Thursday, March 31, 2011

J Crew - LOVEIT for 30% off clearance ends tonie

Anybody RO (re-order) during this promo? I did. I really dislike doing it, but when you're talking about $50 in savings, it has to be done. Of course that 'savings' is usually applied to something else. Some items in my RO include

Layered pearl necklace ($59.99) - This didn't move in price during the promo, but it's something I used my RO 'savings' toward. I initially bagged on the different pearl sizes in another post, but hope I love it when it arrives. I had a similar one by F21. The pearls looked really good, esp for $12.80, but the stringing was too tight, or the wire they used wasn't flexible enough. Also, I think the F21 one wasn't long enough. Uh oh. I didn't even think to measure how short/long it will be on me. I went by the online pics only. I'mma piece-a-werk today.

4/15 - ETA: Irl pic

Allura shift dress in superfine cotton ($79.99) - Sun nite this was $125, then it went to $148 and now $79.99 - I hope the beechwood (4) works for my coloring. I threw that on w/my RO of the dress in navy - Irl pics

4 - chest = 36.5", waist = 31.25", low hip = 40"
6 - chest = 37.5", waist = 32.25", low hip = 41"

Delaney eyelet-trim shirt (now $29.99) - This is the culprit that set it off my RO. It was on promo for $49.50 and dropped to $29.99. I've tried it on and really liked the eyelet, even though it's at the bottom. This means you lose the detail if you want to tuck in the shirt. I plan to wear it unbuttoned kinda low and a big necklace to cover the chest a bit. The RO mindset isn't a clear one. I got it in white & black. Why did I think that would be a good idea? Because I originally paid $35 for one and thought $40 for two was pretty awesome. Lawd, somebody get me off the Internet! Check it out on Shopping On the Fly

4 - Chest = 38.75", Center Back Length = 26.75"
6 - Chest = 39.5", Center Back Length = 27"

P4 - Chest = 37.75", Center Back Length = 25.75"
P6 - Chest = 38.75", Center Back Length = 25"

If any of these go down even more in price, do me a favor and don't tell me! *lol* I felt good about the previous prices I paid and now I'm feeling even better even though I probably have 3 extra things than I intended. J Crew --> #winner (sighs)

JCAs, remember to check out the links to irl pics. I spent a good amount of time today pulling out old items and updating new ones. And if you're trying to reach the minimum for free shipping, which is technically $214 before 30% off with LOVEIT, sometimes working with the items on promo can help.

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Gigi's Gear - Skittles!

I went to F21 yesterday because my peasant top seen in this post didn't work out. As soon as I started typing my thoughts in the post, I knew it'd probably be a bust. I didn't dig the neckline and it didn't work to try to wear it off one shoulder. Elastic waist. Eh, just a pass. I exchanged it for a leopard top that I don't see online. Rrrwwaarrr! Desert Flower was right. The belt that came w/the skirt funked up my whole bag. I promptly threw the belt away. The skirt is beautiful. I don't know why/how I thought it was pleated. It has some fullness that give it a slightly pleated look, but not really. It's lightweight not too sheer. Anyway, it's beautiful and could possibly go to early fall. Different than I expected, but I ordered it at midnite. Like it. Lots.

FYI, F21 is now using safety yellow bags or at least some of them are. In case you have orders going to your place of work, you have been warned. It reminds me of my 1st QVC order, years ago, which arrived in bright yellow with QVC QVC QVC stamped in red all over it. Mortified.

While at the mall, I meant to take a full length pic in a fitting room and totally forgot. Do I look relaxed? Yes, I do. I spent 1 hour there and walked away with 1/3 of my tax info completed. It's amazing what can be accomplished w/out the usual distractions. As far as the outfit, I knew I wanted to wear the striped top. Then I thought, Skittles! Even though it was a bit warm, I went w/the Cambridge for bright candy color. I couldn't find my Jackie in cerise. Candy necklace and green patent shoes complete the theme.

Top (M): Forever 21 striped slouchy slub top - See this one, too)
Cardi (S): J Crew Cambridge cable cardi FA10 (Similar color here, here and here)
Necklace: The Limited SU10, I think (Similar in blue, rows of beads in coral and I love kitsch, but fruit?)
Jeans (29S): My beloved toothpicks)

Shoes: Talbots SU10? (Green flats here, here and here)

While in F21 I saw the Bali print skirt (2000012864), which is a polyester ringer for Anthro's silk Phosphorescence skirt from last year.

