Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rue La La

Things have gotten very interesting over on Rue La La this year. There are always really cute things to like. Even more so now than in the past. Also, they have introduced a new shipping feature. If you make a purchase, shipping is $9.95 as it always has been. However, you get the next 30 days free shipping. The feature is quite nice. Also, you don't have to hunt around the site to figure out how many free shipping days you have left. The info always on the main page, upper right-hand corner after you log in. As you can see, I have 12 days remaining.

I ordered this JPK Paris 75 handbag in the Nylon Handbag boutique that's currently open. The drop is 5", so it probably won't go over my shoulder, but it has a long strap and can be worn crossbody. I'm looking forward to this because my J Crew patent tote from 08 is starting to show wear. The handles are leather on this, which is nice. $69.90.

This year I finally realized and accepted that my personal style is not really edgy. The edge I believed that I injected into my preppy wardrobe is really just flair. There's a difference. In my mind I like spikes and chains and other hardware on shoes, but that look tends to clash w/my core style. I really like this boots. They're not really a walk on the wild side. However, they're something I would've purchased in the past and simply not worn because they don't really 'go' with the other clothes I have. Too bad. They're really fly. $119.90

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  1. I was literally JUST eyeing up this same bag on Ruelala. Do you think it will fit a laptop?

    Regarding those boots, Clarks, have a few pairs that are similar and on sale! They are SO comfortable to walk in. A few options!



    3) - This isn't exactly like that style you have listed above. But I tried these in store and have been waiting for them to go on sale. They look so good on!

    Lastly, I think preppy core with flair is more timeless than straight out edgy.

  2. Hey Gigi, I love Ruelala too! I like the boots, but that curling up at the toe is throwing me off. But I guess that's the "combat boot" punk flair that I can't get down with ;-) Happy New Years!

  3. LOVING those boots! I can totally see you rocking those over skinny jeans!

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