Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mall Notes - H&M, Kohl's, LEC, Talbots

If you're around your local mall or plaza this weekend...These posts mostly apply to US residents because they focus on physically visiting the store. However, some retailers have shops in Canada, so it might be worth a scan.

In another
Mall Notes I shared an in-the-style-of Milly or Tory Burch dress from H&M. Here is an irl pic. This is a size 12. I can't remember if I ended up exchanging the 6 (too tight in the arms, upper back) for an 8 or 10. Loves it. See the dress on Really Petite, on Extra Petite and on ShOperaRach. See this print in a top on The Petite Fitting Room and on Extra Petite.

Aug 7 - ETA: I settled on a size 10 (not pictured) because I want to sure that I can wear it by late Nov/Dec. I have fantasies about the lbs MELTING OFF! post-partum, but just in case...the size 10 should be good. Also, it's a shift, so I want it to be loose. On Aug 5, I saw the dress in solid navy w/the gold buttons.

31 wks + 3

They also had some cute, white eyelet shorts for only $14.95, so here's a snap of them. I saw them in mid-July over a couple of visits to a couple of stores. Keep your eyes peeled.

They may be merchandised with other Conscious Collection items, per this label (pic). Most of the items are white or off-white. However, I saw the shorts merchandised in the middle of a store with some other items, maybe nautical pieces. I can't recall.

Here's the tag. If you're in the Northeast, you may be interested in Suddenlee, which was reviewed on Fast Food and Fast Fashion. Suddenlee is an online concierge service that will shop and ship items you're looking for. Very interesting.


I went into Kohl's looking for bow sandals that I saw online. I ended up finding a really cute dress by Dana Buchman. It was $13.60. When I got home I tried to find the dress online, but don't see it. While online I saw these next few items online and would look for them in-store to see what they were like.

Dana Buchman snakeskin shift - I don't like how the hem looks online, but the overall dress print looks good.

Dana Buchman animal charmeuse skirt - Poly, but hey it's machine wash. The print looks good on this one, too. I like that it's a pull on. I think I need to let go of pencil skirts for fall/winter wear. I do better wearing them casually in spring/summer.

Dana Buchman gladiator heels - Like JC's Wyatt buckle cone heels. Cute.

Click here to print a coupon for 15% off at Kohl's. It's good thru Sun, 7/31. I recently read that Old Navy is allowing coupon codes to be applied if you show them on your phone. I'm not sure if Kohl's has joined in similarly, so I'd try to print it in advance. Kohl's cash is in effect as well. You get $10 in Kohl's cash for every $50 you spend. The future savings is good August 1-9, in-store & online.

Land's End Canvas
Linen officer shirt - Already blogged about this one, but I've since received the one I ordered. I got a S and M. S fit well and felt tts for me. I usually take S. I settled on the medium for a slightly slouchier look. It doesn't fit over the belly in any way shape or form, so no irl pics. It buttoned thru the chest, though, in both sizes. Yay for getting it for $25, instead of trying to chase J Crew's perfect shirt in linen on popback, in a P6 for me no less. You might look for this if your local Sears/Lands End has the Canvas line. Otherwise, I highly recommend ordering online. Free shipping on $50 or more with RELAXED and pin 1144 thru Wed, 8/31.

Talbot is having a secret sale on handbags. I believe sale handbags are $29.99 in-store. Scarves and belts, $9.99. In contrast, the the last secret sale was in-store and online. - 20% with august people, teachers 20% off full price purchase thru 9/30, in-stores only, valid teacher ID required Here is one of the handbags I've seen in a couple stores as of late. There's also a super large version of this tote (not pictured), which is a deal for $29.99. If you see it in-store , you won't miss it. It's blue & green.

Small Faux-patent woven straw tote

More discount info --> take $5 off your next full-price merchandise purchase if you try on a pair of full-priced pants at any Talbots store. Or take $20 off purchases of full-priced, non-discounted pants purchased only in Talbots retail stores and via online, catalog or Red Phone orders made through 11:59 P.M. ET, 8/8/11. I like the Signature Fit Refined sateen straight-leg crop in scarlet red. Talbots does a beautiful red, which is one of the the featured colors in the summer to fall transition pieces. The fall collection hits on Aug 17. See a video preview (4 min).

