Friday, July 31, 2009

J Crew - raining rhinestones wool coat (Fall 09)

From the lookbook, pg. 12

This gorgeous coat is a Collection piece. It will run sizes 0-8. However another CS said it will run 0-14. No record of petite availability. To debut in Sept in 2 stores.

The rhinestone collar Evelyn coat (17509) retails for...wait, my heart raced and I had to remove my sweater (hot flash!) when I heard the retail of $800. The coat only comes in golden amber.

I cannot wait to see this in person. It could have some oomph, like the honey glaze color. Or, it could be a washed out color, like the peach jersey strapless dress. The photoshoot for the Lookbook was washed out, so who knows.

The measurements on the 0 are around 37" for the bust and 40" for the low hip, if I recall correctly. The rep pointed out a couple of times that this is an overcoat and can be worn over multiple layers. I understood the point, but based on those measurements it seems to be vanity sized so I got a 0. From the pic it appears to be double-breasted & have an A-line shape. Not my favorites, but I'm blinded by the rhinestones.

I have to try it so I pre-ordered it. (Help me, lawd!) I'm not jumping up and down about anything in the Lookbook or that has been online. There are a couple basics I want, but this was the only showstopper for me so I need to see it. I'm not sure if it will show up in a store near me and I didn't want to take a risk that it will/won't. I've learned that it's better to get now & decide later, provided it's not final sale. Otherwise someone will come and swoop what I want. I know some of you have great luck w/popbacks, but my timing is not so lucky matching my size & wants w/availability.

ETA 7/29 - I pre-ordered on 7/24 and still missed the boat. Amazing.

"Thank you for your recent pre-order for our French Serge Evelyn Coat. I apologize, but due to the popularity of this item, demand has exceeded our expectations and we are unable to fulfill your order."

For those of you skimming and not really reading...I ordered this coat on 7/24 and wrote this post on 7/27 or so. On 7/29 I got that email saying I'm not getting the coat via pre-order. This sucks. But of course, not getting it could be good. It's definitely less $800-good for me. Anyway...maybe the color is bad and I wouldn't like it. Frickety frack!

I contacted my online PS and she said the only sizes left are maybe a 6 or an 8. Actually, she said she "could possibly get me a 6 or 8." It smacked of an odd drug deal for a fraction of a second but nevermind as neither of those sizes will work according to the measurements.

I have to trust in the Crewniverse that this isn't for me. Oh-- the newest words added to the vocab list are comp alt, crewinverse and patinalicious.

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8/25 ETA:
I KNEW they were overlighting/overexposing the images during the Lookbook shoot. Here are the online images. I'm so glad that I didn't get this.


p.s. This is the last day for free shipping on Dulken & Derrick flowers.

J Crew - the Thriller sweater

"Cause this is thriller, thriller night
And no one's gonna save you from the beast about strike
You know it's thriller, thriller night
You're fighting for your life inside...
" not "inside." You broke out of the coffin and your sweater looked like this:

Size S

Style# 17855, $98 (A c-note? pwah-ha-ha-ha!)

ETA: The Thriller sweater has a name -- it's the merino flutter bow cardigan (17855). It runs XS - XL and comes in heather aqua, dusty mauve and chalk. And yes, that looks like the silk tier cami in antique stone underneath the cardi.

Check it out on AudreyBella

What the heck is this? And hey, if you likey, don' lie...just say so.

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p.s. I am going to a Michael Jackson Latin tribute/festival tonite. They are doing MJ songs in the Latin style...salsa, etc... I think they are having dance demos & choreographed numbers to some of the music. I have no idea what I'm going to wear. This sweater *would* be perfect w/a salsa skirt and zombie makeup, no?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BB Dakota - faux-fur Rachel vest

BB Dakota's faux fur Rachel vest retails for $60. It runs XS - XL.

I saw it on J's great blog, The Look 4 Less.

ETA 9/1 - This cutie is also available on Mod Cloth (love you guys!) for $64.99.

This Rachel Zoe look may be a bit passé at this point, but the more I see it, the more I'm intrigued. Passé or not, the look is definitely being sold for Fall 09. The Hinge faux fur at Nordstrom ($64.90) sold out pretty much before the kick off of the Anniversary event. The BB Dakota vest looks cozy and fun for a couple of wears. Though I imagine Stacy & Clint'n would toss it in the garbaaaaage if I owned it and brought it to WNTW.

