Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lace tee smackdown

Remember J Crew's lace tee from last year?

American Apparel's El Salvador Lace Tee is quite similar.

Also from American Apparel

Chiffon double-layered full length skirt - I've seen this a few times on the website and on another blogger or two. Too long for me, but it looks pretty.

Opaque pantyhose - I'd fight over this color from the Crayon box, but probably wouldn't brave & wear on me. They have a huge number of colors, though, and I hope I remember them this fall if I'm in the market for colored tights.

Medium leather carry-all pouch - Very cool.

Bloggers have performed a little DIY on American Apparel clutches as seen on...

* Just B
* Foxtrot Musings
* Stripes & Sequins

And see some American Apparel leggings on Zarna's Runway.

Have you shopped at American Apparel? I've been in the store once or twice, but couldn't see the same allure as when viewing online.

p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.


  1. I think American Apparel is one of those lines that's more hype than substance. I don't really like the edgy/verging on porn vibe of their advertising, either. But we do have several t shirts and knit dresses floating around our closets but I think for the price you can get better quality elsewhere.

  2. Love AA! I have quite a few pieces in my closet - most of which were leotards I wore for dance classes, but I eventually expanded. Their circle scarfs are amazing :D The interlock pencil skirt is my go to pencil skirt! The tights are fantastic, good quality (actually last pretty long - the opaque ones) and great color selection. And I have had my eye on that lace tee for a while b/c it looks similar to the J. Crew one. When I saw it IRL, its pretty crappy material, and I couldn't find one that didn't already have snags all over it :( The chiffon skirts are cute IRL, great colors, but the fabric feels cheap....I'm waiting on Zara to come out with more chiffon skirts (pleated) to get one from there. Overall tho, I really like AA....but its best to go in store and not buy online unless you have already tried on stuff beforehand. Sizes also tend to run small, I usually have to size up, ex: I take a medium in the pencil skirts...whereas most stores I'm XS or 00 (J. crew). HTH


  3. I have the same AA lace shirt and absolutely love it. Love the leather pouch too but not sure it's worth $78 (the large size). As much as i want to love their skirts, they never look good on me :(

  4. Sue/the view from great island - The porn vibe is not your imagination. I've read a couple interesting articles about the company. several t shirts and knit dresses floating

    tiny dancer - Thanks for chiming in about the AA lace tee and shopping there in general.

    jessie - Good info. Y, I don't know about the price of the leather clutch but it sure is cute.


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