Talbot is offering a 20% off teacher discount thru Sep 30. Show valid id. I believe it's on full-price merchandise.

One more....mention AUGUSTPEOPLE in-store for 20% off. It's in reference to the August issue of People magazine, I believe. Also believe that it's on full-price merchandise. Expires...?



I heard from a SA that Zara will be available for purchase online as of September. Cannot wait to see that! I hope it's a smooth entry for them into online commerce.


Get your Groupon thru the city of San Francisco. $25 for $50 worth of apparel/accessories. It's good online only. It looks like there is free shipping on $50 or more, but I haven't investigated fully.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rachel Roy - 30% off

Macy's carries RACHEL Rachel Roy (less expensive line), so I'm able to see some of her pieces in-person. I like the drapey style she uses for her dresses. Some of them are very, very slouchy, but I see that she's growing as a designer and definitely not stuck. Some of the skirt & dress lengths have been short, but RR seems to be rectifying that a bit. Not everyone wants the caboose hanging out. There's a 30% off sale items promo going right now. You don't need a code.The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

I love wearing some of these pieces in my mind, but probably wouldn't own them at this moment in time. I'm trying to be mindful of what the next year will bring in the way of baby. In the past I've indulged in some kick ass RR pieces that I haven't been able to wear yet, a couple of jackets. Looking forward to it this fall. In the meantime, I still visit her website & check out her digs at Macy's whether I'm going to purchase them e

* Bow sweater - Super cute & others must think so as there are only a couple of sizes left.
* Resort dress - I've seen this in-person and liked it.
* Twisted shoulder dress - Pretty pattern. I love the bright blue in there.

* The sari pant - I don't know why I like these. Diaper much?
* The Ariel jumpsuit - The model looks so cool. I love the whole look.
* Twisted shoulder dress - I like this in solid, in addition to the pattern.

* Panther vest - Very Beverly Johnson or Foxy Brown. But if the fabric & materials are done well, it's a chic look.
* Lynx jacquard car coat - That's a fur collar blending in there w/her hair. I applaud Rachel Roy for executing a strong vision, but the hair is a bit much for me w/the coat. The coat is very cool & lost with the collar and hair.
* Sequin tweed car coat - Hair! I like the way this jacket sparkles, but it seems like more of a special occasion coat.
* Shawl collar car coat - My that's an abbreviated sleeve there. I'm a fan of some unstructured coats and this is one. I have similar one from F21 with a 3/4 sleeve.

Sign up for Rachel Roy emails and get $20 off your first purchase when you spend $100 or more. Ok, so the code is RR20EM04, but the system may need to have your email before applying it. I'm not sure.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Jelly bow sandals

I'm late passing this one along. Apparently Valentino had a cute bow sandal that Steve Madden duplicated. Other merchants created similar concepts. I saw all of this on Veronika's Blushing when she first posted, but I didn't jump. I've really been missing black flat sandals this season, needing something plain...maybe just a plain patent. My black FitFlops are sturdy & reliable, but just not sleek when I want a more refined look. I remembered the bow sandals and went a lookin':

Melissa ($50) - Cute. I like how the bow is toward the toe. Eek on the price, although cost/wear usually works out for sandals. I hope they'd be really comfortable at the opening price.

Mel Citrus ($25) - An easy slide. Nice price and free shipping both ways.These also come in black or pink glitter. Too bad they're not in my size in black.

So jelly bow flip-flops
- These also come in black and in clear glitter. I tried these on yesterday in L. They had no M in-store. The flip flop didn't feel very comfortable, but they sure were cute. I would have to try a M to be sure on my final feeling about them. I would say don't order them online if you'd be making a special order. FYI, SUMMER15 gets 15% off. If you can try these on in-person, that's better. imo. Kohl's coupons w/free shipping are not frequent. The best deals are for cardholders. I saw these sandals in the Jr's section; not in the shoe dept. They could be merchandised in the shoe dept, though, depending on your store. If you go into the store print this coupon before you go for 15% off your purchase. Hit the Dana Buchman section and Lauren Conrad, too. I found the cutest DB dress for $13.60.

