Sunday, May 31, 2009

J Crew - ochre ikat pencil skirt

J Crew's ochre ikat pencil skirt (16062) retails for $88. It runs 0-12 and there is 1 print, warm maize. Unlined, machine wash. This is made of linen and that's what the fabric feels like.

I don't care how much crewlade you drink/inhale -- the (chest hair) Chiffon trellis tank doesn't go w/the skirt. It really offends me.

Size 2 - I can't decide if I like the print or if it looks like I spilled a plate of food on me and tried to rub it clean. The skirt felt good on, though. Other bloggers have mentioned the wrinkleage factor. That might be an issue as it's made of linen. The skirt is unlined.

LizPoms looks smashing here and here.

And you totally have to see what AppGal paired with it.

Likey? No likey?

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Pic1: J Crew 3/4 sleeve stretch shirt + red slingback pumps
Pic2: J Crew 3/4 sleeve stretch shirt + BR belt (gray), J Crew spectator pumps (7.5)
Pic3: J Crew 3/4 sleeve stretch shirt + J Crew lulu pumps in honey glaze

Pic1: J Crew 3/4 sleeve stretch shirt + blk NY&Co belt, blk BCBG Lotte pumps
Pic2: Black crewneck t-shirt (?) +blk NY&Co belt, blk BCBG pumps

Saturday, May 30, 2009

J Crew - burnished linen skirt

J Crew's burnished linen skirt (14805) retails for $128. It comes in brass online and runs 0-14.

Size 4 - The one I tried on had a style number of 16928, with color code LPE (light pewter). Also, $128, so this has to be the same as above.

Still kinda cute. Plus pockets!

Now it's questionable. I guess I could have tried a 2, but I prefer my skirts to sit lower on the waist. Maybe if this came in petites, I might like it. I wouldn't want to pay to have it hemmed.

I like the belt loops & think putting a belt there would help bring attention back to the waist, as opposed to the side hips. If you like A-line skirts, you might like this. I usually don't like A-liners, but this one works since I have no hips. Too long, but the overall idea looked better on than I thought it would. I wonder what the brass looks like. Can't say I'd hit this on sale, though. I already have the linen lame bermudas and love those.

What say you? Likey? No likey?

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Tomorrow...J Crew's ochre ikat pencil skirt.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Target's scattered boule necklace

Let's recall J Crew's scattered boulé necklace (98037). The original retail was $65 and it has 12k gold plated brass beads & chain. Boulé is ball in French, I believe.

I saw this lovely at Target for $12.99. It's great for those who like the boule, but didn't like them scattered in different increments around the chain. It's very lightweight. Some will like that fact. Others might feel that it's cheap. It definitely looks the part of something more expensive. Yay on that at $12.99.

The accessory tag doesn't have a maker. It was blank. The necklace is nickel free. 12k plated brass unlikely. ;-). Oh, the length is 42" and the SKU on the tag is:

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Tomorrow...J Crew's burnished linen skirt.

Mossimo Black pale gold clutch

First up....

I added IRL pics of the clear glass bead necklace to the layering necklaces post.

Presenting Target's Mossimo Black gold clutch. It retails for a mere $16.99.
Super cute!

I was impressed.

I think this is a nice, far less expensive alternative to the J Crew Belle clutch. In addition to the colors you see online, the Belle comes in a beautiful gold, pebbled leather (b&m only). It's about the same color as the Joleys in gold. They're probably supposed to match, but the gold looks slightly different in pebbled leather (clutch) than smooth leather (shoes). I didn't want to fork out $78 for the Belle because it's like an envelope -- no flat bottom. You can't get much in the clutch.

There is a flat bottom on the Mossimo Black clutch so you have a more room than the Belle. The Mossimo clutch also comes in grey and that color on sale online for $11.88. I haven't seen this one in person:

In the same collection, the Mossimo Black hobo on the website is marked down to $12.48. This is the same material as the clutch, so it must look pretty good, irl. Could be interesting irl. Me no likey the chain, though, as I said about this in another post.

I think I am all clutched up. I have purchased a range of colors over the past years from F21, plus the mini Louis Vuitton, that I had to have and never carry anymore. Clutches tend to come in handy when I don't want a full purse. The best use I've had is taking them on vacation. Many times I want to leave the hotel to have a drink or go out for a minute and I don't need a full bag. A clutch is great for that.

Any thoughts? Chime in...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mossimo Black hobo vs. J Crew gallery hobo

J Crew's large leather metallic gallery hobo retails for $325 and is on promo for $275. It comes in warm shell, metallic silver & pale gold. I have tried this on and it is SUMPTUOUS. However, it is on the big side. It looked like I was setting off for my paper route. Even with the 25% crewpon from April, this was a pass for me.

So last week someone a thread on my blog I cannot find...that they found a bag similar to this at Target. I looked in-store and online, thinking...yah...right. Then today I saw this:

At our beloved, loved Target, the Mossimo Black hobo in gold retails for $24.99. I thought...this must be the one she was talking about. Let me try it.

