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J Crew - final sale (end of Feb 2011)

Updated 3/1
Updated 3/6

Here's a revised list of links to irl pics of J Crew final sale items. If I don't have irl pics, I have links to other bloggers' irl pics and/or comments made about the items.

If you have a question, I will try to answer it or someone here will. Sometimes a full range of sizes will pop back in an item, but I won't see and add it to this list. If you don't see the item you're interested in here, try entering the product name or style number in the Search This Blog box on the right-hand side of the main page.

If I've reviewed the item, it should up in the search. You can also search on The Mothership to see if there is discussion about an item you're interested in.

I usually don't note prices because J Crew adjusts them, as pointed out in this discussion. However, for some items I'll note prices if I see a 2nd cut or if the price is a great deal.

* Braidee platform heels - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Coquette hobo in shimmer leather - on Cleo
* Ferrovia necklace - Irl pics
* Leatherette lace-up ballet flats - Irl pic from Jcbellemarie
* Lindy leather platform peep toes - on The Chic Chauffeur
* Miller high-heel motorcycle boots - on A Bigger Closet
* Studded tweed invitation clutch - on DaniBP

* Heidi dress in wool flannel - Irl pics

Size 2 – Chest = 36", Waist = 28 1/4”, Hips = 35"
Size 4 – Chest = 37", Waist = 19 1/4", Hips = 36"

* Indee dress - This is the same ruffle dress we saw last year. The difference is last year's was a sheath with no seam at the waist and the ruffle went from the top to the bottom of the dress. This year's version is the same silhouette, but has a seam at the waist and the ruffle stops at the waist.

Size 2 – Chest = 35.75", Waist relaxed= 29”, Waist extended = 33”, Hips = 40.25"
Size 4 – Chest = 36.75", Waist relaxed= 30”, Waist extended = 35”, Hips = 42.25

* Lisette lace dress - on Shopping on the Fly
* Oona herringbone shift dress- Irl pics
* Provence dress - On promo for $69.50
* Shimmy chantilly lace dress - on Effortless Anthropologie (guest post)
* Stripe drawstring dress - on Debye, on Shopping on the Fly and on Objects of My Closets Affection
* Super 120s pétale dress - Irl pics - I have successfully removed the petals from this dress w/a seam ripper, small scissors, bright light & a lot of patience.
* Tiered silk ruffle dress - On DaniBP here, here and on I'm Shoe Shopping
* Tweedette dress - on Dina G and on Slastena
* Velutto shift - on Social Scientist
* Washed crepe Aveline dress - on Summerilla
* Wool origami sheath dress - on once Upon a Fashionista - I got this in a regular 6 in heather elm and love it. Love it. I meant to order 4, but the 6 fits better. It's fitted and not too tight.

Size 2 - Chest = 35.25", Waist = 29.25", Hip = 39.25", Waistband to hem = 19.75"
Size 4 - Chest = 36.25", Waist = 30.25", Hip = 40.25", Waistband to hem = 20"

* Boutonniere blazer - on Ema and on Audreybella
* Brigadier utility jacket - Irl pics - Also see Old Navy's surplus jacket. The spicy oak is similar to JC's burnished moss.
* Cocoon concerto coat - on Dina G
* Double-cloth Colletta coat - on Dina G and on Extra Petite
* Double-cloth dollop coat - on Ema
* Double-cloth ingenue coat - on Dina G and on No J Crew In Japan
* Double-cloth lady day coat - on Extra Petite
* Flight jacket - On promo for $138
* Gilded tweed jacket - on Audreybella
* Icon trench - on Dina
* Italian wool blazecoat - Irl pics

* Lodge puffer vest - Irl pics
* Long Benny blazer - Irl pics

Size 4 – Chest = 34", Waist = 34.5”, Sweep = 39.5"
Size 6 – Chest = 37", Waist = 35.5”, Sweep = 30.5"

The chest size looks like a big jump between 4 and 6. I'd double check that measurement. 

