Tuesday, September 8, 2009

J Crew - super 120s papillion dress

J Crew's Super 120s Papillion dress (15663) is down to $129.99 on FS. The original price was $198, with black as the only color choice. Regular sizes only. I think only size 6 is left as of the other day. Many of you saw a pic of the dress here.

Size 4
Yeah, it dips a little low.

I got this in a size 2 over the weekend at the $130 price. It would have been nice to have saved an additional $26 with the current EXTRA20. I want to have it shortened so that savings could have been used towards alterations. However, I don't know if I would have been able to secure my size. So I'm happy.

Even if you did *not* get this dress, feel free to talk about the Super 120s items in general as it will help others.

Chime in...


  1. I put this dress in my cart this morning and now it's gone! Looks great on you and happy you ordered it before it sold out. I love this dress but the v-neck cut maybe a little too low if I were to wear it for my girl's baptism? I'm still in search of a dress for the event a month from now....arrh...

  2. jcmama - You can get something more festive than this for the baptism. And yes, you'd want one of those cami bras or something underneath if wearing it to church. I am curious to see if the smaller size will remedy that a bit.

    jcbellemarie -- Thanks! I wuv it. ;-)

  3. Loves it! It looks fantastic on you Gigi. I just wish it came in other colors. I own the Super 120 Jayne Dress in navy and it is my favorite J.Crew suiting dress ever. It's my go-to upscale event dress...professional dinner, Broadway show, meet and greets, etc.

  4. I have this dress, purchased full price when it first came out. I thought it was so beautiful that it would never make it to the sale! Wrong there. However, it is a gorgeous dress to wear. The fabric is really exceptional. I wuv it too. I know it will be a go-to for a good long while!

  5. I love this dress and I'm super bummed I didn't get one. I was always waiting for it to go on sale but then it sold out in my size.

  6. Both this and the Target dress look great on you! And thanks for the sweater reviews. It's so helpful to see them on a real person, and on a real sister (longer-legged) shortie.

  7. The Papillion is not for me personally but I love the 120s! Part of the year my job requires conservative attire and the 120s suiting pieces, especially the dresses, are my go-to items. The weight and drape of the fabric are perfect for year-round wear in the PNW. I prefer it to flannel or crepe, both of which are lint magnets IMO.

    I'm a little disappointed in the dresses this year. I haven't tried the Carlyle but it appears far too low-cut for work. Also, I am disappointed this year that the suiting dresses aren't offered in vivid colors like last year's violet, peony, and tea rose.

    I tried on the 120s peplum jacket and was not expecting to like it as much as I did--wow, it looked great. I thought it would be office-only but I was wearing the khaki Minnie pants when I tried it and it even looked great with those. It runs quite large IMO and I needed a 0, which I note is already b/o online, so that is getting dicey for me, but I don't want to buy FP.

    Interestingly, I note that the peplum at $188 starts off quite a bit cheaper than the comparable Lizza or last year's Abby, which started off in the $230 range. I didn't try Lizza but Abby was a FS disaster--they had pinned the heck out of it on the model to make it look like an entirely different jacket.

    I also recommend the Galleria dress. I had ignored online because I thought the puffy sleeves would be too cutesie, but IRL it looks professional and fits well. Also backordered, it appears.

    JCmama--have you considered the Jayne dress? I like it because on its own it doesn't look too office-y but can be made professional with a jacket.

  8. This dress is AMAZING! What a great find.

  9. * roxy - I hope to own a navy super 120s dress in the future. It's such a classic.

    * DaniP - You did good. It's worth FP. The only reason I didn't get it straight away is because I knew I wouldn't wear it anytime soon.

    * Summerilla - This would look great on you. Perhaps it will pop back. Or like someone else said on JCA, they will probably restock tomorrow after EXTRA20.

    * fidele - You're welcome :-) Thanks for visiting.

    * Hexicon - Thanks so much for chiming in about super 120s. I knew you own multiple pieces. I also don't like flannel or crepe. You nailed it. They're lint attractors. I forgot all about last year's berry hues. An SA told me it costs more money for deeper dyes, which would explain why the colors are so much paler this season.

    * Fashion Addict - It's a winner. Thanks for visiting :-)

  10. you look so gorgeous in this dress. i swear it makes you look 4 inches taller and crazy skinny!

  11. Gigi,

    I am wearing this dress today (check my ‘blog’).
    I got this dress in the beginning of the summer – I absolutely love it. It makes me look so thin and elegant.

    I enjoy reading your reviews. Please keep posting…

  12. Thank you for your daily review post. Never self-promote. Always generous and share your great finds.

    You look like a million $$ in the grey Target dress. Elegant and classy.

  13. * ms. mindless - 4 inches taller and crazy skinny? I'll take it!!! I actually feel like that in it, too. Thanks & I hope the new job is going well.

    * Simply JCrew - You *do* look thin & very elegant in the dress. Thanks for letting me know you posted on it.

    * Anon@1:46 PM - You are very sweet and I appreciate your comments. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  14. Bit the bullet and ordered it with the promo- $103 before shipping+taxes. Not sure if the 6 will be too big on me- I have J.Crew dresses in both 4 & 6 that fit. Think it will be super cute for the holidays when it's hemmed, paired with a Jackie cardi and these beautiful Betsy Johnson tights I got for a steal at TJ Maxx.

  15. * Molly -- What a great price. I hope the 6 works well for you. If not, you have saved a bundle that can be applied towards alterations. I am going to try to work tights this fall, too. Cute idea :-)


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