Saturday, July 31, 2010

Loft - ruffle front halter

Loft's ruffle front halter (website #249401/petite, #244424/regular) comes in pale peri and also comes in a pink print.

Size S - The color is very pretty. It's an ultralight orchid. The thumb goes down from there. Poly. Halter so you have to fool w/bra type or depend on a cardi. We've seen ruffles before. And so on.

Cardigan (M): BP BP. Three Quarter Sleeve Jersey Cardigan - Love these. I have 4.
Shoes (M): Nine West Outlet (Similar here in rose crinkle)

Chime in...

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Friday, July 30, 2010

J Crew - 2nd cuts in final sale

I should stay out of the sale section and off the site period, but I can't help it. While I was visiting, I noticed the following reductions:

* Draped glass necklace (I think they knocked $10 off, now $59.99) - No irl pics, but I love mine in crystal. I tried the heather petrol, but it was a lot like the crystal libretto. I like the lighter crystal in contrast w/my skin tone. If you're lighter, you might prefer the darker. Or you might like crystal. If you own it, do chime in since I don't have a pic at the moment.
* Effie scarf dress ($59.99) - Irl pics
* Jackie cardigan ($39.99) - No 2nd cut on this, but it looks like some of the colors are popping back in various sizes  - Irl pics
* Jackie shell ($19.99) 
* Jenna's cardigan ($49.99)  - Irl pics on Kelinda.Kelinda here and here
* Lightweight cotton tunic top ($39.99) - Irl pics
* Pearl twisted hammock necklace ($59.99)
* Perfect-fit ruffle henley ($14.99) - I saw white only at that price. Irl pics
* Printed embossed Lorelei dress ($39.99) - on Sugar & Spice
* Ruffled Carly dress ($39.99) - Irl pics
* Sahara suede ankle boots - Not purporting that these are a 2nd cut. I just noticed these on sale and wanted to point them out.
* Solid Schuyler dress ($54.99) - See the striped on Fabulous Florida Mommy
* Spaced-dyed pocket cardigan ($59.99)
* Swann ruffled shirtdress ($29.99) - Irl pics

If you see any other reductions or have other info to share, let us know :-)

Thanks Rose, who shared on The Mothership --> AWU32B for free shipping on $150 thru 8/9.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

J Crew - rugby-stripe Ginny dress

J Crew's rugby-stripe Ginny dress comes in regular (26673, 0-14) and petite (27465, P2-P12 currently online). The color choices are natural & dark pewter. From the website,

"This is the mileage piece that can be easily dressed up with statement heels and sparkly baubles or dressed down with a leather belt, and tough-girl bling." 

Tee hee hee hee. Tough-girl bling. J Crew loves their hyphens more than I love my ellipses. They also loooove saying "piled on necklaces."

Size 6 - I can't remember if I was able to zip this up all the way or not. I know I wouldn't be interested in petite if it's any shorter.

Shot of the grosgrain ribbon that was a bit shopworn.

* Coralie cami - Only 2 colors were marked down in the past. Looks like all colors are now on sale. Irl pics
* Fade-out sailor tee - Marked down to $29.99.
* Jenna's cardigan - Marked down to $59.99.
* Metallic beach cardigan - Irl pics
* Printed embossed Lorelei dress - Love this dress. It has pockets. Check it out on Sugar & Spice

Final faves...
* Drawstring henley dress - I rolled the dice on this after reading that it's a "heavier subtantial slub cotton." I did an online chat about t. The XS chest/waist measure 34". The S chest/waist measures 36" and the M chest/waist measures 38". I got a M since my waist is still measuring 33" instead of my average 28". I want to throw it in the washer & dryer without worry. I hope this dress works because I definitely didn't like the thinness of the material on the drawstring v-neck henley dress or the way it looked on me.
* Jackie shell - Oh man, I should have gotten this in dark charcoal. Oh well.
* Perfect-fit ruffle henley tee - I have this in navy from long ago. I had to pick at least one color on this promo & got the heather grey.
* Perfect-fit short-sleeve V-neck tee - I didn't like the honey color in another tee, but have & like it in this. Visit the long sleeve v-neck, too. On that one bright amethyst is supah purty and the vintage orange is interesting.
* Wychmere studded flip-flops - Almost threw these on to reach the min for free shipping. My mind went to the # of flip flops I own & figured out something else. Cute, though. 