* Moonbeam sequined blazer - on Ema - I got this (4) in the same color as Ema. The cobblestone didn't do anything for my skin color. If you want a sequined jacked, this is the way to do it. Well constructed.
* Rideau cashmere - on The Outfit of the Day
* Softwashed wool blazer - I received this in camel. I didn't like it. The texture looked nubby, like it had pilled. Evenly nubbed, but pilled looking. The camel color is really nice and exactly as I had hoped, but the texture was an eyesore for me.

Size 2 – Chest = 36.5", Waist = 33.75”, Length = 25", Sweep 37.5",
Size 4 – Chest = 37.5", Waist = 34.75”, Length = 25.5", Sweep 38.5"

* Stadium-cloth cinema coat - Irl pic
* Stadium-cloth Sasha peacoat - Irl pic
* Tuxedo jacket - The body is felted wool jersey. mommydearest said, 'I reviewed this a couple weeks ago. I think it runs large - I ordered a size down. Well, when it went on sale I reordered and that (same marked size) was even bigger. It fit like a whole size larger. When I returned it, the SA said there seemed to be a lot of variation in that particular jacket. So beware of this one on final sale!'

Size 2 - Chest = 33.5", Waist = 31", Length = 23.25"
Size 4 - Chest = 34.5", Waist = 32", Length = 23.5"

* Velvet schoolboy - on Apples & Pencil Skirts
* Wool-cashmere icon trench - on Cleo

Bi-stretch wool Minnie pant - A few colors on promo for $88. Some measurements shared by woodley park-zoo over on The Mothership:
Petite 0 - Waist = 29.25", Hips = 33.5"
Petite 2 - Waist = 30.25", Hips = 34.5"
Petite 4 - Waist = 31.25", Hips = 35.5"

* Cropped ripstop cargo pant - on Audreybella
* Cropped plaid tuxedo pant  - I ordered these on final sale, sight unseen. They're kinda geeky, kinda cool. I got a size 4.
* Leggy denim  - on Slastena
* Pixie pant  - on Slastena
* Skimmer pant - on Social Scientist
* Stretch vintage trouser cord - I got these in cobblestone & shadow, P6. Loveth.
* Super 120s pinstripe short - Irl pics - Sold out online, but I've seen them in-store.
* Super 120s Élan trouser (light heather graphite $59.99, other colors on promo for $98) - Irl pics
* Trouper pant (now $29.99) - on Lindsey B. - Many positive reviews for these including...
Lizzy said, 'These have been discussed a bunch... but I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus b/c I love, love LOVE them- like, bought them in both colors love them. I have a classic hourglass and usually can't do the skinny look, but these pants are like magic-- hugging in all the right places, sleek with heels and cute with flats/sneakers. Plus, b/c of the stretch they are *comfy*! As other JCA's have noted they do run a bit large in the waist, but IMO can be easily cinched with a belt. I have them in my "non-vanity size" and they fit perfectly; can make them either slouchy or sleek, depending on how I belt them.'

Size 4 - Waist = 32.5", Hip = 37"
Size 6 - Waist = 33.5", Hip = 38"

* Waverly chino - on Lindsey B.

Some measurements (thanks, woodley park-zoo!)
0 Waist 30.25
2 Waist 31.25

P0 Waist 29.25
P2 Waist 30.25

* Aurora tweed pencil skirt - Irl pics
* Canvas military skirt - Irl pics
* Cord Atlee skirt - For those who gauge sizing off of me, I have this in size 6. See it on Audreybella
* Crinkled tier mini - on Audreybella
* Double-serge stripe pencil skirt - I called for measurements on this. The size 4 has a waist of 29" and hip of 39" or so. The size 6 has a waist of 30" and hip of 40" or so. See it on Slastena and on Audreybella
* Golden bubbles pencil skirt - on Audreybella
* Felted wool mini - on Ema
* Moss tweed mini - Irl pics
* Notte tweed pencil skirt - on AppGal and on Shop With M 
* Paillette mirage tweed mini - on Cleo
* Panne velvet bell skirt - on Audreybella
* Poppy waterfloral skirt - on Shopping on the Fly
* Severn lace mini - Irl pics
* Silk bubble mini - on Audreybella
* Sunnie pencil skirt - on Ema
* Taffeta marvelle mini on Audreybella and on Ema
* Wool bell skirt - on Shopping With M and on Audreybella and on The Girliest Boy Mom

