Sunday, February 28, 2010

J Crew - Palmera ruffle cami

J Crew's Palmera ruffle cami (23311) runs 0-14 and petites (24771) 0-12.The color choices are hyacinth, stone, whisper pink, cool breeze, dark slate & copper dust.



Copper dust

Whisper pink

Size 2 - The regular size 2 fit fine. However, a petite cut would bring it closer to the body. I have no interest in this. It looks like I emptied my straight cut shredder & put the contents on a tank. I couldn't take this seriously. The whisper pink is very pretty, though.



Printed palmera ruffle cami (23363) - FYI, this is the print. It's $98, runs 0-14 and the color is called slate.

Check it out on Debye, on Jemma Ruby and on Simply J Crew.

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J Crew - stretch double serge pencil skirt

J Crew's stretch double pencil skirt comes in regular (22659) 00 - 14 and petite (24779) 0-12. The 4 color choices are black, papaya, natural & slate (pictured).



Size 2 - The website description says it can be described in one word, 'amazing.' I say...flawless. This is J Crew at its finest. It's 94% cotton, 6% spandex. I felt like a model in this. A tall, thin model to be specific. *lol*

The skirt is fitted without being too tight. Pockets, glaydies. The pockets are placed correctly. They don't poke out funny or add weight to the sides, imo. This skirt is definitely worth fp and the cost per wear will justify it. I think it's unlined, but you don't want or need one w/the way it's cut to fit the body, plus the nice weight of the fabric. I wear regular 2 or 4 in J Crew pencil skirts. 2 is great for this on me, so I suggest taking your smaller size if you are on the fence of two sizes like me.

Shoes (7.5): Bandolino Adiva. FYI, they are also available on Piper Lime

I these shoes!

I'm glad I got a successful shot of that side/rear seam. I was leery of that when I saw it online. It looks fine in person. I didn't notice the skirt in other colors, so I don't know how the seam looks on them. 

Of course it would look great w/out the seam, but not necessarily because the seam is part of why the skirt fits so great. I will say that if you're in a hyper critical, conservative profession, the seam might be a bit forward, modern or suggestive because it can possibly draw the eye from the hip, down the rear, to the hem of the skirt. A rear seam can be standard. It's really the placement of it running from the side hip and down the backside seam that is slightly suggestive. It's almost like outlining the booty. That said, I think if you have a cardi on, the seam is going to be less noticeable. Other than that brief pause, humongous thumbs up. Did I just say humongous? *lol* I am using that word, believing there will be many who really like this one if they try it.


Some sizing info for this skirt
Waist 4 = 30", Hip 38.75"
Waist 6 = 31", Hip 39.75"
Waist 8 = 32", Hip 40.75"

Check out this skirt on Amy Kelinda.

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J Crew - sunshine peony pencil skirt

My Puffs Moment...I was very happy to watch the US Bobsled team win gold after 62 years. Another amazing Olympic story. In case you didn't catch it, the driver -- Steve Holcomb had a degenerative eye condition that threatened to render him blind. Steve had revolutionary surgery, not yet approved by the FDA. It worked and he said he had 20/20 eyesight within 10 min post-op. And here it is, a year after the surgery and he wins Olympic gold with his crew, Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler & Curt Tomasevicz (main guy pictured).

I love the sliding events like this. I am not crazy enough to try the luge, but I can totally see me running at the start of a track and jumping in for a ride down. Kiddie track, of course, but hopefully I'll try it a few times before I'm too old.


I'm very excited to share irl pics of this skirt because I know some of you are anxiously waiting for yours to arrive in the mail -->

J Crew's sunshine peony pencil skirt (22591) runs 0-14.

Size 2 - Too tight. It's the same fabric/weight as last spring's watercolor floral pencil skirt. However, the peony pencil is lined ($98), whereas the watercolor floral is not ($88).


Size 4 - Much better fit. I'm not messing around, waiting for a sale. I brought this home with me. I love the fit & fabric on this. Interesting, the regular size 2 or 4 pencil skirts from this past fall did nothing for me, fitwise.If you own the watercolor floral and want this skirt, get the same size you got in the watercolor. I took a 4 in that one as well. Check it out on Debye and on Sugar and Spice and on Simply J Crew here and here. You might freak when you see it on Slastena.


