Thursday, September 30, 2010

QVC - Chloe Dao & Rachel Zoe

During Fashion Week, Rachel Zoe was on QVC. I ended up watching almost the entire show. And buying a couple of things. While I was on the site, I saw some pieces from Chloe Dao, so we'll start there.

Simply.Chloe Dao faux leaopard fur - Size S - The faux fur felt nice. I wasn't fond of the colors. The tans & browns of faux fur have to be just right. I also didn't like the way the print came out. It looked fuzzy around the edges of the dark brown. It went back. I'm not sure I would order again, but would definitely look at her offerings. Chloe Dao won Season 2 of Project Runway.

Rachel Zoe Double Faced Belted Cape - Size XS - Camel. First of all, it's an orange based color, imo. I would not consider it camel. Not even camel with a tan. It was packaged in the box like this.

It was too big. Too awkward as well. I really wanted to like it because it's cozy. Unfortunately, I don't have that special something that might be required to complete the look (see right-hand side of photo). I tried it on again to see if I would consider exchanging it for black, but I couldn't stop laughing.And I'm coming back to add that it's like a reverse Snuggie. With a belt.

Rachel Zoe North/South satchel - It comes with a dust bag. It's not a smooth, brushed cotton. For lack of better description, it feels like a cotton, woven tarp. I appreciate the bag, though.

It's big.

And I like it. There are disappointed shoppers on QVC who say that it looks and feels fake. It doesn't, in my opinion. It's a pebbled leather and the sturdiness of it makes it not so precious. I think it feels sturdy due to structure, not nesc because the leather is poor. I'll feel good putting leather care/conditioner on and carrying it. I don't know if my expectations were low, but I felt and still feel it's very well made. Esp for the cost.

Jacket (4P): Talbots canvas jacket
Shoes: Similar here, here and here)

QVC is doing something right. I like it when I call & they answer right away. I imagine they lose no sales with this method. You don't have time to pause and reconsider before someone is on the line asking for your item number. I called twice today to ask questions about returning because I was not processing the crystal clear instructions online or in print. The 1st rep was awesome and I told her so. On the 2nd phone call, my number must have triggered something on the rep's screen because she addressed me by name. That can feel a bit like Big Brother, but I likes it. I likes it alot. I cannot stand these automated machines that want you to speak your request a zillion times before it will transfer you to a live person. Can. Not. Stand. Looking at you, Citibank. So yeah, love QVC for their shows & hosts (the concept is marvelously entertaining), Easy Pay and most excellent customer service. Remember, QVC has featured Clarisonic, so keep that in mind.

Have ever been sucked in by QVC?

Chime in...

Talbots - *the* leopard coat

Talbots sends pretty emails, too.

I think many of us saw Linda Evangelista's pics as the new face of Talbots. In the event you haven't, you have to at least see this:

 Photographers: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Leopard-print velvet coat - Size 4P - This coat runs regular, petite & woman. I 'get' the cut & I love the colors. I think some parts of the pattern should have been smaller in scale. If you look across the chest, the print is bigger in that area than towards the bottom. I really want a velvet-y leopard coat, but would probably prefer a shorter length to begin with. If I were getting this, I would definitely try a 2P before committing to a 4P. Check it out on Ema and on What I Wear in a Little Town.

A few more items seen in the email:
* Belted leopard-print sheath - on Ema
* Haircalf belt - like
* Haircalf high heels - like
* Haircalf kitten heels - Generally, I am not a fan of kitten heels. The small heel at the rear doesn't feel stable at that height. It's like I'm stepping off of a curb that I don't see in advance. 

Today is the last day to to vote for the Talbots giveaway finalists over on Red Chair Confessions. There are 5 blogs that chose 3 winners to win a pair of jeans & a $50 gift card. Those ladies have moved into the final round. Here are the Gigi's Gone Shopping finalists. One of these three ladies will win a $250 gift card & a Talbots gift. I don't know if multiple voting is allowed, so you might have to choose your favorite.

