Saturday, December 31, 2011

J Crew - hinged gem bracelet

J Crew's hinged gem bracelet (66533, $50) came in black and maybe one other color online. The most recent price was $29.99.

The length is 7.5", according to the online description. I liked this more than I thought I would. It fit my wrist exactly. If it had been 1/2" looser, I probably would've kept it. The crystals are pretty. The spot on my wrist where the bracelet is measures

A couple more reviews in case you missed...

Orbit necklace ($138) - Irl pics - Great necklace. Bad picture.

Enamel and pavé-link necklace ($78) - Irl pics (scroll down) - Another sucky photo. This is prettier in person.

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  1. That bracelet and the new coral/flame one were just a bit too small on me too, which rarely happens with JCrew bracelets. hopefully the fit issue will be resolved soon.

  2. That bracelet is gorgeous! It looks so much more expensive than $30. Shame that it was a tad snug.

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  3. The bracelet is really pretty!

  4. That is a pretty bracelet, especially for $30!

  5. Love the bracelet - I may have to check it out. I have skeleton wrists and can never find bracelets small enough! Super cute!

  6. The bracelet is way cuter in your photos than it looked like in the stock images. I should have scooped this one up. Oh well, there's always something else to love, right? :-)

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