Remember, EXTRA30 on final sale ends tonite, 11:59 EST.

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J Crew - drawstring V-neck henley dress

J Crew's drawstring V-neck henley dress (27845) runs XS-XL and comes in black or dark pewter.


Dark pewter - Size S - This is the dress with the waist tied, but not cinched. The dress isn't hiked up in any way. It's just straight.

Notice how the pockets hit my hips. They would add a little weight if I wore the dress like this. I guess I'm supposed to distract everyone by piling on necklaces.

I cinched it a little bit and pulled the torso part out to fold a little over the drawstring. That didn't really help matters.

The material of the dress is very clingy. I saw it on a 5'7" SA who was flat in the front and back. It looked great on her. I don't like my clothes very fitted, so I didn't appreciate it bonding to the top of my rear. The dress felt comfortable, but thin and very much like winter underwear. It felt like I was missing another piece of clothing. I think you could work with this dress, but I end up not wearing things I have to think too much about. If I wear a tank underneath, will the line of it show in the rear, etc...

It looks like this alternative J Crew drawstring henley dress is a heavier material, according to the description. Also $39.99. Three color choices. And I'll bet this henley dress from Kohl's is more substantial.

Thanks for visiting. The next post *is* the Ginny dress. Promise.

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J Crew - fiesta floral tunic

J Crew's fiesta floral tunic (27013) comes in natural or black plum. I see XS - L on the website at the moment.

Size S - This top didn't register with me when I tried it on and it doesn't now. We've seen the design/style before. I guess if you like your embroidery to be less obvious, you might enjoy this more than other options we've seen.

Thanks for visiting. Come back to see irl pics of the rugby-stripe Ginny dress. The post should be up in the later morning (PST)/early afternoon (EST).

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

J Crew - ombré paillette cardigan (pewter)

J Crew's ombré paillette cardigan (27176) is currently available in pewter online. I reviewed the natural color in this post.

Size S - I liked the natural and this one, too.

Remember to check out the comprehensive guide to irl pics and reviews as you shop final sale.

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Lori's Shoes - 4 hour sale

For four hours only we have marked down sale items an additional 30%. Shop from 11am - 3pm CST (GMT-6:00) today, Wednesday, July 28 to get super deep discounts on spring and summer lines!

All sales are FINAL. No price adjustments on previous orders. Online prices include additional discount. May not be combined with other discounts or promotions. Valid online only; not valid in stores

Charles By Charles David Lunar - I like Charles David

Seychelles Twistin The Night Away - I love the color of the sole on these.

Mia Bejewel - Thongs are my go to shoes, esp in the summer. This summer it's been all about jeweled ones.

Apepazza Francesca - I've been eyeing these for awhile. They're purty to look at. I have a similar style, sans sequins. Can't remember who they're by. I *do* have a pair of Apepazza heels and they are just beautiful.

Indigo By Clarks Indigo Plover - These also come in black. On sale for $45 and some change.

Kelsi Dagger Ashley - I believe Kelsi Dagger is the lower price sister of Pour La Victoire.

Boutique 9 Promised - Yes, I would love my feet to be wrapped in spun gold.

A few more...
* Apepazza Pavia - These are the ones I have, but in brown.
* Ccc Rhinestone Buckle Cuff - Also comes in black.
* Magid M636S - Cutest straw tote of the day. Under $15.
* Me Too Linda - I have Me Toos and love them. These are great, basic leather flats in silver or gold for $50.
* Progetto I113 - A Mary Jane made in Italy. $52.
* Progetto L235 - Love a spectator, even if it's tone on tone.
* Restricted Enchanted - Definitely not shoes built for long walks, but very cute.

