Monday, August 31, 2009

J Crew - Slub cotton imperial tee (irl pics)

First up....

You HAVE to
see Olga in the SATC dress! I originally reviewed it here.

J Crew's imperial v-neck tee(18095) retails for $32.50, XS - XL. Check it out on Ema , Patina Cabachon, JMPB A Bigger Closet and on Simply J Crew.

Me loveth the look of these trousers.


I was really excited about a v-neck graphic. The tee didn't do anything for me. And neither did the 3 embellishments at my stomach. Boo.

As styled for previews...
J Crew's jersey stripe scarf (98779) retails for $29.50. It comes in camel champagne (like the striped l/s Victoria, FA08) and graphite champagne (pictured).

ON's $10 jersey scarf is definitely in the inspiration of...

Blog reviews only. I already have enough graphic tees and already have a cute ON striped scarf in a blue on blue tone.

Chime in...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

GAP - boyfriend oxford shirt

First up...

Roxy is having a contest on her blog, Effortless Anthropologie..
What'll she win, Johnny? Well...The anticipated prizes are Anthropologie gift cards as follows:

1) $500 gift card
1) $200 gift card
4) $75 gift cards

How cool is that? It's $5 to enter and you can read more about it here.

Gap's boyfriend oxford shirt (620918) retails for $49.50. You can choose from regular, petite or tall sizes. Color choices are white and blue.

ETA: Jordyn reviewed it, too.

Here is the GAP boyfriend oxford (XSP) vs J Crew's perfect shirt reviewed here.

Me loveth the Old Navy weekend jeans (pic on left). I think this is the weathered wash. I just ordered blue jet the other day.

Right now I am keeping both tops. The GAP color is more casual and so is the fit. It feels very, very comfortable. The PS was too big. I like the PXS. I love the GAP top, esp considering I got it for 30% off during F&F.

The J Crew blue is twice the price,
but the sateen finish and the perfect fit cut give it a different look than the Gap option. I am still a little on the fence about the J Crew top. I haven't worn it yet and usually that means I'm not going to. I think I expect a very casual feel when choosing a chambray-type shirt. The J Crew version may be a bit more polished than the look I want. However, it's such a nice option to have. I think if it were like $40...maybe even $69.50, I might be all over it, but I can't decide. I think it could look so slick underneath a navy v-neck sweater. And because it's more fitted, it will create better lines under a sweater or cardi than the GAP option.

Ugh. Being a Libra rising is not good for decision making.

What do you have to say today? Chime in...

p.s. I'm offering 10% off the tall leather Thompson tote seen in this pic and on my sale blog. Offer ends Tuesday nite (9/1).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

J Crew - textured jersey boatneck painter tee

First have GOT to see this granny in J Crew! on Jules' blog. That makes my day.

J Crew's textured jersey boatneck painter tee (17395) retails for $34.50. It runs XS - XL. Many colors --- white, black, soft graphite (light/med grey), sweet papaya, bright olive (yellow green), bright tulip (pink), aqua green, pale lilac, deep amber, plum raisin (deep purple) and mars.


Size XS - the color mars does not read as red in person.

Ratty tatty neckline. On the upside, these tees do not seem to be as thin and hole prone as last year's.

XS - Raisin - nice color

Check it out on Ema and on AudreyBella. You can see close up shots of the neckline finishing, or lack thereof on A Bigger Closet's blog.

I prefer J Crew's scoopneck tees. They can't seem to get the boatneck right and they should really leave it alone.

Likey? No likey? Chime in...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Navy - STUFF75 promo (TOPS)

Old Navy is having a Stuff N Save promo thru 9/10. Use STUFF75 online with your BR/ON/GAP card to save 20% off. You get free shipping for orders $75+.

Old Navy's argyle cardigan is available in 5 color options. The original retail is $29.50. They're on promo for $20 + 20% off with STUFFNSAVE thru 8/30.

Size XS - ON has gotten better with their quality, but of course the cotton they use on this is not as soft as J Crew's merino wool argyle sweaters. On the upside, I don't have pilling issues w/ON sweaters like I've had w/J Crew so this could be a winner. I didn't get it when I tried it on. I wish this had a couple more buttons at the top & a hood. It would be so cute under a blazer. The math is definitely nice...a net $16 on the promo.