How I'm livin'

1. I'm not a sweets person. I'm salty, baby. However, I love Skittles, hence the post title. I recently bought some large packs on sale, but haven't opened them. I feel guilty about the impact of sugar, esp when I don't get cravings for it. Skittles remind me of ice skating because I faithfully purchased them from the vending machine when I was young. And they have a hilarious FB fan page. I'll probably bust open a pack soon.

2. We had popcorn for dinner (salty!) and watched The Fighter. Early in the day it crossed my mind to have popcorn for dinner, nothing else, and G Money suggested it to me a few hours later. Why can't I use my psychic prowess for the Lotto? The Fighter was good. Christian Bale is phenomenal. Of course it doesn't hurt that he's hawt. I'll keep him as a fantasy, though, because I imagine he's a crazy mo' fo' and that's because of his talent, not the crazy rant that was foolishly leaked long ago. I'll let you Google it. Melissa Leo was fantastic. I think that's the first thing I've seen her in. Amy Adams. Always stellar. Ok, Wahlberg is still Marky Mark. However, he has a slight Matt Damon thing about him, which is attractive and he simply has "it." I wasn't as bothered or distracted by him as I thought I might be. He was great in Rock Star & Boogie Nights. He seems to work hard and I hope he gets that role of a lifetime in the future.

3. You haven't seen any Idol updates from me because G Money has a habit of disappearing when it's not on, freeing me to blog/talk on phone/channel surf/watch reality smut on tv while on treadmill, without an audience. Of course on Idol nights he seems to want together time. I'm working w/his schedule a bit, so I don't say no. I think what I need to do is find out exactly when Idol is on (they've moved it since the beg) and then try to get him on a different together time schedule. Oh, I asked if he wanted his blog name changed and he said no. Doesn't want to confuse anyone. *lol* I guess he doesn't mind it if some think he's throwing duckets around, making it rain.

Chime in...

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Talbots - spring skirts

Fete jacquard skirt (239765) - Size 6P - This one was just ok.

I think what I didn't like is the raised texture. It reminds me of a shiny scar. I think the silver threading appeared a bit cheap in contrast to the fabric. If I recall correctly, I didn't care for how the fabric felt. Keep in mind that I have textural issues and get the heebie jeebies easily. As I recently said about another skirt, Loft nailed their jacquard last year so I'm partial to theirs. I don't think this is a daytime skirt, though. You could wear it as one, but I imagine it's better for nicer events, including evening where it would shine.

Twinkle linen pleat waist skirt (239869) - Size 6P - This didn't twinkle as much as I expected. I'd be curious to see the grey color, which might have a little more pop. I didn't like the fit of this. However, I was in a rush. If you like it on the hanger, you should try it on. You may get a different feeling. Loooooooooves the pockets. That's always a hit w/me.

Triomphe jacquard pencil skirt (239867) - Size 6P - I like the idea of yellow, but I don't wear it much as I have yellow undertones in my skin. I liked the texture of this skirt. I seem to be a 6P in the pencil skirts and 4P in some of the fuller skirts.

Palais floral pencil skirt - This skirt is pretty upon closee inspection. Talbots is with the times. If you hover over the image, you can zoom all around the skirt for the closer look. No need to click and wait for another window to pop up. Windows that sometimes never pop up at all (shaking finger in another direction). I also love that they now show the Woman sizes on models who are actually that size. This was a Facebook request made by Talbots fans and the company implemented it. It means more work for plus models(!) and customers have a better idea of how an item will look on them. Awesome. Back to the skirt. Those little grape clusters could hit a funny area on the hips, but I don't think it'd be a huge issue. I like the tones in this.

Shadow wash denim skirt - A respectable length. I like the waist tab and the fact that it has belt loops. Good for the boot scootin' boogie. (slaps knee) There's also a white one.

Parachute sash skirt - I can't claim to be a fan of button front skirts, but I like the sash tie. I would try this skirt on for that alone.

Fluid crepe pencil skirt - This is online only. Remember, you can order in-store from the red phone. All orders get free shipping when you do.

Thanks for stopping by...


p.s. Today's 3/30? What the heck! It was just 3/15.

p.p.s. Today's Salt Lake City Groupon is $7 for $15 worth of merch on Ebay. Click here (referral link) to join or log in. If you don't see the deal, this link will get you there.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

J Crew - on promo

Here's a comprehensive list of items that are currently on promo. Promo items are tricky because sometimes the prices go back up for awhile and sometimes the prices are adjusted by pennies to final sale. I.e. $24.50 to $24.99. Until J Crew goes from final sale to spring sale in the clearance section, you can't return items ending in $0.99.

