Tuesday, December 1, 2009

J Crew - selvedge chambray shirt

J Crew's Selvedge chambray shirt (15008) retails for $98. - Yep, this is the same denim top reviewed here. It didn't look the same when I saw it in-store, but the fit isn't better this time around either. Or perhaps these are the same set of shirts from May.

BTW, if you click on the pic to see this shirt, you'll see the waistband on the stardust pencil skirt. In the original post on it, I mentioned that the waistband looked like elastic.
Size XS

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  1. Gigi, you are totally the cutest but that shirt is tragic. I'm not trying to be a meanie, it just gives me the blahs.


  2. I tried this in my normal size small and I think I should have sized down. I like how JC styled this shirt with so many outfits but I just can NOT buy this shirt for $98!! They just raised it from $88 to $98 this fall!

    I'm still in search of a chambray shirt that's affordable... under $50...

  3. jcmama,
    urban outfitters has chambray/denim shirt for $48. the fit is similar (slouchy/oversized).

  4. Lands' End has a similar chambray shirt in their "overstocks" section for $16.99. I ordered it after seeing the JCrew one in their catalog, but I haven't received it yet so I can't comment on the fit.


  5. Gigi, I was just getting ready to do a post on my blog about HOW to wear a chambray shirt!! I love mine, but have a hard time pairing it with things!


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