Friday, December 16, 2011

J Crew - Natasha top

J Crew's Natasha top ($88) runs regular 00-16 (54024) and petite P00-12 (56693). The color choices are vivid poppy, antique white, black, heather dark grape, deep lagoon, creamy peach and purple dawn. This top is also available on Net-A-Porter.

Size 2 - chest = 36.5"
Size 4 - chest = 37.5"

Size 4 - Creamy peach (CPE). I usually take 4 in J Crew camis. Sometimes 2, depending on the cut. The 4 was good in this. There's room for my stomach, so there is a chance it is running a little large. Check it out on Audreybella and here, on A Pretty Thought, on Handbag Aficionado, and on Shop With M.

Pants (4):  J Crew Meander pants
If on the fence between sizes, take the smaller.

Thin hand-enameled bracelet (88464, $20) in Georgia peach. This was $12.99 in-store before 30% off. I've been to a couple stores and seen the thin and wide hand-enameled bracelets in various places. Some are not in the sale section, but have sale price tags on them. If you see a color you like, it's worth it to take to the register for a price check. There's a brilliant cobalt blue and a warm caramel brown that I don't see online. I haven't seen the gold in-store (not pictured).

A new necklace at the b&m, $78. There's a promo to use CHEER on Friday only for 30% off your purchase online. The promo is good in-store. Jewelry has been 30% off in-stores as of this week or earlier, but the legalese states only one promo. Of course experiences vary among JCAs. I just pointed out the 30% jewelry promo because it may still be in effect thru the weekend if they don't extend this one-day CHEER promo. The colors in this are vibrant orange, navy or black and off-white.

ETA: Per the tag -- style# 72288, the long sku is 091102655554, enamel and pave link necklace, another # on here is RD5807, but I think you need the style # over that one.

Free fry Friday! Today at Burger King. They changed their fries some months ago and are starting to bring it to our attention in case we didn't know. Free fries. Just show up. No coupon needed. I'm there! I wonder if I should plan our dinner around this...hmm...

Chime in...

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  1. Hi! What is the item # of the necklace? It is beautiful.

  2. I love French fries, they are a weakness for me. The BK ones don't look that good though, what did you think?

  3. The Natasha top totally runs large. I got a 4 which normally is too tight in the bust, and it fits very well. Mmmm those fries look yummy... I think I will partake at lunchtime!

  4. Milljcrew - I wanted to include it in my post, but I was falling asleep at the computer & the necklace was in another room. The style# 72288. I added any other numbers from the ticker to the body of this post. Good to see you :)

    xoxo - I own a fryer! I don't even fry once/week, but it's nice that I can make french fries whenever I want. The fries are good because they seem to retain heat for quite awhile. Heat retention seems to be an important goal for BK as they had their fries coated in some sort of batter. I HATED the taste and it didn't keep the fries hot. The cut of the new french fries is interesting because it's thicker. Like the core of the french fry is meatier and I get full faster. Very interesting.

    JCrewJD - Thanks for chiming in! I can gauge sizing for myself in most cases these days, but I'm shy about advising on upsy or downsy on things. Esp since some ppl like their things lighter or looser than others. I'm in the loose camp. That sounds funny! (slaps knee)

  5. OMG, that last necklace is gorgeous. I don't think I've seen that before.

  6. I love the bracelet, the color and specially the price!

  7. Oh that necklace is gorgeous! I love it!

  8. Love the blouse, bracelet, and necklace - but fries? Now you're speaking my language! :)

  9. I don't like how 90's that necklace looks. I'm not ready for the 90s to be back in style.

  10. Love the ruffle detail of the top! How were the fries...any better than they were?

  11. Thanks for the addtl comments!

    Tara - Yes, the new fries are definitely an improvement. I like that they tend to retain their heat. Since various McDonald's can be inconsistent in this dept, I may hit up BK for my future FF snack needs.


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