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J Crew - stretch double serge pencil skirt

J Crew's stretch double pencil skirt comes in regular (22659) 00 - 14 and petite (24779) 0-12. The 4 color choices are black, papaya, natural & slate (pictured).



Size 2 - The website description says it can be described in one word, 'amazing.' I say...flawless. This is J Crew at its finest. It's 94% cotton, 6% spandex. I felt like a model in this. A tall, thin model to be specific. *lol*

The skirt is fitted without being too tight. Pockets, glaydies. The pockets are placed correctly. They don't poke out funny or add weight to the sides, imo. This skirt is definitely worth fp and the cost per wear will justify it. I think it's unlined, but you don't want or need one w/the way it's cut to fit the body, plus the nice weight of the fabric. I wear regular 2 or 4 in J Crew pencil skirts. 2 is great for this on me, so I suggest taking your smaller size if you are on the fence of two sizes like me.

Shoes (7.5): Bandolino Adiva. FYI, they are also available on Piper Lime

I these shoes!

I'm glad I got a successful shot of that side/rear seam. I was leery of that when I saw it online. It looks fine in person. I didn't notice the skirt in other colors, so I don't know how the seam looks on them. 

Of course it would look great w/out the seam, but not necessarily because the seam is part of why the skirt fits so great. I will say that if you're in a hyper critical, conservative profession, the seam might be a bit forward, modern or suggestive because it can possibly draw the eye from the hip, down the rear, to the hem of the skirt. A rear seam can be standard. It's really the placement of it running from the side hip and down the backside seam that is slightly suggestive. It's almost like outlining the booty. That said, I think if you have a cardi on, the seam is going to be less noticeable. Other than that brief pause, humongous thumbs up. Did I just say humongous? *lol* I am using that word, believing there will be many who really like this one if they try it.


Some sizing info for this skirt
Waist 4 = 30", Hip 38.75"
Waist 6 = 31", Hip 39.75"
Waist 8 = 32", Hip 40.75"

Check out this skirt on Amy Kelinda.

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  1. Great review, Gigi - that skirt looks smashing on you. The back is gorgeous, too! I'll have to check that one out in store!

  2. I love this skirt as well! I tried on the black in-store but really want to get the slate. My hopes were low because of the pockets and pleating but it was very flattering on me in my smaller size 2. The 4 was just too pouchy in the middle so you really should take the smaller of your two JC sizes in this one (my $0.02).

  3. Coley - It's a winner. Thanks for stopping by.

    silver_lining - Thanks for chiming in about fit. Yep, take your smaller of 2 sizes on this one. :-)

  4. damn, gigi. the skirt looks so good on you. i am now tempted to try it even though i have never attempted a pencil skirt in my life!

  5. I totally agree with you on this skirt. The fit is amazing.

  6. I think the skirt looks great from the back and sides, however I disagree that it doesn't add weight. The pockets add weight straight on, looks pouchy. maybe i'm the only one who thinks so.

    but the sunshine peony looks great on you

  7. I agree Gigi, this is JCrew at its best. No one else cuts a pencil skirt like this. Not BR, not Boden, not any of the house brands at Nordstrom.

    I saw the natural color instore and immediately went online and ordered my petite size. The fit is perrrfect, shapely and slimming, close but not tight at all. The front pleats and pockets do add a little curvature to the hips, which I find very flattering. The curved back seams, on the other hand, do not enlarge or really even emphasize the butt, imo. The overall look is more chic and pretty than sexy.

    The fabric and construction of this skirt are of much higher quality than the cotton double serge skirt from last year. No VPLs and less wrinkle prone this time. :) I only wish it came in more colors.

    Gigi, if you come across the new Metallic Moss Jacquard Skirt (23001), will you please review it?!


  8. This skirt looks smashing on you! I will definitely try this on next time.

  9. love the skirt on you!! now i have to check it out in-store!!

  10. I LOVE this skirt, thanks for sharing!!!!

  11. Megha - You should try this one for sure.

    audreybella - Thanks for chiming in.

    DinDin - Thanks for chiming in. Did you try this one on, or are you going off the photos here? It's good to hear others' experiences if they've tried the item on.

    Anon/LL - I may have to check out the natural color in this one. Thanks for chiming in about fit. I guess since my hips are mostly straight, I didn't feel that it added me.

    math teacher, Mikaela & rynetta - Thanks for stoppin by :-)

  12. Oh...Anon/LL - The Metallic Moss Jacquard Skirt is catalog/ only. I don't plan on ordering it. If I happen to see it in-store as a return, I'll try it.

  13. i like that skirt...i sure do miss the "crew"....

  14. Tamstyles - Thanks for visiting. Hope you're well & decorating up a storm :-)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I ordered this skirt in my usual larger size and felt like it ran true to size. I would not have been able to size down without the curvy seam being distorted.

    The construction and fabric are amazing and I really liked the curved seams which usually do not work with my curvy bottom.

    However, I completely agree with DinDin. The skirt adds weight to the tummy area of everyone I have seen wearing it: me, the model online and the 90 pound sales associate at my local B&M. Frankly, Gigi, I like the shape of the peonies skirt and the crosshatch pencil skirt better on you than this. When anyone is standing squarely, it looks nice, but as soon as a hip is stuck out or any movement is made, the pockets and all that extra fabric around the hips rucks up in the front ruining the lines.

    Definiate pass for me which is a shame because there is so much to love about this skirt...

  17. I bought the natural colour when I was in the US a few weeks ago, and I agree with you Gigi, I felt like a model in it. Very slimming cut and I loved the seams (I wasn't sure to begin with, but they give me the illusion of a nice bum!). I took my usual size 4 in pencil skirts. I'll be getting a ton of wear out of it come spring/summer.

  18. kitsmommy & Clicquot - Thanks for chiming in. It's good to hear from both sides of the fence. I'm still on the likey side ;-)

  19. that pencil skirt is great on you! sizing info is helpful, as I've been a 4 in JCrew Pencil skirts in the past too.

  20. mollywaffles - Thanks for visiting :-)

  21. Gigi, i tried this skirt after seeing how flattering it was on you. I was very happy with the fit and hope to purchase it one day in a petite. I need a shorter length.

    Thanks for the review and pics. This is a fabulous skirt.

  22. Cleo - Thanks for chiming!! :-)

  23. Thanks for your review Gigi. I just purchased this skirt in the tan. The fit is great! I plan to wear it to work tomorrow. I am thinking about they papaya color too.

  24. Gillian - Cool! Thanks for letting me know it worked. I was pretty excited about this one :-)


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