* Alpaca long cardigan - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Amadé sweater - Irl pics of the marled amadé sweater
* Bonfire cardigan - on Ema, on yogagirl and on Ruffle and Sequins
* Camp pocket cardigan - Irl pics
* Cashmere keyhole sweater - on Ema
* Cashmere marabou cardigan - on Ema
* Chunky Fair Isle cardigan - Irl pics
* Color-blend montreaux cardigan - Irl pics (pic #5)
* Donegal cropped v-neck cardigan - on Ema
* Dream Alexie sweater - on Ema
* Dream draped-v sweater - Irl pics
* Dream foiled châle cardigan - Irl pics
* Dream zip henley - Irl pics
* Dulphine bling-button cardigan - Irl pics
* Dulphine torque sweater - Irl pics
* Electra vest - on Summerilla
* Gilded sweater-jacket - Irl pics
* Glimmer cardigan - Irl pics (2nd set of pics)
* Infinity cardigan - Irl pics
* Jackie cardi - Irl pics of sale color, blush stone.
* Lighthouse cardigan - on Ema
* Marled lambswool après cardigan - Irl pics
* Marled shawl cardigan - Irl pics
* Merino and mohair shawl-collar cardigan - Irl pics
* Merino doré cardigan - on Patina

XS - Chest = 31"
  S - Chest = 33"

* Merino foiled-floral cardigan - on Patina
* Merino ruffle moto sweater - Irl pics
* Merino sequined crochet cardigan (now $59.99) - on Lindsey B. and on Ema (last pic)
* Space-dyed open cardigan - on AppGal, on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Shopping On the Fly (last pics)
* Traversa cardigan - Irl pics

* Aiden plaid boy shirt - Irl pics
* Cascading flutter shell - Irl pics
* Chambray tuxedo-pleat shirt - Irl pics (pics 3-5)
* Chevron cami - I love mine in windsor grey for the low price it is now. It looks good under the Cambridge cable cardi.

2 - Chest = 37"
4 - Chest = 38"

* Chiffon Cecelia cami - on AppGal
* Coralie cami - Irl pics
* Darla ruffle cami - Irl pics
* Drapey sequin tank - Irl pics
* Drapey sequin tee - on Debye
* Drapey stripe baseball tee - on AppGal (scroll down)
* Drapey stripe pullover hoodie ($49.99)

S - chest = 35", waist = 34.5", length = 25.5"
M - chest = 37", waist = 36.5", length = 26"

* Drapey stripe tank - on Shopping on the Fly

S - Chest = 32"
M - Chest = 34", Sweep - 37" (?)

* Embellished boy shirt - Irl pics
* Flowered mosaic embroidered tunic - Irl pics
* Glacé tunic - I liked this in both colors. S fit a bit big, so I would get XS, personally. It has a loose fit, but you can cinch the waist to your liking. I didn't think it looked too maternity, but could possibly used in the first two trimesters. If you do that, stick w/your regular size and don't go down one.
* Lace panel cami - on Shopping on the Fly
* Lace rows tank - on Debye (under starry night cardi)
* Lisette lace shell (now $29.99) - Irl pics
* Microspun cowlneck tee - on AppGal
* Plaid Eliza tee Irl pics
* Perfect-fit scoopneck tee - Good bargain.
* Perfect-fit stripe ruffle henley - on AppGal
* Plaid Eliza tee Irl pics - I removed the black necklace beading as follows:

* Sequin sweatshirt - Irl pics
* Silk and sequin scoopneck tee - Irl pics
* Sosie sequin tank - on Dina G
* Spotted silk Vivie top - Irl pics
* Stripe painter tee - on Shop With M (3rd pic)
* Stripe tux tunic - on Heidi (2nd pic)
* Tuxedo henley (37717)

XXS - chest = 30.5", waist = 29.5"
XS - chest = 32", waist = 31"

The measurements seem odd to me because usually the measurements vary by 1". So if the XXS chest is 30.5, an XS chest would be 31.5 or 32.5, not 32. But that's what they gave me.

