Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old Navy - watercolor tanks

A big thanks to Nichi who let me know that ON has watercolor tanks. She says,

"I saw these floral tanks on the last trip to Old Navy and thought they were a nice substitute. Not only are the floral ones available in 3 colors, but they are also available in petite sizes (for us little ones) AND if you buy more than one online, they are $5 each."

The tanks are $8.50, or $5/ea if you purchase 2 or more. Today is the last day to save an additional 20% with STUFFSAVE if you have a BR/GAP/ON card. I prefer most BR & ON tanks to J Crew's. The J Crew tanks have easily gotten little holes in them or lost shape while I'm wearing them. Can't say I'm impressed. The upside of J Crew tanks are the colors & that they interchange w/other items in their color palette.

The basic cami retails for $8.50. Select colors are currently $5. I wear one of these a few times/week. They're good to have in black, white, navy, grey and a couple colors to pop under v-neck sweaters. HeidiG loves these, too.

Two more. Boho tank - . I haven't seen these in-person. They might look cartoony, or they might look good. Cartoony could be really cute if you have kids or teach little ones.

Boho tank - $12.50, surfboard yellow - The web description says the boho tanks are "adorned with elegant embroidered accents." This leads me to think there is threading sewn onto the tanks. That would create a different look than a silkscreen print.

Many ON tanks now come in regular, tall & petites. Give ON tanks a try.

J Crew - Tulum striped skirt

J Crew's Tulum striped skirt (14852) retails for $65. It's 82% linen, 18% cotton, dry clean only. This is the pop-on mini silhouette that they've used for other fabrics. Saw it on 4/28 and don't see it online yet. Receipt says Tulum for the product name.

J Crew navy 3/4 sleeve stretch shirt. belt from Macy's (08), J Crew gold flats (08)

I vote no on the tucked-in shirt look J Crew showcases at least once in every catalog.
silver Talbots patent leather thongs

This skirt zips up the back and does not have an elastic band in it.

Check it out on MsMer.

Cari tried it on as well.

Likey? No likey?

Chime in...

Old Navy - last day for STUFFSAVE

Today is the last day for...

FYI -- I saw an EXTRA50% off clearance at the San Francisco flagship on Market Street (4/29).

I have added irl pics to an Old Navy post

This post doesn't have irl pics, but I have updated it with comments about items I have received and tried.

Yes, yes, I bought a travel mug at Old Navy. The cozy or coozie (Mr. Gi calls it) you see next to it is sold separately. I would prefer a mug that is certified as chemical free. There is no such labeling on this cutie. However, I use travel mugs so infrequently and I'll probably use this just after I get my $5 usage from it. Make that $4 as it was 20% off. I am guessing at the price. I don't have my receipt handy. They're not online; in-store only.

Here are some of the tees I tried irl. I didn't keep any of these. None jumped out as a must have.

This is the Flirt Mid-Rise Straight-Leg Denim Capris, $15. Many of ON capris are currently on promo for $15.
Katie sweater via swap/exch. THANKS LilacCupcake!!!! :-),
Talbots patent leather thongs (08)

These are a size 6. I think this is the Mercury color. I like the lighter color as an alternative to J Crew's dark matchstick capris (08). I'm thinking I may need a 4 because they may stretch out while wearing them. They are 75% cotton and 25% poly. That's not too much poly, but I may want the extra room for breathing.

Heck -- at $15, you could get an extra pair to try your hand at distressing.

Metallic Shoes - Currently $12.99 - I rarely look in the shoe section, but there I was messing around online. Probably talking the phone to someone and surfing. I *had* to try these.

Me likey. They remind me of a vintage shoe I had in silver. They were old & starting to fall apart. The gold were really comfortable when I stepped into them. They gape eversoslightly on the sides, but nothing major.

Also very cute, but the silver didn't thrill me personally. Also, it was the same size as gold, but the fit wasn't as good. These gaped more. It has been pointed out that we should try an item of clothing in multiples of the same size to pick the best one. It appears shoes can be the same way.

I saw one pair of these in-store yesterday and they were *so* cute. I wanted to try them to see how they felt on, but they were a size 6. No go. They *are* synthetic/man-made. The good thing, though, is that a platform has more support than a regular shoe, so... I dunno. They're $17.99. They're still available on the website. I didn't order them. I know I won't wear 'em.

I'll leave you w/the next ON coupon info I received as a BR cardholder:

5/2 - 5/21 - Buy one, get one 40% off when you use your GAP or BR card
5/29 - 5/31 - Free flag tee with any GAP or BR card purchase
6/19 - 6/25 - 30% off one kids item when you use your GAP or BR card
Totally OT, but I have to share. It's 11:40 pm and we just got a knock on the door. My heart was thumping. I'm thinking WHO is this? Can't be Jehovahs. Too late. Maybe a transient? Then I'm thinking maybe we had some property damage and a neighbor came to tell us. Mr. Gi looks out the window and it's 2 officers. My heart starts thumping faster -- I'm thinking, WHAT has happened? We open the door and they ask if we've been arguing. I said, "No, not tonite. We're really good, actually."