I've ordered from Lori's and it was a great experience. I believe shipping is a flat rate of $5. Remember the sale ends at 3:00 pm CST. Some items are final, but the language is clearly stated under the product.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

J Crew Guide - final sale (end of July)

Updated 7/30 - Added link to irl pics of cropped ruffle cardigan, Esme printed pumps and gallery-stripe Marlie shell

Updated 8/4 - Island paisley perfect shirt is marked down, added link to irl pic of skimmer pant (promo $49.50) and island paisley bubble skirt

Updated 8/11 - Chili pepper tee is marked down, added link to irl pic

Updated 8/13 - Cotton hammock dress, added link to irl pic

Here are links to irl pics of J Crew items. If I don't have irl pics, I have links to other bloggers' irl pics and/or comments made about the items. If you don't see the item you're interested in on this list, try entering the product name or style number in the Search This Blog feature on the right-hand side of the main page. If I've reviewed the item, it should up in the search.

**** Remember...take an EXTRA30 + free shipping on $150 or more off sale items thru 7/29. 

Now....onto the business...

* Alecia shoes - Link to suede
* Alecia shoes  - on Jemma Ruby
* Braided fabric belt - on kelinda.Kelinda
* Crystal Milano necklace  - On The Mothership, Clicquot said, "I picked up the Crystal Milano necklace in the pale oak colour when I was in the states last week, and I LOVE it. I've been wanting a necklace with bit of sparkle and this one fits the bill. It's chunky and substantial enough to wear by itself without being mammoth, but it's also small enough to layer with other pieces. Love the pink/gold combination!"
* Crystal tides necklace - on The Closet Chronicles
* Esmé printed platform sandals (26309) - on Slastena
* Fringed MacAlister boots - promo $128 - on Shay

* Solid Bridget dress ($79.99) - Irl pics of the black (on promo $118)
* Cascade ruffle dress - Irl pics
* Cotton hammock dress - on Dina
* Crosshatch cotton metro dress - See irl pics of the Super 120s metro
* Daisy day dress - on Cleo
* Double-V dress - on Lindsey B
* Effie scarf dress - Irl pics
* Embroidered siesta dress - Irl pics
* Frankie mini-dress - Irl pics
* Indigo-stripe Schuyler - on Fabulous Florida Mommy.
* Knotted starfish dress - on Ema and on Simply J Crew
* Olivia shift - on Ema, on Summerilla and on The Girliest Boy Mom
* Ruched V-neck dress - on Summerilla
* Ruffled Carly dress - Irl pics
* Ruffled ferry dress - Irl pics
* Rogue ruffle dress - Irl pics
* Shirred racerback gown - heather cement is $39.99 - on Dr. Drama, on Summerilla and on Is Not Fashion
* Silk cargo dress - on Dina G
* Solid Schuyler dress - I tried this in a 6 and it didn't work for me. If I had more definition in my waist, maybe. I agree w/others that this works better on a fuller bust, speaking generally of course. Cute style & it has pockets.
* Super 120s Andre dress - Irl pics
* Swann ruffled shirtdress - Irl pics

* Bleeker blazer - Irl pics
* Caprice jacket - Irl pics
* Drapey wool Caswell jacket - No irl pics to share at the moment, but I have it in P4 in the wild mushroom. It's very close to my skin color, but still me likey. I have it paired w/a striped top underneath it on the hanger. See links to irl pics of the oak tweed Caswell below.
* Griffin coat - See the mint on Summerilla. As discussed on The Mothership - The solid black and light berry are $99.99.
* Oak tweed Caswell jacket - and on Dani BP and on The Outfit of the Day
* Polished slub Maryn jacket - Irl pics
* Silk motorcycle jacket - on Summerilla
* Stripe blazer - Irl pics
* Vintage zebra-stripe trench coat - Pops back on occasion - Irl pics
* Wool flannel schoolboy blazer - Size 14 only, other sizes pop back on occasion.
* Wool schoolboy blazer (link to petite) - Pops back on occasion in coral & the beautiful redwood color - Irl pics