* Vintage cotton mixed lawn shirt - Irl pics

I encourage you to try to find reviews, pics or comments about items before committing to final sale. I know it's easy to get caught up when shopping in the wee hours as things are popping back. I just hope you utilize this post and the other ways to look for info:

1) Type your search criteria and hit up images from the Google home page. 
2) Use the Google search box on The Mothership
3) Use the Google search box on this blog (upper-right hand side). 
4) If you can't locate photos, at the very least call JC customer service for measurements or use the chat feature to ask for measurements if it's available when you're online. 

Promo: Use AYC93K for 30% off finale sale + free shipping on $100 or more thru Mon, 2/28.

Still loving the self-imposed budget. I've gone over and will be starting March in the red. And you know what? It doesn't bother me one bit. I know if I hadn't set a budget, I would have bought more things than there are enough days in the season to wear. I'm so over looking at clothes that I am unable to wear for whatever reason.

I haven't shopped this sale and don't think I will. That's the budget keeping me in check. The last thing I purchased was Madewell's striped cadet cardigan (S). It feels and fits like a sweater. It has some structure, but not enough to call it a jacket. I'd say it's good for spring, cool summer nites and early fall. It's possible that it could be layered under a boyfriend blazer. The thought just occurred, but I haven't tried it. Of course I wish I got it for an addtl % off, but I'm worth the price. ;-) Keeping it.

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Gigi's Gear - goldenrod brocade top

I took J Crew's goldenrod brocade top out recently. Original review here. I was disappointed when the top came out and I still think the shoulders have an odd fit. However, the price I got it for was so good that wearing it a handful of times will be fine with me. When this 1st came out, yogagirl & I agreed that it would look good w/a purple scarf. See it on her in this post.

Top (6): J Crew goldenrod brocade (Nothing similar, but this foil top is pretty and you can look on Ebay)
Jacket (6): Anthro souffle de boucle (Similar here, here, here, here in petite and this dressier version)

Scarf: J Crew (Similar color here, here and here)
Pants (6P): J Crew stretch trouser cords here and
Shoes (8): Bandolino Adiva (Similar here, here and here)
Tote: Banana Republic (Similar here, here and here)

Here is another idea I have for the top, but haven't tried on yet. I need to see how the odd sleeves will feel under this particular jacket. I like the grey, though. Another option would be the goldenrod brocade top, orange scarf and this grey blazer.
Blazer (4): J Crew Factory Store FA10 (Similar here, here and here)
Necklace: Macy's...3+ years old

As seen on FLOTUS -
I wonder if they tailored it a bit for her. In either case it looks radiant on her.

Thank you,

In other news, the frosted paisley perfect shirt (review here) is on promo for $59.50. Remember to use for 30% off + free shipping on $100 or more.


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Friday, February 25, 2011

JCrew - camp pocket cardigan & bootcut denim

J Crew's camp pocket cardigan (35750, $88) comes in vintage fatigue, sea salt & smoldering brick. Sizes are XS - XL. 100% cotton, pockets are 100% silk.

Vintage fatigue - Size S - So I thought this was cute. The pockets aren't too big. It's a different detail than a ruffle or other type of embellishment. Check it out on Debye and on One Too Many Closets.

Then I noticed how the interior flopped open and I wasn't as enamored. I would be checking cardi positioning all day long.

Also...the fuzzies you see is on the sweater and not mirror dust. Uh oh.

Bootcut denim in white (36115, tall 38841, $98) - Size 29S - I imagine the denim will stretch out a little bit when you wear them, but I would probably still stick with my usual 29. It's nice to be able to wash and dry items w/out shrinkage worries. Also, I think it's better to wear white jeans a little bigger than smaller so you don't look poured into them. Unless that's what you like. One issue w/the poured into look is that the pockets show and other unattractive things. The pockets on these are close to the denim color and not Casper bright whiter in contrast. Trying to say that the pockets mostly blend in, which is a good thing.