Well you can't be subtle or sublime with officers. Duh. Meanwhile, Mr. Gi and I have forgotten about the fresh scar has has above his eyebrow. He took a tumble when we went rollerblading the other day. So they keep asking us questions. I recounted how I'd gone out to the car and come back in and how it's been a very quiet nite. Mr. Gi said this is about how it usually is. We were asked the same-ish questions -- you know, same stuff but in a different way to see if we'd crack, I guess. Mr. Gi remembers the scar and tells them about it. That broke the ice and we ended up cracking jokes about throwing things and me being a mini meanie. Mr. Gi asked if he they wanted to see the raspberry on his leg that accompanied the scar above his eye. They said no, he could keep his pants on.

I'm so glad it was nothing. Either someone called in the wrong address or the officers went to the incorrect location. I'm so glad it's all good in my personal hood. Esp since Gigi came out from an appt the other day to find her car was towed away. Didn't see the (no parking between 4p-7p) sign. That was NO fun.

Dontcha love people that refer to themselves in the 3rd person? I like trying it out on the blog. *lol*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

J Crew Factory Store - Special Savings

First up....

The J Crew Factory Stores are having specials on new summer items. The email doesn't specify what items are on sale. This is uncool because most of us have to travel at least an hour to an outlet center. What's a gladyie to do?

If you're interested in possible, current offerings, check out this post.

Glaydies, in the interest of keeping the posts flowing, I probably won't respond to all of the comments like I have in the past threads. I realize that was doing 'a bit much,' but I couldn't help it. I like dialogue and having lil' conversations. My main focus is irl pics and having to crop, resize -- and now add the watermark - - is time consuming. I thought about taking a month off, a week or even just this weekend to regroup, but I don't think that would change anything. Until they put more than 24 hours in a day, I have to work with what I am given. I also apologize in advance if I only visit your blogs every few days. My new tactic will be to go through the reader and catch up on multiple posts under each blogger when I can. So get ready for some comments to some old posts that you've long forgotten about *lol*

I will respond to direct questions, but not to each individual. Please know that I read each and every comment and I'm laughing and mmm hmmm-ing along with you. Okaaaay? Ok. :-)

Also, I added a few more irl pics of the pleated lawn skirt to its post. Scroll to the bottom for an outfit pic taken at J Crew taken ina size for. I also have a lovely outfit combo taken in the 6P. Loveth!


I have so many things to post & Blogger won't led me add images from my computer! So no post other than this at the moment. I had this issue yesterday, but after time was able to upload. If I don't pop one up today, you know I will have one for you soon enough.

I visited J Crew -- watercolor skirt, watercolor floral tee and more... coming soon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gigi's picks from Chadwick's

First up...

Macy's Friends & Family yields 25% off from Wed, 4/29 thru Mon, 5/4.
Save 10% on electrics, electronics, mattresses, furniture & area rugs. Ha ha - I just realized my sofa is from Macy's. Now would be a great time to upgrade/replace furniture with all the discounts out there. They were only giving out efficient service, a couple of smiles & a handshake back when I purchased mine.

I received 2 F&F coupons in my catalog and both have the same SKU on the back. I assume Macy's will have one at each register and will be able to apply the discount to your purchase. I will be surprised if you actually need to present the card. Half of the catalog had jewelry. Watches appear to be included in the 25% promo. In the past watches have been excluded from coupon promos, if memory serves. If you need a watch, this is the time. DKNY & Fossil watches range from $85-$135 before 25% off. There will be shoes at 40% clearance before 25%. Maybe you need undies. Or a waffle maker or an OXO mandolin. Those 2 have been on my long-term kitchen wishlist. Don't need/won't use much/still want.

Remember, Mother's Day is coming up so keep the special women in your life in mind. There are lots of fragrance & cosmetic gift boxes w/lovely free bags. Speaking of...have you ever given away the perfume & kept the bag? *raises hand*

I have received review requests for other retailers, including Chadwick's. This is fine by me and I have actually ordered from this Internet-only retailer in the past.

Diann says...

"I have over the years ordered a few things from Chadwick’s and it has been hit and miss. Some things...I loved the quality, cut, buttons, etc and other things were just odd. I do think they have improved the design with this new line for spring/summer."

Diann said it very well. Last year I ordered a top, sweater and dress from Chadwicks. They had stackable promos and I was able to get discounts + free shipping. I think the top was on backorder so I canx it after waiting a month. The sweater was a button down combo. You know the ones that have the white collar sewn in like a dickie? I know about dickies from looking at my grandmother's Walter Drake's catalogs. Anyway, the dickie sweater combo got nearly 5 of 5 stars on the site so I had to try it. It didn't feel quite right, so I returned it.