* Silk driving scarf (promo $39.50) - 2 pattern choices
* Refined silk-cashmere wrap ($59.50)

* Allura shift dress in superfine cotton ($148) - Was on promo for $125 until a day or two ago - Irl pics
* Boardroom dress in superfine cotton ($125)
* Boathouse shirtdress (promo $88) - on Ema, on Shop With M, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic, on Shopping On The Fly and on 1 More Shopping Blog

4 - chest = 37.5", waist = 37.5", low hip = 42.25"
6 - chest = 38.5", waist = 38.5", low hip = 43.25"

* Cotton taffeta Alisanne dress with bow ($180)
* Cotton taffeta Ashley dress ($190)
* Crisscross dress ($69.50)
* Elise shift dress in Super 120s ($135)
* Hana dress in Super 120s ($135)
* Herringbone cargo dress (promo $49.50) - on Shopping On the Fly, on 1 More Shopping Blog and on The Chloe Conspiracy

Size XS - chest = 34.5", waist = 33", hip = 39"
Size S - chest = 36.5", waist = 35", hip = 41"

* Liberty spring lily Astin dress ($180)
* Lorelei dress in whisper gingham ($78)
* Portfolio dress in wool crepe ($180)
* Sequin fête dress ($198)
* Silk chiffon Arabelle dress ($180)
* Silk chiffon Cyndee dress ($185)
* Silk chiffon Sophia long dress ($298) - bridal length
* Silk chiffon Taryn dress ($180)
* Silk organza Alannah dress ($198)
* Silk organza soiree dress ($220)
* Silk organza starburst dress ($220)
* Silk taffeta Alisanne dress ($190)
* Silk taffeta Mika dress ($198)
* Silk tricotine Sophia gown ($250) - bridal length
* Thessaly dress in whisper gingham ($98)
* Urbanite shift dress ($78) - Irl pics

Size 4 - chest = 37.3", waist = 38.5", hip = 41”
Size 6 - chest = 38.3", waist = 39.5", hip = 42”

Size 4P - chest = 36", waist = 37.5", hip = 40”
Size 6P - chest = 37", waist = 38.5", hip = 41”

* Vivette dress (black for $125) - on Confessions of A JCrewaholic and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Washed crepe Kristen dress ($190)
* Workday dress in superfine cotton ($125)

* Denim vest ($78) - I'm strangely attracted this. Maybe I didn't have one in the 80s?
* Elise jacket in Super 120s ($185)
* Monza racing jacket ($395)
* Nolita white denim jacket ($78) - This went down to $59.99 in-store as of Jun 2010 as noted in this post, same style# 22491. Did they find a box of these some warehouse worker hid because s/he didn't want to hang them...clear it out already, JC! - Irl pics
* Ryden military jacket ($78)
* Utility jacket ($148)

* 1035 tab trouser in bi-stretch wool ($105)
* Ankle stretch toothpick jean in twilight wash ($98) - My #1, all-time favorite. Irl pics
* Bootcut jean in faded blues ($105)
* Cammy utility pant ($49.50)
* Cropped trouser in pinstripe Super 120s ($98)
* Cropped trouser in wool crepe ($95)
* Downtown skinny jean in pearly blue wash ($88)
* Heritage chino in original fit ($49.50)
* Martie trouser in wool crepe ($110)
* Matchstick jean in cloud nine wash ($95)
* Minnie pant in bi-stretch wool - on What Helen Wore Today
A few colors on promo for $88. Some measurements shared by woodley park-zoo over on The Mothership:
Petite 0 - Waist = 29.25", Hips = 33.5"
Petite 2 - Waist = 30.25", Hips = 34.5"
Petite 4 - Waist = 31.25", Hips = 35.5"

* Oxford scout chino ($59.50)
* Pipette cargo pant ($69.50)
* Super 120s Élan trouser ($78) - I thought these had gone down to $59.99. I think at one point the grey might have been - Irl pics
* Toothpick jean in bliss wash ($98)
* Trouser jean in classic rinse wash ($98)
* Two-button jacket in wool crepe ($180) - reg/pet/tall
* Waverly chino ($59.50)
- on Lindsey B. and on Yogagirl

