Tuesday, November 30, 2010

J Crew - sunnie pencil skirt

J Crew's sunnie pencil skirt (31935) is out of stock online. I believe the blue color was released to stores. The yellow was released after and still may be found in some stores.

Size 4 - Fit was good on this. I am often a 4 or 6P in J Crew pencil skirts. Check out the yellow on Debye and on Ema, and the blue on Shop With M (first 2 pics) and on Xoxo. Thumbs up on this skirt. I can't say I'd wear the striped top w/it, but it wasn't half bad. The pattern is subtle, but I like the colors & tones. More like this JC.

Top (XS): J Crew (Similar here, here, here and here)

 Kinda shows the shirt bumps if you're not careful to smooth things out

Wait -- I forgot to add --> check out how similar the pattern is on my FIL's (probably ancient) thermal. That's crazy! 
More plaid

* Land's End
* Ann Taylor
* Ann Taylor - This one is a shorter length. I've seen it in-person and the print is interesting looking.
* Dillard's
* J Crew - Cypress plaid - Irl pics
* Jones NY - If you like a longer skirt.
* Macy's Ralph Lauren
* Talbots - I never did see the skirt in-person, but I have the luscious coat.

Anyone try/own the sunnie...?

Chime in...

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Talbots - irl pics

It's literally the final hour for 25% off + free shipping with 901158124 GIFT. Yes, this includes sale items like the knit sheath dress I love. There is a chance it will work a bit beyond 11:59 EST, but I've never tried it. Read about being able to apply codes just outside the closing window on the Facebook Fan Page, though.

ETA -- 901158124 for 25% off + free shipping works thru 12/6. 

Garden rose cardi - Size XS (regular, not PXS) - The blue base is not my color tone/family, but it's a pretty sweater.

Cable no-close cardigan - Size PP - I reviewed this in in ivory. This darker green color looks much better.

Bejeweled cardigan - Size S (reg) - This color is Turkish delight. Much prettier in-person than online. I really liked this color. You can see the slight dolman sleeve.

The dolman sleeve isn't as apparent when the arm is down.

Bejeweled cardigan - size PS - Black - I hope Tal will lengthen their tops & sweaters. I'm 5'2". I would prefer the regular size (above) over petite in this. It looks like an entirely different sweater than this one.

Twisted-rib cardigan ($58.99) - Size S (reg) - The cable was kind of heavy to the eye for me. I am not trying to add weight. I liked the sweater, generally speaking, though. I'm partial to v-necks.

Accordian ruffle v-neck - Size S (reg) - Black. I really, really liked this one. And this is coming from someone who has sworn off more ruffles. Mostly. The fit was great, the ruffle was not too much and it felt great on.

Turtleneck sweater dress - You have to see the model on this one. She looks fantastic.

Turtleneck sweater dress - size S (reg) - Grey, which is on sale for $114.99 and so is black.

It was too big overall, but I wanted to see if it looked better 'shortened,' hence this photo. A P size would definitely take care of the fit issues and I doubt it would be this short. I'm not sure if I would go for a PXS or PS in this dress.

Stretch Flannel flared skirt - Size 6P -This is the Talbots some of you are afraid of. *lol*


It looks a bit better w/more skirt showing. Not as dowdy. 

Umm...not better from the side, though. But you know what...this is the stuff I just skip over. If it doesn't fit my style constitution, I move on. The skirt felt nice on, though. If I were into this look/length, this would be a nice choice. I still can't believe this is a petite as far as length goes.

Rose swirl blouse (8P) (237634) and the shimmering sequins skirt - Only size 20 remains online in the blouse. I know I tried 4P and 6P in the skirt. I put a marker in the pics via a small shopping bag so I would know which size was which, but I cropped that out before I remembered to make a note. I do know that I tried 6P first and it was too big. I'm pretty sure 4P fit better. Spanx would smooth it all out. For those that gauge your sizing off me, I am most often 6P in J Crew.

