Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Help pick Michelle's jacket

First up...

Only a few more hours to enter the Chico's statement necklace giveaway. I think it would look good with J Crew's cotton modal dress seen in this post.


We got an email from Michelle. Let's help her pick a jacket. Here's the preamble.

I'm in the market for a casual twill jacket and I've narrowed it down to these two candidates.  You'll recognize one as I tried it on because of your review. ;-)  But, which do you think would serve me best?  I could wear on casual fridays at work or try to dress them up for regular workdays - but I was thinking mostly for a topper on the weekends for my kids' baseball games - over jeans and a t-shirt.  One thing I want to point out is that I also already own the black blossom jacket from J Crew

Lighter jacket: From Gap, currently not online. Click here for similar knit option by Gap. Very cute.
Darker jacket: J Crew lieutenant, reviewed in this post.
Shirt: Here and here by J Crew. Similar at Kohl's and Nordstrom.
Skirt: Different color, but similar here.
Bracelet: Similar here, here, here and here.

Thanks for voting!

ETA: The poll is now closed.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

J Crew - embroidered spray art tee

J Crew's embroidered spray art tee (23714) runs XS - XL and comes in four colors.

Dusty cloud

Antique lilac
Deep chartreuse

White ash - Size S - I liked this tee. The embroidery is a nice texture. If there was room for another graphic/embellished tee I might go for this one.I like this color. I don't recall seeing the other ones in-person. I think they had the tees merchandised by color, not style.

Likey? No likey? Chime in...

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J Crew - linen-cotton flutter-sleeve top

First up...

Only 2 more days to enter the Chico's statement necklace giveaway .


J Crew's linen-cotton flutter-sleeve top (25563) come in ivory or dark pewter. The sizes are XS - XL.


Size S - Why yes, that is the color & outline of my black bra you see in the close up. This is a thin one. This top looked cute folded, but I wasn't excited about it on. If I wanted something like this I'd be looking for it at Old Navy or F21. I don't care what the fabric blend is. This joker is thin.

Similar from...
* Arden B - striped
* Banana Republic - Ooh, now this is cute.
* Express - Cute v-neck and the indigo color is pretty. Crap. Just saw that they messed it up by throwing disco dust on the sleeves.
* Old Navy - $9.99 - pretty color, mostly only L - XXL remain
* Old Navy - banded tunic style

Anyone have specific feelings about the linen-cotton blend J Crew has going? 

Chime in about that, or whatever you like...

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J Crew - linen-cotton tiered bateau shell

J Crew's linen-cotton tiered bateau shell (25274) runs XS - XL. It comes in soft violet and dark pewter.

Size S - This is the soft violet color, as pictured above. I'm not excited about this one, personally. The tiers are nice, but unfinished. If you don't have something like this, perhaps this will fill the tiered tank hole in your closet. Check it out on Ema and on Shop With M.

I'm a mummy!

Another idea...
Forever 21 - Only $20

Blogging music: Notion by Kings of Leon. The lead singer's voice drives me crazy. Good crazy. Anyone have a singer that does that to you?

Chime in...

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Monday, March 29, 2010

J Crew - Bleeker blazer

J Crew's Bleeker blazer (23236) is on promo already. The sizes are 0-14 regular, with natural and copper dust for color choices.

Copper dust

Size ? - I think I tried a size 4, but not sure. Didn't take a pic of this tag. I like the concept of the blazer for the right person. I'm not the right one. Which is fine. Tried on for the blog only. I haven't seen the copper dust color in-person.I don't really have anything to see about this. Por los halcones:  In the 1st pic I'm wearing a J Crew dress that I don't see online yet. I think it's $78. I didn't buy it, but will post the review soon. In the 2nd pic, I'm wearing a Norma Kamali necklace tee that I got for $3 on clearance at Wal-Mart. I highly recommend a printed necklace tee.

I'm not into this repeat of an 80s classic, so no look alikes for this post. However, I would like to thank Steph from Not Just Another Blonde in Beijing for my blog award. Check out her great 'snapshot' on Bhutan and why she's moving to China.

We need this pretty picture after that awful blazer.

Thanks, Steph!

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J Crew - tissue sequin tank

J Crew's tissue sequin tank (26046) runs XS - XL and comes in paris pink or heather stone.