Shoes (7.5): Bandolino Adiva. FYI, they are also available on Piper Lime, which is good towards your BR/ON/Gap reward points. I used shoe stretcher spray on these yesterday morning. I wore them from 11:30 am and they didn't hurt my feet until 7p.

Similarly...(icons are live)

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

J Crew - dotted jacquard pencil skirt

J Crew's dotted jacquard pencil skirt (25089) is marked down to $119.99. Use EXTRA30 thru 3/1, 11:59 EST for an additional 30% off. The skirt runs 00-14, regular only. The color pattern is called natural. 

Size 4 - Another reminder for me not to purchase this on fs or Ebay. I'm quite sure J Crew has changed the fit on the regular skirts. I preferred regular 2 over 4P in some of the pencil skirts from last year. In this I am taking a 4, but the proportions are off for my size. It can be altered, of course. However, my feelings on alterations are that they need to be minimal. I have a psychological threshold of what I'll pay to have a garment altered. As far as the skirt, I love the color & love the pattern. Adding a pearl Jackie might be very tonal, but I think it has a shot at looking good with the skirt.

Check it out on Debye and on Simply J Crew.

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Southern Sugar goes Wicked

My Puffs Moment...I did really well last nite. Only one really got me and it was watching Katherine Ruetter of the US set up for her medal race. After two false starts, the third start was good. Her focus was intense, yet calm. Watching her celebrate the win for silver with a lap or two around the ice was moving. Then of course they cut to her mom who is over the moon. Is it just me, or are they really celebrating the parents during these Olympics? ...I'm thinking of the commercials in addition to the pieces they air before the athletes compete...I love it.

Congratulations, Katherine Reutter!!!!!!!!!!

J Crew's Bridget dress has made an appearance on the site.

Bridget poplin dress - I originally reviewed it in this post. Loveth!

In this post, I shared a reader email from Southern Sugar. Here she is, on her way to see Wicked.

Thanks for sharing the photo! She was concerned about wearing the soft violet colored dress pre-spring  & with black. I said go for it. She had a black pashmina to go w/the black shoes. Hot stuff!

Soft violet - The dress also comes in black.

I think Southern Sugar's heels are so cute. I found some similar ones...

Nina Critia pump

Nina Elijah

Other cuties...
* Luichiny Women's Gettin Hitched Sandal - Ooh-ooh-ooh! Really like this one. This comes in 8 colors.
* Marciano Nakeylia Sandal - Very elegant. This one is leather w/a silk organza rosette.
* Martinez Valero 'Vida' Pump - I super love this one. The pink tiffany color is tdf. Fabric upper/leather lining and sole. Ooh, leatha lining.
* Nine West Jasmina

And for those of you that can wear this, F21 has a dress similar to the Bridget:

F21 - Sultry Goddess Dress

Thanks for visiting! FYI, if you have sent an email to me in the past few days, I'll be responding as soon as I can. I've gotten busy with some other things but I will be in touch to answer your questions!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

H & M - lace inset cardi

Awhile back I posted a lace inset black cardi seen in this post.

Cardigan (sm): from BP at Nordstrom (Similar vibe here) and here and this lace back cardi is really cute)
Necklace: Forever 21 (Similar here)

I saw the same one at H&M for $35

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J Crew - alpaca striped sweater

First up...

Three new winners for the BR coupon giveaway have been drawn to replace those that didn't respond.

automaticsoap - thx for responding

Please respond to the email I sent to you by Sunday nite, 11:59 PST, 2/28, or email me: gigiofca at gmail by that date/time.
J Crew's Alpaca stripe v-neck sweater (23009) runs XS - XL. The color choices are...

Ash navy

Ash ivory

Size S - I'm so glad I saved this photo as the sweater it's still available. I thought it was a holiday item that had sold out. The sweater is very pretty in-person. Not for me, but I appreciate what they're trying to do w/the lightweight fabric. I usually don't like this type of thin fabric, esp not at J Crew price points. And yes, it's one of those types that seems prone to snagging on jewelry, etc...but pretty despite all this.

I haven't seen J Crew's heathered silk-alpaca long cardigan (23173), but the website says it's the same fabric as the one above.

Chime in...aaaand let us know if you own or have tried either of these.

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