Wednesday, December 28, 2011

J Crew on Net-A-Porter

If you missed these at J Crew in-store or online, they're now on sale on Net-A-Porter:

Gingham cropped pants ($22.50) - I believe these are the gingham scout chinos as seen on Ema and on Audreybella

Lumini leather jacket ($357) - Sizes 6 & 10 remain

Sequin embellished tank ($30) - Size M only remains - Irl pics

Aviator chinos ($28.50) - See them on Megan Crew Reviews and her do-over

Size 4 - waist = 30.5", hips = 39.25", thigh = 25.25" - measured 1" below crotch
Size 6 - waist = 31.5", hips = 40.25", thigh = 26"

I haven't ordered from Net-A-Porter, but I recently ordered a J Crew men's sweater from Mr. Porter. The experience was 5-star. Email communication & status updates were thorough. The sweater was packaged in a thick box. Really lovely. I'll have to share pics of the sweater some time because it was for moi! Size XS, off-white, fisherman style. I ordered a men's XS sweater in the past & it didn't work. This one I just recvd has renewed my interest in checking out the men's dept, just in case...

p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.


  1. I think the leather jacket is my favorite.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Thanks, Gigi---I just went and ordered the gingham pants, I loved the fit of the Scout Chinos.

  3. what is Net-a-Porter--it's not a store--but an online sales venue for different brands??? At first I thought they got items ahead of time--and thought I understood the concept--but now I see they have some sold out stuff or some "different" things. I haven't ordered from this site but am thinking about the gingham pants. The jacket is completely fabulous--sooo would love it but have to refrain!

  4. Oooh those gingham pants look super cute! Thanks for posting!

    Has Mini G started laughing? I'm so looking forward to that milestone! :)

  5. Wow site étonnant. Toutes les robes sont très à la mode et élégant. J'adore cette veste.


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