LUCKYBREAKS7 gets 30% off. Retail Me Not says the coupon is expired, but it worked as of 7/30. It was probably for the July issue, so perhaps it expires on 7/31

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... Chloe ... JCBelleMarie ....where are you? What do you think?

ETA 8/26/09 - F21's Faux Fur Slvs Jacket, which retails for $34.80. It also comes in black.

J Crew - sateen Saturday skirt (+comp alt)

J Crew's sateen Saturday skirt retails for $78. It comes in caspian blue & mineral gray. Fresh melon is currently $59.99.

Size 4 - caspian blue
with the perfect shirt in chambray

Side view --> the reason I returned this & will not get it on FS. It has pleats at the back waist. Not good if you have some max in the gluteus. Also, this didn't pass the bendover test. The skirt just feels so light, I couldn't feel where it was on my thighs when I bent over. And when I looked in the mirror, demure was not staring back at me.

Here is a comparable alternative (comp alt) from GAP. Their smocked two-tone skirt, retails for $49.50. It comes in regular, tall & petites. This looks like 2 layers, so it could look more full than the Saturday skirt. Also, if the gathering goes all around the skirt it may not look good over the rear. Me loveth the rich purple.

Deep purple

I didn't like the smocked waist. It was just bizarre.

Chime in...

p.s. I haven't been cooking much this summer, but I am always collecting recipes. You have to see this quick demo of grilled pizza on the McCormick's website. And if you haven't tried McCormick's Montreal seasoning for your steaks, you are missing out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anthropologie - blooming phlox tank

Anthropologie's blooming phlox tank retails for $58. It comes in dark grey (sold out in XS), orange (a yellow-orange) and red! IMO, retailers are totally missing out by omitting red in their offerings. I haven't seen much of it in a long awhile.

Over on Effortless Anthropologie, Roxy compiled & compared various ruffle tops from different retailers in this fantastic post.

Read here about free shipping on Anthro thru 9/7.

And check out a new Anthropologie blog, Anthroholic.

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J Crew - velvet Eden blazer

J Crew's velvet Eden blazer (17306) retails for $148. It comes in regular, petite & tall. The colors are black, darkest indigo, harbor gray, copper (orange rust-ish), dark blossom, iris (deep purple). It rings up as Velvet Ali Jacket on the receipt.

Tawny olive
J.Crew at ShopStyle

Dark blossom

Size 2 - harbor gray - The grey looked cheapie on me. It may not look the same on someone else. I do think that it will show signs of wear in the velvet in the lighter colors more than darker colors.

Size 2 - black - loveth - I don't know what it is. Perhaps me loveth something when I fully expect to dislike it. I really, really thought this would be too feminine on me. I actually love the shirring at the pockets. And the shirring at the back waist did not add weight or a duck tail on me.

So chic - I am going to order the 4P. The fit is good on the 2, but the sleeves are too long.

Check out Ema in dark blossom...

LizPoms, Champagne & Cupcakes
, Audrey Bella, on AppGal here and here, and on Dina. And on Cari.

There has been discussion about whether this is a Bella equivalent. I'd say no. This has a shawl collar and you can't pop it. Also, the velvet on the Bella was nicer. That jacket was from 2 years ago at least and JCrew quality has taken a hit since. All that said, me likey!

Chime in...

p.s. 7/30 - I ordered the 2P. Here are a few measurements as follows:

0P = bust 33.75
2P = bust 34.75, waist 30.75, sleeve 29.875
2 = bust 35.25, waist 31.50, sleeve 31.75

10/6/09 ETA -- I ended up getting the 4P - I am wearing the fleur de lis tee, an Oct 09 release.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

30% off give-get - BR/ON/GAP

The details --> Save 30% on all purchaes. July 30 - Aug 2 at Banana Republic, GAP & Old Navy. The printout is good for multiple uses. This offer is also good at the BR & GAP Factory Stores!

If you would like an invite to BR/ON/GAP's Give-Get 30%, leave your email in this post. Give me some time to respond as I am in and out during the day.
Canadian shoppers - xoxo has generously offered to forward the email to you. If interested, do NOT leave your email in this post.

You need to contact xoxo through this email: to request an invite.

The Limited - these dresses are *hawt*

First up...

