Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For Sale - Target pearl cluster necklace (3)

ETA -- All 3 are SOLD.

I'll still be on the lookout for them since I have found 3 in the past few days.
I found a total of 3 pearl cluster necklaces at Target. This version does not have the gold filigree at the bottom of the pearls and looks just like the pic below.

The total with tax is $15 to ship First Class in the continguous US.
If interested, please email me gigiofca at gmail. First come, first serve. PayPal only.

J Crew - 2 more graphic tees

Hello! I was going to add onto the floral burst tee post, but it seemed crowded. Two more tees get their own post. What shall we name these...

1) Abstract maze tee (14457) - IVO (ivory), size S. $42.50

2) Grey burnout floralburst (14458) - size S, $45

Me no likey. Tried on for the blog only. I think the floralburst tees I posted yesterday are cuter than these. Big thumbs up for these tees feeling comfortable. The graphic wasn't scratchy and the tees are not see thru!!!

Likey? If so...what would you wear the tee with?
No likey?
Chime in...

That's the last review for today, 3/31.

I am going to do my best over the next couple days to hustle up the remaining reviews I have for J Crew in light of EXTRA30 and the Crewpon that was mailed out.

Thanks for visiting & stay tuned!

J Crew - charmeuse pencil skirt

J Crew's charmeuse pencil skirt (11652) retails for $98. It's been on promo for $69.50 The skirt comes in pewter, fresh orange and bronzed twig. Regular, numeric sizes only; no P or T. 100% silk & 100% silk lining.

Use EXTRA30 through 4/2 for a net price of $48.65 online.

I tried it on awhile ago. I believe this is a size 4. I thought it was a bit dowdy, but I loooved the way it felt. I have a habit of having lunch & then trying on clothes. Not the best idea in the world, but that's been my pattern.

Another shot of the dowdiness.

I tried it on the other day and decided to give fresh orange a whirl in size 2. This time I have pumps on which helps w/the look & fit.

Add belt...cardi...glaydie, you know the thrill.

Me loveth! I used the EXTRA30 and am so looking forward to receiving this. It's so bright & pretty in person. I think I'll be really happy with this and will get more use than it appears out of the color. Yes, glaydies, I will get it hemmed a bit. ;-)

Lexiloo mentioned it on JCA as follows:

"I got the Charmeuse pencil skirt in bronzed twig about a month back (when it was still $98 online, but already marked down to $69 in store), and I love it! It feels great and I can imagine wearing this for fun or for work especially in the summer since it's so light. However, to be fair, I'm like a lot of the JCrew models-- not at all hippy, very stright & slim. It might hug a curvy woman's figure a little too much. Also, the length is exactly as it looks on the website: that is, I'm nearly 6' tall, and the skirt hits me close to my knees. Shorter ladies might be concerned about this. The elastic waist concerned me too, but I tried this on in the store with the fish shirt (stores only) and it covered the waist. And that looked good. However, I also tried it on recently with my orange Quinn cami, tucked it, and I loved it. So I really don't think the waist should concern you."

I agree with everything Lexiloo said.

Likey? No likey?
Chime in...

style="font-size:130%;">4/2 - ETA
Ok...so I had to try it on again in the bronzed twig. This time I tried a size 2.

For those with 20/20+ .... that's J Crew's ruffle neck henley from last fall, the crystal pillow necklace and the Serengetis. I almost walked out in the skirt. After paying, of course. But I didn't want to freak my husband out by coming home in something new. It would've been weird.

I love this skirt (!) and don't need a silver one. So I had to see if this color would work for me. It's at the b&ms for $59.99 before the 25% card.

J Crew - cotton cashmere bouquet cardi

First up....

Did you get a Crewpon? (glossary to made-up terms coming soon!)

I am SO thrilled that I received one! I promptly went down and purchased the linen Holly jacket.

I think I will kick myself if I try to wait for this to go on promo and miss out. If I don't have enough pieces to mix/match with it and if I don't wear it soon, I will return it.

I've realzed that if I don't wear something within the first couple of weeks, it usually doesn't get worn.

J Crew's cotton cashmere bouquet cardi (12728) retails for $78. I have definitely seen the putty color on sale for $49.99 in b&m.

