Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Modalu - Pippa handbag

In early May, when Sweet Tea in Seattle blogged about the Pippa handbag from Modalu in the UK, I went ahead and placed a pre-order. Soon after her post, Sweet Tea put up a great vlog. I already knew she has a good eye, so I wasn't worried about whether I'd like it or not. It was still good to get a preview while I wait. I went ahead and put myself on the waitlist. The charge posted right away, as opposed to being charged after the item ships. The order was due to ship in Sept. I received the handbag in late Aug, just a week or so ago. It was nice to receive it early. Sweet Tea did such a great review, so there were no surprises. I love the color & look of it, including the fact that the zipper track is black, not grey. The love kinda stops there.

38 wks, btw

I paid $275 US shipped for this...

...needless to say I was not thrilled to unpack it and see the blemished on the front of the handbag.

I knew better, but was hoping that the scratches were some dust or other material from the factory. So I got out a cloth and my Leather Honey to dab at it. As I guessed, that wasn't factory dust. Those were scratches. The leather darkened a bit. It didn't turn grey, but it was darker and that was momentarily encouraging.

After it dried, the blemishes showed up again. Leather Honey generally doesn't change or darken leather, but I hoped in this case it would.

I've contacted customer service about the scratches and they asked for pictures, which I emailed. That was last Friday. It's a bit disappointing since I'm having the baby in a couple of days and wanted to have it resolved before then. Also, I paid a good sum for the handbag. It would be nice to have it in mint condition. I re-sent my email again, so hopefully Modalu will respond and right the situation.

To be continued...

ETA 11/15/2011 - Modalu responded and the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. As an overseas customer, I don't know if I would order again. It would be nice to see the bags in-person to get a good idea of the brand. Seeing a review definitely was what pushed me over the edge to order. I wish the brand lots of luck & hope we might see them in the US one day.

ETA 2/28/2012 - See the chili colors Only Boring People Are Bored.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nordstrom introduces free shipping!

Yesterday was a great day. Nordstrom introduced free shipping both ways, all the time. Loveth! The free shipping minimum was on $200 or more. Too steep for my orders, which are usually one or two items. I try to utilize the in-store pickup option. When you're on a product page, you can have the site check your nearest store for size/color availability. I've ordered many items that way, pay online and pick it up in customer service when I have time. They hold paid orders for 30 days, which is a nice convenience. Not that I wait that long.

I am loving that Nordys has introduced free shipping and I'm certain I'll utilize it.



Do you shop at Nordstroms? Will you place more orders now that shipping & returns are free?

Chime in...

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Leather Honey

Leather Honey. That sounds good, huh? It sounded really good to me when I saw it on someone's blog. I wish I could remember where I saw it. Anyway, I emailed the company to ask for some leatha honey in exchange for a review. They took me up on it. The product is a leather conditioner that can be used for equestrian equipment, furniture, autos, motorcycles, sporting equipment (mitts, gloves, golf bags, etc...) and clothing/handbags/footwear. Click here
for usage info. The conditioner is good for regular leather of all colors, but not suede.

Thanks, Leather Honey!

I actually received it a few weeks ago, but wanted to dedicate time when first using it to see what I think. This meant putting out my drop cloth and just making a much bigger deal out of it than I needed to. But hey -- these are my shoes & handbags I was thinking of trying it out on, so I wanted to give them my full attention.

1. Leather honey on pumps - I figured the leather honey would work well on a black pair of pumps and it did. The application was easy. I just used a non-lint, auto cloth of some sort. The pumps now have a nice sheen and they're protected. The product isn't greasy and you can wipe away any access, if you get carried away.

2. Leather honey on white leather - So then I thought I'd protect my lovely Talbots conic heel pumps. They're slightly ivory in color. As you can see in the application pic to the right, the leather showed all of its creases after I applied the product. I got really freaked out, but decided to put them aside to dry.

Here is an after photo. I think it's anywhere from 1-2 hours later. Knowing me, it's probably 30-60 min later. The shoe on the left is without leather honey. And the one I applied the product to & allowed to dry is on the right. The leather is now a little bit darker, but not ridiculously so. It's been at least a week now & I wanted to see what the shoes look like, but I can't find them. All of my flats are in plain view & can't bend over to get in there & find the heels in the corners of the closet. If I used leather honey again on lighter colored items, I'd definitely test it on the underside before applying all over the

3. Leather honey on leather auto seats - When I first thought of using the product, I only thought of my shoes. I'm glad the thought to use it on my car seats came into my mind. It was a much larger space to work with and truly see if there was a difference. In the first few months of owning the car, I tried to use a leather lotion on my seats. It left a whitewash on it and I never bothered to try a different lotion. I tried washing it off a couple times, but the white tinge was still there. Before applying the Leather Honey I decided to wash the seats. The website says to wash your item and soap is just fine. I decided if Dawn dishsoap is good enough to wash oil spill gunk off of precious baby birds, it was good enough for my seats. The seats were in the sun, so my washing job dried quickly.