Savvy Mode is giving away a total of 4 pairs of Paris Hilton shoes. These are ridiculous.

Destiny by Paris Hilton - $93 on

Click here to enter the giveaway. You can earn a total of 3 entries thru 8/5.

The Limited's brushstroke dress retails for $89.50 and is currently $53.40. It's on backorder at the moment. I saw it in-person and liked it. No pockets, but I guess that would mess up the beautiful brushstrokes.

The Limited's solid faille strapless dress retails for $79.50. I think this is a basic silhouette that's working for them, but the only color I saw in-person & online in this fabric was stallion, a deep chocolate brown. I know it looks black.

Size 2 - Fit ok everywhere except the bust. I couldn't zip it up all the way. I think a 4 will be perfect. I have a waist in this dress!

I ordered both of these online in size 4 as I couldn't find the brown one in a store near me. I think a lot of their stores have closed. I used to love The Limited & Express but haven't shopped in either for eons. I also some some really great suits at The Ltd. There are some construction issues with the clothing as far as fit. They aaalmost get it, but not quite. However, they have definitely overhauled the clothing & many of their fabric choices. I'll be checking in with them again.

I have 2 coupon codes on the side bar. Check them out. One is a savings of $15 on every $50 thru 7/31.

Chime in...


8/8 - ETA - I never received the strapless brushstroke. It got canx on me. I re-ordered a 6 and that got canx, too. I received the 4 on the brown strapless stress. It still didn't fit at the bust. They are going to have to alter their fit. A 6 would be far too big on the bottom. Wasn't meant to be on either of these.

Monday, July 27, 2009

J Crew - Pinwheel matelassé Mica mini

J Crew's pinwheel matelassé mica mini (14881) retails for $150. It's available in matte gold and runs 0-12.

Size 2 - fit *exactly*

Size 4 - a smidge longer and not as fitted

I didn't get this one. Tried on for the blog only. I *did*, however, get the linen tweed mica in a size 4. I had originally tried on a six in that post. The linen tweed mini was about $16 after the most recent 20% promo. Woot woot!

Chime in...

J Crew - linen getaway dress

J Crew's linen getaway dress had an original retail of $49.50. It is currently on (final) sale for $29.99. The colors are dark charcoal, white, fresh melon, bright citron (yellow!), warm desert (tan), and sweet papaya.

S in fresh melon - it was too big
Me likey. It felt good on. However it is totally a coverup.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

J Crew - ikat bermudas (orange)

First up...

Happy Girl Greeting's Etsy shop. is offering 20% off on her wonderful calling cards thru Saturday, 8/8 with code GIGI. There are so many great ones to choose from. They start as low as $12.50 for 50 cards. The following is 1 of my faves that I referred to in a post last week.

Crab calling cards - $20 for 100

Happy Girl also has notecards. These are a great idea for a bridal/babyshower, birthday or Christmas gift.

Zebra panel cards - $10 for 8


J Crew's ikat bermuda shorts (15330) had an original retail of $58. Old pic. Just wanted to post them in case you see them on the rack in b&m and don't know whether they're worth trying on or not. For you. They weren't for me at all. Tried them on for the blog only.

On the other hand...check them out on…Dina who is wearing them quite well!

Likey? No likey?

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

J Crew - misc embellished tees

Here is a mishmash of J Crew embellished tees. Some older, some newer.

1) slub cotton v-neck beaded tee (15282) - $39.99, down from $58
XS - natural,
also comes in light pineapple (pale, pale yellow?) & fresh melon

2) hand painted floral tee (15285)- $36.50 - It's old, but you may bump into one in b&m or online as a popback.

Small - Why yes, I do realize that a baby bear dipped his paws in some paint and then kept batting at me to pick him up. Thankfully I got away. Seriously though...I liked the way this felt on. I just wasn't Crewasted enough to buy it. *LOL*!

3) chiffon slub tee (14150) - The t-shirt is great. The slub isn't see thru, for a change. The chiffon attachment is mo' worse than awful.


4) beaded stone tee - $39.99, down from $58 - aka pop rock tee


5) sunbleached crinkle flower tee (19095) - aka molecular tee, $29.99, down from $42.50, only white available online in XS at the time of writing

Size Small

Check some of these out on...




Chime in...

p.s. MissMasala has a BR coupon code giveaway on her blog.


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