* AppGal
* Kari
* Southern Belle

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Talbot's - loop trim dress

Talbot's loop trim dress comes in 6 colors and is on -- wait for it -- final sale. Sorry to say. Tal used to have a very lax return policy and they changed it, upsetting many customers. I don't know what the exact time frame is. It's 90 days to return to store, until it's on finale sale. I can see retailers wanting to clear merchandise once and for all. At least with Talbot's, you have a 90% chance of trying on the item in store whether you're regular, petite, woman or woman petite. Also, things aren't released and then put immediately on final sale. I also have to add that Talbot's was crystal clear in letting customers know in advance that their policy was changing. I recall them telling me when I was in the store. My mom even told me and she has very few pieces from the store. She shopped Talbot's Kids for my nieces & nephews, so she knew all about the stores closing and so on.


Black - Size 4 - This is a regular size 4, not petite. I think I'd want a 6P, but I'm not sure. I really liked the dress. A lot. This is the type of dress I'd like to wear when running errands. With our Cali Casual attire, I could get away w/sleek patent flip flops or flats and it would look good. I'd swap that thin belt out and put on a patent leather one.

Thanks for those of you who've let me know that you're enjoying a shift in focus here. Molly & I had a lil' conversation on Facebook. One thing she said is:

"Talbots is pretty good but I do wish they would explore some of the J Crew colors like chartreuse and sienna. I think the palette is still a little old ladyish."

Totes! I totally agree with that, Molly. There's something that doesn't seem exactly right about the clothing in past times and I'd have to say color was a factor. Hopefully Talbot's will enrich the palette and explores new tones as well. One thing at a time, I suppose.

If you're digging Talbot's, become a fan on Facebook. They drop news -- including promos -- there in addition to circulating them via email. And to see more irl Talbot's pics, visit Rose @ 1 More Shopping Blog.

Chime in...

To continue to be clear, Talbot's has sponsored a couple of giveaways here. I have received this dress, 2 pairs pairs of jeans and a bracelet (I recently gave away to a reader) for hosting the giveaways. 

My posts are generated out of my own desire and time availability unless otherwise stated. I have been and will to be forthcoming if I am ever compensated financially or in product from any company.

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Talbots - double-breasted coat

Talbots double-breasted coat runs in regular & petite sizes. I only see black online. I'm pretty sure the camel was offered online at one point.

Size 2P - Super in love. I couldn't believe how much I loved this. So in love that I put it on hold and went home. I finished gathering clothing to consign & sell. After completing that task, I went back to get it a couple days later. I wanted to be sure to pay w/my debit card & not have it sitting on a charge by chance. Also, it was an excellent motivator to purge! G Money loves this jacket as well and together we conjured up images of driving in the gentle breeze on an ocean highway in a convertible, sunglasses on and scarf tied just so. Um, only me in the scarf. :-)-- oh, I grabbed 4P to try, but 2P was definitely much better. I had very light layers on, but I'd still say size down at least one.

It's so cozy & comfortable. It's almost a pity that we're currently having temps in the 90s. So glad I secured this for my coat collection. It won't be sitting among the others ignored, though. Now this is one of the ones they should have called Jackie, Grace or Kate. Grace, I think. The bracelet sleeves will not be practical for some, but you know you're suppose to wear them with with gloves like these , these or these pretties.

See also...
* Armand Bosi Dos
* Tara Jarmon
* TopShop
* TopShop - mohair blend

Remember to save 20% off + $5 shipping on your purchase at Talbots with 90026635. If you call CS from the store's red phone, your order will ship for free. Thank you, Bianca, for sharing a printable coupon to use in-store. Be sure to take the coupon with you and be sure to save it for multiple use thru 10/11. The code listed here expires on that day as well.

Chime in...

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Let's Talk - Tal

Let's talk Tal as in Talbots. I'll warn you. I'm wordy today.

For the record, I've always checked out the offerings at Talbots. In the past I tried to steer my mom there because she's very petite, but I found that I liked the styles more than she did. Even though I liked some things, I agree w/everyone who has said that Talbots reads as older. So I can't say even 5% of my clothes are from the store. I have some thong sandals that have lasted for eternity now. I recently got some things during a great sale this summer. I will definitely check out the outlet now that I have an idea of what works for me or not. And going back to last year -- I really loved this brocade jacket. I will admit that peer perception in the blogosphere influenced me and I ended up returning it. I wish I had been secure enough to like Talbots and the jacket, without caring what people thought. I go in and out of being secure in my style and that was a weaker moment, perhaps.

