Wednesday, June 30, 2010

J Crew - rogue ruffle dress

J Crew's rogue ruffle dress (27607) comes in faded black and runs XS - XL. It's in the (dreaded) final sale section.

Size M - This photo is from a month ago. It's sooo cute for maternity. I ended up returning it, though. I tried the S on today and I don't like it as much without a stomach. Go figure. I also the sale price of $49.99 + 20% off (happening in-store right now) didn't even entice me. While in the fitting room I remembered that I have and prefer Anthro's rising vapor dress. I put a reverse photo showing the exposed zipper of the ruffle rogue, which I know some people don't like. I like the zipper & I like the dress, but it won't be in my closet.

Other cute ruffle dresses
* Bluefly - Splendid - This looks a bit fall-ish, but me likey. Comes in black also.
* Loft - Mini Spots Ruffle Dress - This is purdy and sweet. Use FIX40 for 40% off.
* Mod Cloth - The Zoologist Dress - This is reeeeaaally cute.
* Motherhood Maternity - Sleeveless Ruffle Front Dress - Looks like the double v-neck dress from J Crew, as seen on Lindsey B..
* Victoria's Secret - Ruffle-front Shirt Dress - So sweet & cute.

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Gigi's Virtual Birthday Party - last day for pics

This idea is from a post by Jessica of Style Obsession who mentioned, in this post, that she was invited to a virtual birthday. Click here to visit Style Symmetry's virtual birthday party.
Photo credit: Vegan Cupcakes
Lovely invite by G Money! (hubs)

Please copy/paste and email the following:
1) User name or name that you want me to watermark onto the photo.
2) Blog url, if applicable
3) Do you want your face cropped out of the pic?
4) Email your pic & this info to virtualbirthday@gmail
5) Shop your closet! Or if you have a pic on your computer or blog you like, share that.
6) Please submit by 10pm PST tonite, 6/30.

Hope you can attend!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Old Navy - 30% off sitewide - irl pics

First up...

Remember to submit your outfit for my virtual birthday. :-)

Ok, so Tuesday is the last day to use ONBIG30 to save 30% sitewide online & in-stores. I made it to the store for irl pics and I'm glad I did.

Lightweight Twisted-Front Cardigan - The cardi is $26.50 in-store and on promo for $20 on-line. It comes in stripes and solids. The lightweight feel is comparable to J Crew's featherweight cotton bling button cardi (irl pics). This cardi is a bit longer as well and the twisted neckline didn't bug me like I thought it would. The more I look at the solid colors on this in comparison to the J Crew bling, I like this one even more. Thumbs up.

Denim Camp Skirt - Size 6 - Most of the regular sizes are sold out online. Tall & petite are still available. Listen to's $12.49 in-stores before the additional 30%.

Denim Welt-Pocket Skirt - Size 6 - You can kind of see the pockets on the front of this which usually bugs, but it wasn't too bothersome. Maybe because I know I'd probably wear a top untucked if I purchased this. It felt very comfortable. Thumbs up.

Lightweight Moto Jacket - Size M - This felt a little big and didn't float my personal boat. The upside is that it's lightweight, so if you want to keep stylish on a warm evening, this could do it for you. I just think F21 would produce something similar that's a little slicker & in a different fabric. This fabric was o.k. I just didn't get 'the feeling.' I think it's kind of plain for the style. Like a little mo', but not enough moto.

Ruffle-Trim Open-Front Cardigan (772016) - Size S - I gave this a name. I don't see it online. It's a ruffle trim cardigan with buttons. There is a similar cardi online called the ruffle-trim open-front cardigan, which has no buttons. This is a pretty good one, cotton, $29.50, I believe. Most of the sizes/colors were gone.

Two-Tone Canvas Beach Tote - Only brown/pink is left online. You can look for the navy/tan combo in-store.

Striped Gauze Blouson Top - Size M - These 2 pics were taken a few weeks ago. I am probably now a S in this top.

Embroidered Gauze Top - Size XS - Pretty much sold out online except for size S. If you like, look for it in-store.

Floral-Embroidered Gauze Dress - Size S - This has an interior slip of the same color. I was able to slip into it without much fuss and never looked to see how the pieces link together. I'm not sure if they're detachable or not. Comfortable & cuter than I expected.

Hooded Jersey Cover-Up - Size M - This pic was also taken a few weeks ago. I take a S now. It comes in solid navy and solid white. I'm a stripes sucker, though. This was my fave.

Multicolored Straw Tote - $19.50 - It also comes in pink/orange and tan tones which are pretty cute as well.

Women's Lace-Trim Rib-Knit Tank - Size S - $14.50 - This picture doesn't show how cute it is. I like that it comes up high in the back so you don't have to worry about bra straps showing.

