Saturday, April 30, 2011

F21 - Rrwwwaaar

I bought this scarf online from Forever 21. Awhile ago they lowered their automatic free shipping from $75 to $50, which is great. Uh, yeah, still store credit only for returns, but I like the lower minimum. When pondering this scarf, I decided it would be cheaper to pay the $5.95 shipping on the $6.95 scarf than jack my total up to $50 for the psychological payoff of free shipping. Ok, so then I ended up getting J Crew's leopard print scarf (irl pics), however, returned it because the sucker had a snag down the length of it. I got a very good deal on it, but a snag before I could even wear it was a huge turnoff. Thank goodness I got the one from F21. I think it's poly and, therefore, will probably be around for my great-great-granddaughter. Snag free. I like the tones of the J Crew offering, but this one is rich & the print style is fun without being too cartoony.

Me outside the Janet Jackson concert! No, really that's me. You can't see a dang thing, not even the beautiful camel color of my $25 Macy's scarf purchased because it was raining. I'm just sharing my 'luck' of strangers taking pics of me. They always get them blurry. I didn't feel like asking the dude to take a 2nd pic. I loved my little outfit. I forgot to ask my friend to take a pic inside, which is too bad. I was wearing the F21 leopard top pictured below this eye chart challenge.

The top was $14.80 and I'm pretty sure I got it in late March. Style# from the bottom of the ticket is 70220293013. It's a M and must be a relaxed fit as it went over my belly just fine (belly = 36"). See the relaxed animal print top, which has a different number than on my ticket, but looks exactly the same.

Forever 21 (70220293013)

If you go into F21, the leopard options will mostly be merchandised together. They also have a lot of floral and calico-type prints. It may look like a big mess, but stay focused on small sections at a time and you can do it. Or, shoooot, just order online.
* Knit leopard top ($12.80)
* Leopard print tank ($11.80)
* Leopard print tee ($15.80)
* Relaxed leopard top ($15.80)

Oh....and no, I'm not really following Idol anymore. I caught the last few songs one day this week and...jeez...why are the contestants getting worse? I'll pass and probably tune in for the finale. Maybe. I dunno as they tend to really drag that night out. In the meantime I'm following the Stanley Cup Playoffs and rooting for the San Jose Sharks.

Have a good weekend :)

p.s. A repeat if you didn't see. I saw a re-stock of the H&M elbow patch blazer in-stores as of this past week. The blazer also came in navy w/the brown patches.

p.p.s. Talbots spring celebration continues with 30% off the entire store & outlets. Offer not good online. I dunno about the red phone. I received my washed silk skirt (website link) in canyon and love the color. I paired it w/a pale pink cardigan very quickly and it looked good. Will have to check the combo in natural lighting. The skirt is unlined, but has pockets and is a great length, creating a longer look but not making me eligible for sister wifehood. On the fence about the net price of $91.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gigi's Gear - When Doves Cry

The title should really reference the Loft sweater since that has a pretty rosette. But why pass an opportunity to reference one of my music heroes, Prince!

I felt great when I put on this outfit, so happy to top it off with my rumpled J Crew jacket from SP09. G Money said that he liked the outfit, but had to go and add that the jacket had a Prince flair. It was bad timing. I was running late, per usual, but he referenced Prince so I had to stop & do the step from the video (mute speakers as it doesn't have the original song, dance sequence at 3:21- 3:40). Prince lovers know that part at the end when he howls it out.

When doves cry...baybee! Baybee! Bay-bay-baaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyaaaaaay! Oh-ooh-whoah-ooh-whoah-oohhh-oooh-ooo-o!

I wore the jacket again a day or two later. The Prince comment was repeated. Had to do the dance, although running late again. Thank gawd I still have my balance. Next time I'll hide the jacket over my arm so G Money won't notice it. Speaking of Prince (sigh) I tell you, sometimes I really miss the music & times of the 80s. I saw Janet Jackson last week. I was hoping to write about it, but haven't had time. Maybe in the future. But back to Prince. I'm saving for the Purple Circle. I plan on dropping $700 without blinking to sit there next time Prince is in town.

19 wks + 3
Jacket (4): J Crew (nothing similar but note this $100 red trench, $40 Fossil trench only in L and this $70 trench from J. Jill, fyi use BLOOM for $20 off $80 or more)

Sweater (S): Loft (Similar here, here, this drapey cardi and an option from Motherhood)
Jeans (6): Old Navy skinnies, 2010 (Similar maternity, and non-maternity here and here)

Shoes (8): J Crew patent Mary Jane spectator (Similar here, here and check Ebay)

p.s. - J Crew's Shelby dress is now $39.99 in-store.

p.s. X 2 - Talbot's 30% off in-stores & in outlets has been extended thru today. Look for the clear, lucite bracelets from the catalog ($19 and $24), sold out online. I found one square & one round in-store yesterday. Woo hoo!