* Cotton taffeta Brooke skirt ($78)
* Cotton voile tucked mini ($69.50)
* Fête sequin mini
* Gingham mini ($59.50, $19.99 in-store) - on Ema
* Heirloom lace pencil skirt
* Lunette mini ($65) - Seen in-store for awhile back for $49.99 - on Shopping On The Fly
* Ripple stripe pencil skirt ($88)- Irl pic from Jcbellemarie and see it on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Audreybella, on The Closet Chronicles (3rd pic) and on The Chic Chauffeur

* Cadabra cardigan($59.50, $19.99 in-store) - See it on Shopping On the Fly
* Everly cardigan ($69.50)

S - Chest = 35"
M - Chest = 37"

* Forever cardigan ($59.50) - on Debye in smoldering brick
* Sailor sweater ($69.50) - Irl pics
* Solid pocket cardigan ($34.50)
* Stripe pocket cardigan ($34.50) - on Ema (scroll way down) and on Handbag Aficionada

S - Chest = 35"
M - Chest = 37"

* Cotton taffeta Brooke bodice ($120)- Matching Brooke skirt above.
* Darby tunic ($69.50)
* Finespun henley ($24.50)* Finespun henley tank ($24.50)
* Finespun slash V-neck tee ($24.50)
* Perfect-fit boatneck tee ($24.50) - on Yogagirl
* Piqué polo ($24.50)
* Radiette cami ($69.50)
* Ribbon cami ($49.50)
* Silk henley top ($69.50)

* Stripe lace-up tee ($29.50)

For those curious, yes I bit on this promo. Just so you know I am cracking up because I typed porno. I just bit on this porno...*lol*...(slaps knee...hard). Trying to recover. I went for the Allura dress (4) and Delaney blouse (6P). I think the Delaney will go down in price, esp in petite. However, I didn't want to risk the white disappearing from right underneath my nose. I really like the lace at the bottom of the shirt. The Allura might go down, but it could go up in price before it goes down. If I were able to get a lower price, I could risk it hopping out of my cart before I'm able to snag it. The navy is worth it to me at the price now. I haven't had the fever for stalking things in quite awhile and don't want to catch it anytime soon.

And hey...JCAs don't let JCAs shop final sale without the links to irl pics.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

J Crew - final sale (late Mar 2011)

Updated 3/29
Updated 3/31
Updated 4/1

Updated 4/2
Updated 4/6
Updated 4/8
Updated 4/13
Updated 4/17
Updated 4/18
Updated 4/21

Here's a revised list of links to irl pics of J Crew final sale items. If I don't have irl pics, I have links to other bloggers' irl pics and/or comments made about the items.

If you have a question, I will try to answer it or someone here will. Sometimes a full range of sizes will pop back in an item, but I won't see and add it to this list. If you don't see the item you're interested in here, try entering the product name or style number in the Search This Blog box on the right-hand side of the main page.

If I've reviewed the item, it should show up in the search. You can also search on The Mothership to see if there is discussion about an item you're interested in. Even though J Crew adjusts their prices, as pointed out in this discussion, I recently started adding the current selling price next to every item. I can only do this in spurts, so the list is not complete w/prices at this moment in time (3/31/11). Keep in mind that prices go up and down, so I may not always have the correct price listed.


* Arène platform sandals($149.99) - on Audreybella (last pic)
* Cotton plaid metallic scarf (now $19.99)
* Knotted mesh bracelet ($29.99)
* Lemlem Wanza scarf ($49.99)
* Layered pearl necklace($59.99) - Irl pics (very bottom of post)
* Lindy leather platform peep toes ($99.99) - on The Chic Chauffeur
* Mesh scarf necklace ($39.99 online, $29.99 in-stores) - Irl pics
* Miller high-heel motorcycle boots ($129.99) - on A Bigger Closet
* Odeon high-heel oxfords ($99.99) - on The Chic Chauffuer
* Selvedge stripe scarf (now $29.99) - on Handbag Aficionado
* Silk driving scarf (one on promo for $39.50) - on Dani BP and on Yogagirl


* Allura shift dress in superfine cotton ($79.99) As of 4/4 I noticed another price shift. The dress is currently on promo for $148 in navy, black and light heather grey. Ok, as of 4/6, the dress is back down to $79.99 in the aforementioned 3 colors - Irl pics

4 - chest = 36.5", waist = 31.25", low hip = 40"
6 - chest = 37.5", waist = 32.25", low hip = 41"

* Amie dress ($39.99 online, $19.99 in-store as of 4/2) - Irl pics - This is the shorter version, not the maxi.

