Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kohl's knocks off J Crew's Fiona jacket

You recognize all too well the Fiona jacket by J Crew. Original retail $168.

Kohl's...I said...I said...Kohl's? Size S. Oh me likey, me likey.

The interior isn't lined. Aaaand? Not a problem in my eyes.

Size S

It comes in 2 colors, the black and the white. Regular retail $42. I caught it on sale today for $24. I snapped up the white quickly. It runs S-XL or XXL. I can't recall. I think Kohl's runs their sales Wed-Wed, but I'm not sure. The 3/4 sleeve w/the flutter detail is cute on J Crew's jacket. However, I like the full sleeve length on the Kohl's version. Of course the stitching is not perfect at this price, but you only see that close-up. Machine washable. I think they did a slammin' job w/the knockoff. Likey!

Appeal to those who missed J Crew's Fiona?
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Friday, February 27, 2009

AE - boyfriend blazer

American Eagle's boyfriend blazer retails for $59.50. It's cotton, with some stretch. I don't have the exact fabric % breakdown. Machine washable!

This is a M. Me really, really likey!

Here is a reminder of Old Navy's twill blazer. See why I was on the fence about this one? It's not as clean as the one from AE. Plus you can roll the sleeves to the elbow on the AE blazer.

The buttonholes on the AE blazer have blue stitching. Not overtly noticeable, but a minor detractor for me. I suppose I could have that changed if it bugged me that much. Other than that I only have 2 more days until I "refocus" (no shopping), so I will probably get this one with the 20% printable coupon I found online. You can click here

AE - floral vines halter

AE's floral vines halter retails for $24.50. It comes in 4 different patterns.

They call this grey

And this is called multi-floral

It feels flowy & good on. Oopsie. Can't recall the size.

What do you think about AE's price point for this? How do you like their prints?

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AE - distressed jeans +

AE has quite a wide selection of jeans. They clearly want to be Your Jean Shop with sizes from 00-18 in short, regular, long and xlong lengths.

I saw quite a few options in the distressed/destroyed look. I saw skinny, flare & boyfriend in person. Online I found a bootcut:

True boot

AE's zip-up cardi is currently on sale for $24.95, down from $49.50. I saw 2 colors (this one & navy) on sale for $14.95.

I didn't bite as it didn't do much for me. Great price, though. And 100% cotton.

What do you think about AE? Own any great pieces from them?
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

March 09 - Project Refocus

Thanks to those of you who have voted in my 1st ever poll.

I have been very inpsired by those of you on shopping bans, giving up shopping for Lent, etc... I wondered if I can really commit to a 30-day abstinence plan of my own. I was revising the poll with more detail, but someone voted before I could save the changes.

One option is to stay out of the stores completely, but continue the blog with fashion related topics. The other option is to post clothes I try on, yet abstain from shopping while doing so. Looks like everyone wants things to continue as normal. Makes perfect sense w/the new releases from J Crew. ;-)

I decided I am definitely going to abstain through my very own personal Project Refocus. I figure I will have a lot more attention for other areas of my life. (Anyone else out there a flat surface space abuser?) I definitely had to call it something else because 'ban,' 'can't' and similar words would definitely work against me.

If you have decided to "refocus" in your life, how's it going?
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Old Navy - cap sleeve jersey dress

Old Navy's cap sleeve jersey dress is $19.50. Think t-shirt dress. It comes in black, cyclamen (hot pink), a blue stripe and pink stripe.

Size M

I love this scarf I tried on. It's $12.50.

I will give it to them in the fabric content dept. 95% cotton, 5% spandex. I like that.

T-shirt dresses aren't for me. How 'bout for you?
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Old Navy - 3-button twill blazer

First - I added a pic of the Old Navy tan/white striped sweater coat to this post. It's really cute. I also added a couple pics of the Boden version.

Old Navy's 3-button twill blazer retails for $29.50 , is 100% cotton and comes in black, dark blue, khaki, green and white. And comes in regular, tall & petite!

The sleeve was really long on me in a small...

...but I liked the jacket better on the body than on the hanger.

I had passed this blazer several times on my last couple of trips thinking it would be see through, but it's not. I think I have to get this scarf. It comes in the brown print (shown) and a black/white print. And uh, no, I don't wear my scarves down to my knees.

I will be sharing a white blazer I tried on at AE and love. In comparison I like that one better. This is still decent, esp for a casual.

What would you wear this blazer with? Or not structured/stylish enough for you?
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Old Navy - maxi dress (solid)

I think this is the 3rd ON maxi dress post, but this one deserves its own. I'm trying to keep them straight myself. I didn't see this version on the website, but it retails for $29.50. I think it came in white, black and red. I tried it on in navy.