I ended up getting the scrunch turtleneck in fennel. I like the way the scrunch looks at the stomach. Could be flattering. I also got the fine-gauge turtleneck sweater. I usually don't like raglan sleeves as I feel they widen my upper body, but we'll see. It's been cold here so the sweater might work better than the scrunch, which is rayon. I got fennel in both to replace a green merino JC turtleneck from FA08. It had so many snags on it I coulda cut someone. It wasn't even worn that many times and can't say I snagged it on jewelry either. Too bad as it was such a pretty color. Hoping the Talbots color is similar to the JC I had to throw away. I got them after 9pm PST tonite. GIFT didn't work, but 901158124 did.

Talbots - 25% off ends today

Today is the last day to save 25% at Talbots + free shipping.

Use 901158124 online. The promo is on the phone -- your phone, doesn't have to be Talbots' red phone and it's good in-store as well. If you don't have a coupon, my guess is they would have a coupon behind the register to apply one to your purchase. If they don't, that's absurd because it appears that many people got the card and there was no list to feel shunned about.

Here is a list of links to irl pics. I didn't get a chance to go thru these to see which still have stock available and which are sold out. I have more content, but no time right now. Be sure to check back.

* Belted leopard-print sheath - on Ema
* Jacquard bow dress - Irl pics
* Lace sheath - on Ema
* Sleeveless sequin sheath - on 1 More Shopping Blog

* Double-faced wool skirt - on Ema
* Silk rosette skirt - on 1 More Shopping Blog

* Belted double-faced wool coat - on Shop With M
* Canvas jacket - Irl pics - This has been on sale for awhile, fyi.
* Double-breasted coat - Irl pics
* Grace fit corduroy jacket - Irl pics
* Grace Fit double-faced ruffled jacket - on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Shop With M
* Grace Fit Double-breasted velveteen jacket - Pics of the single-breasted velveteen in this post
* Kate fit boiled wool lady jacket - on Musings of a Cardiganista
* Leopard-print velvet coat - It sold out rather quickly w/Linda Evangelista modeling it. You might want to check out the irl pics if you want to keep your eye out for it in-person.
* Ruffled plaid jacket - on Shop With M
* Tweed jacket - Irl pics

* Belted leopard-print sheath - on Ema
* Lace sheath - on Ema and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Loop trim dress - Irl pics
* Tweed sheath (A20024) - on Musings of a Cardiganista and on Ema

* Double-faced wool skirt - on Ema
* Signature Fit corduroy bootcut pants - on Shop With M
* Signature Fit Night Rinse trousers - on AppGal

* Gold-button cardi (A04024) - on Shop With M and on Ema

* Gold-button camp shirt - Shop With M
* Ruffled shirt - on Musings of a Cardiganista
* Ruffle plaid blouse - Irl pics

Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

J Crew Guide - Fall/Holiday 2010 (irl pic links)

12/1 - Added link to silk Gillian dress
12/5 - Added link to crystal bead cardigan
12/10 - Added link to sequin sweatshirt, wool Lolli pant
12/31- Added link to starry night cardigan
1/21- Added link to Gemini pouchette

Here is a list of links to irl pics of regular price J Crew items. If I don't have irl pics, I have links to other bloggers' irl pics and/or comments made about the items.

If you have a question, I will try to answer it or someone here will. If you don't see the item you're interested in on this list, try entering the product name or style number in the Search This Blog box on the right-hand side of the main page.

If I've reviewed the item, it should up in the search. You can also search on The Mothership to see if there is discussion about an item you're interested in.

* Brompton hobo - on Debye
* Camden two-tone brogues (31568) - Social Scientist
* Gemini pouchette - on Slastena

* Bouclé bomber jacket - on Cleo
* Boutonniere blazer - on Ema
* Cocoon concerto coat (30083) - on Dina G
* Double-cloth dollop coat - on Ema
* Double-cloth ingenue coat - on Dina G and on No J Crew In Japan
* Icon trench - on Dina and on Life's Divine
* Italian wool blazecoat - Irl pics

* Jeweled jardin jacket - on Cleo and on Ema
* Shearling fatigue jacket - on Cleo
* Shimmer tweed Ruby jacket - on Cleo
* Stadium cloth Milo peacoat (29667) - on Social Scientist
* Trudie herringbone coat - on Ema
* Tweed Tatum jacket - On Ema here and here (scroll down)
* Wool-cashmere icon trench - on Cleo
* Wool-cashmere capella coat - aka"The Real Simple coat" as shared on The Mothership - See it on Ema