Size XS - long sleeve v-neck- currently $12 - I tried this on for the blog only. I don't like that you can see all of the lines of the top under it. It's 100% cotton and could have used some stretch.

Size XS - I finally figured out what bugs. The argyle pattern is so large it's more checkboard than argyle. Same issue as the cardi...the cotton is ok but not as nice as J Crew's merino. Not that I'm supposed to compare apples to orange, but I can't help it.

Size XS - A short sleeve crewneck sw. Not exciting. SUPER BRIGHT. Had to try it on for the blog.

Striped turtleneck - $10 - the website says it's a tissue t-neck. Ooh this is so cute...on it's own, cropped capris and red heels. Or under a khaki blazer. You just never know w/ON. It could look kitschy in person so don't be mad at me if you no likey in person. ;-)

A nice vibrant color for fall, also $10

This mandarin collar top is really cute for $15. And hey -- that's before 20% off. I could see it with a couple long necklaces and skinny jeans, except I am not loving the puff shoulder or the banded hem. Or the pleated wrist either! I think they caught my interest w/the v-neck and the stitching at the upper chest. Cuteness.

Black jack - looks great, doesn't it?
ETA: I saw this today and the color reads grey-ish in person. As I thought, I hated the puff shoulder.

Cable v-neck sweater - $12 -- I did not stutter. It's $12 before the 20%. It's 93% cotton, 4% other fibers & 3% spandex. I don't know exactly what 'other fibers' are, but I like the notion of 3% spandex. The sweater will keep shape and not be inclined to stretch out.

Purple broach - This is quite a refreshing color w/all of the lighter tones we've seen for first fall fashion.

ETA: I saw this today as well. The color is dark. Like too dark. I should have just ordered black. Love the v-neck and it's soft. I didn't try it, but it seems like a good buy.

Red head - This could be orange-y red, it could be as bright as it looks on my computer or it could be a true red. You never know w/ON pics. They aren't that great. They named it red head, though, so maybe it's a flaming (good) color.

ETA: I don't recall seeing this color in-person today. Maybe it's a good color & sold out?

Will you shop ON's promo? Chime in...

Target - YOU GO NOW! (boyfriend blazer)

Mossimo Black one-button blazer retails online for $34.99. Boyfriend blazer look? Bullseye! You go now!

Size S - This has to be the same blazer as the one above. I purchased this for $29.99 in-store. Target may be doing the higher-price online thing to off-set the Free Shipping when you spend $50 or more. They've had that offer for quite some time.

Up close
J Crew bright spearmint tank (SU08, M), thrifted faux pearls.

The jacket is fully lined, with a striped lining in the sleeves.

The shoulder pad kind of bugged out, but I doubt it's really noticeable. They're subtle, not large or "exaggerated" as they are calling them this season (stifles laughter) , so no one should really pick up on the line of them thru the blazer. You didn't even notice till you see it up close, huh?


F21 also has a boyfriend style blazer, $24.80. The Jaques 3/4 Sleeve Blazer comes in black and runs S-L. I haven't tried this on or seen it in person. Use chic21 to save 10% on $70 (or $75) or more thru 9/3.

Did I take enough pics? *lol*

Check it out on Polyvore Pictures.

Chime in...

p.s. J posted another boyfriend blazer option.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

F21 - distressed metallic motorcycle jacket

F21's greyhound leatherette jacket retails for $37.80. This is one of the least expensive ways to get your rocker chick chic on, rough up something sweet (I.e. over a maxi dress) or inject a little edge into your style constitution.

Size M - - looks like a breast plate across the chest, not so good, but...

Unzipped is the way to go

Will you be incorporating any rocker-esque pieces into your wardrobe this fall? Chime in...

J Crew - Blythe silk dress

J Crew's Blythe silk dress (15498) - $59.99 now on final sale, down from $185. It comes in white ivory and shocking pink, which appears to be sold out. Or maybe J Crew is hiding it right now.

Size 6P - J Crew dangling pearl necklace, JS by Jessica Simpson strappy pumps (major score at DSW for $20)

Pockets! - No, didn't steam the wrinkles out yet.

About the hook/button at the chest. It really needs to remain buttoned, from what I've tried so far. It's the least attractive part of the dress because there is essentially a white thread crossing the front for no good reason. Why make a functional slit when it doesn't look good unbuttoned? No, no pic of it unbuttoned. It just looked weird.