I like the tier at the bottom of this one.

So many maxis. (And I haven't even reviewed them all!)
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Old Navy - maxi dress (printed)

First up -- I saw an additional color in the ON crochet crepe maxi dress post that isn't currently on the website. You can click on the link and scroll down to see the orange version.

ON also has a printed maxi dress, 95% cotton, 5% metallic threads. The $34.50 price point is fantastic.

I was more impressed with the print on the body than on the hanger. But I can't say this is on my shopping list. It looks sort of nightgownish on me. Tried it on for the blog.

There are a total of 4 print/color options you can view online.

Do you like to bring on the prints? Or look from afar?
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old Navy - pomegranate mints

I said I was moving onto items from AE, but I'm not. Temporary change of plans...

Old Navy's $2.50 tin of mints are sold at the counter when you're checking out. I purchased the pomegranate ones on a whim.

No they don't freshen the breath. More like a candy and that's about it.

I just really needed to share that.

Old Navy - voile skirt

Old Navy's voile skirt is $24.50. Currently on promo for $20. It comes in white, black, blue glare (turquoise), red and chocolate brown.

Blue glare

Size small

Another pass for me. Tried on for the blog only.

Do you kick it up in flowy skirts? Or not your thing?
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Up next...a few pieces from American Eagle Outfitters (AE)

Old Navy - tiered skirt

Old Navy's color blocked tiered skirt retails for $26.50. Good news is it's 100% cotton. There are three color combos. You can check the website to see the green one. I didn't see the tan combo in person or maybe it just didn't catch my eye.

Size small

Tried on for the blog only. This is a pass for me.

This skirt put a breeze near your boat? Not a fan of tiers?
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Old Navy - tunic coverups

Old Navy has some cute tunic coverups at $24.50 regular price. Unfortunately wasn't discounted with the NEW30 promo that expires today when I put it through a mock checkout. Remember you can click on the pics to see them in a larger size.

Pink Shag

I am eyeing the pink one.

Cabot Cove

Not sure if this one is on the website. This is gauzy, and I don't know if it is also 100% cotton or a blend.

What do you think about these? ON produces in bulk so how do you feel about the possibility of seeing someone else in your tunic at the water's edge?

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Old Navy - crochet crepe maxi dress

Old Navy hit this one real good. The crochet crepe maxi dress is $34.50. 100% cotton & machine washable. It comes in Madagascar (turquoise), black and white.

Size medium

Size small

I think chestisus-wise I felt better in the medium. I'd have to try it on again. I'm eyeing the white since I already have a black maxi from Target.

Think you'd look hot to trot in it? Over the maxi trend?
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ETA the orange

Old Navy - $24.50 cross front sundress

Old Navy's 100% cotton cross front sundress is $24.50. Surely this will go on promo. It comes in solid colors in addition to patterns.

Here is the blue stripe pattern.

A purple stripe pattern, tried on for the blog only. Size small.

I am not a fan of the dress. If you have larger girls, you might need to go up a size. I recall the dress being a little difficult to get into for some reason. The skirt is too billowy, but this may hide some parts that you don't want to share. Interestingly, the tag on the dress said $19.50, so I don't know what's up w/the online price of $24.50.

Old Navy doin' it for you?
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Old Navy - $15 cross front dress

I can't recall who asked about a dress and I'm not sure this is the right one. But here is the Old Navy cross front dress, $15.

Nothing to write home about. Felt cheap, imo. Felt worth $10, not $15.

It's cut low in the front and back and the straps are *not* adjustable. I suppose it's more of a coverup than a dress. Pay more. Do better.

I have no love for this. You?
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Old Navy - print cardigans

First order of business -- I have upated the Old Navy blazer post with a pic of the jacket in khaki.

I have also updated the Old Navy ruffle neck cardigan post with IRL pics of the white and watermelon colors.

Second - remember you can save 30% on new arrivals with NEW30 through today, 2/25/09.

Onto the print cardis...

I was on the site tonite and noticed this really cute cardigan for $9.99! It comes in the pink print (below), a yellow print, green print, solid blue and solid purple if memory serves correctly.

I tried this zip hoodie on for the blog and it was cuter on the body than on the hanger. Can't say I would wear this, but it could be a cute layer underneath a jacket.

I thought nothing of this on the hanger. Size small.

Tried it on for the blog... was a nice surprise. They did a good job with the pattern. Size M was too big.

Have you tried any of the ON print cardis? Likey? No likey?
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