(Similar bootcuts from Nordstrom Kut, Talbots, Gap and I liked last year's NYDJ. Consider trying if you see them.)

Would probably have the JCs shortened if I got them.

The jeans worn with the camp pocket cardigan reviewed above and the frosted paisley perfect shirt (6) reviewed in this post. I can't say I'd wear this outfit, personally, but I liked the way it looked together. It's a different look for white denim.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rue La La - $10 credit

Are you a member of Rue La LA? If not, join by 3/3 to get a $10 credit. Rue La La is a flash sale site. They have boutiques open for a day or two. Many items sell out quickly, but you don't have to s

I've made a number of purchases from Rue La La. Here are a few. I have the Apepazza shoes Are you a member (irl pics) in a cognac color, not the lighter tan pictured. Yes, they're a high heel, but I love 'em. I loooove the Aquatalia shoes and wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair by the vendor. Flash sale sites like these are a great way to try higher priced brands and/or new-to-me brands at palatable prices. The Milly jacket was $199, instead of its retail price of $525. Pretty good deal, huh? The jacket wasn't the right size, but more importantly I didn't like it. The metallic threads looked cheap, to tell you the truth. It wasn't discouraging, though. I would still try Milly again thru one of these sites if I felt I found the right product. Most flash sale sites will allow you to return the item for free if you will accept a site credit. If you don't, you will pay $9.95 shipping or so to get your money back to your credit card. When I shop these sites, I almost always take the credit. There's bound to be something for me, G Money or a gift that I can use the credit for.

ETA: On Sunday nites, Rue La La has a smattering of boutiques that open. All items are final sale, as far as I know. So shop w/caution. The prices are good, esp if it's something you've seen before and missed. I tend to focus on brands I know and don't mess with others that are final sale. Here are some of the brands that have appeared on Rue La La.

Click here to join. If you join thru my link, I get a $10 Rue La La credit if you make a purchase.You get a $10 credit to be used by 5/31/11.

Thanks for stopping by. Hey...if you didn't know, Gigi's gone from dot blogspot to dot com. You might need to update your bookmark or RSS feed, or whatever reader you use w/the new link:

J Crew - frosted paisley perfect shirt & cotton bell skirt

J Crew's frosted paisley perfect shirt (37874, $78) runs 00-14. The color pattern is called dark brick. 57% cotton, 43% silk.

Size 4 = Chest - 37.75", Waist - 34.75"
Size 6 = Chest - 38.75", Waist - 35.75"

Size 2 should be 36.75", size 8 should be 39.75", and so on...

Size 6 - Sometimes I buy 4s in the cotton lawn shirts & sometimes size 6. In my last purchase of a cotton lawn shirt or two I purchased a 6. There's no pressure if I'm 5 over than I want to be (where I seem to live these days) and the buttons don't pull at the chest. This pattern is faint, but very pretty. Yes, this is very similar to a couple other patterns that were released last year. This one has more purples, where the other pattern had stronger pinks.

J Crew's cotton bell skirt (36116, $69.50) - The color choices are faded black, mauve morning and toffee. Per the website -- Sits at waist. Slant pockets. 17" long. Import. Machine wash. As of 2/22, the skirt is on promo for $49.50.

Size 4 = Waist 26"
Size 6 = Waist 27"

Size 8 should be 28", and so on...

Size 6 - I don't get excited about elastic waist skirts because I don't have a strongly defined waist. The upside is that it can be positioned where you want on the hips. Even so, the elastic doesn't usually make my waist look smaller. Nevertheless, I liked this and give it a thumbs up. I would consider wearing it and would get this size. Check it out on Ema (scroll down), on kelinda.KELINDA, on Jessie, on Shopping On the Fly and on AppGal.

Shoes (8): Bandolino Adiva (Similar here, here and here)

Chime in...

