Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol - top 13

Top 13 Idols tonite. Thanks for the spoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiler, Yahoo. Just a few thoughts. Don't be scurred, I'm not turning into a pop culture blog. Just know that I'm walking on the treadmill for a portion of each telecast. Yay me! Here are a few thoughts about tonite:

Stefano Langone - Jesus on the cross around his neck. He tore it up. I prefer a richer sound for male voices. However, that song was perfect for him and he really sang it w/so much heart. It was nice to see him move to the next round.

Naime Adedapo - Poor thing. I was rooting for her. Her sudden death song didn't start off well. She cited Donny Hathaway, which I guess is more exciting than saying you're going to sing a standard. If she hasn't heard the Johnny Hartman as heard on The Bridges of Madison County soundtrack, she needs to hear it. The soundtrack is gorgeous and delightful, btw, with one or two original compositions by Clint. It was so good to see the excitement of her family, but I'll be surprised if she makes it far. I think consistency is key and that sometimes overrides talent. So while Naima may be talented, I'm not convinced she'll be consistent.

Kendra Chantelle - I was talking during her song, but it sounded like she was tearing it up! And you know that means good in my book. So why was homegirl robbed? She was totally robbed. Maybe she didn't dress with enough flair? Idol is a reality show and like all reality shows, they like to have their out-there characters. Maybe Kendra seemed too vanilla and should have acted a damn fool. Dressed sexy? I don't know. However, I do think it's soooo much tougher on the girls. You have to be able to sing, but you're automatically judged on all sorts of things like hair/appearance/weight, that they don't analyze on the boys as much. Completely unfair, but true as we've seen on past seasons.

(All pics from American Idol)

The we're not ready to give our final decision moment was such a faux way to make room for JLo's video. It felt false to me. I think they wanted to make sure people saw it, so they tucked in between the final results, instead of playing it at the end of the show. I guess that's good producing.

I wasn't a fan of the song, but boy, Jennifer looks good all the time. I wasn't a fan of the cyclops ponytail the other nite, but otherwise she's impeccable. I have a few wardrobe inspiration photos of her on my computer. I think she's been smart to harness the way celebrity changed in the 90s and work that to her advantage. Very smart businesswoman, including the P. Diddy interlude. And I used to wear her perfume, Live Luxe. In the future I may try Deseo, which I recall being more mellow.

Did you watch the top show?


  1. I was surprised they picked that DIVA girl--totally Randy liking her Pillow size bootie--over Kendra as I thought Kendra had it going on! And Stefano over Giovanni--not sure about that one either! Robbie can really REALLY sing--I think he'll try again next year. Oh well--Idol is always a shocker--so much talent last night it was def. hard to pick the finalists! J. Lo only sings mediocre but I admit I am a fan of some of her songs "GET RIGHT" for one--and she always does look fierce! I picked her as a star way back when she danced for milliseconds as one of the Fly Girls on In Living Color--I wish she would dance more like she did back then--like Janet Jackson does in her videos...but alas...I can't always have everything, right?! smile

  2. yogagirl - I didn't hear the pillow bootie comment, but y, it's true. I think they like Idols to look young and her mature face is working against her. Same w/the dude w/the beard. I wasn't impressed with And I Am Telling You. I don't think she'll last and I'm sad for Kendra. ITA about JLo on In Living Color. She always stood out.

  3. ...and there was a shorter or stockier girl w/short hair that stood out, too, on ILC. Oh man, that show was so good!

  4. hahaaa..."Don't make me snap my fingers in Z-formation!" yea--so many great stars stemmed from ILC!

    The stockie girl with short hair may have been J. LO! She was def. a little stocky and had a short hair cut--I don't know if you are talkin' about her or someone else.

    I TOTALLY AGREE--I was also thinking last night that Kendra--although beautiful IMO--does have a more mature face--although Naima--who I def. like all the details to her style--somehow has an older looking face to me too.

  5. ohhh the pillow bootie comment was my comment--being a little caddy at that moment! ;)


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