Tuesday, June 30, 2009

J Crew - Fall 09 Preview

...a few pics from J Crew's August 09 preview. You should be able to click on the images to view at a larger size.

Thank you soooo much to happylife who slide these our way.

Look 1 - I love the blazer. I love the material of the blouse, which must be silk, but you never know w/J Crew. I thought the ruffle swirl tank was going to be silk and it wasn't. Don't like the stamen coming out of the flowers. I keep thinking ding dong, ding dong. The long cardi underneath the blazer reminds me of tying a sweatshirt or sweater around my waist. 80s go away.

Look 2 - Looks like we're getting matchsticks again. This time I may pay FP for the colors I truly want. Some sold out super fast last year. Hopefully the fit has changed very little or not at all. It's nice to see something in that metallic aqua color. Too bad it's in a purse like that. It's so pedestrian.

Look 3 - One of the best models! Her hair looks awesome. Very natural. I think that cardi might go past my knees. Not excited about anything here, but the blue on the clutch is pretty.

What do you think of the clothing? How about the styling, sets & photography?

ETA: I have the fall lookbook on PDF -- the one that Naomi took pics of and that Alexis was so kind to post. The one I still haven't recvd and I'm a cardholder. <>

Please leave your email if you want me to forward it to you. Or email me and I'll reply w/the PDF. gigiofca @ gmail

Gigi visits J'Crewlet - June 09

The J Crew Factory Stores is promoting a sale. There was no beginning date or ending date listed in the email.

ETA: I found out this info from one of the outlet websites. Remember that the outlet websites give specific info for store promos. I don't know for certain, but I imagine there are other promos in-store that are not listed here. I sure hope so. This is kind of weak.

Enjoy 20 - 50% off select summer styles* 6/25/09 - 7/8/09
50% off Women's Basic Knit Tanks
$19.99 Women's Shorts
$19.99 Women's Sandals
20 - 40% off all Women's Jewelry
50% off Men's Pique Polos
40% off all Men's Pants $14.99
Men's Graphic Tees $24.99 - $29.99
Men's Shorts
*Prices as marked, select items only.
*limited exclusions apply

I visited J'Crewlet in Vacaville a couple weeks ago. Sorry for the delay in posting. It's takes 'a minute' to organize the pics & add the watermarks. However, the same items I saw a couple weeks ago were there a couple weeks prior to that, so I figured you might still see some of these if you choose to visit for the sale. Also, if you have no plans to visit you can at least get an idea of the type of items the Factory Stores stock.

1) Ruffle neck polo (14410)
- $9.97, plus clearance was an additional 20% off, this polo is lighter weight than the regular polo, but doesn't feel chintzy or cheap. It's a good color & weight for summer.

Size S

2) Striped skirt (16839) - in the vein of the Tulum mini
Size 4 - $49.50 + minis were 30% off that day

3) Green print skirt - Sorry I don't recall the size & don't have a pic of the tag. Either sz 4 or 6.

4) Black silk polka dot top (91811) - similar or the same as the one from 08(?)
Size 2 - $39.97

5) Abstract rose silk top - there was also a lavender version

Size 2 or 4. I thought I wanted this, so I didn't take a pic of the tag. I ended up not getting it. I don't remember the price either. Bad blogger ;-)

Check out Le Chateau Chiffon who also visited J'Crewlet. Her visit was back on June 15th.

You can see the polka dot top on Summerilla.

What do you think about J'Crewlet items? Are you going to visit for the sale?
Chime in...
Tip: Before going to the Factory Store, see if your outlet center has coupons.
The Vacaville Outlet, for example, is located in a Chelsea Premium Outlet. If your J Crew Factory store is located in one of these centers, be sure to join the VIP Club on the website. I joined and was able to print out a coupon for a free coupon book. I went to the info center to pick up the 'book,' which was just a folded flier-type thing. I didn't pay attention to the savings throughout, but for J Crew the savings was 10% off of $150 or more. You need the coupon flier/book in order to get the savings. The stores check off a box on the flier indicating that you've used the coupon, so no ripping of coupons involved. This will make sense when you see the flier.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Navy - ruffle dress+25% offer

In another thread someone pointed out the Old Navy poplin ruffle neck dress. It retails for $29.50 and comes in a yellow print, chocolate brown and blue (pictured). I haven't seen or tried this dress on. It runs XS - XXL, regular sizes. Sorry I can't recall who pointed out this cute dress.

