for cardholders or additional 25% for non-cardholders. Clearance is super saggy, sad and picked over, but there are a few worthy things. What's more exciting is the fresh merch on promo in-store, but not online so that was a surprise. Plus, the additional 25% or 30% savings are subtracted from the promo price. There are deals to be had! Keep your eyes peeled for promo pricing signs.

Plaid flannel shirt - blue plaid ($26.96) - Ok, so not on promo, but the colors are great. Love the colors in this one. I took a M (36C ?). They were merchandised folded on tables, if you look in-store.

Plaid flannel shirt - yellow ($26.94) - This is the shade of yellow that I wanted to see in JC's stripe silk boy shirt. That was a real disappointment because the silk shirt is a greenish yellow and not vibrant like this flannel one from ON. And this flannel looks great w/orange, like the cardi/stripe shirt combo in my Skittles oufit. The, probably wouldn't be PacNW approved for warmth or Kurt Cobain approved for a thrifted vibe, but that's fine by me. I like the lively colors and a lighter weight works well for layering. It feels like a brushed cotton more than a weight you think of when you hear flannel. Shoot, for these prices, you can get 4 for the cost of one from J Crew.

Faux-fur lined hoodie - On promo for $25 in-store and $26.50 online. I got this ash heather color (pictured). I purchased a couple of sherpa hoodies like these by Merona at Target, but returned them. Something didn't feel quite right in the fit, although I liked the colors. I'm glad I saw this one at ON. Leave your spray cans at home because the tag clearly says FAUX FUR in caps, which cracked me up. It's very cozy. Thumbs up. Part of my new mom gear is purposefully very casual for baby days. Hoodies and jeans are the bookends, if you will, of the look. This also comes in green, dark grey, black and hot pink (very PINK by Victoria's Secret pink).

Southwestern pattern cardigan ($54.95) - On promo for $40 in-store! I was so thrilled when I went on Fri and saw the promo price. It says hand wash, but I'll spot clean any spitup and then bust out the Dryel. As mentioned in a previous post, I tried XS which was nice for volume/length, but the S fit way better in the shoulders & under the arms. Love this one. It has a high cotton content, so I'm hoping it will wear well.

Performance fleece - $15 promo online, regular price $22 in-store. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it, but G Money & I met online. One of my deal breakers was fleece. If he wore fleece, it wasn't going to be a good thing. And here I am liking the look and feel of this number. A couple of things have changed for me in motherhood. One is that comfort is supreme, supreme, supreme. Not only that, I enjoy feeling cozy and comforted as much as possible. I don't get goosebumps right now. Instead get strong, odd tinglings in my chest. I'm sure it has to do w/the milk. At any rate, I feel uncomfortable for a number of reasons and being cozy offsets that. Secondly, I used to be able to wear a top or pants at least twice in many cases before washing. Not anymore. Everything gets washed immediately and we don't have much time these days for high maintenance clothing. See why this 100% poly, machine wash item is looking mighty good? Pictured is a blue/grey/black animal print. There is also a brown animal print and I snagged that one. I'll have to try it on again to see if it really works or should be sent to a retired grandma in Florida. I think the animal print ones are sold out online, but I wanted to point it out for you in-store shoppers. There are a good number of color choices in solid.

V-neck cardigan ($26.94) - On promo online for $24. On promo in-stores for $19.50. So yeah, this won't win any excellent in cotton awards, but it's machine wash. Medium weight, leaning to the lighter of weights. Great color selection and blends well w/some of the plaid button down offerings. This winter wine shade is my fave.

I visited ON twice for this sale. Everything I got for Mini G worked. The prices were soooo good, but I'll be editing my selections. Particularly since I'll be receiving my 25% off J Crew box tomorrow. I'm so curious to see what I'll be keeping and what I'll be returning out of that. Especially since each of the four items in that box is dry clean only!

Thanks for visiting...

