Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gap - 30% off

The boring fog has lifted a bit at Gap. I've actually noticed some cute things online recently. I wonder if these fashions are post-Patrick Robinson. Anywhobeddo...take 30% off reeular priced styles with GAPSPRING thru tonite, Thu.

Striped buttoned boatneck T ($24.95) - I got this in S and PM. The PM worked out well. I didn't even bother trying the regular S. The sleeves are long, even on the petite. The fabric is soft and the tee is so comfortable, as noted in some of the reviews. The color combo pictured -tan/black -- is cute. The tan is kind of peachy. I have an abundance of striped tees and wear them often. Most are usually needing to be laundered, so I got the off-white/black combo as well.

More stripes! I'm done worrying about whether I have too many stripes. They're more obvious than, say, a floral, but florals don't look so good on me. So stripes it is! And as I said above, I wear them so much that multiples are ok. The ones I've purchased from last year won't last thru 2011. These look cute, esp the dress. Reviewers are getting better on the site, but I still try some things for myself based on my experience w/Gap. Some people seem down right exaggerationous. You usually take an 8 and you took a 0? (raises eyebrow)

Tulle ballet skirt ($59.95) - I had a ball w/my maxis during maternity. I'll definitely be rocking the maxi trend in SP/SU13, dresses and skirts. If this is too light and fluffy for you, check out the gathered long skirt in light asphalt (grey). Still flowy and light in fabric, based on the stock pics, but the color is deeper.

I'm hoping that this will post ok for Thu. We are on staycation and supposed to be offline for 2-3 days. We'll see how that goes as laptops are always nearby. We took the whole freaking house w/us for the baby. Wish us luck!

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  1. I was on Gap's website yesterday! I thought that tulle maxi skirt and the pink striped tee were really cute.
    The only thing I got was a bright yellow sweater because I felt like I needed that color in my closet. Let's hope it fits!
    Have a happy new year!!

  2. I was in Banana Republic today and it seemed less boring too...I hope both Gap & Banana will stay interesting lol

  3. I have noticed some really nice items at the Gap lately, other than their jeans and puffer jackets, which have always been quite good. Maybe there's hope after all.

  4. I second your move to not worry about too many stripes. There is no. such. thing. as too many.

  5. I'm so happy to see thing I like at Gap again as well! I'm loving the stripes and brights that have been trickling in so far. I picked up a bright pink tee for $5 on Monday and was back in today and got the Striped Colorblock Tee with the hot pink!

  6. I was actually more impressed with Gap's spring offerings than I was with JC - at least their price points are a little more reasonable and they are constantly running some kind of promo. I'll likely give that skirt a try this spring - also like their perfect oxford shirt, ballet wrap sweater, and Pure Body sweatshirt dress.

  7. The Gap is still somewhat boring IMO, but not as bad as it has been.

    I do love their girls' clothes. I wish they could translate the cuteness that is their spring lines for girls to women.

  8. Just when I thought I wasn't living under a rock anymore, you've woken me to some bit of news: What happened to Patrick Robinson??

    Happy New Year, Gigi!

  9. fshnonmymind - Bright yellow sounds cute. That's a hard color for me to wear w/yellow undertones in my skin, but I like it.
    December 29, 2011 10:27 AM

    TaraMixandMatch - Yeah, BR has some cute sweaters. Not that I need another one...

    Rose - Perhaps Gap is onto the new designers now. I may actually step into the store now. I looked online on occasion, but didn't go into the store very much.

    Closet Crisis - !!! :)

    Miss August - That sounds like a good post-Christmas bargain.

    silver_lining - Yeah, JC price points are getting out of hand. Unless they're going to start having more promos. I'd be surprised to see that. Thanks for the Gap recs.

    jacquelyn - Yes, whoever is designing the infants and girls is doing an awesome job.

    dinster - No more Patrick Robinson as of SP11 or so. Click here to read.

  10. Hi Gigi, you are still rockin the cute mom vibes and not going to the soccer mom's side! I really enjoy your blog. I have couple of Gap stripe t's from several years ago and i still wear them. It is time for some new ones, How long is the torso of the pm? I have a long torso but short arms.


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