Thursday, June 23, 2011

J Crew - in-store cuts

Updated 6/24, 6/25, 6/26, 6/30, 7/2, 7/19. 7/23

Here are some items that are marked down in-store. Most of the following items have a different price online.

* Conference jacket in linen - as of 7/23 ($49.99 in-store) - $99.99 online

Jessie dress ($49.99 in-store) - $89.99 online

* Cecilia dress - all colors ($99.99 in-store) Thanks, LaurenPhD - ETA: 6/24 -> report of the white cut to $39.99 - $158 online - on Ema, on AppGal here and here, on Tori Spelling, on Shop With M, on Shopping On the Fly and on Audreybella, on Shopping On the Fly and on Megan Crew Reviews

* Indie dress ($49.99 in-store) - $158 online - on Shopping On the Fly, on Life's Divine and on The Chic Chauffeur in black

* Jane dress - ($39.99 in-store) - $69.99 online

* Mirabel dress - white seen for ($44.99 in-store) - White is retail only. See it on Shopping On the Fly

* Rumi dress - ($64.99 in-store) - online -> white promo $98, other colors - on Shopping On the Fly, on Audreybella, on AppGal and on Dina G

* Stowaway dress ($44.99 in-store) - $68 online - on Slastena

* Bootcut jean in dance off wash ($29.99 in-store) Thanks, LaurenPhD - $88 online.

* Daytripper pant ($19.99 in-store) - sold out online - on Handbag Aficionado (scroll down)

* Garden skirt ($29.99 in-store) - $59.99 online

* Mirabel pencil skirt ($79.99 in-store) - $128 online. Reported cut as of 6/23 - ETA -> might only be one color, or not on sale at all. I didn't see it w/my own eyes. - See it on Audreybella, on Shop With M and on Musings By Jacquelyn

* New café capri - desert pink & dried rose ($49.99 in-store) - One or two other colors are $29.99 in-store - My store still had all sale colors at $49.99 - $79.50 online - The desert pink color reminds me of the woolen twill Minni pant in warm taupe.

* Leslie lace shell - as of 7/22 ($54.99 in-store)- This is regular price in-store and on promo for $68 online. I'm mentioning it because I saw it yesterday in-person. There was only one left in this old lace color and about 4 in black. I didn't see the blue color, which may be online only. see regular, petite & tall sizes offered so you figure it will still be available and probably at a much lower price than $68. I didn't try it on, of course, but I would pay $47.40 for this after the 30%. At the very least you might try it to see if it's something you might want to re-buy at a later point in time. Remember, JC prices have rubber, so it might go back to regular price before going back down. I liked the antique off-white color of old lace. Black was ok. A little flat. Check it out on Musings by Jacquelyn and on 1 More Shopping Blog.

Size 2 - chest = 36", waist = 35.75"
Size 4 - chest = 37", waist = 36.75

* Captain cardigan ($39.99 in-store) - $59.99 online - Irl pics

* Linen island cardigan dusty blush is ($49.99 in-store) - all colors $39.99 online

* Linen sundown cardigan ($39.99 in-store) - $79.50 online

* Merino-linen studded cardigan ($79.99 online) - cut to $49.99 in-store - Irl pics

* Peasant blouse ($29.99 in-store) - $34.99 online - on Megan Crew Reviews
S - chest = 40"
M - chest = 41"

* Perfect shirt in schoolboy madras ($19.99 in-store) - sold out online

* Perfect shirt in islet paisley ($29.99 in-store) Thanks, LaurenPhD - $78 online on Megan Crew Reviews

* Shrunken fisherman sweater ($59.99 in-store) & online. There's no in-store price difference. It's been sold out online in smaller sizes. I'm dropping it here because I was surprised to still see navy, beechwood & white in-store as of yesterday. Here are irl pics with commentary about not being a fan. I got white in a S.

* Stripe swingtime sweater ($34.99 in-store) - $49.99 online

* Tomboy tunic ($44.99 in-store) - $59.99 online - Yesterday, I tried a XS based on the measurements and it was just a teense tight in the arms & shoulders. I haven't gained much weight in my shoulders/arms, so I think this might run a little fitted in that area.

XS - chest = 40", waist = 40.5", length = 31.25"
S - chest = 42", waist = 42.5", length = 32"


* Schoolboy blazer in summer stripe in carnival blossom (pictured) ($69.99 in-store) - Back to regular price online. They keep moving this link around online. You may need to toggle thru the site to find it. It's currently listed in the sale section, but not priced as such even though it was on sale at one point. 6/24 -> The blazer is now $69.99 online, in this color.

style# 42038

* Arrowhead necklace ($39.99 in-store) - $29.99 online

* Elephant pin - ($9.99 in-store) - $12.99 online

* Mini-pin trio - ($9.99 in-store) - $20 online

* Monkey pin - ($9.99 in-store) - $25 online - As of 7/8 -> the frog pin was $2.99 in-store, so the other pins may now be marked down

* Reusable tote ($9.99) - Cute leopard print. On sale in-stores, even if the tag doesn't reflect sale price. Won't nesc be merchandised in the sale section. Same price online.

* Schoolboy blazer in eyelet - white is ($89.99 in-store) - $148 online - Irl pics
- As of 7/8 -> $59.99 in-store, $89.99 in-store

Remember -- not all stores get their pricing gun active right at the time of price cuts. If there's a sale item you really want and hope it's a lower price, ask them to scan it at the register for a price check.

Check out the comprehensive links to irl pics of online sale items.

MUSTHAVE for 30% off + free shipping on $150 or more extended thru today. Promo good in-stores, but items are final sale after the 30% is applied.

If you know of other in-store cuts, please drop the info in the comments. :)

p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.


  1. Thanks, Gigi, I'm interested in the lace shell and your comments helped me decide on the old lace color and the right size, 4. What would we do without you??

  2. Thanks for the compilation Gigi. I think I'm all sale shopped out and none of the FP items in my cart were marked down.

    That Jessie dress cracks me up. Every time I see it I am thinking "bathrobe". LOL

  3. Sue - I think it's well worth the sale price. Hope it works out for you. :)

    xoxo - Totally a bathrobe! *lol*

  4. Yesterday at my B&M the cafe capris were $29.99 in the green, dark pink, and desert brown colors.

  5. (It's Ema) Seersucker pencil skirt is $79.00 in store (confirmed, I bought it yesterday) and herringbone schoolboy blazer is 29.99 (!).

  6. Ugh, I hate the price difference between online and in-store! But good to know about the way cheaper Jessie dress in store... I did love it when I tried it on, but $89.99 was still too steep for me. I may be able to swing a $49.99 price, though!

  7. Gigi- the Stowaway dress is $44.99 in stores before discount. Thanks for a fab round up of sales, as usual. Guess, whose blog I always check for reviews and price check before commiting, lol?:)))

  8. Thanks for pulling this all together! I definitely need to add you to my blogroll!

  9. Thanks for the mentions. The Mirabel skirt was still full price in the store yesterday.

  10. Thanks for the list, what a great service you do! Saves me a ton of angst (from finding out I paid too much)... I am on a bit of an online/mail order ban, but I may squeeze in a visit to a B&M in the next few weeks to check out stuff IRL and see the instore discounts. Again, thanks!!

  11. Great list! thank you!

  12. Thanks for the addl comments. :)


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