Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mall Notes: Nordstrom & Zara

I deleted this post in error on 7/23 and found it in my Google reader. I was able to copy/paste the entire post, including the images. Original comments have been lost, unfortunately.

Sperry Top-Sider® Santa Rosa Wedge ($59.90) - I recvd the Sperry Top-Sider® Cormorant and almost immediately went on the Sperry site to see what else they offered. I saw this cute sandal w/good reviews. I found it on sale at Nordstrom, so I went to try it on. My usual size of 7.5 fit well. It didn't feel like it was going to at first, but it did. If you have a wide foot towards the toes, it might not fit well. The heel is very comfortable and a fellow customer commented cute as she walked by. I didn't get the feeling, though. Maybe if the navy was darker. They didn't pop as I expected, so I left them behind.

I also visited Zara, which I haven't been to in eons. I've been seeing so many cute things on fellow bloggers that I had to be sure to walk in the store when I saw it. It's not on my usual shopping rounds, so I was happy that I had the opportunity.

Size M - This cardi had a nubby texture and was a pretty, bright blue. The placket along the V is unfinished or unwoven, giving the cardi a very casual feel. The fitting room lighting is very yellow. The blue shade looks much better irl. Forgot to snap the tag, but I believe this was $24.99.

Size M - I really liked the texture on this one. It's a lighter, warmer shade than the shrunken fisherman sweater that I wanted to love in beechwood. Yes, it's slightly cropped in style. I love the v-neck. Ooh, just noticed the pockets now that I see the pic. Loved this one. $39.99.

29 weeks + 5
(6): J Crew peasant blouse (Similar here, here and here)
Tank (S): Old Navy (Similar here and here)
Necklace: Kohls (Similar vibe here, here and here)

I wish I had more irl pics of try-ons for you. There are so many cute things. Maybe I'll be able to go a couple times later this year and put a couple bottoms in the mix. If you hit Zara, look for the sweaters on tables. They're often merchandised that way, which is nice because they're not growing on the hangers. Be aware that styles are mixed together. You may see a stack of blue sweaters, but there'll be different styles of the same shade. To have a look at some sale items you might bump into in-store, check out this page on Zara. I forgot how much I love you, Zara!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gigi's Gear - STORMWATCH!

Whenever there's anything more than light rain on the horizon, some of our news channels announce a STORMWATCH!, graphic included. I'm sure the meteorologists get all excited anytime there's a weather shift towards storm. Since we are on the coast, the weather patterns often shift. Very quickly. This means that forecasts aren't always accurate and the meteorologists still keep their jobs. Lucky! As far as a storm, it's usually just heavy rain. Nothing too severe coming from the sky, although it can wreak havoc on some of our hills, causing sliding. Well, at the end of last weekend they announced STORMWATCH to begin on Tuesday and that it was going to be a big one. I opened the drapes and front door to mild skies. Nothing seemed to say rain at all. Until around 1:30p. I was talking w/my mom & brother on speaker phone and he yelled, rain! Then my mom chimed in yelling, it's pouring! and they jumped off the phone. See, we get really excited about rain here. To their credit, they were moving things around a storage unit and items were outside, but yeah, lots of excitement about rain.

Before the RAIN!, UPS brought a J Crew box to me. Inside were the Sperry slip ons. Perfect timing. We never have rain in June, so I felt odd ordering them a week ago. However, I've wanted a pair of Donald Duck yellow booties for a year now and figured the price was right w/the addtl 30% off.

Sperry Top-Sider® Cormorant rubber slip-ons (36293, $98) runs in whole sizes. The color choices are olive tree, vintage linen, mango and lemon twist. Now $59.99 online.

Size 8 - I wear 7.5 and usually take an 8 when shoes run in whole sizes. I was wondering if I needed a 7 given that Sperry sometimes runs one size small. I'm very, very happy w/the 8. I promptly wore them out in the RAIN and got them dirty right away.

I didn't get a picture of my outfit, but this is what I wore. Don't be scurred of bright shoes. Just throw them on and let 'em be the star.

I'll have to shift clothing gears again because temps are to head toward 99 degrees this weekend. Whip it, Mother Nature!

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J Crew - 20% off knits & tees ends today

J Crew's 20% off knits & tees promo ends today. The discount is automatically applied at checkout and shipping is free. It looks like shorts were added to the promo as well.

Shawl-collar poncho sweatshirt ($62.40) - Cute.