* City safari pant - on Shay (from The Ongoing Project)
* Cropped seaside madras zipper pant - on Ema and on Summerilla here and here
* Cropped seersucker zipper pant - on tres tippy
Crosshatch Noras - Irl pics
* Daisy day skirt (26575) - on Ema, on Summerilla and on Dina
* Drapey Drexel plissé skirt - Irl pics
* Embroidered Zafrina skirt - on Adventures in Soro, on Respect the Shoes and App Gal
* Gingham Brigitte short - on Ema
* Ikat dot pencil skirt - on A Bigger Closet
* Island paisley bubble skirt - on Social Scientist
* Impressionist pencil skirt - Irl pics
* Ink blossom pencil skirt - Irl pics
* Knit denim legging - on Ema
* Luxe terry bloomer short  - On The Mothership, Ellie said, I received the luxe terry bloomer shorts in faded black last week and I'm CRAZY about them. They're actually very flattering (I'm a size 6, on the thin side and ordered a medium) and they definitely dress up with normal shoes and a sweater (I wore with the Long beach cardigan). I even wore them to go out at night last weekend. I remember commenters being very skeptical about these but I really think they look good, and are soooo comfortable to boot!
* Neon madras short - on Summerilla
* Polished slub skirt (aka Maryn skirt) - Irl pics and on Simply J Crew
* Pretty petal mini - Out of stock as of 7/30, check it out on Is Not Fashion if you're waiting for it to popback.
* Scout chinos - Irl pics
* Skimmer pant - on Social Scientist
* Surf tweed charter skirt - on Summerilla
* Toothpick zipper jean - on Fashion Dork and on AppGal
* Wildcat ombré pencil skirt - on Cleo, on Simply J Crew, on A Bigger Closet and on 1 More Shopping Blog
* Wool bungalow skirt - on My Bag Overfloweth

* Cropped ruffle cardigan - on Patina
* Featherweight cotton tipped pocket cardigan - Irl pics
* Flower stream cardigan - Irl pics
* Forever cardigan - Irl pics
* Island paisley pocket cardigan - On promo for $69.50 as of 7/9 - Irl pics
* Lightweight trifle cardigan - on Amy Kelinda and on Dina
* Linen cotton wrap cardigan - Irl pics
* Linen dip-dye V-neck pullover - Irl pics (scroll way down)
* Linen silk-pocket cardigan - Irl pics
* Merino linen camp cardigan - Irl pics
* Merino open cardigan (26966)
- Chest measurement for the size small is 34" and medium is 36".
* Ombré paillette cardigan - Irl pics
* Perfect-fit petals cardigan (26616) - on Simply J Crew and on Cleo
* Piped-and-twisted pocket cardigan (26139) - on Cleo
* Ribbed ruffle vest - on Ginger Girl, on Summerilla and on Summerilla
* Silk-linen v-neck sweater - Irl pics
* Space-dyed pocket cardigan
(26390) - on Summerilla
* Twisted chiffon cardigan - Irl pics

* Adriana silk rows tank - down to $29.99 - on Summerilla & discussed on The Mothership
* Castillo eyelet cami - Irl pics
* Cayla ruffled shell - Irl pics
* Chili pepper tee - on Audreybella
* Chiffon tiered tank - on Simply J Crew
* Cotton silk streamers cami - on Simply J Crew
* Croquet-stripe caprese tunic - down to $24.99 - on Summerilla
* Eyelet bow blouse - Irl pics
* Fade-out sailor tee (27321) - on Simply J Crew
* Flounce hem henley tank - on Simply J Crew
* Flowered mosaic embroidered tunic - Irl pics
* Frances stripe ruffled tuxedo shirt - Irl pics
* Gallery-stripe Marlie shell - on Is Not Fashion
* Ink blossom studded tunic - Irl pics
* Island paisley perfect shirt - Down to $49.99 as of 8/4.
* Kelsey ruffle top - down to $39.99 - Irl pics
* Lightweight cotton tunic - Irl pics
* Perfect-fit ruffle henley - Irl pics
Petal vine shell - on Simply J Crew
* Sea grass fringed tunic - on Ema

