Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gigi's Gear - bow front dress

First up...

Check out a couple of newer bloggers:

Closet Crisis who started One Too Many Closets. Eh, you say? Yurp, she's from Canadia...wait...Canada. My fingers get ahead of my mind. We've pained our Canadian fancies with stores they cannot shop in and now Closet Crisis doing the same. Be prepared to swoon over cute styles from the Madewell like Aritzie.

Eggytarty is just gettin' started the party. I know. I could probably do better but I had to make it rhyme quickly. Check out her blog http://eggytarty.blogspot.com/. I know she loves J Crew and it's looking like she loves Anthro, too. Wow, I'm corny. Anywhobe, I love it when people incorporate their name into their blog title. If I want to find something quickly, I can easily pull their blog name from my mental cache and type it into the 'puter to find an item or post that's also in my mind.

Keep going, ladies!

Dress (L): Target Xhiliration from 08 or 09
Cardi (S): Old Navy featherweight (The bling cardi is now $24.99 or try this one from Loft)
Thongs (8): J Crew SU10 (Similar here and here)
Bracelets: Cost Plus- purchased this summer, sold in 1 pack

Bow dresses - I didn't find anything like Target's, but it's always nice looking things w/bows on 'em.
* Cloud Coverage dress
* Dinner at Tiffany's
* Fit For A Fairytale
* Pleated bow dress
* Sands of Time dress

FYI, J Crew's Pilar paisley perfect shirt and Pilar paisley cami are now $29.99 each. One was marked the correct price and the other was not. If they say $49.99 on the ticket, they will ring up $29.99 at the register. I'll post pics for tomorrow's 1st post.

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J Crew - Arrow sweater-jacket

First up...

Check out this hysterical post written by Petite Asian Girl's boyfriend. It's a male's perspective of a few retail stores.

J Crew's Arrow sweater-jacket (29002) runs XS-XL. The color choices are heather elm, black, heather caramel, heather carbon (darker), heather grey (lighter).

Heather caramel

Heather grey

Heather Elm - Size S - The fit in this size was fine for me. I liked the color although I don't own/wear green too much these days. I should have tried it completely unbuttoned. I think it's too conservative for me buttoned, but maybe that's because I tried it w/the blue popover. The heft of the material is there to justify calling it a jacket. Check it out on Slastena, on Post-Fab Princess, on AppGal, on Tastymoog and on Shop With M.

Top (S): J Crew beaten twill popover (Similar here)
Jeans (6): Banana Republic trouser - I had them tapered to a straight leg instead of fuller trouser leg. Similar here, here and maternity

Remember that the dream open shawl-collar cardigan is on promo for $80. That's about 33% off if you like to know how much you're saving percent wise. The promo on it ends on 9/1.

Anyone try or own this? Likey...pass?

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Macy's - INC ruffle cardigan

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Audreybella is having a blog sale.

Macy's INC Three Quarter Sleeve Ruffle Front Long Cardigan runs regular XS-XL. It also comes in PS-PXL. The color choices are sand dune & black.

I'd seen this cardigan, but it looked like nothing on the hanger. Plus it had ruffles, so I passed it by. Then I saw it mentioned by Genevieve in this post on Anthroholic. Of course I had to check it out on the body. The INC cardigan is a cotton/rayon blend & very cozy. The ruffles hang & feel cute. As Genevieve pointed out, it looks like Anthro's Plaza Cardigan, which I tried on last year. That one felt too frilly. I think the ruffles are more voluminous on the Plaza. I liked the INC version and specifically prefer the pockets on it. Here's a side-by-side comparison.

Left cardigan (XS): Anthro's Plaza cardi (09)

Striped tank (S): Anthro's Unveiled Tank by Deletta (Kinda here and here)
Shoes: (Similar here, here and here)
Jeans (6P): Talbot's Signature Fit slim leg ankle - sponsored by Talbot's, which you'll hear more about later

FYI, the INC cardigan also comes in black, which I didn't try. I figured the lighter one would photograph best.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

J Crew - fountain cami

First up...