Ankle-zip leggings - Size S - $15 in-store, $12.50 online - FYI, if you look for these in-store, I saw them mixed in with regular leggings. They're closer to tights than a heavier legging. Heavy or light, most, if not all, of us should be covering our rear ends regardless of the weight of the legging. This is a great price to do or do-over the 80s zipper look.

Also cute...a couple I've mentioned before...
* Ankle-Zip Cargo Capris - I wonder how these look on. I'm kind of getting into zippers even though it reminds me of clothing from the 80s.
* Jersey Lounge Hoodie and the matching pants - Looks like great loungewear for summer. Not on a hot-hot day, obviously.
* Perfect Khakis - ON does this khaki very well. I took a 6 short in them, I believe. Wash and dry without a care.
* Stretch D-Ring Belt - Apparently this came in black, which we've missed out on. I like the 2 colors that remain. 
* Striped Boyfriend Cardigan - I didn't see this in-store, unfortunately. I think it's very cute.

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Talbots - $250 gift card giveaway

Yes, you read that right. A $250 gift card giveaway, courtesy of Talbot's!

A rep of Talbot's reached out to me with a nice offer. I was able to select an article of clothing from the spring/summer line. I debated a few items for a few days. With G Money's input I chose the jacket seen below. I'm looking forward to receiving it. I'm seeing it with a floral scarf and jeans. Another look might be with grey trousers.

Cotton sateen jacket (A236021)

The second part of the Talbot's offer is one $250 gift card for a lucky reader! I'm so excited about this. There are three entry opportunities:

Giveaway Guidelines - I stay true to the guidelines I state for giveaways. Please read for comprehension.

1) For one entry, visit the Spotted posts on Red Chair Confessions, the Talbot's blog authored by Sophie. You'll see pics of chic women who are wearing at least one piece of Talbot's clothing. The link takes you directly to the posts. If you want to see older entries, click Older Entries at the bottom of the page. For your entry, note one of the looks you like & why. Or if there's something else that strikes your fancy about the blog in general, you can mention that when you post this entry here in the comments. 

2) For a second entry, visit Find an item that strikes your fancy and how you'd work it into your wardrobe or where you'd wear it. Come back and post your item here as a comment.

3) For a third entry, blog about the contest and drop your link here in a comment.

4) NOTE -- Please use a separate comment for each eligible entry. If you put multiple entries in one comment, it will be deleted.

ETA 6/28 8:01 am:  I checked the first set of entries. One will be deleted because it's 2 entries in one post. The second is by an Anon and has been deleted. If you post as Anon and don't put an email address in your entry, I have no way of getting in touch w/you. Therefore, I can't include this in the total number of entrants.

I am so happy with the improvements in clothing at Talbots. It has been years since I purchased anything there and now see many things there I like and purchased a few summer items; waiting to get a few more till they go on sale. If I win this gift card I will use it buy a few jackets I saw in the Fall Look Book that were fabulous.
6/28/10 5:10 AM"

5) Please come back to and see if you're a winner and/or make sure I can locate you easily by email. I suggest you leave your email in the comments.

6) I will use to select the winner. I will post the winner's name in the comments section of this post and also send an email. A new winner will be chosen if the 1st winner does not respond within 48 hours of the time I send the email. No exceptions.

7) It looks like Talbot's ships internationally. Therefore, at the time of writing, this giveaway is good worldwide. If I find out otherwise, I will post an update to this particular rule.

8) Entries accepted until Friday, 7/1, 11:59 PST.

9) Entries after that date/time will be deleted before the winner is chosen.

Good luck!


7/2 - I will try to pull the entry by 2pm PST today. If I can't do it then, I'll have to do it tonite. Thanks for all of the entries!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old Navy - 30% off sitewide ends 6/29

ETA: Oops, I didn't connect with the date. I thought the promo ended tonite, but it's good thru Tuesday, 6/29.

Ruffle-Trim Open-Front Cardigan - 100% cotton - I like that Old Navy has moved away from acrylics, for the most part. This is such a great bargain if you want J Crew's dream Tori cardi or lightweight trifle cardi look. I'm trying to resist ordering this in white or black since I have the trifle in wheat and navy.

Also looking cute...
* Ankle-Zip Cargo Capris - I wonder how these look on. I'm kind of getting into zippers even though it reminds me of clothing from the 80s.
* Button-Front Wide-Leg Pants - Regular, short & long length. Thank you, ON, for thinking of all of us. :-)
* Mid-Rise Cuffed Sailor Pants - Only a few sizes remain. I have the last year's striped version.
* Open-Front Pocket Cardigan - I'm with those of you not loving open cardigans sans buttons, but this looks relaxed and flowy. Also, I love white even though items are usually a must wash for me after each wear.
* Perfect Khakis - ON does this khaki very well. I took a 6 short in them, I believe. Wash and dry without a care.
* Striped Boyfriend Cardigan - Which color to pick? All 3 are so cute.

The code for this sale is ONBIG30. It should be good thru 11:59 PST.

