Saturday, October 31, 2009

Target - $20 Merona holiday cardigans

I saw these $20 Merona cardigans at Target and tried them on for the blog. The holiday sweater look is not for me, but I think these are great, toned down versions.

Merona Holiday Snowflake Cardigan - Size XS

Merona Holiday Ornament Cardigan - Size XS

Merona Holiday Reindeer Pullover Size XS

Merona printed cardigan - $24.99 - I haven't seen these in person, but saw them on the website.
Same cardigan in Longberry - Target printed cardis are pretty good. I'd be curious to see them in person. Could be an alternative if you liked J Crew's primrose pattern.

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Gig's Gear - $15 BR silk top

A text message exchange...

I'll be home soon & ready to go to Applebee's right away.

G Money: Want me to get a reservation? (bwahaahaha...where's my knee?)
Gigi: Yeah...cuz I'm wearing my fur!
G Money: I'll get out yer fav diamond necklace too!

Yep. We went to Applebee's and I wanted to look nice. I wore this silk ruched top (673828) from Banana Republic. It's $29.99 online and was $13.99 in-store as of 10/28:

Banana Republic at ShopStyle

I got it in a midnight blue, size M - I also saw it in a mushroom/tan, black & lavender.
ON scarf (SP09)
J Crew Favorite Fit cords (85638, 6P, FA07)

Belinda spectator pump in stone, size 8, I usually take a 7.5.

Another look at the BR blouse, sans scarf.

When we first got together, G Money & I used to go to different casual dining restaurants and rate BLTs. I was cracking up when I found an old scorecard I'd made of 5 restaurants & their scores. We moved onto steak sandwiches for the past 2 years. Now we're on ribs. We'll keep trying different restaurants because they weren't great at Applebee's. My all time favorites will surely be Tony Roma's. Since they are not nearby, the Costco ribs (refrigerated) are winning. With fresh, handcut french fries. I season mine with Lawry's salt. SO GOOD! This is why I cook at home, and spend my money on clothes instead.

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Coming up tomorrow...J Crew's silk cascade ruffle jacket.

J Crew - ruffled Collier top

For my glaydies currently With Child...visit Slastena's blog to see some awesome Polyvores. You'll be inspired, whatever month you're in. And even if you're not pregnant.

J Crew's ruffled Collier top (19685) retails for $89.50. It comes in ivory, wild blackberry & light amethyst, sizes 0-14.

J.Crew at ShopStyle

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Size 4

Size zip and this is where it stops.

The back neck.
Check out the ruffled Collier on Summerilla. On Sparkle Cupake. And check it out on LizPoms.

On Debye, too.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Talbot's - extra 25% ends Sunday

Take an extra 25% off sale items at Talbot's thru this Sun, 11/1. (Can you believe it's Nov!?!) The sale is in-store & online. I believe the online prices reflect the additional 25% off. If I were going to cruise thru a store this weekend, I'd be curious to see how these look in person:

1) Knit cardigan - $28.49
Talbots at ShopStyle

2) Bow neck blouse - $23.49
Talbots at ShopStyle

3) Ruffled placket shirt - $33.74
Talbots at ShopStyle

4) Tie-neck blouse - $33.74
Talbots at ShopStyle
I've seen #3, the ruffled placket shirt in person. It's very nice. Very polished looking, as Talbot's is. So that may not appeal to some. The following ATL version might be more attractive and they look the same.

Ann Taylor Loft at ShopStyle

Use 104002172 at Ann Taylor Loft to save 15% off purchases of $75 or or more thru 10/31.

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J Crew - glimmer pocket cardi

J Crew's glimmer pocket cardi (20272) retails for $98. It comes in black & pink champagne, XS - XL.

J.Crew at ShopStyle
Size XS - The buttons were a pain to undo on this one, which is why I stopped at buttoning the 1st one.

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Size XS

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J Crew - beaded neck city tee cardigan

J Crew's beaded neck city tee cardigan (18070) retails for $49.50.

Size XS - The size S fit better in the shoulders, but still had a bit of gaping at the chest. I think it's the placement of the buttons. An extra button would have been better, too, but then it wouldn't be $49.50. It comes in black & heather grey.

Washing instructions:
Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry.

Size S - This color is very pretty but looks like loungewear on me.

S - shadow - This one didn't have the gaping problem like the grey & black. Go figure.

Check out this cardi and another retail only item on Patina. It reads on my monitor as antique stone, but she's wearing grey. I did a review of the cotton top Patina is wearing in this post.

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p.s. Someone asked if J Crew's double serge pencil skirt in aqua can be winterized with black.
J Crew Portland cardi (S)
Mossimo Black pleated bib tank
J Crew double serge pencil skirt (2)
J Crew belt (SP09

J Crew - viscose tango tank

First up...

Visit Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie and
enter to win a $100 Anthropologie gift certificate!

Good luck :-)


J Crew's viscose tango tank (20061) retails for $49.50. It comes in black, soft graphite & dusty blossom online, XS - XL. I have only seen a lighter grey and darker grey in-stores. Perhaps the black & dusty blossom have sold out in some stores or those colors are only available online.

Dusty Blossom
J.Crew at ShopStyle
Soft Graphite
J.Crew at ShopStyle

Size XS
I liked it. It's a bit Grecian, though, which isn't a bad thing. I have a grey chiffon ruffle tank from Old Navy, FA08 (believe it or not). So I am passing on this one. I highly recommend this tango, though. The fit & feel were great.

Check it out on Summerilla, on Heidi, My Bag Overfloweth , on JMBP and on AudreyBella.

And again on Heidi + she has a pic of the Selby bag.

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