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I am

* Carol of In Pursuit of Pretty Things - Shares what can happen when work & blog collide.

* Economy of Style
- See her finds from a Talbot's outlet.

* Fshnonmymind of Notes From the Dressing Room - is in In Style mag!

* Louise of Cosmetic Bee
- What an asset to the blogging community. She has paired her expertise in science with a love for fashion & beauty on her blog. Start at her about page and then have a look around.

* Mary Ann of The Dapper Bun - She has the cutest pet bunny that nearly upstages in her OOTD posts. See for yourself.

* Spaweekly's blog - Sharing the results of Shopsmart's Shoe Survey. See the average pairs of shoes a woman owns. Me not average.

Blog apologies -
Speaking of blogs, in general, I have a mini rant. Stop being sorry. Stop apologizing. I don't care if you've been absent for a day or two. I usually don't notice if you skip a day. Now, If you disappear for weeks or months and don't answer private emails regarding your absence, then I would notice. What you think is irregular posting often looks regular to the reader. Do what you can. I'm happy to see a new post. Furthermore, I don't notice how pale you are nor do I care. I don't care if your hair is messy as I may not even notice it or judge it that way. The same goes for your makeup or lack thereof. Stop pointing out what you believe your shortcoming & flaws to be. Why cut yourself down? Believe me, I'm looking at your kick ass shoes or how you wrapped two different colored belts around your waist. And another thing...I don't care if you wore the outfit today or a week ago. It really doesn't matter. In short, when you are sorry it lowers my vibe. I feel the need to bend down (figuratively) and make you feel better. When you apologize, I wonder what you've done wrong. And I wonder if I should be offended about something. Why be sorry when you haven't hurt or offended anyone? I realize sorry is often a figure of speech, but I say save your apologies for things you really need to be sorry for.

Newsflash. You're a human being, blogging from a real person's pov. If I'm seeking perfection, albeit perceived perfection, I'll go to the fashion rags. I visit you because I want to see what you're up to. You are worthy of the space you've signed up for. So claim it. Blog in it. Delete comments from haters without a 2nd thought. You're not obligated to respond. Run your show and don't apologize unless you've truly been rude or mean. Odds are you haven't been.

ETA: Read what Elissa of Dress With Courage has to say on the topic.


  1. Great post! I totally agree with you. "So claim it. Blog in it." - YES, I love it!

  2. Thank you SO much for this Gigi! I often tire of hearing bloggers apologize for being absent. It's ok, your readers will be there! Unless it's been months, like you said. Anyway, this was very enjoyable to read and I completely agree =)

  3. Great post Gigi! I totally agree with you even though I fall into the sorrys sometimes myself. Well I won't apologize for it ;) And next time I can't think of a better intro to a blog post after a gap, I'll remember you and try a little harder, as well I should lol!

  4. Great advice Gigi, thanks for that, I'll remember it.

  5. The shoe survey: 3 pairs A YEAR?? No no, I definitely don't fall into that category. Although I do try to go under $50. OK, $70, since that's the average price point of Anthro shoes when they go on sale ;-)
    And yes, thanks for the advice. Women have a terrible habit of apologizing in general, for every little thing. Societal conditioning. I'm trying to break out of it myself.

  6. Wonderful advice Gigi! You are so right.
    And I am running right now to check out Mary Ann's pet bunny, I love bunnies.

  7. Very well said :) I often say "sorry" when out and about without even realizing what word is coming out of my mouth it's that conditioned into me. There's polite and then there's....that. Which even I don't know what it is, lol. Your words are a good reminder :)

  8. Thank you so much for the blog shout-out! I lurked in the blog world for a long time before taking the plunge. I have been following your blog since I started, so I feel really honoured by the mention!

    Great advice about not apologizing. It is a habit that is all too common, esp. amongst women, and I am certainly guilty of it.

    P.S. I'm currently running a giveaway on my blog - hope you enter! :-)

  9. In complete and total agreement!!!

  10. Great post Gigi and thanks for putting things in perspective! You are so right and I need to listen to you :)

  11. I love your mini-rant! I've been guilty of it at times, and it's definitely something I notice on other people's blogs as well. Maybe the difference is writing for others vs. writing for yourself? When you write for yourself, I think is when people churn out the highest quality posts. When you write for others is when you worry about post frequency, followers, perceptions, blah blah blah. You nailed it with it's YOUR space and you're worthy of it! (Didn't you used to have a disclaimer above your comments to the effect of "this is my house"? I always liked that attitude!)