Thanks for stopping sure to visit tomorrow. Exciting stuff!

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J Crew - 20% off tees

J Crew's current promo ends tonite, 11:59 EST. Save 20% off all women's tees in-store & online. The discount is automatically applied. Prices as marked and excludes Saint James. Here are links to some irl reviews & pics:

* Chiffon tiered tank - Irl pics
* Fade-out sailor tee (27321) - on Simply J Crew
* Jaspé sequined slouchy sweatshirt - Irl pics
* Perfect-fit petals cardigan - I have this in natural, size S. It's very cute. Check it out on Simply Crew
* Perfect-fit ruffle henley tee - Irl pics
* Perfect-fit stripe boatneck tee - Irl pics
* Sequin-stripe henley tank (26531) - A Collection item - on Summerilla, on Fashion Dork, who points out (on 5/2) that the tank is $68 in-store and $59.50 online (not sure if this has been modified), on Slastena and on Ema
* Shimmer crinkle shell (28437) - on Debye and on Fabulous Florida Mommy.

Size M

* Spaced dyed henley tank - on Summerilla
* Stripe sequin boatneck tee - Summerilla
* Tissue cascading twists tee (26979) - An anon said, 'It's a nice fit--loose but still flattering (even sexy). And the fabric is super soft. So I give it a thumbs up...The fabric feels heavier than "tissue" though. It's got some substance.'
* Tissue ruffle tank (26519) -
On clearance for $19.99 - on Cleo and on Roxy
* Tissue ruffle tank - Irl pics

Anyone shopping this?
I'm not after the recent 30%, but it's good to see promos continue at J Crew. :-)

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Target - sale ends tonite

There's been a Target sale going on online and it ends tonite. I just noticed it about an hour ago when I was looking for something on the site. I'm not sure if their sales end EST or PST. My guess would be 11:59 PST tonite. The sale is buy more, save more. Save 15% on $75 or more. 20% on $100 or more. 25% on $125 or more. This discount & free shipping on orders of $50 or more are automatically applied during checkout. It looks like the sale also includes mens, boys & girls clothing. Speaking of girls, remember my $9.99 cotton cardi pick. I took a XL in it. This sale is pretty good. On the downside, sometimes shipping is slow. On the upside, you can return online purchases to the store.

Merona Collection Monica pencil skirt - They didn't have a size large enough for me to try on, but you get the idea. I love this print. It also comes in a print.

Mossimo kimono sleeve dress - $15 - Comes in blue, black and a couple shades of grey.

Mossimo Black sateen dress - brown - $17.48

Mossimo Supply Co pointelle cardi - I purchased this in this creme color size S. The fit was good, but I'm not feeling the color on me. I like this berry color and it also comes in grey and navy.

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors 2fer Tunic Sweater - $13.98 - Might not be suitable for summer, but super cute. It looks like an Anthro sweater dress with chiffon trim. Wish I knew the name of it. This also comes in black.


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Friday, June 25, 2010

Lori's Shoes - last day for free shipping

First up...

1) Visit new blogger Jenni at Found in My Closet. She's off to a good start w/great OOTDs.

2) Check out the giveaway from Kathryn & Carol at In Pursuit of Pretty Things. There is a cute necklace from Etsy seller Oh Hello Friend, plus a $25 Anthro card. This necklace from Oh Hello Friend is not in the giveaway, but it's so darling!

3) Enter to win a beachside ensemble worth $1200 from Milly. Click here for all the details.


Lori's Shoes is located in Chicago. I've never been there and only know if this retailer after seeing them online. I love the clean website and the shoes are super cool. I'm a fan on Facebook and like their posts as well. FYI, if you sign up for their emails you can get a $10 off $75 coupon. It is good on regular priced merchandise. I placed an order during this free shipping period, but it was a sale pair of shoes so someone can have my coupon code: 549761. I just did a mock checkout and it worked w/the free shipping since that's automatically applied. Free shipping ends today. It's usually only $5, which is a bargain. You can read their return policy on their website. I think the shoes I ordered, Sam Edelman Venice, aren't returnable because they're on super sale. I've seen them in person before and found them hawt. I hope the 7.5 is TTS. If not, I'll have to work my shoes stretchers. They're a bit out of my style element so I have no clue what I'll wear with them. Here are some other cute-to-me items from the Lori's site:

Enigma W883

Restricted Enchanted

Jeffrey Campbell Smith

Kork-ease Bette

Vaneli Ussa

La Regale 21734 - They sell clutches & handbags, too.

Ccc Teardrop Gem Earrings - And they sell jewelry. I ordered these earrings and can't wait for them to arrive. They're hard to see on a computer screen, so I'm glad I read that they're faceted. I would have expected them to be smooth. They also come in a peachy color.

Ccc Lucite Gem Necklace - Reminiscent of Anthro's Stormy Sea necklace. Only $18.

Ccc Pearl And Chain Necklace With Ribbon

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