* Bi-stretch wool Minnie pant - Irl pics
* Glen plaid Minnie pant (11/27, promo $98) - on Notes From the Dressing Room
* Leggy denim (11/27, promo $69.50)- on Slastena
* Linley chino (11/27, black on promo $69.50)- on Ema (last 2 pics)
* Pixie pant - on Is Not Fashion
* Trouper pant - on Lindsey B.
* Wool crepe cropped pant in city fit - on Ema
* Wool Lolli pant (32579) - Sold out as of 12/9/10 - on Debye, on Audreybella, on Shop With M, on Ema, on Shopping on the Fly and on Atlantic-Pacific

* Cotton hammock dress - on Dina
* Couplet shimmer dress - on Audreybella
* Luna Mixy silk and wool dress - on Dina
* Silk taffeta Gillian dress - on DaniBP
* Sundrine flannel shirtdress - Irl pics
* Super 120s tuxedo dress - on AppGal and on Simply J Crew (last pic)
* Velutto shift (regular 29219, petite 30033) - on Social Scientist

* Cord Atlee skirt - on Audreybella
* Felted wool mini - on Ema
* Double-serge pencil skirt (regular 28360, petite 29993) - Irl pics
* Moss tweed mini - Irl pics
* Moss tweed pencil skirt - on Debye and on AppGal
* Notte tweed pencil skirt - on AppGal and on Shop With M
* Paillette mirage tweed mini - on Cleo
* Palmilla lace pencil skirt - on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Panne velvet bell skirt (29086) - on Audreybella
* Severn lace mini - Irl pics
* Sunnie pencil skirt - on Ema
* Taffeta marvelle mini - on Audreybella and on Ema
* Wool bell skirt (28704) - on Shopping With M and on Audreybella and on The Girliest Boy Mom

* Cashmere keyhole sweater - on Ema
* Color-blend montreaux cardigan - Irl pics (pic #5)
* Crystal bead cardigan ($29.99 in-store as of mid Dec) - Irl pics
* Dream Alexie sweater - on Ema
* Dream glistening placket cardigan - Irl pics
* Dulphine bling-button cardigan - Irl pics
* Handknit cropped crewneck sweater - on Ema
* Jackie cardigan - Irl pics of dried parsley
* Perfect-fit mixed-tape cardigan - on eggytarty
* Starry night cardigan - on Debye

* Aiden plaid boy shirt - Irl pics
* Chiffon Cecelia cami (29213) - on AppGal
* Drapey bateau tee - on Ema
* Drapey sequin tank - Irl pics
* Haya pullover hoodie (29437) - on Notes From the Dressing Room
* Herringbone plaid boy shirt (29581) - on Closet Chronicles
* Selvedge chambray shirt - on Debye
* Sequin sweatshirt - Heather metal (darker color) on sale as of 12/8 ($59.99). Heather dove still regular price - Irl pics
* Silk bloussana tunic - on Shop With M
* Tartan boy shirt - Currently sold out online. Check it out on Ema
* Tux henley (29658) - on Closet Chronicles

That's not all. I will be updating with more links at some point on Sunday, 11/28. If you want to see a similar list for items in the sale section, click here. I added a good number of new links last nite.

Remember, TURKEY for 25% off $150 or more ends tonite, 11/28, 11:59 EST.