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

J Crew - retro shell

J Crew's retro shell (38509, $88) runs 0-14. It's currently marked down to $49.99 in-stores. The color choices are navy, popsicle pink and white. 54% silk, 46% cotton.

Size 4 - The tag says DNA, so I imagine that's dark navy.

Up close pic so you can see the texture. The top felt cotton and fairly sturdy, from what I recall. You know how some of the cotton lawn (cotton-silk blend) tops feel a bit flimsy. This was light, but sturdy. I'm not a fan of the collar. Personal taste. Check it out on One Too Many Closets, on Shopping On The Fly (pink) and on Shopping With M (pink). It looks good on her & tucked in w/a skirt.

The stitch at the bottom is fairly high, so it looks like there is at least 3" to play with if you need more length.
Jeans (6P): Old BR flare jeans that I had tapered a bit from the knee down
(Similar here, here and here)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

J Crew - vintage cotton sunburst tank

J Crew's vintage cotton sunburst tank (34085, $58) comes in white ash or grey. Size XXS - XL. The body is 100% cotton and the chiffon is 100% silk. Dry clean only.

Size S - This begins a XXS, but I found my regular size S to be just fine. I wasn't curious about going down a size as can be the case w/some items that are sized down to XXS. A pass for me and tried on for the blog only. Hopefully this is the bookend of the chiffon decorated items, with the 1st being the chiffon rose tee from a couple years ago. I think it's a cute tank, but doesn't appeal to me based on price & dry clean only factor. My chiffon tee didn't fare well when I washed it. I think it had hand wash instructions. Oh well.

I had a full weekend. My brother & his girls, plus my sister and her son stayed over. It was a ridiculous slumber party w/everyone sleeping on the floor. The two smallest ones were awake until 2am. Eyes glazed open, not really processing what was on the TV screen. I worked them to that state with pizza, soda and cupcakes. Plus, the nieces brought over Just Dance 2 and Michael Jackson Experience for Wii. Ubi Soft is very smart. They made the MJ game for Wii, PSP and Playstation. That was very smart. We had soooo much fun, dancing and singing the songs. It got out of hand, but no one got hurt. My sister warned that I would wake up sore, but I didn't. My brother did. I'm so glad we kept the dances on medium difficulty. It probably would have been a different story. Remember that we got a treadmill, so the parents were taking turns walking on it with their kids. Two of them on it at the same time. I had to turn my back on the madness at certain points. To top it off, on Sunday I took the nieces to see Justin Bieber's Never Say Never. I'm a sap, so I was tearing up when they were giving tix to the fans. The fans cracked me up. As far as the movie, if you have to take a little one to see it, don't be scurred. I was ready for it to end shortly before it did, but I made it all the way thru with little problem. It was entertaining enough. It seems like he has a good team around him and I hope they're able to transition him to respectable adult. Time will tell, eh? ;-)

Chime in...

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

J Crew - regular price (late Feb 2011)

Updated on 2/25
Updated on 2/26
Updated on 3/1
Updated on 3/5
Updated on 3/6
Updated on 3/8
Updated on 3/9
Updated on 3/10
Updated on 3/11
Updated on 3/12
Updated on 3/14
Updated on 3/16
Here's a list of links to irl pics of J Crew regular price items. If I don't have links to my irl pics, I have links to other bloggers' irl pics and/or comments made about the items.

* Arène platform sandals - on Audreybella
* Braided wrap belt - on Debye
* Double-row mini-link necklace - on Notes From the Dressing Room
* Herringbone schoolboy blazer - on Ema
* Mesh scarf necklace - Irl pics
* Mosaique clutch - on Audreybella
* Oxford ballet flats - Irl pic from jcbellemarie and Audreybella
* Quilted double-breasted puffer - Irl pics
* Rainy day utility jacket - on Jcbellemarie
* Roulette clutch - on Audreybella, on Will Work 4 Shuz and on The Outfit of the Day (guest post)
* Silk driving scarf - on Dani BP
* Sparkling mesh collar necklace - on 1 More Shopping Blog