Size M

Me likey, but not. I don't even think I'd get this on super sale because I have cardis in both colors. The sewn fabric is similar to the sewn fabric on the floral burst tee. It definitely looks really cute over a pattern button down. I saw that look on a SA.

Likey? No likey? I think shopaholicdiva1027 has her eye on it.

Chime in...
Up next...J Crew's charmeuse pencil skirt

Monday, March 30, 2009

J Crew - floral burst tees

J Crew has a new series of t-shirts. I think it's been mentioned on JCA that these have been selling really well. I made up names for them.

1) Champagne floralburst - size S, sorry no style#

A requisite Jackie would go well over the champagne & grey tees - bright fuschia, dark aquamarine & melon

2) Grey floralburst (14553) - size S, $45

3) Metallic abstract floralburst (13853)- size S, $42.50

KatyO also reviewed the champagne floralburst tee and you can see it here on her. She has recently reviewed other J Crew items, so check them out as well.

Me no likey. I 'get' them and like the concept, esp the grey & champagne ones. But $42.50 is just too much when it's not that great of a fit on me. I think the floral burst is intricate because it's woven sewn material that's then sewn onto the tee, but still...a pass for me. Maybe on sale if there are any left? Do you think the champagne or the grey for me if I were to cave on some Crewlade? And...

Likey? No likey?
Chime in...

J Crew - silk solid tunic

J Crew's silk solid tunic (12342) retails for $88 and has been on promo for $68. Ivory, black, navy and fresh guava.

Size 4 - Me no likey.

ETA: I ended up buying this in 2013 thru the swap exchange in a size 8 -- lol -- Not realizing I'd tried it on and didn't like it. That's a reminder for me to Google everything. If you type in gigisgoneshopping + j crew + style number, you'll find a post on the item if I reviewed it on the blog. The color is darker and more saturated than this picture.

The color is darker, like this.

I found a silk Calvin Klein blouse in my closet w/the same cut. I figured out the reason I'd never worn it is it had epaulettes that bothered me. I tried to figure out how to remove them with a seam ripper but couldn't do it. I paid $8 to my tailor and am very happy. I don't have the patience to photograph shiny well, but you get the point.

Dinagideon reviewed it here.

Did you purchase the silk tunic? Likey? No likey?
Chime in...

Later today...J Crew's floralburst tees

J Crew - v-neck ruffle tee (no bead)

Ruffles, ruffles...J Crew has ruffles.

I am calling this the v-neck ruffle tee. The style number is 14971 and I don't see it online. I believe this is $32.50. I swear this is not the same as the slub cotton ruffled scoopneck tee. The one pictured below doesn't have the bead detail sewn through the ruffle. And this one has a v-neck rather than a scoopneck.


V-neck ruffle tee (this post) VS. slub scoopneck ruffle

Check it out on on champagneandcupcakes.

And also on Lizpoms.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

J Crew - hidden items

First up....
I added a pic of the bead detailing on the ruffled scoopneck tee. Scroll to the bottom of the post to have a look.

Now onto the hidden items...

How pretty is this tank underneath the cashmere cardi?

Crewgirlincanada did some research and provided all the details. (BTW, you should check out the exquisite necklace she made. Wow!)

"It's called the Cotton Silk Ruffle Tank. It is a combination of Cotton and Silk. It comes in the Light Shell (as seen in the above pictures), Light Pewter and White. It is available in size 0 through 14. It has a Classic Fit; Side Zipper; is Fully-Lined; and is Dry Clean only.

The price is $79.50 and is will become available online sometime either April or May. However... J Crew is starting to take Pre-Orders for them now.

If you are interested in Pre-Ordering this item, the item number is: 15820."

And this info on the same item is from lucegirl:

"Name: Cotton Ruffle Swirl Tank
Release: May 09Sizes: 0-14
Material: Cotton/silk
Price: $79.50 On-line colors: White, Light Pewter, Warm Shell (on model)
Store colors: Natural, Classic Navy, Sweet Lavender, Shadow (a deep blue)
Item#: 15820 - It is available for pre-order in the on-line colors."


In other news, Birdiebutter found 2 hidden items on the website while doing a random search.

1) Perfect-fit chiffon ruffle tank 15328
2) Perfect fit corsage tee 14973

...both items have a ship date of 4.13.09.

Sorry no pics at the moment. I searched for those on the website and couldn't find them. I searched by one or two key words and then by the style numbers. Still couldn't find them. Tried on 2 other occasions & still don't see them.