Old Navy - BOGO 50% off begins today. Gap family cardholders can use their card for an additional 20% off STUFFSAVE. Both specials are good thru 5/1. BOGO not good on clearance. If not expecting, I'd look for the racerback tank in tie-dye pattern they're calling black stripe. And the tiered gauze skirt. This year's version looks a little shorter & more doable for me (5'2") than last year's floor sweeper.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

J Crew - SEEKING dress

Hello all --

Jinks is looking for this dress in size S, green. If you are willing to part w/yours, please drop your email in the post or email me, gigiofca at gmail.


Final hours for 30% off sale items with OURTREAT.
Remember the links to irl pics

p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.

J Crew - extra 30% ends today

Here are some irl pics.

* Flyaway cardigan ($49.99) - Size S - I'd say you're ok to size down one on this. I didn't like the open feel of it and it seemed a bit out of place at J Crew, matronly, if you will. I guess you can belt it or gussy it up in some other way. Cotton/nylon, machine wash. Thumbs up on that.

5'2", 17 weeks, belly around 35"
(8): Gap (Dupes here, here and here)

* Downtown skinny jean in clear sky wash (promo $88) - Size 28 - A bit tight. I'm about 9.5 weeks here, but still wouldn't take this size. I usually take 29 in J Crew jeans. I've recvd them and they fit better. They may be a little loose post-maternity, but I prefer that over the legging look. Love the lighter wash! And love that it's even, for the most part, and without any of that asinine whiskering. From The Mothership

ajr said, 'I also ordered the downtown skinnies in the clear sky wash. I'm in between 27 and 28 in JC pants that are sized this way - usually 27 in matchstick and 28 in toothpick - but a consistent 4 in pants with that sizing. Also 4 in skirts, sometimes could go smaller but usually go up for length. Anyway, according to the measurements CS gave me, I was right in between so I ordered both 27 and 28. 28's fit perfectly. I couldn't even get the 27s on. Anyway, nice lightweight denim, soft, perfect for spring/summer, nice skinny but not too skintight fit. I really like them. But sheesh the sizing is such a nightmare.'

math teacher said, 'I am a 28 in their newer toothpick (29 when they first came out). I tried on the lighter toothpick and the downtown skinny and the 28's were too small in the toothpick and the 29's were too big in the downtown skinnies. Tried the dt skinnies in 28 and loved them. I really think you have to try on to know for sure. I've tried the same pant on in the same size and will have one pair fit better than others. It's a pain and I hate it, but that's how it goes for me at JC'

Size 28 - Waist = 32.25", High hip = 34.25", High thigh (1" below crotch) - 21.25", Lower thigh circumference (7" below crotch) = 17.25"

Size 29 - Waist = 33.25", High hip = 35.25", High thigh (1" below crotch) - 22", Lower thigh circumference (7" below crotch) = 21.25", Lower thigh circumference (7" below crotch) = 17.75"

9.5 weeks

Shoes (7.5): Bandolino Adiva (Similar here, these in tan patent and this pair with a bow)

* Drapey stripe tee ($29.99) - Size M - I think if I were getting this to wear now, I'd get a size M. I usually take S in J Crew tops.

20.5 weeks, belly = 36"
Pants (4): J Crew 2010
Sandals: J Crew SU10

Size S - I would get this size if I wanted to wear it non-maternity. The neckline goes towards the boatneck style, but not that wide. It's drapey, but not too too loose, I don't think. It seemed to grab the body, so it shouldn't be slouchy/sloppy on you. This color would go good w/the woolen Minnies in warm taupe as seen on yogagirl.

The frayed trim (bleeeach) they sewed on is noticeable up-close. Not too noticeable far away.

* Silk utility tee ($34.99) - $29.99 in-store - Size 4 - Sold out online at the moment. I felt meh about this. It might've been the faded color. I think a richer color would've been nicer. See it on Shopping On the Fly and on Shop With M.

I noticed the matte jersey cami (39842, $128) is now $49.99. It comes in faded white or artillery fatigue (pictured). J Crew Collection. That's a bargain.

* New café capri - on promo $59.50
* Oxford scout chino - on promo $59.50
* Tribune dress - This got another cut to $79.99, avail online only

Size 4 - chest = 37.5", waist = 37.5", hip = 40”
Size 6 - chest = 38.5", waist = 38.5", hip = 41”

* Urbanite shift dress
- Muslin and spiced olive cut from promo $95 to $69.99 - Irl pics & some measurements in that post.

And finally...
J Crew's 30% off sale items + free shipping on a net $150 or more ends today, Thu, 4/28. The code is OURTREAT. Remember the links to irl pics. I've updated that post in the past couple days and try to do so anytime I notice price changes.


p.s. It looks like H&M's
elbow patch knit blazer is back in stock.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OPB - other people's blogs

I am

* Carol of In Pursuit of Pretty Things - Shares what can happen when work & blog collide.

* Economy of Style
- See her finds from a Talbot's outlet.

* Fshnonmymind of Notes From the Dressing Room - is in In Style mag!