Size S - chest = 48" stretched
Size M - chest = 50" stretched

* Arianna dress (still regular price online, $49.99 in-store as of 4/2)

Size XS - chest = 34.75"
Size S - chest = 36.75"

* Astin dress ($69.99)
* Boathouse shirtdress ($59.99) - on Ema, on Shop With M, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic, on Shopping On The Fly, on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Apples & Pencil Skirts

(checked measurements again on 4/13)

Size 4 - chest = 37.5", waist = 27.5", hip = 42.5”
Size 6 - chest = 38.5", waist = 38.5", hip = 43.25"

* Chambray dress ($49.99)

Size S - chest = 36.5", waist = 24.75", hip = 43.5”
Size M - chest = 38.5", waist = 26.75", hip = 45.5”

* Cotton lace shift dress ($59.99 online, $39.99 in-store) - Irl pics
* Couplet shimmer dress - on Audreybella
* Crinkled silk Caspia dress ($89.99 online, $49.99 in-store) - on Shopping On the Fly and on Shop With M (scroll down)
* Crisscross dress (promo $59.50, now up to $69.50 online, $39.99 in-store) - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Delaney eyelet dress ($79.99) - I saw this in-person and really liked it. Check it out on Shopping With M, on Ema, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic and on 1 More Shopping Blog

Size 4 - chest = 36.375", waist = 30", hip = 52.25"
Size 6 - chest = 37.375", waist = 31", hip = 53.25"

* Delphinium dress - Still regular price online, $39.99 in-stores - on Shopping On the Fly
* Ella dress (regular price online $138) - I saw the ashen blue color & b/w print for $39.99 in-store as of 4/1. - Irl pics

Size 4 - chest = 37.5", waist = 40.25", hips = 42.5"
For the size 6, just add 1 inch to each measurement, per the cs rep.

* Elise shift dress in Super 120s (light heather grey only on promo $135)
Size 2 - chest = 36", waist = 35.5", hip = 37.75", length 35.5"
Size 4 - chest = 37", waist = 36.5", hip = 38.75", length 35.5"

* Fumée dress ($24.99)
* Herringbone cargo dress (promo $49.50 now $49.99 final sale) - on Shopping On the Fly, on 1 More Shopping Blog and on The Chloe Conspiracy

Size XS - chest = 34.5", waist = 33", hip = 39"
Size S - chest = 36.5", waist = 35", hip = 41"

* Indee dress - This is the same ruffle dress we saw last year. The difference is last year's was a sheath with no seam at the waist and the ruffle went from the top to the bottom of the dress. This year's version is the same silhouette, but has a seam at the waist and the ruffle stops at the waist.
Size 2 – Chest = 35.75", Waist relaxed= 29”, Waist extended = 33”, Hips = 40.25"
Size 4 – Chest = 36.75", Waist relaxed= 30”, Waist extended = 35”, Hips = 42.25

* Jenny dress (black is $49.99 online) - on Confessions of a JCrewaholic, on Ema, on AppGal and on Andi
* Letour floral Lucinda dress ($59.99) - on Shop With M and on Summerilla
* Levelette dress ($89.99 online, $29.99 in-store) - Irl pics
* Lisette lace shift dress - on Shopping on the Fly
* Lyric dress ($49.99) - Newer markdown - on Summerilla and on AppGal
* Miki dress ($69.99)
* Mona shirtdress (now $29.99 in-store) - on Apples & Pencil Skirts and on Debye
* Oona herringbone shift dress - Pops back in a couple sizes every other update or so - Irl pics
* Provence dress ($24.99) - on Shopping With M here and here, on Fabulous Florida Mommy and on Egyptomaniac
* Safari shirtdress ($39.99)
* Shelby dress ($69.99 online & in-store) - Irl pics
* Shimmy chantilly lace dress ($249.99)- on Effortless Anthropologie (guest post)
* Silk serenade dress ($69.99 & $98) - on Ema
* Siren dress ($49.99) - I chatted w/an online rep and ordered it in a M. Me no likey. Check it out on Shopping With M and on Sparrows and Sparkles

Size S – Chest = 28", Empire waist = 28”, Hips = 51"
Size M – Chest = 30", Empire waist = 30”, Hips = 53"

