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Sunday, February 28, 2010

J Crew - Palmera ruffle cami

J Crew's Palmera ruffle cami (23311) runs 0-14 and petites (24771) 0-12.The color choices are hyacinth, stone, whisper pink, cool breeze, dark slate & copper dust.



Copper dust

Whisper pink

Size 2 - The regular size 2 fit fine. However, a petite cut would bring it closer to the body. I have no interest in this. It looks like I emptied my straight cut shredder & put the contents on a tank. I couldn't take this seriously. The whisper pink is very pretty, though.



Printed palmera ruffle cami (23363) - FYI, this is the print. It's $98, runs 0-14 and the color is called slate.

Check it out on Debye, on Jemma Ruby and on Simply J Crew.

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  1. Hahaha, a paper shredder. I was thinking it kind of looked like a cartoon lion's chest hair, or something. Straight off the Broadway Hit Disney Musical THE LION KINNNNG!

    The Copper Dust color is too pretty, though!

  2. Chloe - Super duper Lion's King. Yes, copper dust is pretty & would look great on you, as you know ;-)

  3. Wow, this looks so different from the pic on the web site! It would sorta be cute, from a distance, if I didn't have my contacts Thanks for sharing!

  4. Agreed on the Palmera ... the only thing that even made me look at it were the colors it came in... don't love the design.

  5. Normally I think Mr. Dina is stuck in some sort of fashion warp, but if I came home wearing this I believe his face and comments on it would be spot on...he would be of one opinion..."yuck."

    I am usually so positive, and "rah-rah," too. I can't seem to turn off my internal contrarian filter this morning.

    I would love to see if anyone can make this top does come in some lovely colors, but how to tame it??? (Love the Lion King reference, haha.) :)

  6. Godiva - It's totally cute from a distance, without contacts. Then I started laughing when I tried it on. Not uproariously, just a giggle, but still...

    Lindsey B - Pretty colors & then it stops there.

    dina - There is always someone that will look superb in items I like. I really believe that. G Money would be right there w/Mr. Dina. Pass.

  7. I bought the Palmera top in the cool breeze color (beautiful color), but initially didn't like the design. I ended up pairing it under the drapey Mackenzie jacket and now it looks really cute!

  8. Heather - Cool breeze is very pretty. I recvd the Mackenzie jacket today. I think I like it. What color did you get?

  9. Hi, I got the Mackenzie jacket in black :)

  10. Heather - I'll bet the black is nice. That should last you a long time in your wardrobe. I got the blush color. The tones are close to my skin, not enough contrast, so I'm on the fence.


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