Shot of the bag IRL

The metallic ring bugs, so I tucked it into the purse. I tried to size these pics down. Hopefully you can click to make them larger. If not, lemme know and I will re-load them.

Y por los halcónes (and for the hawks)...

J Crew Kelly slim stretch shirt in navy
size 6
madras plaid skirt (08), sad it's now too big
Talbots patent leather flip flops.

The road test of this belt is a good example of why I like loops on some skirts. The belt was flopping around everywhere. Now back to the handbag...

Surely someone is clucking their tongue and saying, uhn, uhn, Gigi...I don't agree. I still stand by my view that this is an excellent alternative to the J Crew hobo. The J Crew is a classic that should last a long time. As I said, the leather is fabulous and the pale gold is definitely a neutral. However, the Mossimo bag is nice and lightweight. The size is much more manageable -- at least for me. The bag is roomy and the price point is right. I realized all of my bags are dark and the lighter ones have a pattern of some sort. This is a nice summer bag that's leather-like, and not straw, rattan or unstructured cotton. I also think it can move right into Fall. The Mossimo also comes in white, bronze (dark copper) and black.

Oh, and I saw this on the website. I like the marked down price of $12.48. Too bad I don't like the chain.

Likey? No likey?

Chime in....and if you purchased the J Crew Gallery tote, please tell us what you think!

J Crew - linen tweed mica mini

J Crew's linen tweed mica mini (16576) retails for $69.50. It comes in bright rhubarb, navy & weathered stone (pictured). Sizes are 0-12.

size 6

It looks really cute on the hanger. However, I wasn't excite when I got into it. I would not wear it folded. It'd be super short in that case. This could be a fun skirt to wear out somewhere. Just not any place I go to in my life. Maybe if I were younger and single. But then I'd be at Forever 21, not in a $70 mini from J Crew. Or maybe in retail. It could be toned down & worn in a creative profession, perhaps. I dunno. Just not excited about this one. The navy looks great, though. It looks more conservative as navy. I didn't see rhubarb. Weathered stone definitely brings the most metallic in the mix.

Well...whaddya think?

J Crew - 'new' layering necklaces

J Crew has great layering necklaces at $38/each. There are 2 lengths. They have been in-stores for a couple weeks now.

ETA: Thanks, super sleuth JNJ who found them on the website.

The online colors are (1) black, (2) Natural (see pic) and (3) shell, which looks like a coral or pearlized pink. It's in the same vein as guava, but more coral than pink. Whew...J Crew obviously won't be hiring me soon to write product descriptions. Lawdy, lawd. There are currently 68 left in natural. More than 99 in the black & shell (5/28, 10am, PST)

From what I've seen and w/help from JNJ, I believe the b&m colors are natural, shell, clear and pewter/grey.

Shorter length = 33" approx
Longer length = 40" approx, item # 18903

I am wearing the natural in the longer length. It hits my navel.


Pic #3 - looooves the crystals!

I returned the pearl because I already have a bunch of faux pearl stuff. There was also a pale pink or coral color, medium grey & clear. I got a long clear one. I am sorry I don't have a full body pic, esp of the clear. I couldn't get the chains to photograph properly. The clear look like bubbles in the photograph.

You fabulous gladyies who DIY can knock this off. Like MsMer did of another J Crew necklace. The great thing about DIY is you can choose whatever size beads you want. I *will* say that the chain is special, if you look closely at the 3rd pic. It's knotted as you can see in the up close pic -- not an average link chain. Chain aside, you can easily knock off the basic idea. The clear layering necklace has a regular link chain.

ETA: The clear in both lengths.

The clear beads pop when a flash is used. You glow girl!

On the left is the longer chain - notice the bezeled spacers (?)
On the right is the shorter chain - notice the round barrel rondelles

Did you score one of these? What do you think of it?

Chime in...

Later today...J Crew's linen tweed mica mini

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

J Crew - slim stretch shirt - light pewter love

J Crew's slim stretch shirts (11454) retail for $58. They come in assorted colors & have either full length or 3/4 length sleeves. I love, love, love them! They also run in petites (11252), but I prefer the regular size in both long sleeve & 3/4 sleeve. I always take a small, but I also own a XS in fresh mint. I'll have to show you the shirt trick to create a better fit. That gets its own post.

Here is a Small, 3/4 sleeve, light pewter (me loveth)

Goes well w/the dazzilng dots skirt. I think this is a slicker choice than pulling white w/the skirt. White's ok, too, but the slim shirt in LPE was made for this.

I know you've seen the slim shirt in LPE on the sale racks and keep passing it by. I urge you to take a 2nd look. I scored this for $19.99 and I'm so glad I did. The light pewter is really more like a cool off white than a grey. You may think you can't wear the color, but give it a shot. This is a great opportunity to try a slim stretch shirt in a low price if you've never owned one.

Also -- if you need to be photographed in a white shirt this is a better option as it would read as white or close to white without being glaringly white.

What do you think of the slim stretch shirts by J Crew? Scale of 1-5. I give it a 5.