In cleaning my house for T-Day dinner, I got a chance to go thru my clothing. I have 3/4 spring/summer and not as much fall/winter as I thought, esp winter. Knowing this was a big help and provides focus, instead of just buying because things are at a good price -- which I am really trying to get away from!! If you're interested in what I got, these are some items from my bag:

* Cypress plaid skirt (6) - I would prefer a pencil skirt and not a paperbag waist, but
* Double-serge pencil skirt (P6) - In black. I thought I was good on black pencil skirts, but definitely don't own any in wool.
* Dulphine torque sweater - If it feels too breezy when it arrives, I may return it. Our temps have been so low and this isn't a sweater I want to layer under. It may look good w/my faux fur vest, though.
* Feather duster necklace - Totally frivolous, but unique-ish. When I know I'll never DIY, I buy.
* Wool gabardine pencil skirt (6, black) - It only comes in regular sizes and I'm not a fan of the big waistband, but I'll decide upon arrival. It may be a nice wide piece to showcase a belt, skinny or wide. And it has pockets, which I always love. I hope I don't regret not buying the stretch wool pencil skirt, which doesn't have pockets, but comes in petite sizes.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

J Crew - luminosa puffer vest

J Crew's luminosa puffer vest (32864) comes in bitter citrus, mossy oak and light amethyst. At the time of writing I see XS - L online. Not sure if it came in XL, but I'd guess it did.

Light amethyst

Bitter citrus - Great for directing traffic in style.
(image changed color on me, so I removed it)

Size S - I was surprised to really like this. The ruching at the neck is different. Not bad, just different. It's a bit cropped, but I say go w/the size you wear most often in J Crew. Check it out on Patina, on Atlantic-Pacific here and here, on 1 More Shopping Blog and on Ema

Top (XS): J Crew (Similar here, here, here and here)
Pants (4 or 6): J Crew (Similar here, here, here and here)
Shoes (8): Banana Republic (Similar here, here, here, here)

Chime in...

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Friday, November 26, 2010

J Crew - Cypress plaid skirt

Cypress plaid skirt (32456) runs 0-12. The color pattern is called red.

Size 6 - Thumbs up. The length is not too short for me (5'2"), in comparison to other non-pencil skirts by JC.

Sweater (S): J Crew Jackie cardigan in cerise.
Shoes: Joan & David, closet classic (Nudes here, here, here, here and here)

One of the things that makes J Crew lovable are detail$ like this two-toned lining. 

Here is the cypress plaid vs the moss tweed mini (review here). As we agreed before, too bad the moss tweed mini isn't a bit longer. Check out the cypress plaid on AppGal and , on Lindsey B and on Girliest Boy Mom.

Remember, TURKEY gets 25% off of $150 or more, sitewide, thru Sunday. 
Check out...

* Double-serge pencil skirt - Petites, this is the time to have a SA call from the red phone to get your order in. I understand the desire to try & wait for a price break. I chose not to and got black. I recently took stock of my wares and, surprisingly, had 60% spring/summer and not many thicker winter bottoms. definitely not in the skirt department. Anywhobeedoo -- JC moves this price around. The vintage wisteria was $98 for a minute, then back up to fp. The cost per wear will work for me on this. I expect it to last multiple seasons and can use it sooner than later.
* Feather duster necklace - I could totally make this, but would never get around to it. Bagged it after seeing the silver color on a SA. She had it layered w/another necklace.
* Petite lavaliere necklace ($45) - Looks purdy.
* Super 120s Allura - JC office/work dresses can be hit or miss. I would be inclined to try anything in grey, esp in Super 120s. Hexicon, let us know if you tried this.

What do you think of the Cypress skirt by J Crew? 

Chime in...

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Limited - 40% off clearance + free shipping

The Limited isn't in a mall near me, but I was in a mall earlier this week that has one. I was lured in by the 40% off clearance signs. I ended up getting a gold dome ring with a striated texture and a bright green sleeveless cami with a subtle ruffle down the front. Both were about $18. The top is poly, but will look great under a black or navy suit. The 40% off sale is going online and The Limited has free shipping on everything.

Satin front shell (net $10.19) - This one appears to have a similar neckline to the tulipe cami. Pretty color. It also comes in a chocolate brown.

Pleat ruffle shirt ($12-$15) - A cotton blend. Favorable reviews on this one. It also comes in solid white.

One shoulder top - It also comes in a deep slate. The drape looks nice at the rear and there is mention of a shelf bra, which is nice. Ok, I know bash the sisters, poly & ester, but I'm no snob when the price is right for the fabric. Also, if fit is good and the item is comfortable, sometimes I can get over it. It just depends. Sleeveless poly tops are easier to do because my arms are free to breathe. Pretty color.