I am really enjoying the redesigned Talbots. The last time I went into the store, one of the SAs who recognizes me stopped me to let me know that there would be some exciting new merchandise coming. She was practically breathless and she told me they had just watched a cool video. She said, you are going to die. Die? Fo' reels? It sounded extreme. I mean, I was standing right there w/her in Talbots. Well, I got pretty pumped when I saw this video (mind your speakers). The SA may have been talking about that. The song in the video reminds me of one of my anthems, How Ya Like Me Now. I'm not in marketing, btw, but who the heck is doing their videos and other marketing copy. I really love it. The store vibe hasn't caught up w/their newer designs, but they are trying w/the in-store music, which I like a lot. Hip beats, not nesc recognizable lyrics or recognizable artist. I call it vacation music because I can float away in my mind and not be bound by memories of high school (thanks, Loft, kinda not, for the 80s music) or feel that I should recognize that latest Disney singer, but I don't. I won't sit up here and say I'm a complete Talbots convert. After all, during my last visit I saw the requisite white haired husband who fell asleep in the chair while his beloved shopped. Our napper of the day had a cane & everything. (slaps knee, mine not his).  It's almost like a record scratching in a song that's trying to groove. I felt bad for his wife who was very sad that she couldn't find anything. Sister, I know what it's like to feel deserted by a friend...errr...retailer. And I have to say, it feels like a mashup with a much older woman holding something up to herself in the mirror and I come along to do the same. It's a funny picture. Little does she know I'm not quiiiiite as far from her in age as she thinks and more conservative than my hair & clothes give off. I've felt like I'm eavesdropping when I read Talbots Facebook page, watching their customers adapt to the change or feel deserted. So I've been thinking about their company specifically and in the abstract, over the past few weeks, if not longer.

The video uses words such as re-imagine, refresh, reinvigorate, redirection, re-envision, and reaffirm. I like that I haven't seen the word sassy yet. That would make me cringe. But back to the vid. I know many of the classic Talbots customers already feel deserted by the new style direction and that video may seem to be another indication that they have been spurned. From their perspective. At first I thought, oh well, too bad for the customer. They'll have to look elsewhere. Talbots must adapt or become a dinosaur. They already closed Talbots Kids. I got over the too bad idea and decided that the customer shouldn't feel spurned. In my eyes, Talbots has set forth a call to action. They haven't said buh-bye, cya later. Uh uhn. Talbots is challenging you/me/us to be better. As in, We dare you to be better because we know you've already been doing it with fitness and your overall health. Now turn it up w/the clothes if you haven't already. And if you haven't, we'll show you how. I guess for me this goes deeper than a retailer's clothing redesign. We have had discussions, shall we say, in G'household about what I'm wearing. G Money wonders why I'm getting 'dressed up' to...I dunno, run errands. I've come to realize that anything that's not jeans is dressed up in California. Well, what the heck am I saving all of my beautiful clothes for? Surely not the funeral. I want to be in them as much as I can while I'm good & alive. My cousin & I have discussed this quite a bit as she goes thru similar conversations w/her husband. The men don't get it. Actually, rapper Drake gets it, and tells us about it in his song Fancy (fixed link). -- Oh, OH! Yes, Gigi is writing a post about Talbots and connected a rap song to it. Mmmm hmmm. Oh yes, I did. I'm a jazz , ambient & house person. My rap is limited to the 80s, but I have definitely adopted Fancy as one of my anthems. If you choose to listen to the song, focus on the lyrics if the music doesn't suit you. Drake gets it.
I guess in short I want to be fabulous. Not I want to be on a reality show fabulous. Not to be flashy fabulous. Just feel fabulous and feel like I look fabulous. It doesn't mean throwing on a ton of rhinestone jewelry or wearing a short miniskirt. It means feeling good in the cut of clothing I'm in, whether I have an extra 10 lbs on my frame or not. When my cousin & I talk, we ask what the other is wearing or has recently worn. It's nice to feel appreciated, have someone to geek out on fashion with (looking at you, readers) and also to be encouraged to look my best. I really appreciate my cousin saying, It's ok to be great. And I'm going to be great right alongside you, even if I'm in another state. 