* Stripe drawstring dress ($29.99) - on Debye, on Shopping on the Fly and on Objects of My Closets Affection
* Swirling dots dress ($89.99) - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Tiered silk ruffle dress - On DaniBP here, here and on I'm Shoe Shopping
* Tribune dress ($99.99, avail online only)

Size 4 - chest = 37.5", waist = 37.5", hip = 40”
Size 6 - chest = 38.5", waist = 38.5", hip = 41”

* Tweedette dress - on Dina G and on Slastena
* Urbanite shift dress (muslin & spiced olive on promo $95) - Irl pics
* Velutto shift - on Social Scientist
* Veronique dress ($169.99) - on Summerilla
* Vivette dress (black on promo $128) - on Confessions of a JCrewaholic and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Washed crepe Aveline dress (black on promo $128, 4 colors at $79.99) - on Summerilla
* Weekend dress ($39.99)
* Wilder dress ($59.99 - on Ema (last pics)

* Boutonniere blazer - on Ema and on Audreybella
* Brigadier utility jacket (saw for $19.99 in-store as of 4/2) - Irl pics
* Double-breasted Bonnie blazer - on Ema
* Double-cloth Colletta coat - on Dina G and on Extra Petite
* Double-cloth dollop coat - on Ema
* Double-cloth ingenue coat - on Dina G and on No J Crew In Japan
* Double-cloth lady day coat - on Extra Petite
* Flight jacket ($69.99)
* Icon trench - on Dina
* Indigo pea jacket (regular price online, $89.99 in-stores)- on Shop With M
* Italian wool blazecoat - Irl pics
* Long Benny blazer - Irl pics

Size 4 – Chest = 34", Waist = 34.5”, Sweep = 39.5"
Size 6 – Chest = 37", Waist = 35.5”, Sweep = 30.5"

The chest size looks like a big jump between 4 and 6. I'd double check that measurement.

* Moonbeam sequined blazer ($149.99) - Irl pics
* Quilted double-breasted puffer - Sold out, but may pop back - Irl pics
* Rainy day utility jacket ($79.99 in-store) - on Jcbellemarie
* Ryden military jacket (promo $78)
* Schoolboy blazer in herringbone (regular price online, aged driftwood is $99.99 in-store) - on Ema and on Audreybella
* Tuxedo jacket ($89.99)- The body is felted wool jersey. mommydearest said, 'I reviewed this a couple weeks ago. I think it runs large - I ordered a size down. Well, when it went on sale I reordered and that (same marked size) was even bigger. It fit like a whole size larger. When I returned it, the SA said there seemed to be a lot of variation in that particular jacket. So beware of this one on final sale!'

Size 2 - Chest = 33.5", Waist = 31", Length = 23.25"
Size 4 - Chest = 34.5", Waist = 32", Length = 23.5"

* Schoolboy blazer in madras (regular price online, $99.99 in-store) - on Ema (last pics)

* Belmarin pant (now $39.99)
* Leggy denim - on Slastena
* Madras bermuda short (now $39.99) - on Shop With M
* Matchstick jean in lived in wash -Still regular price online - Check them out on Ema (paid $59.99 in-store) and on Heidi G (paid $29.99 in-store)
* Minnie pant in bi-stretch wool - A few colors on promo for $88. You may have to navigate to sale, then select pants to see if any colors. Without knowing what the technical term is, I'll just say that J Crew moves their links - on Irl pics
* Oxford scout chino (promo $59.50) - regular & petite
* Pixie pant - on Slastena
* Stretch vintage trouser cord - I got these in cobblestone & shadow, P6. Loveth.
* Super 120s Élan trouser (light heather graphite $59.99, other colors on promo for $98) - Irl pics
* Trouper pant ($19.99) - on Lindsey B. - Many positive reviews for these including...

Lizzy said, 'These have been discussed a bunch... but I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus b/c I love, love LOVE them- like, bought them in both colors love them. I have a classic hourglass and usually can't do the skinny look, but these pants are like magic-- hugging in all the right places, sleek with heels and cute with flats/sneakers. Plus, b/c of the stretch they are *comfy*! As other JCA's have noted they do run a bit large in the waist, but IMO can be easily cinched with a belt. I have them in my "non-vanity size" and they fit perfectly; can make them either slouchy or sleek, depending on how I belt them.'