Check out the Apothica giveaway in this post on Savvy Mode.

Check out the Nana by Sally giveaway on on Anthroholic. See this post

J Crew's fountain cami (30166) runs 0-12. The color is called metallic stone.100% cotton shell & lining.

Size 4 - Cheap two-bit hooker. I said it first. I'm being extra harsh on this one because a) I don't like it and b) absolutely don't want to buy it no matter how low the price goes. Strong words will be a reminder when I look at this post in the future.

Check it out on Closet Chronicles.

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J Crew - last day for 20% off fs

Today is the last day to use OURTREAT for 20% off final sale. Free shipping is automatically applied on a net subtotal of $150 or more. This means your cart needs to be $188 or so if it's filled only w/sale items before you apply the discount.

The most current comprehensive guide to final sale is in this post.

Things I would buy again...
I have photos of all of these on my blog. I'd like to come back and add the links, but doubt I'll have time. If you grab the style# and enter it in the Google search feature on the right-hand side, you'll see the item. Try by name if you don't get a hit w/the style#. I know I don't have pics of the Lorelei or the Maybelle.

* Coralie cami - Got a size 4.
* Crosshatch cotton Nora - I admit I have 3 pairs in cobblestone, different sizes. I went ahead and re-bought the raisin for the 3rd time because I finally figured out an outfit combo that should work.
* Draped glass necklace - Returned heather petrol as it was too close to my skin color. I love the crystal.
* Drawstring henley shirtdress - Washes & dries without a problem. So when I was in Costco and dropped a bbq covered piece of chicken burger on it, the cart & the floor, I didn't fret a bit. I got M in faded black and the buff color. So much for not buying multiples.
* Eyelet bow blouse
* Featherweight cotton bling-button cardigan - I still love & adore my featherweights from Old Navy. They did well this summer. I got one of these, though, from the Crew because the color will match with items I already own from them.
* Grand ruffle shell - in chalk
* Ink blossom pencil skirt
* Luxe knit un-sweatpant - Found these on a b&m rack in M and am happy w/the fit. Also I know I don't have to worry about putting them in the dryer. I like a baggier fit and am down w/Hammer pants to some degree. If you're considering these, check measurements as the un-sweatpant line seems to run a bit big. There was another pair that I got and returned. They didn't have the zips at the bottom. I think they were just too long, creating ugly bagging.
* Luxe knit zip hoodie - Faded black, which is sold out. It's a bit boxy and runs large. I have the S and could have taken XS. Love the fabric.
* Merino open cardigan - 100% merino wool. I am curious what the S would fit like as the M is a tad big. However, I am glad I got the colors I want and I imagine I will be happy w/the slightly larger fit this fall when it's time to layer. It's mid-weight/average, not featherweight.
* Seaside madras - Love. tried the merino open cardi in bronzed clay over it as the colors go. The look didn't work. I think it needs darker as an outer layer if any at all.
* Solid embossed Lorelei - Size 6 in black fits like a dream. I have the print as well in 8 and it's a bit big now. Oh well. I'll have it taken in if a belt & cardi don't do the trick. Really love this dress. Good fit -- not too low across the bust & has pockets.
* Swann ruffled shirtdress - I have M. If you usually take S, but have a booty, you might consider the M instead. Unless you like your clothes to hug more.
* Tailored linen Maybelle jacket - Got a 2, which fits exactly. Have the light flax and had to stop-stop-stop myself from ordering pet moss. Thought it would look excellent w/a chocolate brown chunky bead necklace. But what to wear on the bottom besides jeans? I'm already doing that w/the flax. Be forewarned that I cannot see everyone liking this jacket, esp w/the open cut hem at the center. I like it, though, and think it looks good both buttoned & open.