Dude, I know. Long. I can't help it. I'm fired up as of late when I think about (banned retailer here). In short, I've always had my own style that was a mix of retailers & vintage stores. I've also always felt strongly about making sure my money goes to companies that appreciate my business. Somewhere along the way I've let both of these slide a bit. Not too long ago I overhauled my wardrobe and dressed head-to-toe in one retailer, with pride. I also played retail roulette with said company. I still love them, but I'll be rethinking these facts. Thanks, Tal, for challenging me to think outside my box. In multiple ways.

What do you think about the 'new' Talbots? What about the role of clothing in your life? Obviously it's of some importance if you're here. Are you as expressive, fashion forward or just plain fabulous as you want to be in how you dress? Or do you keep it repressed? Or maybe you never really thought about it...

Chime in...


Yes, Talbots has sponsored a couple of giveaways here. I have received this dress, 2 pairs pairs of jeans and a bracelet (recently gave away to a reader) for hosting the giveaways. I haven't been in touch w/Talbots since the most recent contest and I've never discussed the redesign with anyone at the company. These are my views and they're not compensating me financially or in product.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talbot's - leather bomber jacket

Talbot's leather bomber jacket (E25025) comes in regular, petite, woman & woman petite. Continued kudos to Tal, who makes almost every item available to women of all sizes.

Size 4P - It fit exactly and I know leather stretches out a bit. However, I'd get a 6P instead for comfort around my middle and to ensure something heavier than a thin tee can fit underneath.

There's a reason this is almost sold out online. I'll let you figure out why. Shouldn't be too hard. Check it out on Not Just A Pretty Face.

Bow tee: F21 (Similar here, here, here and here)

More real leather...while we're at this price point, let's have some fun.
* Catherine Malandrino - Love this color.
* DVF - A ruffled bomber? Had to share that one.
* Mackage - Another good color.

If you're shopping Talbots, use 900266335 for 20% off + $5 shipping thru 10/11. Remember, if you go into the store & use the red phone, shipping is free.

Chime in...

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Talbots - tweed jacket

Talbots tweed jacket (C27031) comes in 2 color patterns. As with many Talbots items, it runs regular, petite, woman & woman petite.

Brown-park tweed

Brown-park tweed - I'm not sure what size I'm in. Sorry about that. My guess is that this was a 6P and had a better fit than the one below. Thumbs up on this color pattern, which read as a purple blend in the room. I would try nude rose tones &  purples with it.

Black-park tweed - Size 4P - There are snap buttons & I like that. I didn't like this color/pattern, but it could be the fit. It might be a smaller size than the one above. I imagine the jacket makes a nice suit w/the matching skirt. I don't have enough formality in my work to wear both pieces at once and would probably wear the jacket solo if I were buying it. Check it out on Shop With M and on 1 More Shopping Blog.

See also...

* Chico's
* Guess
* Loft
* The Limited

If you're shopping Talbots, use 900266335 for 20% off + $5 shipping thru 10/11. Remember, if you go into the store & use the red phone, shipping is free. I recommend signing up for the Talbots Classic Red Rewards. It's free and there is no annual fee. You earn 1/2 point for every $1 spend and are able to earn rewards in $25 increments. Double points right now thru 10/11, btw. You're also entitled to a 10% birthday discount. I love this program because I don't have to open a line of credit. If you are interested in opening a Talbots charge, you can read about the benefits online. There are more benefits if you choose to open a credit card. For example, I think the b-day discount jumps to 15%. You might also ask a SA or an online rep about cardholder sales as mentioned in the benefits table online. I don't know anything about them. I imagine they actually do exist, unlike other retailers we know.  

Chime in...

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Talbot's - Grace fit corduroy jacket

Talbot's Grace fit corduroy jacket (A62027) comes in 10 colors & runs in regular, petite, woman & woman petite sizes.

I'm not sure about these terms retailers are using. Banana Republic had the Martin and Ryan to describe pant fit. After I memorized the fits that were good for me, the Ryan is no longer with us. Martin lives on. I've stopped paying attention to the product names now.

