Saturday, February 27, 2010

J Crew - dotted jacquard pencil skirt

J Crew's dotted jacquard pencil skirt (25089) is marked down to $119.99. Use EXTRA30 thru 3/1, 11:59 EST for an additional 30% off. The skirt runs 00-14, regular only. The color pattern is called natural. 

Size 4 - Another reminder for me not to purchase this on fs or Ebay. I'm quite sure J Crew has changed the fit on the regular skirts. I preferred regular 2 over 4P in some of the pencil skirts from last year. In this I am taking a 4, but the proportions are off for my size. It can be altered, of course. However, my feelings on alterations are that they need to be minimal. I have a psychological threshold of what I'll pay to have a garment altered. As far as the skirt, I love the color & love the pattern. Adding a pearl Jackie might be very tonal, but I think it has a shot at looking good with the skirt.

Check it out on Debye and on Simply J Crew.

Chime in...

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  1. I got this skirt in size 4.
    I absolutely love it. It fits me well and the fabric looks much better in IRL.
    I even bought one for my sister.
    Too bad it didn’t work for you, gigi.

    Do you like the sunshine peony pencil skirt?

  2. I'll echo on the sunshine peony pencil skirt as I pre-ordered and it should be here any day!!
    I tried this skirt on as well and it was ok- didn't look as shiny and bright as on the website, and I hate it when that happens!

  3. I love the skirt. I saw it weeks ago at the B&M and it was on my wish list. I purchased it earlier today with the 30% off final sale. Can't wait to get it in the mail!

  4. I really like this skirt, love the fabric and that it is neutral. It fit me well when i tried it on. I'm still on the fence about it though since i would have to hemmed.

    Overall, the Sunshine Peony skirt fit me better because of the stiffer fabric.

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting!

    Late responses...

    Simply JCrew - You may have already seen that I *did* get the sunshine peony skirt. It's in this post.

    citygal1 - An extra 30 is great. Hope the skirt worked out for you.

    Cleo - I also would have to get this hemmed and it's not worth it for me as I know I wouldn't wear it enough.


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