Crossing my fingers on...
* Silk cardigan - Hopefully cute and not fug or scrubs. It runs really huge. It's supposed to fit boxy, which many of us are not fans of. I love silk and sometimes I'm a retailer gambler. I chose PS. Only $19.99. I'm not sure if this chart is for regular or petite.

Silk Cardigan
Points of Measure
Chest Circumference
Sweep Circumference
Across Back
Sleeve Length from Center Back
Slv Length - Seam to Cuff Edge
Center Back Bodice Length Total

ETA: For Annie
Cotton Pimm skirt (28544) - Comes in fatigue (pictured), wild mushroom & shadow. Sizes range 00-12.

Size 6 - This created a muffin top, but for $29.99, I was very attracted to the price. It looks better from the side.

Size 6 - I guess I could have gone up to an 8 to see if that would have helped w/fit, but I just decided to let it go. I realized it has pleats, but didn't have enough bell or volume. Maybe after you press it & wear it, the shape would look a little fuller. I wouldn't want it to be big, but the shape just felt flat.

And the absolute no-go clincher was when I paired it w/a top. I would wear it with a a tee and cardigan. I think it would look cute, but again, I just needed a little more volume on the bottom to balance the top.

Top (XS): J Crew Haya two-tone terry pullover (27668)

Luxe knit un-sweatpant (26049) - Size M - They were the only ones on the rack when I saw them in-store. S would be better because I want to wash & dry them without worrying about shrinkage. I'm doing the Barbie post because I want to wear heels w/them.

Tee (XS): J Crew Max & Molly art tee

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Old Navy - more irl pics

First up...

Check out what's new at J'Crewlet in this post from Audreybella.

Today is the last day to save 30% off at the Gap family of stores during their GIVE GET promo. Click here to print a coupon. You need the coupon, FYI. They have to scan it so that 5% of your purchase goes to charity. Thanks again, Lisa, for the coupon.

Cropped Twill Moto Jacket - Size S - Personally I prefer a moto in a knit or sweater material. I think a knit, cotton or more fluidity makes the look feel more modern and not bikerish.  You know what it is...I didn't feel hip in it. I felt like Old Navy Does A Moto. It wasn't an exciting feeling. All that said, the fit was nice, the material felt good -- not too thick. When I take photos I do one that has thumbs up, down or sideways. And this one got the thumbs up.

Cable-Knit V-Neck Cardigan - Size S - Love the color & love the v-neck. Very comfortable & I think it's 100% cotton.

5-Pocket Cord Mini - Size 6 - The fit was good. Great color. Thumbs up. I passed on it because I'm into fuller cuts right now. Last week I got the cord Atlee skirt in rich brown (6).

Boot cut cords - Size 6P - I love the color of these. I highly recommend them. I don't like them for me this year because of the wrinkles on the side. I really cannot stand that in pants. My thighs have found each other & don't seem to want to let go these days. I am thankful to have good health with the things I've been thru this last year so I don't get down on thick thighs. Going up to an 8P doesn't work so I've just adjusted -- as stated above -- to looser cuts this year like the crosshatch Noras. Those aren't cords. For this winter, I think my old bootcut cords from J Crew 08 and a couple from ON 09 are going to be fine. The darker colors don't show the wrinkles so much. In short, thumbs up on ON bootcut cords.

* BR Vanna peep-toe heel
* Gap suede wedge booties
* ON cord bell skirt
* ON cord shirt dress - Last year's winner is back.
* ON cuff wide-wale shorts
* ON striped rosette cardigan - I have the yellow in S.

Waiting for & will decide on...
* BR essential boyfriend shirt - In taupe. I have a feeling I don't need this, but want to check it out.
* Gap cropped straight patch jeans - Ok, just got done saying I don't do tight right now, but I *have* to try these. Cleo and I were discussing a love for 70s fashion, so that's what the lure is for me.
* Gap moto knit - This may not be in the style constitution. Maybe if I can find one in a sweater fabric because it's much softer. I tried it in-store and liked it, though (pic here on the blog), so I'll give it a whirl in front of home mirrors for a final decision.
* Gap open-front dolman cardigan - Looks drapey and pretty. We'll see.
* BR campus cord blazer - I have a feeling I'll be keeping the 3-button ON cord blazer, but I want to be sure.