Now the dress. It was beautiful. It was a sundress & exactly as pictured. Also, the Chadwick's reviewers had captured the truth about the dress. I ignored them & took a risk anyway since opinions differ. It was definitely voluminous and created a pregnancy look. Not like 5 months-just showing with first baby. I'm talking 8 months pregster. The alterations would have been the price of a new dress so I sent it back. I was so bummed because it was a great dress. That's my experience with Chadwick's. They have definitely improved style over the years. Quality I don't have a lot of experience with. Let's pull out a few pieces to discuss:

Tummy control knit bodysuit - $29.99, The surplice neckline is very 80s, but I am curious about the bodysuit aspect. Unfortunately, there are no online reviews on the website. They have about 6 bodysuits on their site. The concept seems dated, but intriguiging. I think if you wear a belt you fix the gaping waist problem, but there are some skirts & trousers where a belt doesn't work.

Knot front knit tank - $24.99, it also comes in a red/white stripe. This could be cute in-person w/a cardi, however it's a poly/spandex, not cotton. The material could be iffy. Cotton would probably feel better.

Ruffle cardigan - $39.99, the sweater is all cotton, which is good. The model's pose is not. The models are too glossed up for the clothing, imo. It creates a cheap, tarty feel. These chicks must be really tired after working with contorted poses like the one below.

Ruffle collared layer sweater - $29.99, this is the type of sweater I ordered last year. The one I got was on backorder. Maybe that's why I wasn't impressed when it finally came. I really can't remember, but I think the sweater was on the thinner side.

I'll bet this one is cute in person w/the ruffle placket. I think it might be a good thing to have on a 'what the heck am I gonna wear' day. Especially if you are running late. This piece, like the one I ordered last year, has rave reviews. I think the fact that you pull it over your head -- and voila, it looks like you tried -- is what's appealing.

Ultra-slim tummy flattening top - $24.99, I wonder if this actually works. The website says, "Slims and shapes your midsection for a flatter silhouette." It's a cotton/poly/spandex blend. If you're wearing poly or poly blends to an office, I think that works. Temps are usually cooler and you don't perspire. If it's hot and you're wearing poly out and about, the fabric doesn't breathe and that's a problem.

Audrey sheath dress - $49.99, this has potential. It comes in another color. I think blue. One issue w/Chadwick's website is they do not show large-size views of the items in other colors. They only post a small swatch for reference. So if the garment comes in blue and you click on the swatch, it won't show a pic of the item in blue, nor will increase the size of the swatch to get a better view of the color. That's another deterrent from me ordering from them.

I don't have any plans to order from Chadwick's. I always look through the catalog, though. Sometimes they have great ideas for color combos. As far as ordering, you have to return everything by mail since there are no b&ms. My curiousity never seems to outweigh the thought of having to repackage things. I think if J Crew & BR/ON/GAP did not allow in-store returns I wouldn't order half as much as I do.

Do you have any Chadwick's experience?

This is a safe place and you can express love for the retailer if you have it. ;-)

Chime in...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gigi visits J Crew Outlet

Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft Friends & Family
AppGal has been so sweet to offer access to an ATL F&F pass to save 30% off your purchase starting Tue 4/28 - Sun 5/3. Looks like it's good at AT & ATL.

Thanks, AppGal!
Giveaway Alert:

TamStyles is giving away a F21 pink champagne cluster necklace. I still haven't seen it on the US website. A couple of Canadian readers/bloggers have been able to order it.

Tam, you're so sweet!

Secondly... few more pics from The Bellagio. I realize many of you may have been there, but I have to share the beauty anyway.

Ceiling of the lobby

This sculpture is magnificent. It is currently in the Botanical Garden area along w/gorgeous tulips & the watering cans pic (below).

Charming watering cans. They were so cute.


Two things inspired me to go to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets.

#1) 40% off at the BR outlet.

#2) J Crew! I haven't been to a Crewoulet, Crew-let since Dec. (should one of these be a word, or...awkward?)


Ivory cardi w/rosette detail - $69.50, cardis were 20% off, but I wasn't feeling this for $55.60. This is a size small, I believe.

Shorts - size 6. It's nice to have the pattern available for those who missed it on the b&m rollout last year. Sorry I deleted the full pic before I could post it. Hated them on me anyway.

It also came in grey, also a small.

Very pretty, but just didn't feel good enough at $55.60

A ruffle neck cardi (14427), $59.50 before 20%. I wasn't feeling this for $47.60. I really love this color, but I have the ON ruffle cardis and am really happy w/them. Size small on this.