Paris pink

Heather stone - Size S -  I wasn't overly excited about this. I don't have much in the way of comments. It's a bit low. Check it out on Summerilla and on Shop With M.

More sequin tanks

* Ann Taylor - sequin mesh tank - Only L and XL remain online.
* Chico's - satin trim sequin tank
* Express - sexy basic sequin-front tank
* J Crew - sequined Raye tank
* Loft - sequin sparkle tank - Love the orange/pink/coral color.
* Rachel Roy - sequin tank - S only
* Urban Outfitter's - Silence & Noise art deco tank - Looks sheer, but positively gorgeous online.

Thanks for visiting...

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J Crew - sunray sequin tee

A Tylie Malibu boutique opens on Gilt today at 9 am PST. Here is a piece of the press release.

Perfect the L.A. look with the totes and satchels from Tylie Malibu. This collection offers a variety of unstructured hobos, oversize totes and elegant shoulder bags in earth tones and pebbled leather. Chunky pyramid studs and eclectic hardware provide a high-low mix, replete with the signature bohemian style.

Click here to join Gilt. Membership is free.

J Crew's sunray sequin tee (26302) runs XS - XL and comes in 3 colors.

Blush stone


White - Size S, I believe. The rolled necklines/hems (not on this) and the unfinished edges on the embellishments are very boring. And the squiggles on this are rolling all around. No likey. Check it out on Simply J Crew.

Blogging music: Live Like We're Dying - by Kris Allen

Anyone else try/like this...chime in...

p.s. Be sure to check out the $28 Celosia ruffle sweater twin if you haven't already.

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Let's Talk - your musical instrument

I took piano lessons when I was growing up. I didn't get into the music enough to warrant long term study, but I appreciate the couple of years I had. I could segue into my backup-singing talent show experience where my dad thought he might get his version of the Jackson 5 with my brother, a few neighbors and me. But I'd rather not. What I want to talk about today is the musical instrument I would love to be able to jam on. It's drums. I'm not talking percussion, like my favorite, exuberant but breif cymbal crashing moments at the end of classical pieces. I'm talking raucous, rockin' drums like ...wait, swallow your coffee...rockin' drums like Ivan de Prume from White Zombie's La Sexorcisto. It's easily one of the best albums of all time in my book. I used to play the air drums for Thunder Kiss '65 like nobody's business and the drums on Cosmic Monsters Inc. get me pumped! Shocked? Yeah, this is why quite often you can't think you know someone by what you read on the Internet. I don't think I would ever be on a reality show. Unless it was Music with the Stars (doesn't exist. yet) and Ivan de Prume was my 'Made coach.' I'm blending two ideas, but you kwim. Hey...wait. That's a good idea. Ok. So I'm casting a new show called Music with the Stars. Each week contestants will work with a music professional -- the same one each week -- learning a new piece each week and playing in an ensemble. Like you + maybe 3 or 4 additional musicians in the house band. Voting, etc by the public...until there is a winner. Some music skills are ok, but if you are trained, then you don't qualify for the show.

What musical instrument will you play on Gigi Presents:  Music with the Stars? Who will be your industry professional coach? Are there specific pieces that you would love to play? I guess you might want to take a moment to brag about real life skills, esp if you toiled fa-ever and/or someone in your life paid big bucks for them...but we're really all about fantasies on this one.

Oh man...who will be our judges on the show? Let's call Lionel Richie for sure. I think he'd be good. Maybe Herbie Hancock if Lionel can't do it. He's very talented. And...?

Chime in...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

J Crew - chambray schoolboy blazer

J Crew's chambray schoolboy blazer (regular 0-12 style# 22547, petite 0-12 style# 24990)

Size 4 - I'm more excited about this on the hanger than on me. The fit is off and would be better in petites so go for that if you wear petites. It seemed to add weight, though. Maybe it's the lighter color? Maybe it was the material. You can belt this, fyi, and it looks good. Check it out on FFM.

More chambray...

Bloomingdale's - Aqua

* Nordstrom - Doki Geki - Less than $25 - Whatta bargain.
* Nordstrom - Gibson - A boyfriend style. Looks cute in the darker color.
* Nordstrom - Rag & Bone - $$$

What do you think about the chambray schoolboy? I didn't like it for me, but it's nice for spring/summer.  

Do you wear denim jackets? I like the look of denim jackets but haven't worn mine at all.

Chime in...

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