Loving my...
* BR classic trench - Size PS from this past spring.
* Gap city flats
* Gap double-breasted funnel cardigan
* Gap varisty cardigan
* ON banded cowl-neck top - I tried a few sizes and settled on black, PM. I tried regular S and the bit of extra length made weird bunching.

Also check out:
* Banana Republic - Irl pics
* Gap - Cropped knit trench
* Gap - Double breasted cardigan & moto jacket
* Old Navy - Irl pics

Thanks for visiting. Here is a 30% online code that I won't be using. It's one-time use and expires tonite. Good luck to whoever will nab it --> L1K1LYN4W3QW ETA: I think Rose has claimed the code.

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Old Navy - sweaters

Today is the last day to save 30% off at the Gap family of stores during their GIVE GET promo. It ends this Sunday. Click here to print a coupon. You need the coupon, FYI. They have to scan it so that 5% of your purchase goes to charity. Thanks again, Lisa, for the coupon.

Short sleeve cape (772133) - Size XS - 40% polyester, 35% acrylic, 25% wool. Love the color & the fit, for the most part. I give it a thumbs up. It has negative reviews about fit on the ON site. Umm...it's called a cape. Looooooooooves this color. However, I may put my pennies together for J Crew's cashmere Cody in autumn pumpkin.

Button-Front Cable-Knit Cape (772117) - Size XS - 40% polyester, 35% acrylic, 25% wool. This was one of my favorites of the bunch. Sideways thumbs up, though. I am going to keep looking for a dynamite cape. Yep, dynamite. Capes are a bit 70s to me, so the lingo works. I hope to find 100% cotton or wool, though I know it will be tough. It's quite common that they're made of acrylic.

Cropped Toggle Cape (772137) - 60% cotton, 40% acrylic. Size S in both colors. It looked cheapie in the natural color, but I liked it in green. Check it out on Bianca.

Poncho - Size XS/S - $39.50 - I don't see it online. Thumbs up. Again, though, with the blends. This one was almost too 70s for me. But I still liked it.

Tie-Belt Wrap Cardigan (772032) - Size S - 60% cotton, 40% acrylic. This color is delicious. It felt comfortable and the cut was nice. If it were 100% cotton, I would have purchased it.

Cord blazer - I'm so sorry I don't have a pic for you. I really like this blazer. I ordered a PM. I took it with me to photograph in the fitting room when I returned some other stuff, but neglected to get a pic. I looked around online before buying it. I like Anthropologie's Bromsgrove blazer. It's lined, but one-button. The drawback for me is the one-button & also that I'd probably have to get the sleeves tailored, tacking on $20 to the price. I also like BR's corduroy campus blazer. I expect it to be a bit better quality than ON, but I don't like the one-button and it looks a little short. The online description doesn't state whether it's lined or not. Boo. Back to the ON blazer. It isn't unlined, which isn't a crime. I just think a lining would give it an even better shape. What works on this blazer is the 3-button stance & the bit of stretch it has. Probably a keeper for me. Esp at $20.

Also check out:
* Banana Republic - Irl pics
* Gap - Cropped knit trench
* Gap - Double breasted cardigan & moto jacket
* Old Navy - Irl pics

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Banana Republic - 30% give get (irl pics)

First up...

Check out the giveaway on Bianca's blog, Deals for the Short & Curvy. It's a $75 cert to CSN stores. Details in this post.

Remember, save 30% off at the Gap family of stores during their GIVE GET promo. It ends this Sunday. Click here to print a coupon. You need the coupon, FYI. They have to scan it so that 5% of your purchase goes to charity. Thanks again, Lisa, for the coupon.