Chime in...

J Crew - 3" striped horizon shorts

J Crew's 3' horizon-striped shorts retail for $58. They run size 0-10.

Size 6

I liked the size 6 in these, but I should have also tried the size 4 for comparison. They are just a little baggy in the crotch. I have the giraffe print shorts & love them in a 6. In contrast, I have the 3" chinos and the size 6 is too big. I have size 4 coming in the mail in the 3" chinos. I definitely won't keep the 6, too big in the waist. My waist is 28" last time I checked & my hips, 35" or 36."

They also come in pink stripe (didn't see online) . They are so cute. Like candy!

The attraction to the size 6 is for the shorts to sit lower on the waist and have a slightly longer length. You should try the 3" shorts, though. They cut them very well. They're not nearly as short as you'd expect. And if you can pull it off, it will make your legs look longer.

They come in a paisley/floral, too. I didn't try these on. Same cut as the others, from what I could tell. I don't recall this pattern in other colors.

ETA: AppGal let us know that ATL has a pair of shorts in the same inspiration. Click here to see the linen tropical floral shorts, $39.50.

Any of these for you? Chime in...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

J Crew - dressy jersey belted dress

First up....

Target's version of the Coppelle paisley print dress is now for sale online! Here is the link to the dress on the Target site.

Thank you Stylestance and Anon@5:39AM who let us know the tunic & the skirt are also now available for sale on line.

Remember to use Ebates or the 10% AAA (auto club) discount when ordering online. I believe there is free shipping for an order over $50.

J Crew's dressy jersey belted dress (15327) retails for $88. It comes in navy, heather cloud & bright mango, XS - XL.

Size XS - And it still felt too big. It felt sloppy and I couldn't get it styled to fit & tie in an attractive way. This is a column style and doesn't do a lot for my straight up and down figure. The bright mango is very pretty, though.

Up close

I had to see if it was at all versatile w/out the belt. Not for me.

J'adorethesestores reviewed the dress here. And yes, she is 5' tall, not 5" tall. Thanks to whoever pointed that out last week. I think I corrected it, but didn't respond in the thread ;-)

See it on AppGal as well.

Me no likey this dress. Looks interesting on the hanger, but a big ole pass for me. You know Target is rocking my dress world right now anyway. I assume the material on this is exactly the same as the dressy jersy strapless dress but it didn't feel as...luxurious or nice as the strapless version. The strapless feels weighted, substantial...this one felt thinner & just sloppy for lack of a better description. Verdict: Wait for a sale!

What say you? Chime in...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

...a day early.

We've been OOT visiting the in-laws. We don't do holiday traffic so we'll return today and relax at home on Monday. I *will* have a post up tomorrow. See you then!

Do you have plans?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Target - Merona trapunto dresses

1) Merona Trapunto Dress - $24.99 - regular Merona, not Merona Collection, to be specific. This cobalt is soooo beautiful.

You should also see it in elegant plum. It is also a beautiful jewel tone.

Size S - 100% cotton. I love this dress. It feels great on. Looking at the photo, I see this might make me look bigger, but it doesn't irl. The color is very striking. The dress is lightweight and great for summer, esp for a work day depending on what you do. It can go more casual, too as seen below. Others will want to swap out the belt for another one that's more exciting.

DianaDraw...cobalt & orange! I took this pic before I made that comment in the ON khakis thread. *lol* I don't recall where I got the coral orange necklace. Yes, casual, but no, not wearing w/the yellow flip flops.

J Crew Joley pump in orange. I think this size 8 is just a bit too big. I am not 100% sure I'm keeping these. I like them w/the dress, though.

2) Merona Notch Collar Split-Neck Dress - $24.99, 100% cotton. You might find this on the clearance rack at your store. This one I've seen in multiple stores on the sale rack at $12.48 and even as low as $6.24 in some stores. Each store does markdowns differently.

XS - I realize I'm not doing a lot for this dress since I don't have a discernible waist. However, it looks good in person and I feel good in it. The green works best for me w/a pop of something like the flower. Mr. G said this is a must, otherwise I look like I'm from the Roman times. Wanna-be comedians, I tell ya. It definitely needs a different belt.

I also got it in black. It has a longer, leaner look worn w/high heel sandals. -- Wow. This picture really isn't great. I took about 5 pics and they just weren't coming out. I think I was talking too much.

I guess it's supposed to look like this, as seen on (image 20 of 31).

I have seen both of these dresses in many Target. (There are about 5 stores within 30 miles of me.) You could walk right by these and not even notice them. If you see them, give them a try.

Check it out on the pink on Sparkle Cupcake's sister and the purple on Luci.

Likey? No likey?

Chime in...

Anon/Susan adds:

"I have all the Target dresses you have shown and love them all. Since they are 100% cotton, I washed and dryed them to shrink just a little and they are perfect (I'm vertically challenged ha!) I took the belts off and wear them straight. I have a pic of Kate Winslet wearing the short sleeved dress in black."


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