I applied the Leather Honey with a white, nubby towel. In the future, I'd make sure the towel was lint free, like the green cloth I used on my shoes. In some instances I applied the product right on the seats and rubbed it in. Mostly I put it on the towel and rubbed it in. I used it late at night so it was able to sink in and dry without me fussing with it. I immediately saw a difference and you can see it in the photos below. They were taken right after application. I think it would make a great gift for the car enthusiast in your life.

If you have more questions, check out the FAQ page. Here's a sample:

Can I use Leather Honey on colored leather?

Absolutely! Leather Honey does not interfere with the dyes or change the color of dyed leather. However, Leather Honey will slightly darken some untreated leather, so be sure to test it on a small "hidden" area if you are concerned.

Leather Honey is on Facebook. You can see some before & after pictures there as well. Oh, you should also know the product doesn't expire. I thought that was pretty cool.There's lots of info to see on their site and/or fan page. Thumbs up for the product. I'll definitely be using it on my leather goods.

The company is offering 15% off for Gigi's Gone Shopping readers!
Use code
LH15PD thru Sep 15th.
Shipping is free.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Giveaway winners+

Emails have been sent to the giveaway winners of the Old Navy cluster necklaces and Anthropologie necklace.

Please respond within 48 hrs or a new winner will be chosen.

FYI: Someone left info as: Abbye, I put in, substituting a period for the comma and omitting the extra spaced. The email bounced back to me. I will pick an alternate winner if I don't receive an email from you by 12p, PST on Monday 8/29.

Want a shot at winning something else? Check out Dina G's Boden scarf giveaway!

Forever 21 - irl pics

Heritage 81 pleated calf skirt (online sku 2000018461) - Size M - I'm only holding it up to me, I don't have it on but the fit will be good. It was only $18.90, so it sold out quickly. Heritage 81 or H81 is a sub-brand under Forever 21. My local stores have small sections that have it. You can filter the store locator to see if a F21 near you carries H81. If you call a store, they can look up the stock# in their computer to see if they have it. I've done this two or three times to see if something is in a store near me. I've never ask them to physically go look the item on the floor. They'd probably laugh at me. See UO's Cooperative knit midi in the same cut & color.

Neck Tie Blouse ($19.80, product code 2000027618) - It has a woven texture and is sheer, but doesn't seem to be too too sheer. The color is electric blue and I'm on board with it for fall.

Love21 Bow Front Button Up ($19.80, product code 00018967) - Size S, which fits exactly at the top. I usually wear M in F21, but chose small based on the measurements & I'm glad I did. I wanted it to fit in the shoulders and not be oversized. Handwash (boo). I'm into the colorblock look and it would be nice to have a black sash as the tie on this. However, this will look great under a black v-neck sweater and hopefully give me the same vibe. It's a warm creme color. Nice blouse with dome buttons, as opposed to flat, plastic ones. Thumbs up.

Rolling rose beanie - This is so cute on! It also comes in purple & black. I saw it in-stores as well. The color is a rusty red. Or a reddish rust. It's not pink, as it may appear on your monitor.

I could use improvement in my F21 earring ordering skills. I always forget to read the description & get out a ruler or tape measure. These were huge. No loss as they were only $1.50 and will look much better on my sister.

Top row

* Spring bloom top ($19.80) - I've seen this in-person and like the colors on this. It's on the shorter side as it looks in the photo.
* Dotted sheer shirt ($17.80)
* Floral pleasant top ($15.80)

Bottom row
* Sheer button up lace yoke ($15.80)
* Mini shirt dress
* Heritage 1981 relaxed plaid top ($15)

Top row
* Rhinestone necklace ($12.80) -
* Pearlescent bow necklace
* Rhinestone crescent necklace ($8.80)

Bottom row
* Feather trimmed necklace ($5.80) - I tried this on and it's a fun, trendy piece.
* Love charm necklace ($2.80) - Like Julianne Moore wore in The Kids Are Alright.
* In bloom necklace ($6.80)
* Blooming rose earrings ($1.50) - Where else but F21 will you find a $1.50 ridealong to reach $50 for free shipping?

* J. Crew vs. leopard print sweater ($19.80)
* J. Crew vs. H81 striped sleeve sweater ($26.90)
* J. Crew vs. Cheetah print fedora ($8.80)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope the East Coast-ers are doing well & safe!

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