Plainweave highwaist pencil skirt (net $20.99) - Sizes 0, 10-14 remain.

Codes: Try 321 for 20% off. It worked on sale items (!) on Thanksgiving when I did a mock checkout, based on info on retailmenot. Not sure when the code ends. Try 240 for $15 off every $50 thru 12/5. I didn't do a mock checkout w/that code. Remember, you can return online orders to the store. Also, I don't see any language about final sale, which is nice. I've always had an easy time w/their website, so if there is fs, I'm sure you'll see it.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm thankful for you readers -- both those that are vocal and those that lurk.;-) Be sure to check out the sidebar Codes section. I have been posting codes there, but also my picks of things that seen in-person, ordered or own myself and other notes. It's easy for me to drop info there instead of burning a whole post for a simple thought. I am not using Twitter and probably won't use it until I get my new phone. Even then, I'm not sure how much I want to twit.

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Talbots - 50% promo & giveaway

Gobble up Talbots accessories for 50% off + free shipping with TURKEY. This promo is good today only.

Legalese: 50% off purchases of full-priced accessories valid online only 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM November 26, 2010 in all U.S. time zones. (Huh?)

I have to get into the kitchen, so I'll leave you with one goodie. The cashmere wrap  is $99 before the 50%. Comes in a number of colors.

Talbots Giveaway 

Enter to win one of 10 Talbots gift cards, valued at $1000/each. Enter today. Winners are notified TOMORROW! That's just in time for holiday shopping. If you make a purchase on the website anytime today thru 11:59 PM EST. If you do not make a purchase, enter to win by emailing your name, full address, day & evening phone numbers to turkey@talbots.com. I imagine the same 11:59 PM EST deadline applies. Good luck! I believe Talbots ships worldwide, so I imagine all are included. ETA -- my bad --> Offer not valid in Florida and Canada and I don't know why the exclusion. I imagine it's legal related. Talbots emailed me mid-Wednesday about this giveaway, but I didn't get it up until Thursday morning. They also mentioned that they're working on a 'fun holiday project.' I'm very curious to see what that is. Talbots has provided generous opportunities for savings & giveaways for their customers. Heck, they gave away a trip for 2 to Paris.

US Fancies (oh you fancy huh), I hope you're having a great holiday. And to the Canadian Fancies & other Fancies worldwide, hope you're having a great week.:-)

p.s. Gap - Save 20% off with GAPTHANKS thru 11/26. There may be different offers as the weekend continues, but I used it on the turtleneck sweater, which is $20 today, Thursday. I think the merchandise promos are different each day, so I made sure to bite now. I have PM in black, which I thought fit well, but is a little loose. I ordered a pretty peony and the navy. 100% cotton. Definitely check out the striped boatneck t. I definitely took a size M over size S. I also didn't find it too boxy and it skims my stubborn stomach in a good way.

p.p.s. Remember Ebates. Click here to join.

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

It's holiday time, which means more imbibing -- not that many people need the holidays as a reason. I noticed they're running the Disaronno commercials. This guy isn't 'my type, ' but boy is he hot. I don't really know what he's saying, Disaranno, ginger ale, rocks... Those are the key words , but does it really matter? I just like to look at him. Plus, I used to drink Disaronno. Yum! I've also cooked salmon in it. Yum!

If you can't play it for some reason, click here to view.

I hope you have a great holiday -- with or without booze -- *lol*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Old Navy - long button-front trench coat

Old Navy's long button-front trench coat runs in regular, petite & tall sizes. Limited sizes remain online. The colors available are/were navy, black and tan.

Size S - If I were looking for a trench on a smaller budget, I would get this. I ended up buying one from Banana earlier this year or last year. I get a lot of use out of it, so it was worth it for me.

Sleeve was a bit tight. I would get a PM.

Under $100
* Express - Black & a wine color.
* Forever 21 - Love all my F21 coats.
* London Fog
* The Limited - I've seen some of their coats in-person and they're nice. Investigate 40% off during Black Friday, if you're interested.
* Merona - Target delivers.

Chime in...

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