Wednesday, June 2, 2010

J Crew - impressionist pencil skirt

J Crew's Impressionist pencil skirt (regular 26579, petite 27779) just got marked down to $59.99. The regular runs 00 - 14 with a length of 21". The petite sizes are 0-12, with a length of 19", according to the website. I assume that's on the regular size. For comparison, the length of the watercolor garden skirt is 24" on a regular size 4.

Size 6 or 8 (on 5/1) - If I had to guess, I would take a 4 in this. I would have to measure the waist to be sure. I love the fabric on this skirt. Love, love, love. It has a great texture and it was one of the most striking pieces when it was release a month ago. I don't recall the green being as yellow-green as it appears on my screen, but perhaps it is. I don't own many green pieces as I find I don't wear them, but I'd wear this. If you didn't see the silk impressionist cami, click here. That got marked down a week or two ago. You can see this skirt on Audreybella. On Sugar and Spice here and here. Also see it on Debye.

Who received this email today?
I clicked on it, only to see the sale count around 540. This was the same number it was when I had gone to bed 5 hours previous. Yeah, I only got 5 hours of sleep. I kept having some kind of nightmare, waking up, saying help me, help me. I don't know what was so distressing because what I remember of my dreams is that I was preparing to rehearse for West Side Story for a large venue. I know where that came from. Recently we were talking about someone on Cash Cab or Jeopardy who didn't say 'Dennis Hopper' as the correct answer to a question. I said to G Money & the TV, 'Dennis Hopper...he was all the way back in West Side Story..' Hence the dream.

Enough of that. Here are sale pieces that are new to me:
* Cashmere V-neck ladder-stitch sweater - $59.99 - Ok, this isn't new. It's been on sale. I recvd mine yesterday in bright plum. Whew, is it bright! I love the color, though, and my PS has a cashmere cardi in the same color. I'm pretty sure I'll keep it. If I see her in the one she owns, I'll have  returner's regret. The cashmere is very cozy, of course. Here's to hoping it won't pill like a bad rental apartment rug. I got a M and plan to start wearing it on any day it's cold during our El NiƱo/welcome-to-global-warming weather.
* Featherweight cotton tipped pocket cardigan - This came out only a month ago. I'll post a review it later today or tomorrow.
* Floral Antibes skirt - $29.99  - This may have already been on sale. I recall it being from one of the most recent releases. I think.
* Linen-cotton wrap cardigan - 2nd cut from $49.99 to $34.99

If you are placing an order, TWP42M (as seen on The Mothership), is good for free shipping on $150 more thru 6/7.

Chime in...

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  1. Cute skirt I got the watercolor one I can't remember the full name. I think they look a lot a like! I hate it when I sleep like that. I swear in college I could sleep like a CHAMP, I would only get a few hours and go!!! What happened to those days?

  2. Do you know if this price is reflected in stores? Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the code. I'm rethinking the Turkish Delight skirt, now on sale. Not in my budget or lifestyle now, but I've wanted it since the first day I saw it a few months ago. I'm going to take another look at the cashmere since we might have rain again this week-arggh-will it ever be Summer?

  4. I had the same feeling about the so called updated sale. Why oh why can't J. Crew manage to put a 'new additions' option on their sale pages? It would make life so much easier!

  5. Gigi, I think the 19' length is for the petite. I have this in regular and it is 21'. Perfect for me at 5'4, but a little short for those 5'7 girls...

  6. LOVE this skirt! I tried it on in store and loved it - I *may* go back for it. I reviewed on my blog, but the skirt I tried on isn't as green as your picture:

    I think, too, that they do this skirt in the new "summer" length, which I LOVE. Usually, pencils at J Crew cover my entire kneecap, but this one hit right in the middle of my knee. FWIW, I'm 5'2".

  7. I just got back from a different store that I don't usually go to, and they had waaay more to choose from than my regular store. I picked up this same impressionist skirt - looooove!! It's so fun. I was hoping for the purple floral one (name is escaping me), but they only had a size 12. I also snagged a skirt in the Bazaar pattern, which is adorable, but runs big. (I was good in the size 2 & am reg a 6) I also grabbed the watercolor pastiche skirt, but am unsure about that one. There was also a pair of shorts in a dip-dyed print/color for $9.99 I snagged. All the prices were the same as online.

  8. Oops, JenLynn, just noticed that my Pastiche skirt was only $39.99 and it's $79.99 online right now.

    Gigi - I posted a pic of me in the skirt. Loving it so much!

  9. I am so tempted by this skirt. It's so pretty and I love the bright vibrant colors...but I'm worried it will be overwhelming on my petite frame. I got the watercolor print already (which is a smaller print) and I just love it :) This one is calling my name...!

  10. I am totally smitten with that skirt. What a lovely print!

  11. IMHO, I really thought the styling for this skirt online was spot on - simple white tee, simple flat sandals. I'll be adding a cropped denim jacket, because the markdown prompted me to purchase!

  12. triciathomas - I've rarely been able to sleep for long periods of time. However, now the difference is I cannot get by on 5 hours. Yes, what happened to those days!

    JenLynn - The email said new styles added online & in-store. I assume the stores marked them down as well, if they have any left.

    JulieStyles - The Turkish Delight would be great to get on sale. The fabric is lovely.

    Sue (reBloomer) - It would be asking a lot of J Crew to have a current functioning site.

    Kris - You are right. I corrected the post to reflect the accurate lengths.

    Michelle Q - I agree it's possible to get a different overall color in each skirt. The one I tried one was overly green. I'll add your link to this post when I get a minute.

    shopwithm - The (purple) watercolor garden skirt would be a major find in-store now that it's marked down so low. I'll add your link to the post when I have a moment.

    GingerSnap - Enableralert. I think this print would go so great w/your coloring. You often wear heels and look very sleek, so you'd be fine w/the pattern. It's not too much.

    Kristin - Thanks for visiting. I like this one a lot, too :-)

    opheliasmom - Denim jacket or vest is cute w/this skirt, but NO on the fringe booties with it ;-)

  13. It's a summer miracle! I just found the purple watercolor skirt at my very-picked-over store at the $40 markdown! My PS said it had probably just been returned. Score! I am now stocked on 3 fun floral pencil skirts. :)

  14. Um, yeah...I was thinking of the catalog styling for the impressionist skirt, not the website - THAT look is horrifying, the boots are a joke. Sorry for the confusion.

  15. Gigi

    I always had weird dreams and trouble sleeping enough when I was preggo. Must be the hormones raging!


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