Sunday, May 9, 2010

Target - beautiful jewelry

Image from Home Life Weekly

Happy Mother's Day to all. Each and every woman. :-)


When I saw this post by Fashion Court, I remembered that I had photos of an under-the-sea type collection that is now on sale at Target. I couldn't see the prices on these and only ended up going back to get the ring in the 4th pic. It was $14 at one store and about a week later I got it for around $10 at another Target. It had an original retail of $19.99. Check out the seahorse necklace on Dina G (last pic in the post).

How about these nickel free hoops for $5? Regular price. Cute.

Here are links to some of the other under-the-sea pieces. I think the prices are cheaper in-person than online, but I'm not sure as I don't know what the original retail of these are.

* Cast Coral Oversized Pendant Necklace
* Filigree and Beaded Stretch Bracelet - Not sure if this is officially in the collection I'm attempting to highlight, but this blended in w/the others when I saw it in the jewelry case.
* Filigree and Drop Chain Bracelet - Ditto for this one.
* Nautical Multi-Strand Necklace
* Nautical Shaky Stretch Bracelet - The cuteness. I don't know what's shaky about this. I guess the charms dangle.
* Seahorse Oversized Pendant Necklace - Also not sure this is in the collection, so can't say it's marked down. Very cute, so I wanted to share.
* Short Bib Necklace - Great colors, incl turquoise.
* Stretch oval ring - Similar to the one above.
* Triple drop earrings

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're having a great weekend...

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  1. This jewelry looks very nice, I am going to check it out!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Gigi!


  3. I picked up the turquoise & green short bib beaded necklace today- it was on clearance for $12, down from $50.

  4. Lisa - Well worth checking out in person.

    CD - Thanks, same to you :-)

    Molly Darling - Ooooh, great price. Lucky, lucky! I think the Targets are allowed to mark down as they see fit, so the price can be 30% off in one, 50% off in another and so on.

  5. Hi! I think I am going to be putting IRL photos of the oversized seahorse pendant today on my blog!!! I hope! :)

    BTW, Mr. Dina LOVED it, so that would be a big thumbs up from the guys!

    Happy Mother's Day, right back 'atcha!

  6. dinagideon - Let me know when you put it up and I'll link up. :-)

  7. the ring looks awesome on you! unfortunately, it didn't work for me :( i love all of your finds & thanks for linking me!

  8. Fashion Court - You're welcome and thank *you* :-)

  9. Hi Gigi! I love the red and turquoise ring you purchased. I've checked all the Target stores by me and none of them have it. If you or any other kind ladies see it in your local store, can you please pick it up for me and mail it to me? I'll gladly pay you for your trouble. Thanks!

    email me at

  10. jcrewfanatic - Just sent you an email :-)

  11. I checked my local target and I didn't find ANYTHING! I was so sad!
    Does anyone know how much the ring and the first pictured necklace is on sale for?

  12. Anon/7:30 PM - It may not have been carried by all Targets, or is sold out of your store. The ring was around $10. I don't know about the necklace.

  13. Hmm I thought I replied again but I just wanted to say thank you very much for getting back to me. My target probably never sold them it's a smaller store and they never get the good stuff.

  14. Anon/7:22 PM - You're welcome. Thanks for visiting again :-)

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