Cotton animal print cardigan (769720) - Size PM - The print is ok. I've seen better. Maybe it's the creme piping that runs down the center. Definitely not a fan of the one hook closure. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog.

Merino wool colorblock cardi (769733) - Size S - Meh.A bit thin. I think the pale grey isn't doin it for me. I love the piping, though, and that it's on the pockets as well.

Size S - I liked it much better in the black.

Heritage gilded trim cardigan (762701) - Size XS - I liked the coin detail and they also put it at the wrist, which is nice. The vibe is summery, though, and doesn't say fall to me. Lookin' a bit sheer, too, fyi.

Heritage embellished v-neck pullover - Size S - There wasn't an XS for me to try It was ok. Also a bit sheer. If I had to pick, the cardi (above) is nicer.

Heritage embellished bib top - I didn't like this one. Also has a summer vibe and almost costume-y. I love a good costume (Go, go, go Joseph, you know what they saaaay), but not this piece. Not sure of size.

Abstract cardi (791404) $59.50 - Size M - I don't see this one online. It's not for me, but I give it a thumbs up. I see the potential and love the grey tones. I also like that it has a v-neck, but not too low. That's a lil' different than your average crewneck. Small would be better on me than M, but there was no small to try & share a pic of.

Space dyed cardi (746641) $59.50 - Size S - Also not found online. This was ok. We love space dyed, so points for that alone. If I recall, the arms were a bit tight. I can't say I'd wear it buttoned, personally, but I might try the M to be sure. It's a bit grabby, no? I am still a bit big there, but I had just had lunch at Cheesecake Factory + some of the bread. Consider the firecracker salmon rolls if you haven't tried them.

Double layer helix tee (792647) - Not sure of size. The double layer aspect is interesting. But this is pretty much a mess. At least in this size. It was very thin, as it looks. It felt featherweight, but not nesc flimsy as it has the tank layer underneath.

Tweed knife pleat skirt (773807) - Size 6 - It felt as cheap as it looks. I think this is the problem -> 43% Acrylic, 27% Wool, 16% Rayon, 14% Polyester. It wasn't awful. It just felt thin and the tweed wasn't as tweedy as I like. Another thing I don't like about the way BR & J Crew skirts fit is they are higher in the rear on me. I think they cater to a lesser posterior.

Layered ruffle skirt (769852) - First you have to see the stock pic.

Size 6 - The pleats are flat in-person. I guess you can steam them for a bit of volume. That didn't occur to me when I saw the skirt in-person and I was surprised to see the fluffy skirt in the stock pic. Check it out  on 1 More Shopping Blog.

Belted patch pocket jacket (769826) - Kind of like J Crew's downtown field jacket. Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog.

Belted plaid trench (770420) - I don't know why I ordered this. I already ave a plaid wool blend trench that I love. I forgot about it. One issue with it is that the sleeves are too long. I may finally bite the bullet after 5 years of owning it and get the sleeves hemmed. It has a lining, so it will cost at least $20. In the meantime, I will try this one from BR for fun. It *is* really cute. I probably won't be able to justify keeping it w/all the coats I own. I selected PS based on my ownership of the classic trench. If interested in this, check out the reviews, which mention that it's a lighter weight.Yay BR for having regular, tall & petite options.

* Cozy ruffle cardigan - I saw this in-store in black. I was on my way out the door so I didn't try it on. It looked really cute.
* Double cloth campshirt
* Essential boyfriend shirt - Someone on The Mothership recently mentioned that they'd like to see the J Crew perfect shirt in white, as opposed to the stretch perfect shirt. This would be a great alternative. I like the taupe color it comes in as well.
* Pima cotton ruffle cardigan - The sabbia color is really pretty.
* Silk blend stretch cardigan - Check it out on 1 More Shopping Blog

Please add any experience with items you tried or purchased.

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