At Talbot's it's the GraceJackie or the Kate. The Grace fit is described as flatteringly classic. We know which American icons they're referring to with these names. I like that idea, However, am I really going to remember flatteringly classic? Probably not. I also couldn't really decide if there was a difference between Grace & Jackie. There's a video on Facebook that explains the different fits. Unfortunately, the models' names are also shared and added confusion to the fit names. Also, I really didn't get the difference between each even though various details were highlighted. They all seemed the same. I think playful is used to described the Jackie fit. Playful? Um, ok. I think the content would have benefited from a script to ensure that we understand. It appears that there wasn't one. I suppose we are to visit the store and try the clothing on and discern which fit appears to be a match. I'm sure the idea is quite clever. My guess is some of Talbot's classic customers might gravitate towards a certain fit and us newbies might prefer another one. Ending on a high note, the 1st outfit Mary Alice shows us is smashing! I love everything about it. Now, onto the cord jacket.

Size 4P - Vicuna brown - I like the color & actually sought this out when I went to the store, based on what I saw online. I didn't like the length. It should be a little longer, imo. A regular (non-petite) size might help w/length, but would be ill fitting elsewhere on me. I suspect there will be some misfires as Talbot's tries to adjust the fit to reflect their new direction. Sorry Tal, don't really want a diamond outline of my crotch when the jacket is buttoned.

Jeans (6P): Signature Fit night rinse trouser jeans - courtesy of Talbot's

Cute detail. Might be too cutesy for some who prefer fewer details. Could possibly add weight for some? Y'know, pleats. Check this blazer out on AppGal and on Shop With M.

See also..
* Banana Republic - This was too short in PM for me. The fossil stone looked so much different than online. I can't even say they sent me the right one.
* Loft
* Old Navy - I own this in PM.
* Ralph Lauren Rugy
* Urban Outfitters

Have you seen/tried this jacket? Any thoughts about Talbot's new direction or anything else you'd like to share...

Chime in...

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Clarisonic - 1 month follow up

It's been exactly one month since I started using the Clarisonic facial scrub appliance thingie. Excuse my eloquence. I'm in a rush. In this post I promised I'd follow up, so here is the news. I haven't had any zits blossom to full fledged zits since using it. I can feel when one is coming on, but I have faithfully used the Clarisonic and have had no issues with zits coming to a full head. To recap, I have combo skin. It's normal everywhere except the T-zone, where the oil springs up from time to time and tries to cause trouble. The Clarisonic comes with a cleanser and a rep jumped in on the thread to inform that it's paraben free. I have only used it a couple of times. I used it last nite and the residual smell was nothing to write home about. I will use it when I feel like I need to shake up my regular choice of products, which are as follows.

Products I use are:
* Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae Facial Cleansing Lotion - I chose this and the one below because they're paraben free. I'm trying to make small changes like that in products I use. I wouldn't say I'm hard core about it, but I'm trying.
* Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae with Grape Seed Extract Moisturizer SPF 15 - This one smells a bit odd. I can't say the smell has grown on me, but I am used to it now. I like that it has SPF>
* Murad Clarifying Cleanser - This is part of the acne collection, which has worked wonders for me in the past. I used the cleanser, moisturizer and the spot treatment. Now I just use the cleanser when I feel a zit coming on. I've used the spot treatment once or twice as insurance when I get that feeling on my skin. I started Murad w/the $30 kit. Not sure they still sell that starter kit. Murad is the thing I always go back to when I'm having issues. Seems like I'm leaving those days behind by using the Clarisonic regularly.

I also use witch hazel and rose water. My routine is to cleanse w/the Clarisonic. I use a washcloth to get all the soap off. Tone with witch hazel. Spray with rose water. It feels so refreshing. Then I moisturize. If I were hard core w/skin care, I would probably use Vitamin C in the daytime and a repairing nighttime serum, selected from SkinCeuticals. But, in the interest of $ and again, not being as much into skin & makeup as I am into fashion, I don't currently use those products.If you didn't know, they say your skin/hair get used to products if you continue to use them for long periods of time. It's good to switch to a different brand and then switch back to reclaim the results you may have seen when 1st using the products. I find that really to be the case w/skincare.