* Arianna dress - on Shopping On the Fly
* Boathouse shirtdress - on Ema, on Shop With M, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic, on Shopping On The Fly and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Cecilia dress - on Ema
* Crinkled silk Caspia dress - on Shopping On the Fly
* Chambray dress - on Ema
* Colette dress - on Audreybella
* Crisscross dress - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Delaney eyelet dress - on Shopping With M, on Ema, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Elise shift dress in Super 120s

Size 2 - chest = 36", waist = 35.5", hip = 37.75", length 35.5"
Size 4 - chest = 37", waist = 36.5", hip = 38.75", length 35.5"

* Herringbone cargo dress - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Jenny dress - on Confessions of a JCrewaholic and on AppGal
* Letour floral Lucinda dress - on Shop With M and on Summerilla
* Liberty bouquet ahirtdress - on Shopping On The Fly, on Jessie and on Dina G
* Lyric dress - on Summerilla and on AppGal
* Maritime dress - on Ema, on AppGal, on Shop With M, on Lindsey B., on My Closet Travels, on One Cat Away From Crazy, on Audreybella here and here, and on yogagirl - FYI, I saw the maritime dress from Land's End and it looked really cute.

Size S – Chest = 36", Waist = 36”, Hips = 39"
Size M – Waist = 38", Waist = 38”, Hips = 41"

* Maritime v-neck dress - on AppGal and on Confessions of a JCrewaholic
* Mona shirtdress - on Confessions of a Call Center Gal, see the blue chambray on Debye
* Oleander lace shift dress - on Summerilla and on Ema
* Shelby dress - on AppGal, on Confessions of a Call Center Gal, on Shop With M and on Heidi
* Siren dress (35702) - From the measurements it seems like the chest is supposed to stretch a bit and it's quite voluminous from the empire waist on down.

Size S - chest = 28", empire waist circumference = 28", low hip circumference = 51"
Size M - chest = 30", empire waist circumference = 30", low hip circumference = 53"

* Stripe drawstring dress - on AppGal, on Handbag Aficionada and on Objects of My Closet's Affection
* Swirling dots dress - on Summerilla and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Veronique dress - on Summerilla
* Vivette dress - on Confessions of a JCrewaholic and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Washed crepe Aveline dress - on Summerilla

* Ankle stretch toothpick jean in white denim - The website says they're Turkish bi-stretch denim poly. In contrast, the ankle stretch toothpick jean in twilight and Italian denim made with bi-stretch. They also have poly in them.

Size 28 - Waist = 32 1/4", Hips = 36 3/4"
Size 29 - Waist = 33 1/4", Hips = 37 3/4"

* Bootcut denim in white - Irl pics
* Canteen pant - on Ema (last pics)
* Day-tripper pant - on Confessions of a JCrewaholic
* Été short - on Audreybella
* Floral broken-in chino short - on Shop With M
* Gingham scout chino - on Audreybella
* Minnie pant in stretch twill - on Shop With M
* Schooner short - on Audreybella
* Stripe dreamy cotton pant - Catalog/.com only. Cute.

Size S – Waist = 32.5”, Hips = 38"
Size M – Waist = 34.5", Hips = 40"

* Summerweight chino short - on Audreybella
* Waverly chino - on Lindsey B.

Some measurements (thanks, woodley park-zoo!)
0 Waist 30.25
2 Waist 31.25

P0 Waist 29.25
P2 Waist 30.25

* Aurora tweed pencil skirt - Irl pics
* Bellflower tweed pencil skirt - on 1 More Shopping Blog and on AppGal
* Canvas military skirt - Irl pics
* Chambray eyelet skirt - on Ema
* Cotton bell skirt - Irl pics
* Dorrie skirt - on Jessie, on kelinda.KELINDA, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic, on Shop With M, on Ema and on AppGal
* Eyelet pencil skirt - on AppGal, on Musings By Jacquelyn and on AppGal
* Floral tulle mini - Seen in-stores for $59.99 - on Shopping On The Fly
* Gingham mini - on Ema
* Horizon stripe pencil skirt - on Debye and on kelinda.KELINDA