Pretty button detail

This was with women's tees, but felt like a man's t-shirt. I think this is a small. It felt very heavy. A big contrast to the perfect fit, tissue & slub tees. Me nooooo likey. Hate the graphic, too.

Polynesian print dress (14195) - $88, The tag color is RHU (rhubarb). I really liked this, but I was of outlet mind & price. $88 seemed high. I would want to wear a body shaper underneath and the material felt too thin for that. I felt good in it, but was thinking too much yes/no/maybe so. So I left it there. I think with a discount, I might have purchased it. Size small.

White pique ruffle neck dress - sz XS, small was definitely too big. I purchased this. I can't find my receipt but I think it was about $60 with 40% off. It came in black, maybe papaya and a blue color.

Snagged a glass of champagne before heading up to my room. Snapped a quick pic off of the elevator. I was really happy w/my J Crew ruffle pique dress plus the orange coat and white dress from the BR outlet! Definitely worth a ride on The Deuce.

ATL cotton cardi (loveth!), F21 pink champagne cluster necklace, J Crew silky pleated shell

Oh -- I have to add that the SAs in the J Crew Outlet store were super sweet. I agree with comments that have started in this thread about quality. 85% of the made-for-outlet items don't feel the same as regular b&m. Bright, cheery & helpful employees make the merch seem a little bit better.

SparkleCupcake also visited a J'Crewlet.

What do you think about the most recent offerings at the outlet? Any tips for shopping at the J Crew outlets?

Chime in...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gigi visits Banana Republic Outlet

Special thanks to a reader who emailed to let me know she saw one of my pics on an eBay auction (300309546859). I don't understand why people can't simply ask before swiping pics. Even if the seller found it thru a Google search. It's clear that this is a personal pic from my blog. What's even sillier is she didn't even bother to take a photo on her own to have on the post. Just swiped mine and kept on typing her ad. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Watermark is now going into effect.


Thanks to others who have asked before swiping pics. I appreciate it. *********************************************************

I was in Las Vegas recently and stayed in the beautiful Bellagio Hotel. The indoor garden area is so relaxing.

I have never been to the Las Vegas outlets, so I decided to brave The Deuce (their bus system) and have an adventure. That's another story. The middle of my excursion contains my first ever Auntie Anne's pretzel dog. It ends with a glass of champagne. Don't worry. I'm going straight to the details because this is going to be a long post.

Here are some of the items I saw in the Banana Republic outlet. They were having 40% off the entire store!

As I went around, I snapped a few random shots, so those are up first. I don't have all the price info. Basically, I want to give you an idea of what's possibly in an outlet near you and you can decide if it's worth a trip. We know outlets can be hit or miss. I kept the pics small, but you can click on them to view in a larger size.

Safari shirt dress

Pink knot dress

Zebra tank - $44.99. I don't recall touching it, so I can't say if it's cotton, polyester or silk. That's a yellow butterfly sleeve sweater tunic behind it. That felt like a ramie/cotton blend, but it could have been cotton/linen.

Random shirts - Not exciting to me, but some of us need basics.

Patterned coat - $139.99, the exterior is cotton, lining acetate

Random orange sweater. It felt good on. A nice basic, but I was fine leaving it in the store.

Cute crop jeans - can't recall the size or the price

They messed them up with by stitching B. Republic on the cuff. Uhn uhn.

Very pretty blue sheath. I wanna say it was $99.99, but it might have been more.

I really, really liked it, but not sure I'd wear it.

T-shirt dress - size S, $36.99, Nice and a good price at net $24 or so, but I already have t-shirt dresses.

Size 4 - $89.99, This was a bit big. I would have gotten a 2 or 4P. It was my least favorite dress I tried on.

Me loveth this orange coat. I was dancing in the dressing room. Sorry, none of the pics came out of that. This had to come home with me. It was $149.99 before the 40%. This is a size 6P. Some of you may own or have seen the version of this they had last Fall. I didn't care for that one even though this one is essentially the same. I think this one is a couple shades lighter and I'm sure it's a bit less well made, but I'll be feeling like a cool million in it.

I love a dress w/pockets! I think it was $89.99 before the 40% off.

Closer so you can see the detail. Size 6P or 4.
I kind of like it w/the flower, but I still can't decide if I'm keeping it or not. The flower doesn't look as wild and oversized in person as it does in the pic. The flower pin/barrette is from H&M and was $5.90.

JNJ says...

"If you are a AAA member, bring your ID to 'Guest Services' and ask for the discount brochure (good for a quite a number of the outlet stores). You should get this for free. (Normally, you'd have to pay for it if you don't have AAA.) For BR, they typically offer things like 15% off with minimum purchase of $75 or $100. This is on top of whatever promotion is going on in store."

That tip was dyno-mite! Thanks so much!

Any of these thrill you? If you have any outlet tips you'd like to share, you are cordially invited.

Chime in...


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