Added IRL pic (7/9) - Size M - There was no small for me to try. Small would have beeen better, but if I had to have this, I could have lived with medium. Pockets!

In my email today I received the following offer-->

Exclusively for our cardholders IN STORES and ONLINE — 4 Days Only!

TAKE 25% OFF your Old Navy purchase when you use your Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic card*.
Bring this email in store or enter THANKYOU25 at check out to redeem online. Offer ends 7/2.

*Offer valid on Old Navy merchandise only 06/29/2009 at 12:01 AM ET through 07/02/2009 at 11:59 PM ET at Old Navy stores in the U.S. only (including Puerto Rico) and online. Not valid on Banana Republic, Gap, Piperlime or Athleta merchandise online. An Old Navy Card, GapCard or Banana Republic Card must be used as pay type. Discount applies to merchandise only, not value of Giftcards purchased, phone orders placed in stores, packaging, applicable taxes or shipping and handling. Offer good for one-time use only and must be surrendered at time of in-store purchase. Online code limited to one-time use only. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, including Gap Inc. employee discount.
I used the promo to try these drawstring jeans. They are $34.50 and run in numerical sizes, regular (short, regular lengths), petites & tall.

ETA: irl pic, size 4S. Me no likey. They just didn't do anything for me. They're going back. they might work for someone taller & slimmer, imo. Cute concept.

Has anyone seen the dress? Own it?

Own or seen the jeans? Chime in....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

J Crew - striped ringspun cotton cardigan

J Crew's striped ringspun cotton cardigan (16283) retails for $55. It comes in navy & misty silver.

Size S

Size XS

Nooot. Foooor meeeee. (operatic, of course) Tried on for the blog only. You know...it didn't even feel good or comfy or cozy. I'm sure some will like it, though.

Chime in...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

J Crew - lightweight Oxford tunic

J Crew's lightweight Oxford tunic (15687) is $39.99, down from $59.50. The only size left online at the moment is medium. Look for it in b&m if you are near one.

Size - XS - Me loveth.

Ok - so I can do a better belt here than this one. I used the Serengeti that I had on that day. But you see how cute it can be.

As seen on Summerilla.

Did you snag this one? Likey? No likey?

Chime in...

Friday, June 26, 2009

ATL - scroll print blouse

Ann Taylor Loft's (ATL) scroll print blouse retails for $46.50. It runs XXS - XL and petite sizes XXSP - XLP

It comes in coral & this brown print. I haven't tried it on or seen it in person so I can't comment about pattern, fabric feel or fit.

Totally in the inspiration of J Crew's coastal print tunic, which I reviewed here.

What say you about ATL's version?

Chime in...


p.s. BR's garden statement necklace, aka the Darien Luncheon necklace is available again. Thanks, V!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Target - Piper-esque tank

Mossimo's Piper-esque tank retails for $19.99. It comes in this tan color and an ice blue. This is a S. I don't recall seeing XS. I definitely would have tried that instead. I loved it w/the red pants. It felt summery, but not traditional as far as color wise. Or maybe I just think it's great because tan and red are Target employee colors. *lol*

It's see thru. BOO. On the upside it feels light & airy.

I tucked it in and it gave me side saddle bags. No gracias. You see I have a belt & necklace on. I was really trying to make it work. Not a keeper for me, though.

It also comes in this ice blue shade. In this pic you can see the neckline, which ties in a bow in the back.

For reference, here is J Crew's Piper tank from 08 (silk)

Likey? No likey?

Chime in...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Target - Mossimo one-shoulder corsage tank

This Mossimo tank shall be called the one-shoulder corsage tank.