Size 4 - waist = 30 1/4", hips = 38 1/4"
Size 6 - waist = 31 1/4", hips = 39 1/4"

* Liberty vintage floral mini - on Audreybella (scroll down) and on Confessions of a JCrewaholic
* Lunette mini - Seen in-store for $49.99 - on Shopping On The Fly
* No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton - on Found In My Closet, on Shop With M and on AppGal

Size 2 - waist = 26.5", hips = 37.25", front length = 21.5", back length = 22"
Size 4 - waist = 30.5", hips = 38.25", front length = 21.75", back length = 22.5"

Size 2P - waist = 28.5", hips = 36.25", front length = 19.25", back length = 19.75"
Size 4P - waist = 29.5", hips = 37.25", front length = 19.5", back length = 20"

* Ripple stripe pencil skirt - Irl pic from Jcbellemarie and see it on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Audreybella and on The Closet Chronicles (3rd pic)

* Camp pocket cardigan - Irl pics
* Forever cardigan - on Debye in smoldering brick
* Lighthouse cardigan - on Ema
Merino confetti stripe sweater
- on Notes From the Dressing Room and on Atlantic-Pacific
* Natalie studded sweater - on Summerilla and on Dina
* Stripe costine V-neck sweater - on AppGal
* Stripe pocket cardigan (36815, promo $39.50) - on Ema (scroll way down) and on Handbag Aficionada

S = 35"
M = 37"

* Space-dyed open cardigan - on AppGal and on 1 More Shopping Blog

* Candy plaid perfect shirt - on Shop With M and on Audreybella
* Crosstown tee - on Ema (in white)
* Drapey stripe baseball tee - on AppGal (7th pic)
* Drapey stripe pullover hoodie - on AppGal and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Eyelet embroidery tank - on Confessions of a JCrewaholic
* Frosted paisley perfect shirt - Irl pics
* I heart chambray shirt - on Jessie and on Bonjour Its Jinah
* Indian voile boy shirt - on AppGal (blue)
* Lace-over tank - on Patina (under cardi) and on Confessions of a JCrewaholic
* Lady lace popover - on Ema
* Madras popover - on Ema
* Maxi-check perfect shirt - on Ema
* Perfect-fit henley tank - on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Ema (pic 10)
* Perfect-fit henley tank - on 1 More Shopping Blog (2nd pic, under cardi)
* Perfect-fit stripe ruffle henley - on AppGal
* Raglan babydoll tee - on Confessions of a JCrewaholic
* Retro shell - Seen in-stores for $49.99 - Irl pics
* Scallop lace shell - Irl pics
* Sequin bib cami - on Shop With M (2nd to last pic)
* Shimmerveil tee - on Dina
* Silk Blythe blouse - on Ema
* Silk utility tee - on Shopping On the Fly
* Stripe button-back tee - Irl pics
* Stripe mandarin tee - on Shop With M, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic and on Shopping On The Fly
* Suckered plaid shirt - Irl pics
* Sun-drenched sweatshirt - on Ema and on AppGal
* Tulip ruffle cami - on 1 More Shopping Blog, on Audreybella, on Confessions of a JCrewaholic, on Effortless Anthropologie (last set of pics), on Ema, on Shopping On The Fly

Size 4 - chest = 36.75", waist = 34.25"
Size 6 - chest = 37.75", waist = 35.25"

* Vintage cotton foil-print tank - on Dina
* Vintage cotton raglan tee - on AppGal and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Vintage cotton sunburst tank - Irl pics

FABFEB for 20% off $150 or more is good thru Monday, 2/21. I did a quick mock checkout and it appears that the code is good on a straight $150 or more. That is, you don't need to purchase a net $150 after the 20%, as is the case w/some of the other promos. So far I'm not biting on this one. I have the stripe button-back tee (pewter) and the silk Blythe blouse (ivory). I have a mild interest in one or two items, but they're not even coming to mind right now. The last time the site dumped my cart I didn't bother to refill it.

p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.


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