Mel Lilli Pilli ($26) - I could work a heart. These also not in my size in black. Boo. They also come in red hot & bright yellow.

Hint Boutique ($25) - Veronika shared these. It's not easy for me to order from a company I've never heard of. I don't see irl pics of these and can't tell what the feel would be like. I don't expect any of the sandals I've featured to have Nike Air, but I don't want to be stuck w/an unwearable dud. These look really flat. Only $3 shipping on these, though.

Guess Tutu ($36) - I found one more! I may try this one since they're available in my size & free shipping both ways. Nordstrom has them as well, but not anywhere near me. I'll pass on paying for shipping. These look like they have a little bit of form &/or arch support. I'm thinking $25 max for what I'm looking for. Am I the only one that gets cheap when it comes to sandals like these?

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

J Crew - Beatrice blouse

J Crew's Beatrice blouse (41525, $118) came in muslin, perfect olive and smoldering brick. 100% silk shell, the lining is 95% poly/5% spandex. It's now $49.99 online.


Size 2 - perfect olive - I tried it on a couple months ago, without the camisole that comes with it.

24 wks + 6 (month of May)

Part of the online description says this top ' boasts a ruched yoke (with rustic raw edges).' I definitely didn't like the raw edges. They looked more rough than raw up close and prone to more fraying.

We always love interior snaps to keep bra straps in place.

This is the interior cami. I liked the Beatrice better than I expected, but prefer the J Crew's Beatrice blouse (irl pics). It has a free flow, with no waist cinching. I don't have to worry about whether I have a waist or the drawstring hits in a good spot, which can be issues for me in general. No interior cami to fuss with or wonder if it will fit or not. Notice that the size 2 Beatrice fit me pregnant, without the cami. I am usually a 4 in J Crew tops. Also, the peasant blouse is machine wash. Hel-lo! As far as Beatrice sizing, I'm guessing you take your regular size if you want the cami to fit. If you could wear something else underneath besides the cami that comes with, size down at least one.

Blogger --> I don't know what's up with Blogger. Some people still aren't able to comment and I have no clue why that is. I haven't changed anything lately. So no, I'm not blog blockin' ya ;)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

White loafers

I was reading a magazine a couple weeks ago and saw a very small photo of a woman at a cafe. She had on a navy blazer, pants of some sort, maybe white pants or jeans and white loafers. I wish I had the image to share, but here's a pic of Rihanna in white loafers instead...

...and this guy, Rich Tong, looks really cool.

After seeing the magazine pic, of course I suddenly 'needed' white loafers. I've been wearing a lot of thong sandals and figure it's better to get more support if I can. I can't really wear heels these days and mocs or loafers are a nice change from thongs or ballet flats. The first ones I tried were the Michael Kors Winsor - Size 7.5 - My usual size. My feet were a little swollen this day, but I'd say they're TTS.

They're patent. They looked ok, but not what I was going for. They felt grandma like on me and not chic or cool. I knew I didn't want to order them, but the Nordstrom person fast-talked me over the phone with free shipping. Returned!

Audrey Brooke penny loafer - also comes in black & cognac. This is very similar to a shoe by Brooks Brothers. When I saw these Audrey Brookes online , I thought they might look very nurse-y irl. However, I knew that I definitely liked the sole.

Size 8 - There was no size 7.5 to try online, so I ordered the 8. They fit just fine. There is a little space in the toe, but I don't feel the extra space when I'm in the shoe. I can only feel it if I reach down & pinch the toe box area. Mocs are supposed to form to your feet and these feel like they're going to do just that. They were ultra comfortable the moment I put them on. And I'm so happy they don't look like nurse shoes. The color looked pure white on my monitor. It's called ivory and I'd describe it as a dirty white. I like the color because it's toned down.

See also...

Would you wear white loafers? Or fear they're a magnet for someone stepping on your tootsies...?

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