Small - It was juuust a little bit big around the back area, but not too much. Maybe I'm just paranoid about the size because it's strapless. There is an interior shelf for 'the girls,' which is nice. The tank is long, which taller glaydies will be happy about. What's nice is you can shorten it by gathering the bottom into a pleated look that matches the neckline. I wanted to wear this out the store. It just felt good on.

Me loveth the way they did the corsage/ruffle on this! It's more tailored looking, if you will, than J Crew's corsage tee.

J from The Look 4 Less pointed out that this in the inspiration of a Robert Rodriguez top. Indeedy it is. The RR top retails for $279. Buy the Target top and save $264!

It also came in black and a mushroom-type color. Of course black is a classic, but I felt the lavender looked better. I got that one.

Since the Norma Kamali jersey top didn't work, I am happy to have this. I don't think I can do a long sleeve one-shoulder top. The tank is working for me. It's $14.99! Whatta bargain!
ETA: Thanks, Stephanie, for providing the online link to this top.

I went looking, previously, and found this Mossimo Black one-shoulder top. It comes in purple (pictured), coral, teal, & black. Also $14.99. Personally I prefer the corsage version.

Likey? No likey?

Chime in...

ETA: Here are the online links to the Mossimo one-shoulder corsage tank




Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gigi's Gear - J Crew python jacket

J Crew's python print Lucia jacket (91295) is from 2008. The original price was $168. I paid around $70 on eBay. Maybe a little less. I marked up a couple of the spring 08 catalogs, misplaced and forgot all about them. I was a catalog browser & occasional online sale shopper, but not a b&m shopper until Aug 08. Funny thing is that I going thru those catalogs and see that I have ended up w/almost all of the items I noted. Oh how I love the JCA swap exchange & eBay!

Size 4 - on Ebay
Gap boatneck tee, thrifted necklace, J Crew bootcut (08), Juliet midheels in pumpkin (8)

Do you have an item you majorly coveted after it sold out and have since been able to score?

Chime in...

J Crew - cotton ruffle tank

First up....

Banana republic is having a 20% pomo starting July 6 - July 12. The discount is good on full price items only.

I'm letting you know now so you can get a card now from BR if you're interested. I received one when I purchased something last week. There isn't an individual SKU on each card, but it says it's a one-time use only and you have to surrender the card at the time of purchase.

J Crew's cotton ruffle tank (15697) retails for $69.50. It comes in stone, papaya, dark mushroom, classic navy & white, sz 0-14.

Size 4 -

OT - This photo was taken in the 2nd week of May. This is one of my puffier days and pre-ACV. So to the person who asked if drinking ACV will work within 3 weeks, I say YES! You have to remember to be consistent with it, though. I would now be curious to see if I need a size 2. However, due to my chest I think I'd still need a 4.

Sometimes when I'm in the fitting rooms I get an overwhelming desire for glass cleaner. Look. At. This. Mirror. Ugh.

Thanks, Marietta, for letting us know about Ann Taylor's cotton Pleated Neck Sleeveless Top is very much in the inspiration of the J Crew blouse. The Ann Taylor top retails for $65. The fabric content is 70% Cotton, 26% Nylon, 4% Spandex. Check the price online. It was 30% off on 6/22, making it $45.50. The Ann Taylor top comes in black, white, birch (looks olive green) and dark plum (pretty!).

BTW, if you didn't make the connection, this is the blouse version of J Crew's ruffled cotton sateen dress. It was reviewed here.

Likey? No likey? Chime in...

Monday, June 22, 2009

ATL - jersey knit bow skirt

ATL's heathered knit skirt with pockets (Style #234069) retails for $49.50. Wanted to share it for those that like the bow detail and didn't like it on J Crew's bow pencil skirt.

I haven't seen it in-person or tried it one. Too bad it only comes in this one color, steel grey melange. Looks really cute. I'm wondering, though, how the bow functions (good or floppy?) and if the skirt hugs the booty or not. I'm not sold on some of thes 80s trends coming back.