The product names sound cute. Although my closet is puking ruffles at this point in time.

Is there a such thing as too many ruffles?

Likey the new rosette tank pictured? No likey?
Chime in...

J Crew - short-sleeve stretch broadcloth shirt

First up....
I saw the hot mess tank top online. I put the web pic in the original post. I remain unimpressed.
J Crew's Short-sleeve stretch broadcloth shirt retails for $59.50. It comes in regular (13326) and petite (13347), numeric sizes. It comes in white, light pewter and lavender on the website. I also saw it in a navy & wht vertical pinstripe in b&m.

It looks so cute w/the silk-ribbon chain link necklace ($98).

This might be a size 4.

Lavender - size 6, not very vibrant. A slight shade darker would have been really nice.

I lifted my arms for some reason and when I put them down I got a chestisus crease. That bothered me for some reason. I probably don't lift my arms on a regular basis during my day, but I don't want something I feel I have to tug down which is how I often feel in button downs unless they're fitted, yet loose. The blouse stayed in place while I was in it and it felt comfortable in general. I'm sure I just contradicted myself.

It's a really, really cute blouse and it's worth the $59.50. I forgot to snap a pic of it underneath a blazer. Super cute. The shirt is well made with stitching that flatters the female figure. Oh -- here it is with the bow skirt:

Anyway, after I got home and thought about it I decided I have enough white blouses. None of the other colors excited me. And if I'm on the fence or don't wear it right away I know it'll just sit there. Even though it looked sooooo cute with the gold metallic cotton linen jacket. Like, really cute. Sorry I don't have irl pic, but try the two together in-store if you're able.

You can see the blue & white striped one on Liz Poms.

Likey? No likey?
Chime in...

Coming up...J Crew 'hidden items'

Saturday, March 28, 2009

J Crew - ringspun ruffle short-sleeve painter henley

J Crew's ringspun ruffle short-sleeve painter henley (12678) retails for $34.50. It comes in many colors -- navy, white, crisp celery, shell (pale pink), sweet cantaloupe, pewter, aqua green, sweet lemon and light chartreuse.

Pewter - I love how it looks online, but it didn't sway me in-person. I think it might look cute w/a long necklace and the mahali-dot cafe capris (11970). I tried those on btw, and wasn't a fan. Print pants aren't for me.

Tea rose

Size S - I don't like J Crew's uber thin knits. In some, my skin shows through and changes the color of the item. My skin is cool. Some of their knits not so much.

I don't see this color online.

I wanted to likey, but didn't. It's simply too thin and felt floppy. And it's too long for me. I think it's an option for a great layer underneath something else, but I didn't see wearing it on its own without a tank underneath -- boo -- or booby bumpers to cover the nips. That means each time I wanted to wear the top, it would cost me $2 for a pair of the bumpers.

I passed. Unless on super sale because it could work well underneath a short sleeve cardi.

You can also see it here on Lizpoms.

Likey? No likey?
Chime in...

Later today... J Crew's short-sleeve stretch broadcloth shirt

Friday, March 27, 2009

J Crew - slub cotton ruffled scoopneck tee

J Crew's slub cotton ruffled scoopneck tee (13657) retails for $39.50. It comes in navy, slate, white, sweet cantaloupe and crisp celery.

Sweet cantaloupe

XS - The sweet cantaloupe doesn't register as sheer in person as it does in the photo. I think it's the lighting.


With the Jackie cardi in endive. This cardi is a large. I just wanted to see if this idea would work as a twinset. Thumbs up.

3/28/09 ETA: close-up of bead detail stitched through ruffle. It's described on the website as "a whisper of bead detailing along the center."

Check it out on Lizpoms

Me likey. If I get a minute, I will try to photograph these at home to give a better idea of the color saturation on these.

Likey? No likey?

Chime in...

J Crew - tissue ruffle cardigan

J Crew's tissue ruffle cardigan (12664) was $45 and is currently on FS for $19.99. It's worth every penny of the FS price.

Dark charcoal

Size S

Size S

Me likey. I bought both of those colors. It's a great way to dress up a t-shirt and look like I 'tried.'

Likey? Have you purchased one? No likey?

Chime in...

Coming up later today...J Crew's slub cotton ruffled scoopneck tee


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