Tuesday, January 27, 2009

J Crew Karma Necklace, Target beaded cluster

Isn't this a pretty necklace (11173)?

It's currently on sale for $100, and may even qualify for the EXTRA30 that's good through 1/28/09. However, I saw it in person and wasn't impressed. Resin = plastic and I just don't feel it is worth $100, not to mention $150. I tried it on and it's far too big for me. If you feel you must get it, the pink is pretty. And the saffron is good because there are 2 colors. The golden avocado doesn't have enough contrast between the 2 colors used in that version. Pass for me.

Remember the bubble necklace (92687)?

I see that it went all the way down to $69.99 from $150. Not that you can get one since they are sold out and like to leave images online to tease us. I thought the turquoise (no longer pictured on site) was pretty, but I never pulled the trigger because it seemed too large. I am small & have a smaller torso. None of this matters to me because I found the following bubble-esque necklace at Target:

J Crew turtleneck
J Crew boot cut jeans (08)
J Crew Carrie coat

Well, yeah...resin = plastic on this one, but THIS one was only $3.74! Marked down from $14.99. I purchased the same one in green ($3.74)and a turquoise one ($14.99) that's a bit different, but the same idea. I'll have to post the turquoise one for sure in the near future. I recommend a walk through the accessories dept at Target. They are really trying to 'do something' up in there.

Back...sort of

Happy New Year!

The icon above is from dryicons.com. I'm pretty sure it's a free icon. If you want to use it commercially you have to pay, etc... At any rate, it gives a pretty good depiction of how I feel at times and how I was feeling particularly around the holidays. On one hand I was feeling blue and trying to shield myself from that. On the other hand, I felt like so many things were blooming in my life and going great. I admit that I was getting stuck in a rut of mindless shopping. I was not in control. At all. It was great to step away and begin to drill down to what was causing the compulsive and obsessive feelings I had at times. I'm still working on it, but I feel less obsessed and that's the most important thing.

At the current time I don't have plans to post daily or with any specific regularity. If I post, I post. If I don't, I don't. I definitely don't want to go into b&ms as much as before. As a result some of my posts may be old news, but I will still try on and photograph items when I can.

Hope your year has started off great & that you visit from time to time!


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