Check out Shoa's personal experience w/the Clarisonic in this post on her blog. She's also a runner, for those interested. My running is limited to my mouth and...well, that's about it right now. Not even on the treadmill. Oh, I contacted Clarisonic based on an email they sent to me or something. I can't recall. I asked if they would sponsor a giveaway for the blog, but the rep said they had limited supply. *lol* I tried! Moving on...

Practically free! - I love kitchen sink remedies. I swear I had a Let's Talk post on the topic and cannot find it. I've searched high & low over a period of time & don't see it. I don't know if I deleted it somehow, but I know it exists. I decided to integrate witch hazel into my regimen after a tip that Andi of Saltwater Dreams left in the thread.

* Dr. Oz cellulite remedy scrub - I haven't tried, but always been curious about the scrubs w/coffee grinds.
* Under the Table and Dreaming - Not hard to guess which artist/band Stephanie Lynn might be a fan of. She has directions & pictures for a lemon sugar hand scrub in the link there. This is a very pretty post and an inspiration for gift giving. I would totally make this for someone I think might use it. Like meeeee!
* Clean your cell phone. I put a little rubbing alcohol on some tissue or a cotton puff and wipe.

Back to the Clarisonic. It can be found at a number of places, so you might do some research to find out the best price for you. I don't regret getting the one w/out the cradle, the Mia ($149). I store it in my shower as recommended by Kathy (Two Hands Full of Daisies). You can check QVC, which may work well for some if they still have flex or easy pay on it. I was able to apply $50 or so in Citicard rewards towards mine. Or you can use BELLA20 at SkinStore for 20% off. I believe they have free shipping on $49 or more.

Chime in...

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let's Talk - left or right brain

Are you left brained or right brained? I can barely remember which is which. According to Funderstanding...

Left brained thinking is logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective, looks at parts.
Right brained thinking is random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing, subjective, looks at wholes

Long ago, I strongly believed I was very rational and analytical. I thought I was left brain dominant. In a training course, also long ago, I learned that is not the case. The other nite I bumped into a quiz by Luminosity, which was the inspiration for this post.

I like how they delivered the quiz results in percentages. I know I'm right-brained, but I don't feel that I am as right-brained as others. I would agree w/the 75%/25% assessment.

Of interest
* The Artist Within: A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit
* Brainy Baby Left Brain & Right Brain
* Building Left Brain Power
* Left Brain, Right Brain - Nintendo DS

Do you believe yourself to be left or right brain dominant? Now, click here to take the quiz. Share your results if you like. Do they surprise you, or in line with what you believed prior to the quiz?

Chime in...

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Old Navy - wool-blend trench coat

Old Navy's wool-blend trench coat (772456) runs in regular, tall & petite sizes. There are 2 color choices.


Size S - The fur looks pretty good on this. I usually like less of a multi color blend, but they did a good job w/it. The collar is buttoned on, so you can detach it. It will be a good bargain if you get it w/a coupon, on promo or with rewards. I admit that I probably would not get this and would spend more more on a wool that looks better -- at least in the taupe color. If I were in the market for this, I would keep it in mind as a trend piece. I just don't think the wool will last a long time. If you already have a wool trench or another type of wool coat you might just get a faux fur piece that you can attach when you like. The black version of this might look nicer, but I'm guessing. ETA: I'm pretty sure I saw the black one and it looked good. They did a good job on the fur.

The taupe looked nice, but when you get up close you can tell it's not the best wool if you've owned nicer coats. Sometimes this works better for people who have kids or want something they don't have to feel so precious with as far as care. I didn't check cleaning instructions. A coat like this I might wear daily, esp if taking public transportation to-from work on a regular basis. In that case I wouldn't be upset if it showed wear quickly and I wouldn't expect to wear it more than a season. I cannot comment on the degree of warmth as it never gets too cold here. I'm rambling all over the place here. In short, it's a pretty solid item.

See also...
* Anne Klein
* BB Dakota here and here
* Fred Flare
* ModCloth
* Topshop
* Urban Outfitters - Final days to use CLASSACT for 10% off and FALLFORIT for free shipping thru 9/30. Refresh the checkout page after entering one code, then enter a second code. Thanks, Petite Asian Girl

Chime in...

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