* Louise of Cosmetic Bee
- What an asset to the blogging community. She has paired her expertise in science with a love for fashion & beauty on her blog. Start at her about page and then have a look around.

* Mary Ann of The Dapper Bun - She has the cutest pet bunny that nearly upstages in her OOTD posts. See for yourself.

* Spaweekly's blog - Sharing the results of Shopsmart's Shoe Survey. See the average pairs of shoes a woman owns. Me not average.

Blog apologies -
Speaking of blogs, in general, I have a mini rant. Stop being sorry. Stop apologizing. I don't care if you've been absent for a day or two. I usually don't notice if you skip a day. Now, If you disappear for weeks or months and don't answer private emails regarding your absence, then I would notice. What you think is irregular posting often looks regular to the reader. Do what you can. I'm happy to see a new post. Furthermore, I don't notice how pale you are nor do I care. I don't care if your hair is messy as I may not even notice it or judge it that way. The same goes for your makeup or lack thereof. Stop pointing out what you believe your shortcoming & flaws to be. Why cut yourself down? Believe me, I'm looking at your kick ass shoes or how you wrapped two different colored belts around your waist. And another thing...I don't care if you wore the outfit today or a week ago. It really doesn't matter. In short, when you are sorry it lowers my vibe. I feel the need to bend down (figuratively) and make you feel better. When you apologize, I wonder what you've done wrong. And I wonder if I should be offended about something. Why be sorry when you haven't hurt or offended anyone? I realize sorry is often a figure of speech, but I say save your apologies for things you really need to be sorry for.

Newsflash. You're a human being, blogging from a real person's pov. If I'm seeking perfection, albeit perceived perfection, I'll go to the fashion rags. I visit you because I want to see what you're up to. You are worthy of the space you've signed up for. So claim it. Blog in it. Delete comments from haters without a 2nd thought. You're not obligated to respond. Run your show and don't apologize unless you've truly been rude or mean. Odds are you haven't been.

ETA: Read what Elissa of Dress With Courage has to say on the topic.

Talbots - washed silk skirt

Talbots washed silk skirt (B30143, $119) - It comes in regular & petite. I assume it also comes in woman and possibly, woman petite.

Canyon - I took a good look at Madewell's silk skirt (sold out, but still available on Shopbop) and decided it was too long for me. I recently saw it on a blogger who is around 5'8" I think, so I was right. This canyon color is similar.

Orange glow - I wonder what this color looks like in person. It doesn't have that pastel caste that some Talbots colors have. It looks nice & rich.

Size XS - A couple weeks ago I was walking by Talbots after leaving Loft (pics here and here), and decided to go in to see if they had this skirt. The store mgr disappeared and came back with it from the stockroom. I had to show my appreciation by at least trying it on even though I knew it'd look funny. I'm glad I tried it, though, because I was able to determine that I'd definitely need a PS, not regular XS. I thought it might be too short in petite, but I don't think so. The regular was too long. I was super curious what it looked like w/out my ankle jeans (slaps knee), but couldn't bear to get out of them & my heels.

19 wks, still 5'2"
belly = 36"

Top l-r
Chain wrapped necklace ($33.99)
Poet dress ($99)
5" madras plaid shorts ($59.50)

Bottom l-r

Trail stripe pencil skirt
Leather city sandals
(promo $74.50)
Cascading flower pencil skirt

The Talbots site was crazy this morning. It may be a bit difficult to navigate around and you may get blank pages, but hang in there. They seem to be making changes to deal w/the traffic. If you're still having issues, give a call to customer service, 800. 992.9010 and they can help. I called and my phone number populates the CS rep's screen w/my info, which I love! They should also have your rewards info attached so your points are credited. My rep also told me that I could call back in later today if I wanted to add to my order. Knock me over with a feather!

If you're having issues looking around online, you can use your catalog to search for merch. Of course there is always the store if you can make it. The merch is there for you to see, but they also have the most recent 4 or 5 catalogs right there by the red phone. I think this is a pretty good sale since it's on everything + free shipping no minimum. No code necessary either. If you get something, let me know what it was. I'm always curious about what others like.

J Crew - beaded sweater cami

J Crew's beaded sweater cami (38293, $138) runs XXS - XL. The color choice is called brown alabaster (BAL). 55% merino wool, 45% linen.

Size XS - chest = 33"
Size S - chest = 35"

Size S - Size down one for sure. My waist is 35 - 36" here. I usually take S, but would definitely take a XS I were choosing this for post-maternity. When I saw this on the hanger, I immediately thought sequins. They're more beads than sequins and seem to be stitched on well. It's very pretty in person. Thin/lightweight, so everything shows thru if you kwim. I'd say if you already have sequin tanks or other sequin pieces, this may not be of interest. It wasn't for me, for that very reason. Nice material and easy on the eyes, though.

If you're shopping the J Crew sale section with OURTREAT for 30% off, remember the
links to irl pics.

Thanks for visiting...

p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.


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