Sequin-stripe tank ($62.40) - on Handbag Aficionado

Lace-over tank ($39.50) - on Confessions of a JCrewaholic and on 1 More Shopping Blog, on AppGal

Scallop lace shell ($34.50) - Irl pics

Metallic linen henley - Gold or silver. Purdy. I'm really into henley tops right now or tops that have buttons. I can see an orange tank under the gold henley. Maybe a pale blue under the silver. Multiple layers usually gives the impression that you put some effort into style and you're, hopefully, not over styled.
XS - chest = 40"
S - chest = 41"

A few more...
* 3" chino short ($29.99 - $32.50) - on Objects of My Closets Affection

* 5" chino short ($32.50) - on Respect the Shoes and on Will Work 4 Shuz

* Esplanade short ($49.50) - Was called the Été short - on Audreybella

* Favorite tank ($9.99 - $14.40) - I have a few of these. I prefer the wider straps that these offer. I think JC missed the color boat on these, this season. No modern red, no indigo tile. It would've been great to see those colors in the tank.

* Maritime-stripe blazer ($94.40) - It's my opinion that this should be on sale by now. Not promo. Sale. Irl pics

* Mirabel short ($69.50) - on Audreybella

* Peekaboo tee ($39.50) - This is cute and cotton. However, it's dry clean only. Sight unseen, I'd say it doesn't pass my F21 test.

* Silk stripe tee ($29.50) - I like this. See it on Megan Crew Reviews

* Summer plaid sidewalk short - These are still showing at regular price, at the time I'm posting. The legalese says "prices as marked," so it's possible some of the shorts don't have 20%, bu they do have free shipping. See these on Ema.

* Summerweight chino short $24.99 - 29.50) - on Audreybella, on Shopping On the Fly and on Will Work 4 Shuz

* Sun-drenched sweatshirt ($52) - Guess these got a restock. See it on Ema, on AppGal, on Handbag Aficionado and on I'm Shoe Shopping.

And today is the last day for 25% off tees and tanks at Crewcuts. Shipping is free.

* stripe sequin heart tee - Ridic
* beach babe tee - I had a tee like this in middle school. I think it was by Esprit. Wore it till it wore out.
* shipmate tank - modern red
* puppy specs tee

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Banana Republic - addtl 40% tonite only

Shop with BRHAPPY for an additional 40% off sale styles at Banana Republic. This promo runs from 5p - 8p. I like it when they give notice early in the day and run these flash promos at 5p. I also love BR's free shipping on $50 or more at all times and free lifetime shipping that I have on my Luxe card. It's a huge reason why I have kept the card.

Dip dye tee ($19.99) - Mostly rave reviews about the color gradient & softness of quality. Only this yellow color remains, all sizes.

Flutter tutu tee ($34.99) - I like the concept. A little flair on the casual. Possibly not a match if your hips express themselves widely.

Silk ruffled ikat halter ($44.99) - This look like something from you know j'who. Silk. Pretty print. Full range of sizes still available. This model is so pretty.

Silk-trim tie-shoulder tank ($34.99) - I ordered this in a small tall to fit for maternity. It was really cute, but I felt it was too thin for my needs. I think it's handwash, as well. I have an increased desire to consider fabric care these days before purchasing. The bows are adorbs. It kind of doesn't work with a cardi. I mean, you could wear a cardi with it, but then you don't get the full effect of the bows. They look like wisps of fabric and not bows because they're hidden a bit. This color is pretty, irl, too.

Strapless eyelet dress ($64.99) - Most sizes remain. Usually ppl eat up eyelet. (shrugs)

Ruffled belt trench ($59.99) - Good reviews on this. Looks like the tan color would've been really cute. The olive is cool, too. All sizes remain.

Xiomara high heel ($59.99)

Sitting on my hands. :)

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J Crew - stripe swingtime sweater

J Crew stripe swingtime sweater (41965, $89.50) runs XXS - XL. The color choices are graphite ivory, chai ivory, mineral ivory and indigo ivory (pictured). It's now online for $49.99 and in-store for $34.99. I know I've seen the indigo ivory and graphite ivory in-store. 55% silk/45% linen. Dry clean.

Size S - Well, if the S fits over 41" of belly, so that gives you an idea of just how swingy it is. I wish I had on pants and not a dress for a better presentation of the sweater. I think the sweater is nice. I definitely considered it, esp since I can wear it right now. However, the drawbacks for me were dry clean only & the fact that I already own a number of striped items. About sizing, if you go down one from your usual size it might get too tight in the shoulders & upper arm.

I haven't gone the way of a sister wife. That there is an Old Navy maternity dress (S) I'm wearing, not a skirt at an odd length.

28 wks + 5
Flip flops (8): Talbots (Similar here, in leather and with sequins)

I took an up close pic
in an attempt to capture how pretty the blue is. It's not navy. It's brighter than that. Very pretty. It reads darker in the photo. Check it out on Life's Divine and on Ginger Girl.


Anyone own the swingtime sweater? If so, how does it wear? I'm wondering if it 'grows' during the day...

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