Wait -- there is a similar one here. It has a different style number than the one pictured above, but same fabric content. The other version (Style #234012) is called the knit skirt with pockets, same price, but it comes in black (only).

Likey? No likey?

Chime in...esp if you've purchased or tried this on.

Giveaway- gold notebook

Our power went out on Sat nite. I got dressed in the semi-dark and was pretty happy to put this outfit together. That's the grey rumpled terry cardi, which is photographing as weathered stone. Unless I was actually wearing the weathered stone. *lol* Who knows. Also wearing a J Crew slub tee and J Crew bootcut jeans (08), which seem to be getting a little bigger each week. I am telling you -- get on the ACV.

Photo taken after we got back home, of course.

Instead of sitting at home in the dark wondering how we ever survived pre-Internet, we went to see Up. It was SO good! It doesn't take a genius to know it will get nominate for many awards. Be sure you see it on the big screen. We saw it in 3-D, which was fun.

Now here is the giveaway.
The first person to answer both questions correctly wins.

Our showtime was at 9:30p. We arrived at 9:30. Not a soul was in the theatre.
Woo hoo!

After 5 min or so, 3 people come in, a guy and 2 girls. The 3 are together as a group.
(1) Where do they sit?

After about 5 more minutes, 2 people more people come in -- not that it matters, but it's a guy & girl.
(2) Where do *they* sit?

The first person to answer both of these questions correctly wins the following notebook. If no one gets it exactly, the person closest to answering correctly wins! Sorry, not real leather, but metallic gold & super cute!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

J Crew - perfect shirt in chambray

J Crew's perfect shirt in chambray (15463) retails for $78. It is technically called the contrast stitch perfect shirt in classic navy. Classic navy? Search...me.

Size 4

Me loveth. This is SO much better than the selvedge. From what I've seen, this is totally selling out in-stores. They nailed this one. It's very lightweight. I realize J Crew has their 'perfect shirt' down pat, but the blue on this + the slight sateen is perfection. (*lol* Too late to find a different word than the redundancy of' perfect/perfection. It's gonna stay.)

An image shared awhile back on JCA - This shirt is very versatile. I love it w/the green scarf.

Check it out on lcsmom. She accurately points out that this shirt is not vanity sized. I take a 2 or 4 in J Crew tops and at a 34C I definitely need the 4.

And see it on A Bigger Closet.

Likey? No likey? Chime in...

When you get a minute check out this blog, Wide Lawns. Me loveth her writing!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

J Crew - grande wallpaper print mini (partridge) skirt

J Crew's skirt Grande Wallpaper Print mini (15507) retails for $65. It is 25% off in b&m as of Sat, 6/20.

Check out this graphic from the Patridge Family intro found on the NY times.

So here is the what I call the Patridge skirt:

Size 4 - It has a nice, sateen feel. It's the same pattern as the other minis out there. However, it's longer than some of the other styles.

Dina wore this to the zoo.

J'adorethesestores also tried it on and pointed out how the pattern didn't match up at the seams. Bad Crew, BAD!

In contrast, Target hit a bullseye with their medallion print skirt as reviewed here. As you see, the pattern is matched perfectly on the sides. Go Target!

Likey? No likey? Chime in...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Old Navy - ruffled jersey babydoll tank

Old Navy's ruffled jersey babydoll retails for $12.50 and is on sale online for $10. However, there was an in-store special for $8 as of Fri, 6/19. It comes in a total of 8 colors including Tahiti Lagoon. That almost sounds like a stripper name.

Ladies & Gentlemen...Tahiti Lagoooon.... ba-da-da-da-da-da-da-dump! See? Stripper.

Size XS - The website color is reading as green. The color is blue and reminds me of the beautiful Pacific blue J Crew used for its balcony dress. I tried a S, but it was too babydoll, flowy, so I prefer the XS.

Y por los halcones, the leopard item I'm wearing is a $10 H&M dress. Full outfit seen in this post.

White - I think this is a S


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