Belt by Daisy Fuentes from Kohl's
Side view

Me loveth this dress. The fit is great. It feels like it can go dressy or casual (cardi party!). I meant to try it on with flats and forgot. OMG...when I got the dangling pearls necklace, I opened it, took these pics and then went to sleep. I had a dream that the pearls were falling off and I was stepping on them. When I did, they crushed like pieces of chalk and, of course, I was trying not to cry. It felt like my teeth was falling the dream. Don't you hate that dream? Only how sad is it that my teeth are J Crew dangling pearls? *slaps knee* That's what I get for sleeping in the middle of the afternoon!

Editing to add...there are 2 seams that come up from the waist and stop at the nips. This is the 2nd drawback to the dress. I am hoping that the situation relaxes after I steam the dress. The seams will end in different places on different people, I'm guessing, so it's something to consider. It's not noticeable enough that I want to return the dress. Thankfully.

Likey? No likey? Chime in...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

J Crew - wallpaper jacquard dress

J Crew's wallpaper jacquard dress (15031) - is on final sale for $139.99

I got a 4. Here are some measurements:

Size 2 = bust 33.5, waist 28.25, low hip 38.75
Size 4 = bust 34.5, waist 29.25, low hip 39.75

Size 4 - It was too big in chest. It drives me nuts when I call J Crew for the measurements and they are off. Or maybe I just don't know how to measure properly.

The pleats just below the cummerbund waist add girth. I'll pass on that. On the upside, the dress has pockets, which is great.

Too big, although you have to fit that cummerbund. I think I could fit a 2, but a 4 might be the way to go & then alter the parts that don't fit (shoulder & length).

It's lightweight and thin, but lined. The lightweight aspect is good because it's not heavy like a brocade. The print is shiny. I didn't like that part of it, but the shine would be nice for nighttime. Déjà Crew! The pattern reminds me of the partridge skirt. I am onto you, J Crew!

Likey? No likey? Chime in...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anna Sheffield for Target

Anna Sheffield jewelry will be sold at Target as of Sunday, 8/30. Here is part of the press release:

"The exclusive Anna Sheffield for Target collection is available at a great value, ranging in price from $19.99 to $79.99.

New York based jewelry designer, Anna Sheffield, hails from New Mexico where a rich artistic and elemental environment, as well as her studies in fine art, provide her with unlimited inspiration. Anna Sheffield is best known for her Bing Bang and Anna Sheffield jewelry collections which are sold at various stores across the country as well as a favorite within celebrity circles."

I like this video profile on Anna. There are great shots some of her other work, esp the bracelet she talks about towards the end: Here are some of what we'll see at our beloved Tarjay.

The stones at the class on the 1st necklace look pretty. I love the simple black bow necklace as well. The necklaces are $29.99 - $49.99

Those birds are kissing a faux diamond...awww... The charm bracelet ($39.99) looks fun, esp if you don't own a Tiffany heart tag bracelet.

Have you heard of Anna Sheffield? Are you intrigued by any of these pieces?

Chime in...

p.s. Later today...J Crew's wallpaper jacquard dress...

J Crew - stadium-cloth Winnie jacket

First up....

I added a irl pic to the J Crew goldwyn dress post
. I am so happy I scored it. Me loveth.

J Crew's stadium-cloth Winnie jacket retails for $245. The style # for regular (0-14)is 16729 and 18197 for petite (0-12).

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Size 2 - I checked the tag. I definitely tried a 2. If you want a bright yellow coat, this is it.

If I were into this, I'd definitely need a 2P or 4P.

Note the eversoslight A-line/swing at the bottom

That dang sleeve. I was surprised that it was a such a bell sleeve.

Me no likey. It's just not for me. Tried it all for all my glaydies here. Too military and too yellow. I was turned off by the brightness of the yellow when I saw it. Also the military thing is too trendy for me to wear on a nice winter coat like this. Though I love & appreciate the look.

Check it out on one fashionista diva. And you get a two-fer with the Winnie on Dina & Heidi in this post.
p.s. I checked out Sarah's blog a life more exciting. She is a crackup. And her blog led me to Roscoe's blog.
Yes, Roscoe is a basset hound.


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