  12. Gigi!I absolutely love your blog! I always stalk the treasures that you post in the sidebars. I am in love with the polkadot scarf that you have on the side, but I can't seem to access the link to it! Would you mind sharing the link?

  13. Thanks for the shout-out!!! :)
    I'll definitely go check out the other bloggers too.

    And amen to the rant!!! I notice that sometimes on other blogs and think to myself, I didn't even notice anything.

  14. Thanks so much for the shout-out; I'm glad everyone likes the bunneeeee! ;-)

  15. I agree with the other ladies - great post, Gigi!

    Sometimes after reviewing some outfit pics, I'll think my hair looks crazy or I've got the worst look on my face and then try to "cover" for it on my blog post - and the last few times that's happened, I simply chose not to post. Like you said, if I'm not happy with it, then why should I post it? I'm not writing a daily column here! ;o)

  16. (Pumps fist in air) Love you post! What am awesome, affirmative message!

  17. Thank you so much for this! I just started blogging about health issues http://healthnationally.blogspot.com/ if you're interested, and I'm definitely a little gun-shy. Thanks for the advice!

  18. haha, I love it. You are 100% right! Thanks for the link to my double belts. :)

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  19. LOVE what you wrote about apologies. I think it applies to many (many!) situations in non-blog life, too.

  20. Gigi,

    Well said! Well said!

    @ Anonymous

    I totally agreed with you.


  21. I LOVED this mini-rant! So often women apologize for themselves (blogging or not) and it's total cr*p. (Dinster, I agree - total societal conditioning). None of us are perfect and we're all doing the best we can and that's certainly nothing to be sorry for!

  22. LOVE that I happened upon this post. How very cool that you managed to "link me up" with Economy of Style...who is from my hometown! We shop at the same stores! I might recruit her as my personal shopper, haha :)

  23. You are the best affirma-queen. Love it! :)

    Since I decided I would enjoy my blog itchy fingers about six months ago, I have totally decided that what you are saying in this post is best...rock your blog and rock your life the way you want it to be...more than likely when you are happy you are a more awesome person that people want to be around and those that have issues with it clearly have issues with it on other fronts. You should rarely have to apologize and when the apology occurs it should be sincere and needed (like if I accidentally throw away an important paper of my husband's or some such). Having messy hair or bare feet, pfft...not needed. ;)

    I have a sweet sneaky little habit of just cutting my head off of my ootd pics if I am making a stupid face or my hair is a rat's nest, etc. I mean, whatevs, may be sort of vain on my part, but I figure it takes two seconds of time to edit the photo to have no head yet more than a minute to explain in writing on my blog the said rat's nest of stupid face and now that my kids are older, I. just. don't. have. the. extra. time. I need the blogging I do to be fun, exciting, but also efficient, and the constant wah-wah about something so unnecessary is eating into my time, peeps. So I have stopped and I am thinking others will, too.

    I like your idea of deleting comments, but I always have SO MUCH FUN trying to find the best deflating comment back...case in point--someone wrote about HOW MUCH MONEY I SPEND AND HOW 90s of ME and I wrote, "well, yes, I do spend, but then I parent, and then I live, and then I re-wear my clothing, and then I parent some more, and then I sleep, and then I eat, and I then I further enjoy my life of consumption." And then I ended it by saying, "I hope you enjoy your life not consuming anything at all." Because disqus allows likes, I received a few "likes" because of my comment back. LOL.

    Have a great night, hon! Loved reading this post and all the other comments!

  24. Like this a lot- I agree.. I am pale, very pale but I just tell myself it's my "look" I like girl power and building others up, btw did you see Glee last night? I'm not a huge Glee person but they all wore what they were most self conscious of on their shirt, it's was great/cute message... like, so what, get over it already!

  25. Thanks, everyone!

    spiffy - I didn't watch Glee last nite, but I like the t-shirt/show idea.

    kadensmommy - The dot scarf is from The Limited. I updated the link & checked it, but just in case...it's here and called the dainty dot scarf (#1167349).

  26. Good advice :) So I went ahead and changed my layout yet again, because I can!


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