Monday, December 26, 2011

J Crew - sequinth!

Of course you know I mean are some irl pics:

Glimmer long-sleeve tee (62049 , $88) runs XXS - XL. Color choices are black, stormy sea and dark khaki. It's currently $59.99 online. This is a size S. I thought the Flashdance-y look might be kind of cool, so I slipped it to favor one shoulder. Eh. See it on 1 More Shopping Blog, on DaniBP, on I am Khatu, on I Have A Degree In This, on Notes From the Dressing Room, on Pearls and Twirls and on ShOperaRach.

Size S - chest = 34"
Size M - chest = 36"

 Size S, black
Pants (4): J Crew meander pants

Shoes (8): J Crew serengeti  (Similarish here and here)

I have enough sequins, so I really tried this on only to share pics. Something about the sequin type and the quantity make this a nighttime top, imo. It might look ok for day w/a cardi or jacket over it, but I don't think it would look casual enough for day without something over it. 

Drapey sequin tank (32360, $78) - Size M, natural - The last price I saw in-store was $59.99, mid Dec. It's currently $29.99 online. See it on Alterations Needed and on Easy Petite Looks.

Size S - chest = 32.5"
Size M - chest = 34.5"

 Size M, natural

You can get excited for me, but I'll be honest...I'm holding in my stomach. I wish it looked like this. I'm doing pretty good 15 wks out, considering I've only exercised a few times and not at all consistently. I might just start working on my arms since hand weights are easy. And I'll worry about the treadmill later. Mini wants to be held for naps and for one of us to be in the room until she falls asleep. By the time I get a moment I don't have the energy to put towards working out. Too bad as I know it would make me feel good. Back to the top. I am inclined to agree that this top might run one size small. If you to try to ensure that it will be more loose than tight, take the larger of your J Crew sizes.

Glitterati ballet flats (55936, $128) come in metallic black, metallic cherry & metallic gold. I wear 7.5, but often take 8 in J Crew shoes. This year they've updated the ballet flats, improving the quality. The sizing is more accurate imo and I now take a 7.5. These are 7.5. I also took a 7.5 in the Lula leopard ballet flats. I wasn't excited about the gold on these. I really wanted to be because they were $79.99 in-store the day I saw them plus 30% off. I just didn't get the feeling in them, so I passed.

Metallic cherry - also size 7.5. Love these. Got the feeling and kept them.

With a new baby in tow, I haven't worn any sequins. It's less about the wash or dry cleaning aspect and more about wanting to feel cozy with and huggable to Miss Mini G. I've worn more sherpa & fleece, like this robe. Sooooo cozy.
How are you & sequins this year? Tight? Not as close as last year? Chime in...

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  1. OMG, I love the cherry red sequin flats. Such a Dorothy slipper kind of thing.

    I don't have much by the way of sequins in my wardrobe, so when I tried on the sequin tee, I loved it, but I did try on the khaki color which looks more casual to me than the darker ones.

  2. i just wore the drapey top yesterday! i agree, i probably would take the bigger of my two sizes. i got the xxs and its a little clingy. i dont have too many sequin pieces, but i think a few add some spice to my closet (if not my outfits, lol)

  3. You are looking good! I definitely would not think, "oh, she just had a baby!" Trust me. I should know, right? LOL. ;)

    I am such a freaking magpie, I love it all on you...but I can only think of like two places I wouldn't wear sequins, to bed, and to give birth.

    I want to get a pair of red shoes, but right now those flats are out of my price range and I am not getting to a I will wait!

  4. The red shoes are adorable! Perfect find. Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  5. I have no sequins either, because they snag on everything inlcuding DH! The shoes are the perfect compromise. A great touch of bling, especially love the red.

  6. Oh, I love those red sparklers! Imagine how snazzy they'll be with a marine striped top!

    And as for the exercise, well, the little babe should be good for some weight lifting, since she'll naturally get heavier as you work your way up!

  7. Merry Christmas Gigi, I hope you're enjoying the holidays! :)

  8. I have very few sequins in the closet. The red shoes look adorable.

    You look great, and I don't think you need to make any excuses. Life with a new baby is hard. I am seeing it in one of my relatives who has just adopted a baby girl. She said she has never been so sleep deprived.


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