* Sequined starland tank - Irl pics 

* Sequin necklace tank - Irl pics
* Shimmer bib tee - Irl pics
* Silk Frances cami - Irl pics
* Silk streamers cami - on Styleprint
* Slim stretch shirt -
Always good to purchase w/an additional %
* Spots and sparkles cami
- on Ema  and on Apples & Pencil Skirts
* Stripe cotton popover
- on Fabulous Florida Mommy
* Sweeping ruffles shirt
- down to $59.99 - I saw a woman wearing this open, with a tank & jeans. It worked on her - Irl pics
* Tissue cascading twists tee - down to $19.99 - An anon said, 'It's a nice fit--loose but still flattering (even sexy). And the fabric is super soft. So I give it a thumbs up...The fabric feels heavier than "tissue" though. It's got some substance.'
* Tissue folded bows tank - on Ema
* Tissue ruffle tank - Irl pics
* Tissue sequin spotted tank - Irl pics
* Tissue sequin tank - Irl pics
* Victoria ruffle tissue cami - Irl pics
* Vintage slub polo
- on App Gal
* Softspun cotton pocket tee - Just a tad loose, not too slouchy. Very comfortable.

Thoughts on...
* Morning glory art tee - Only $9.99 - I did an inventory of my print tees and I don't have as many as I thought. I think I was just overexposed to J Crew's art tees like this one. I don't have this, but I got a similar art tee on the last promo and it looks great with a cardi. Boy, if I had a buck for everytime I said that. I think I say that more now than "with jeans."
* Perfect-fit ruffle henley - Such a simple top but I love mine in navy. It's so comfortable - Irl pics
* Silk camisole - Priced as low as $19.99. I have copper & neon melon both in M. It's a little big, but the straps help me adjust it to a great fit. I was surprised to really like the neon melon. It looks great w/a darker cardi, like navy.
* Silky chiffon tunic - I'm trying this in the dark pumpkin. It looks vibrant & pretty.
* Silky linen slouchy pant - I have and love the silk-linen city pants. These are similar so I got them in cobblestone - Irl pics

Are you shopping the EXTRA30 before it ends? Chime in...

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Monday, July 26, 2010

J Crew - sparkle waves henley

First up...

Rue La La is a site that sells "premier brands at private-sale prices." I've purchased a few things, including this pretty necklace this past June.

Join Rue La La and get a $10 credit to apply towards your first order. Credit good until 7/31.
Click here to join.

J Crew's sparkle waves henley (30078) runs XS - XL. The color choices are heather charcoal & blush stone. This is a new arrival for FA10.

Heather charcoal - Size XS - The size was good on this and it made me look trim. Winner. Not sure if I will fall for yet another sequin item, but I liked it. Check it out on Audreybella (scroll down), on Shopping With M and on Cleo.

Blush stone - Size XS

Pants (6): J Crew silky linen pant (Similar here and here)
Ring: Forever 21 (Similar here and here)

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

J Crew - another ruffled cardigan

First up...

Congratulations to yesterday's winner of the Scarf-A-Day Giveaway
(#5), Sungirl! 
Please respond to my email within 48 hours.

Also -- find out what vuvuzelas are and enter Dr. Drama's $25 J Crew gift card giveaway.
J Crew's Roxie ruffle cardigan (25858) runs XS - XL and the color is called natural. It's in the final sale section for $59.99. It's a J Crew Collection item.

Here is another ruffled cardi I tried on at J Crew. It looks just like the Roxie, but this one has a style# of 27772. I didn't pay attention to the neck tag, so I don't know if it said Collection or not like the Roxie.

Size S - Fug.

Moving right along...

* Anthropologie - One After Another cardi - If you want more bounce in your flounce. Looks like another one we saw at J Crew. I'm not saying Anthro vendors are copying. Just remarking on similarities.

* Asos - BLACK Petal Shrug - Who is the fugliest of them all? Are they trying to out-do J Crew or what. And the model is like...really...really?

* Charlotte Russe has knocked off J Crew's Lilli cardi. Check it out Charlotte Russe's version here. I've seen it in-person and it's not bad. I think it could look cute layered underneath something else. Yep -- as in 2 cardigans worn together, one over that one. Or maybe under a shorter length blazer like the J Crew or Gap schoolboy. What I like about the Charlotte Russe version is that the chiffon isn't so precious. I would feel fine washing it and if it didn't hold up for more than a couple wears, my feelings wouldn't be hurt.
* Nordstrom - Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati ruffle cardigan - Reminds me of Anthro's Spilling Ruffles cardigan, but with more volume in the ruffles. The chianti is that nice rich magenta shade I love about Anthro's.

Thanks for visiting!

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