Size 4 - Waist = 32.5", Hip = 37"
Size 6 - Waist = 33.5", Hip = 38"


* Aurora tweed pencil skirt (sold out online) - Irl pics
* Canvas military skirt ($19.99) - Irl pics
* Cotton bell skirt ($39.99) - Irl pics
* Delilah pencil skirt ($59.99) - on Shopping On the Fly and on Apples & Pencil Skirts
* Crinkled tier mini ($29.99)- on Audreybella
* Double-serge pencil skirt - Irl pics
* Double-serge stripe pencil skirt - I called for measurements on this. The size 4 has a waist of 29" and hip of 39" or so. The size 6 has a waist of 30" and hip of 40" or so. The 4 fit me well. See it on Slastena and on Audreybella.
* Felted wool mini ($29.99) - on Ema
* Fireside plaid town mini ($29.99) - That links to the solid black. Too youthful for me. I realize you're not supposed to bend at the waist and I don't. I just like to point out how short these skirts can seem when you're in them. This looks fairly look on me since I'm 5'2", but it felt very short.

* Floral tulle mini - (Still regular price online, seen in-stores for$59.99) - on Shopping On The Fly
* Gingham mini (online promo $59.50, $19.99 in-stores) - on Ema, on Lolita Lee Love and on California Kimchi Girl
* Golden bubbles pencil skirt (32343, orig $138)- on Audreybella

Size 4 - Waist = 29.5", Hip = 37.5"
Size 6 - Waist = 30.5", Hip = 38.5"

Size 4 - 79% cotton, 13% silk, 5% metallic, 3% nylon, 100% poly lining - The size was fine. I'm usually on the cusp as far as sizing goes, so dropping a couple lbs would make this an ideal fit as opposed to going to a 6. I love textures & brocades and this had that nice, old lady couch cover feel. I think it didn't turn me on because there's not enough contrast w/the colors. I prefer a couple of the brocade skirts released by Loft last year.

I like it w/the belt. It cuts the waist area.

Belt (M): J Crew (Similar here, here and here)

* Horizon stripe pencil skirt ($79.99)- on Debye, on kelinda.KELINDA and on Chronicles of My Closet

Size 4 - waist = 30.25", hips = 37.25"
Size 6 - waist = 31.25", hips = 39.25"

* Lunette mini ($49.99, $29.99 in-store) - on Shopping On The Fly and on Audreybella
* Notte tweed pencil skirt - on AppGal and on Shop With M
* Panne velvet bell skirt - on Audreybella
* Pinstripe mini ($34.99) - This looks like the same silhouette as the cotton bell skirt. Same 17" length, too.
* Ripple stripe mini ($59.99)
* Ripple stripe pencil skirt ($69.99) - Irl pic from Jcbellemarie and see it on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Audreybella, on The Closet Chronicles (3rd pic) and on The Chic Chauffeur
* Severn lace mini - Irl pics
* Silk bubble mini - on Audreybella
* Sunnie pencil skirt - Irl pics
* Waverly chino (promo $59.50) - on Lindsey B. and on Yogagirl

Some measurements (thanks, woodley park-zoo!)
0 Waist 30.25
2 Waist 31.25

P0 Waist 29.25
P2 Waist 30.25

* Wooltown skirt ($39.99) - This should fit the same as the fireside plaid town mini shown in above pics.

* Amadé sweater - Irl pics of the marled amadé sweater
* Bonfire cardigan ($44.99) - on Ema, on yogagirl, on Shop With M and on Ruffle and Sequins
* Brigade henley ($59.50) - I ordered this and the vintage-fatigue color is as it appears online. At least on my monitor. It looks like a boy or man's sweater, imo. I'm not trying to borrow from the boys. I also didn't like the trim they have sewn to the sweater. The hem is unfinished and I'm not doing any more of those.
* Cadabra cardigan - on promo for $59.50 (now $49.99 online, $19.99 in-store) - on Shopping On the Fly and on Ema
* Camp pocket cardigan - $39.99 online, $19.99 in-store - Irl pics
* Carrie crochet sweater ($149.99)
* Chalet popover ($29.99)
* Chunky Fair Isle cardigan ($99.99) - Random sizes seem to pop back - Irl pics
* Floral creek cardigan ($39.99) -
Pretty watercolor. All sizes still available. It's online only and perhaps why we haven't seen it on any bloggers.
* Forever cardigan ($59.50) - on Debye
in smoldering brick
* Flyaway cardigan ($69.99)
- Still regular price in-store as of 4/5.
* Infinity cardigan ($59.99 - $69.99)
- Irl pics
* Jackie shell ($29.99)
- The following colors are at the marked down price: buttercup, light slate, bright cinnamon (over dress) & hawthorn green.
* Lighthouse cardigan ($69.99)
- on Ema and on Shop With M
* Marled lambswool après cardigan ($89.99)- Irl pics
* Merino keyhole popover (promo $49.50)
- avail online only
* Merino-linen cardigan ($69.99)
* Merino-linen studded cardigan (
$99.99 online, $59.99 in-store) - on Shopping On the Fly
* Sailor sweater ($49.99 - Irl pics
* Saturday sweater (
regular price online, $? on sale in-store) - on California Kimchi Girl and on Audreybella
* Shawl-collar cardigan ($69.99) - Irl pics
* Space-dyed open cardigan ($49.99) - on AppGal, on 1 More Shopping Blog
and on Shopping On the Fly (last pics)
* Spangled stripe sweater ($99.99)
* Springlily cardigan ($79.99,
$39.99 in-store) - on Shop With M
* Stripe pocket cardigan
(spiced olive on promo $39.50) - on Ema (scroll way down), on Handbag Aficionada and on One Too Many Closets

