Saturday, February 19, 2011

J Crew - silk Blythe blouse

J Crew's silk Blythe blouse (37871, $98) comes in dark navy, olive moss, alabaster (white) and fresh apricot. Yes, this blouse is like the Bromley silk blouse from Madewell.

Some measurements for the Blythe:
Size 4 - chest = 38.75", waist = 38.75"
Size 6 - chest = 39.75", waist = 39.75"

Size 4P - chest = 37.75"
Size 6P - chest = 38.75"

Size 4 - The size 2 fit, but I felt like the 4 gave me more room to play with for a blousier effect. I definitely didn't want it to be fitted. There's pleating at the front shoulder, which I liked. There isn't any pleating or shirring at the shoulder. It's a great blouse. It wasn't too see thru in the fitting room lighting. I'm wearing a black bra underneath. It might show more in natural light, but it seemed to be fairly opaque.
ETA 8/23/12: I have a 4 and a 6P in two different colors. Just tried it on yesterday to compare sizes again and definitely prefer the 6P best.

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Pants (6P): J Crew stretch trouser cords (See these and these)

Navy - Size 4

Do tell if you've tried or own...

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  1. Excellent timing on this review - I was debating whether to pull the trigger on this blouse during the 20% off promo event but was worried about the sheerness of the alabaster (can't try it on since I am in Canada). I am going to go for it now. Thanks for the review!
    All about cosmetics, chemistry and fashion.

  2. I just try it on today too. My fitting pics here

    I like it but not in love with it. 20% off is not enough :p

  3. Louise - Thanks for visiting. The top looks more sheer on po, who dropped her link in her comment below yours. I think 20% is good for something like this that should last for a good number of wears.

    po - Thanks for sharing your post! :-)

  4. I bought this blouse in alabaster a few weeks ago and am so happy with it. I was in the same boat with the size 2 vs. size 4 issue, and also opted for the size 4, as it gives a more billowy effect.

  5. Joanie - Thanks for chiming in about fit. :-)

  6. This looks really nice on you!!
    I have tried it on and I am loving all of the silky blouses popping up this season. I'm hoping to find one without those dang double front pockets.

  7. I like the Blythe blouse on you, Gigi. I bought it too, but when I tried it on after I wore the Madewell Bromley, I decided I liked the Bromley version better -- something about the pockets on it don't seem as prominent and the shoulders seemed to fit better on Madewell's version. Wish they'd reissue it in an ivory this spring -- the store only has it in a parchment & black (for summer?!)

    I agree with fshnonmymind -- would love to find a simple ivory silk blouse without those dadgum pockets (more elegant, imo)!

    If a

  8. fshnonmymind - I hear you on the pockets. I think it adds some visual interest, though. Esp for the silk material.

    Connor - Thx for visiting. p, the pockets are smaller on the Bromley. I like taupe/mushroom color that one came in. I appreciate the Blythe, though. I've purchased a couple other silk blouses that I've never worn. I think they were too plain. To each her own :-)


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