One more thing. Old Navy has NFL licensed tees and zip hoodies. I'm pretty sure they were BOGO 50% before the additional % savings. I saw women and mens w/promo pricing and the teams were the 49ers and the Raiders. Perhaps they have your local teams, as opposed to carrying all of the teams in each store. Good potential Christmas gift.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Old Navy - this weekend's promo

ONSAVE25 continues at Old Navy for 25% off your purchase thru Sun, 10/30. Click to print a coupon for in-store use. Now, if you're a Gap family cardholder, the savings are greater as they kick off the Stuff 'n' Save promo. Today only, save 40% off your purchase when you use your Gap family card as pay type, in-store only. On Sat & Sun, you'll save 30%. The 30% off is good online with ONSTUFF30. Keep in mind that the code is good for one time use only online. I believe you can use the promo multiple times in-store.

I'm in a cycle of buy-return because I can't try on too much in-store w/Mini in tow, so I made another trip yesterday. I had the promo in mind when I walked around. Here's what I like:

The things I really like here are the plaid shirt and jeans. I felt inspired to show two different ways I might wear them. A little funky on the left and more preppy on the right:
* cropped blazer ($39.94)
* cable-knit cardigan ($32.94)
* plaid flannel shirt ($26.94) - This is blue plaid. See the red plaid, also. The colors are so bright & pretty. I'm taking a M in this one for the bust.
* wool-blend car coat ($65 promo)
* DSW mojo moxy kandi booties ($129)
* Rock Star jegging ($34.94) - Still a fan of these. This is probably my 3rd mention if this color. Remember that red is still available in-stores. I agree about going up 2 sizes.
* Vince Camuto Paula ($89)

Jersey maxi skirt ($29.94) - Machine wash. This caught my eye in-store about a week ago. I didn't try it on, but the drape looked nice.

Southwestern-pattern wrap cardigan ($54.94) - Opening price point is a shocker, isn't it? I guess it is only about $5 higher than it might've been last year, but it just seems high for ON. I tried this on yesterday. The volume and fit were good in the XS, but the shoulders were a tad tight when I did the Hulk flex check. I had it on over JC's tartan plaid boyfriend shirt from last year (the perfect shirt in tartan is similar). I would wear a similar weight top w/it -- just not plaid -- so I say go w/your regular ON size. If you have narrow shoulders & a thin frame, you should be able to size down one comfortably. Thumbs up on the pattern, colors, fit and feel. Something is truly wrong w/the reviewers if they end up panning this one. ETA -> this sweater is on promo for $40 + cardholder 30% stuff 'n' save = net $28.

Braided trim trouser jeans ($34.94) - I have these in 6 short and the length is perfect on me (5'2"), requiring a heel. That's fine by me because the addtl couple of inches really flatter the jeans' great lines and subtle flare. I never look at ON jeans in-store, so I'm not sure if they're can be found at the b&m or are online only.

Sequined tank ($39.94) - Personally, I'm cool on sequins. If you still don't own sequins and want to, consider this one. I noticed it online when I was looking around and have not seen it in-store. I saw some other sequin tanks that had huge sequins. They looked a little loud. This one looks mote refined. Most items that are online are in-store. They just hit at different times.

Smocked printed chiffon top ($34.94) - Good example of inventory differences. Smaller sizes have been sold out in this color online for a couple weeks now. In the stores I've seen a full row of them highlighted as a new arrival. FYI, there are 2 other chevron printed items that look similar to this pattern. One is a similar cut to this and the other is a tank. Don't get confused. You want the chiffon/poly top like this, not the rayon one that's a clear chevron pattern.

FYI, there's another top w/a similar cut to the one above and it is soooo cute. Keep on the lookout if you go to the store. It's a print top with a creme background & small red birds butterflies on it. Very cute and I think it's the same price. Ok, I found it. It's the printed keyhole top ($34.94) in red print. f going to the store, be sure to take your fine tooth comb to clearance. I saw the cropped cable-knit sweaters for $6.97.

