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J Crew - sunshine peony pencil skirt

My Puffs Moment...I was very happy to watch the US Bobsled team win gold after 62 years. Another amazing Olympic story. In case you didn't catch it, the driver -- Steve Holcomb had a degenerative eye condition that threatened to render him blind. Steve had revolutionary surgery, not yet approved by the FDA. It worked and he said he had 20/20 eyesight within 10 min post-op. And here it is, a year after the surgery and he wins Olympic gold with his crew, Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler & Curt Tomasevicz (main guy pictured).

I love the sliding events like this. I am not crazy enough to try the luge, but I can totally see me running at the start of a track and jumping in for a ride down. Kiddie track, of course, but hopefully I'll try it a few times before I'm too old.


I'm very excited to share irl pics of this skirt because I know some of you are anxiously waiting for yours to arrive in the mail -->

J Crew's sunshine peony pencil skirt (22591) runs 0-14.

Size 2 - Too tight. It's the same fabric/weight as last spring's watercolor floral pencil skirt. However, the peony pencil is lined ($98), whereas the watercolor floral is not ($88).


Size 4 - Much better fit. I'm not messing around, waiting for a sale. I brought this home with me. I love the fit & fabric on this. Interesting, the regular size 2 or 4 pencil skirts from this past fall did nothing for me, fitwise.If you own the watercolor floral and want this skirt, get the same size you got in the watercolor. I took a 4 in that one as well. Check it out on Debye and on Sugar and Spice and on Simply J Crew here and here. You might freak when you see it on Slastena.


Shoes (7.5): Bandolino Adiva. FYI, they are also available on Piper Lime, which is good towards your BR/ON/Gap reward points. I used shoe stretcher spray on these yesterday morning. I wore them from 11:30 am and they didn't hurt my feet until 7p.

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  1. Glad you reviewed this GiGi, and I am definitely one of those ladies anticipating the skirt in the mail. I took my usual size 0, and hope the fit is TTS! I missed out on the watercolor floral pencil skirt, and think this is a great substitute!
    Also, didn't know if this is common, but when I pre-ordered the skirt, the cost was $88 plus free shipping, but at the store I saw the price tag at $98, like you noted. Is this common?
    Can't wait to wear this darn skirt!!


  2. That print is lovely. Good choice!

  3. I am so THRILLED for the Men's Bobsleigh Team...what an awesome victory! :)

    I tried this skirt on and feel it runs TTS...I wouldn't have sized up if I had gotten it. I also posted a pic on my blog last week. I think it looks great on you, and I'm glad you decided to get it! :)

  4. Can't wait for this one. Mine should get here tomorrow. Looks like I lucked out by preordering it with the $88 pricetag + free shipping. Thanks for the pics...looks like it's a winner!

  5. I LOVE this skirt, too! And, like AppGal, I lucked out with the $88 preorder, too. Mine arrives Tuesdau; I can't wait!!

  6. GigiOfCa: Thank you so much for sharing real life images of the skirt. The print is gorgeous in-person. Also, you look great in it! :)

  7. That's a really pretty skirt! Thanks for posting on the sizing.

    The WHBM pink/zebra skirt looked cute as styled in the catalog with a black tank, pink cardi, and black skinny belt over the top.

  8. I also preordered and got the $88 and free ship. I think mine arrives on Tuesday as well. I think it looks great on you, Gigi. I didn't like last year's watercolor print as much and didn't buy that one. I'm much happier with this print.

  9. Forgot to add that I think the Watercolor Floral skirt looked great on you, too. Did you end up keeping it? Oh, and I thought you had the J.Crew Almond Juliets on at first...the Adivas look very similar. What a great find! :)

  10. I pre-ordered mine and it should get here this week. I ordered my regular pencil skirt size so hopefully it fits.
    The print looks lovely on you. :-)
    I also thought you were wearing the Juliets in almond.

    Like I've said on JCA blog, it irks me that JCrew raised the price of this skirt. Though I paid $88, it's just bad business practice.