S = 35"
M = 37"

* Boy shirt in embellished cotton ($29.99 online) - Irl pics
* Button-back tee ($19.99)
- Fit should be the same as on the stripe button-back tee
* Candy plaid perfect shirt - Sold out, might pop back - on Shop With M and on Audreybella
* Crosstown tee (4/1 cut again to $14.99) - on Ema (in white)
* Delaney eyelet-trim shirt (regular price online, $49.99 online) - Irl pics
* Duette cami ($34.99)- on The Chic Chauffeur
* Eyelet embroidered tank - on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Confessions of a JCrewaholic
* Eyelet tunic (regular price online, $19.99 in-store) - Irl pics
* Indigo-stripe boatneck sailor tee ($39.99)
* Katie colorblock cami ($39.99) - on Shop With M

* Perfect-fit stripe ruffle henley - on AppGal
* Perfect shirt in frosted paisley ($34.99) - Irl pics
* Plaid Eliza tee (now $34.99) - Irl pics
* Retro shell - Irl pics
* Ribbon cami ($49.50) - on Ema
* Safari tunic ($29.99) - on Shopping On the Fly
* Scallop lace shell ($29.99) - Irl pics
* Sequin boyfriend tee - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Sequin postcard tank ($24.99) - on Ema (last pic)
* Sequin-stripe tee ($29.99) - on The Chic Chauffuer and on One Too Many Closets (under Jackie cardi)
* Sequin sweatshirt - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Silk bloussana tunic - on Shop With M
* Silk utility tee ($34.99 online, $29.99 in-store)
- on Shopping On the Fly
* Sosie sequin tank - on Dina G
* Stripe lace-up tee ($29.50 online promo, I saw on sale rack in-store, but didn't check price) - on Debye
* Stripe mandarin tee ($39.99) - on Ema

* Stripe painter tee ($19.99) - Irl pics
* Stripe tux tunic - on Heidi (2nd pic)
* Tulip ruffle cami
(4/15 -> 2nd cut in-store to $29.99 )- on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Audreybella, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic, on Effortless Anthropologie (last set of pics), on Ema, on Shopping On The Fly

Size 4 - chest = 36.75", waist = 34.25"
Size 6 - chest = 37.75", waist = 35.25"

* Tuxedo henley - ($19.99)
XXS - chest = 30.5", waist = 29.5"
XS - chest = 32", waist = 31"

The measurements seem odd to me because usually the measurements vary by 1". So if the XXS chest is 30.5, an XS chest would be 31.5 or 32.5, not 32. But that's what they gave me.

I encourage you to try to find reviews, pics or comments about items before committing to final sale. I know it's easy to get caught up when shopping in the wee hours as things are popping back. I just hope you utilize this post and the other ways to look for info:

1) Type your search criteria and hit up images from the Google home page.
2) Use the Google search box on The Mothership.
3) Use the Google search box on this blog (upper-right hand side).
4) If you can't locate photos, at the very least call JC customer service for measurements or use the chat feature to ask for measurements if it's available when you're online.

Promo: Use LOVEIT for 30% off final sale + free shipping on $150 or more thru Thu, 3/31.

Promo: Use SUNNY for 20% off orders of $150 or more thru Tue, 4/5 --> extended til Tue, 4/11. No free shipping on this one, although that may change in the final day or two in the promo. No guarantee, but J Crew has changed promo terms while the promo is in effect. Print your email of the promo to use it in-store.

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