The collared breezy blouse in animal print (pictured) is $19.99. These prices are in-store and before the addtl % off. ETA -> clearance is an additional 30% + 30% cardholder stuff 'n' save = a net $9.80 for this top. It also comes in a white/black animal print.
I have this in M. Loves it.

Thanks for stopping by. Please share any helpful info, tell us if you're eyeing something cute, y'know...chime in...


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Madewell - 25% off sitewide

The retailers are clearing out merch
to make way for holiday stock. Here we are w/another promo from the J Crew family. YESPLEASE gets 25% off sitewide at Madewell and the promo ends today. ETA -> The 25% off is on $150 or more.

I really tore it up during the recent 25% off sitewide at J Crew. I'll have to really think hard about what I'm keeping or not. I may do a whole post on that. In the meantime, here are some pretties from Madewell:

Silk sojourn blouse ($110) - Great cinnamon color, similar to the silk Lucinda in roasted chestnut. Not that I'm ordering it, but I hope the blouse isn't as lightweight as the stock pic on other shades. Also comes in a striking cobalt blue.

Stripe-sleeve cablecrew sweater ($88) - This also comes in a grey w/creme stripes. And there's a all striped version (see the unique dark tobacco) where the stripes go across the whole sweater, not just on the sleeves. Lambswool. Does that mean fuzzy city? Nevertheless it would make a good Christmas sweater.

Spotdot sweater ($75) - Is this super cute or super 80s? Also comes in pink and the dark tobacco. I like it w.the pants and belt.

Hunter - I don't see any exclusions in the legalese. I assume you can use the 25% on these:
* Hunter wellies ($125)
* Hunter high-gloss wellies
* Hunter brixen wellies ($150)

Flutterfall skirt ($145) - Pretty.

* Scarf series - The city portrayed on the scarves? New York, of course. I really love the red one on the top left. It looks very vibrant. The scarves are a big 38" x 38".
* City storyteller scarf ($58) - Wool. It comes in kilt red (pictured) and plaster (blue & creme).
* Penpal storyteller scarf ($59.50) and it's a silk/wool blend. Also 38"x38". Parchment (pictured) and blackberry (purple & blue).
* Mapscape storyteller scarf ($59.50) - Silk/wool.
* Mapmaker storyteller scarf ($59.50) - Silk/wool.

Sale section
look out for final sale markings

* Chambray sightseer skirt ($19.99) - Small & medium remain
* Dune trail skirt ($49.99)
* Silk gallerist skirt ($129.99)

If you shopped this sale, tell us what you bagged...

J Crew - OURTREAT for 30% off final sale ends tonite. Click here for the links to irl pics.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Target - checks 'n' plaids

Fight back! against those higher prices from Another Retailer and check out these checks & plaids from Target:

Merona - classic heritage shirt (red check) ($6.98) - One of the comments says it's leaning towards pink versus red. (shrugs) That sounds cute. Pattern mix w/your leopard pumps!

Merona - classic heritage shirt (pink check) ($6.98)

Merona - classic heritage shirt (green plaid) ($6.98) - I have this (size S) and paid full price (fp). Yeah, it sucks to see it for seven bills, but it's still worth fp to me. I bought it while expecting and haven't been able to fully fit it yet, so no irl pics. The colors are good for spring, but I think they'll work well for fall, too. I totally see this with camel tones. FYI, the colors are more exciting than Target's stock pic. It's pretty vibrant but not neon or over the top.

Merona - classic heritage shirt (blue floral) ($6.98) - For my girls that wear also comes in a red floral. The patterns look very fine. I am not huge on florals and prefer bigger patterns, but hey, I'm sure someone would like these.

Merona - classic heritage shirt (purple plaid) ($6.98) - Ooh, I like the shades in this.

Thanks for visiting...

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