  11. Wow that skirt looks SO pretty on you. I love so many of the floral prints this spring. And yes the Bobsleigh team was a great moment. I am sad the Olympics are ending today. Should be a great hockey game today though :)

  12. That skirt looks great on you--great purchase. What did you think of the cardigan in the same print?

  13. The Sunshine Peonies Pencil Skirt looks fabulous on you! I'm trying to decide if I want the skirt or the dress. I'm thinking I may not get as much wear out of the dress since it's strapless. And I love the Bandolino Adiva pumps! What a great pair of shoes that will go with everything!

  14. DEA - We have definitely seen some price changes with items at J Crew. I don't know if they're playing games or if there are errors. They seem to have some miscommunication in the organization and my guess it's someone's error that they try to correct. It's only exposed because we chat about the clothes on the blogs. On JCA I mentioned that the Bridget poplin dress was $128 in-store. However, when they put it on promo, the signage said it was $118, down from $138. It's $138 online.

    DrDrama - Thanks for visiting :-)

    FFM - I didn't find your skirt pic. Please drop the link and I'll add it here. I still have the watercolor floral skirt & am looking forward to wearing it again this season. When I was in J Crew yesterday purchasing the peony skirt, the SA told me she remembered me in the watercolor skirt from last year. She kept seeing it with heels and loved that I had flat sandals on with it. I'll be trying sandals w/the peony, too.

    AppGal, rynetta & Desert Flower - You're all lucky to get the skirt for $88. Desert Flower, I thought this print might look a bit psychedelic irl, but it doesn't. It's very nice.

    mollywaffles - I just got the WHBM catalog, so I'll have to look at the styling. Thanks for chiming in.

    Sydneygirl - Only 15 min till the hockey game begins. I'm sitting right here, waiting...

    jcrewphd - I totally hear you & everyone that's frustrating about the pricing change on the skirt. From the J Crew perspective, I'll say that the peony is lined, whereas the watercolor was not. That's the difference in price, imo. HOWEVER, from the consumer side, J Crew is just flat out wrong. And in this age where corporate transparency has become important, J Crew fails. Old Navy had a recent promo where they made an error on a flyer that was printed and distributed. As a result, cardholders were given a $10 certificate that can be used thru this June.

    Anon/10:40 AM - The store I visited didn't get the cardi, so I haven't seen it yet. FFM tried it on and you can in this post.

    Kathryn - I tried on the strapless peony dress. Very cute, but very thin! I'll try to put that up asap.

  15. Hi Gigi! The skirt looks great! I am a short gal like you and I was wondering if you planned to have the skirt hemmed? I recently got the purple tweed-ish "unangi" skirt and it seems really long on me.

  16. Jill - The unagi is longer, imo. The silhouette seems to be bigger, too. I have irl pics of the unagi in this post. If you comes up much higher than the peony. To answer your question, I don't know if I'll have this one hemmed. My inclination is to say no, but I will decide once I compare it to the length of the watercolor, which I have on in this post. If the length is the same, I won't hem it. One more link...if you haven't checked out JCAUNCMOM's post on how to find your ideal skirt length, definitely do so. It explained to me why I mostly prefer J Crew's regular skirts over petite cuts.

  17. btw... the j.crew website should use YOUR pics instead of the photoshopped model version. You look SO MUCH BETTER! :)

  18. gorgeous print - it looks great on you, gigi!

    ps: come enter the alice in wonderland giveaway on my blog! xo

  19. Such a cute skirt! I think the length is perfect on you.

  20. AppGal, Fashion Court & Godiva - Thanks for visiting. Thanks for the giveaway info, Fashion Court :-)

  21. This post is helpful! This skirt just moved over to the sale section so I ordered one. I was debating between 2 and 4, but your posted measurements are similar to mine so I went with a 4 and it was the right choice! I thought the skirt would be too long at 24" (since I'm only 5'2") but I guess since it sits a little higher it worked out ok.

  22. mollywaffles - Glad you found this post and that it helped. Yes, it sits higher, but was comfortable. Hope your 4 is good!


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