Tuesday, September 1, 2009

J Crew - the downtown field jacket

J Crew's the downtown field jacket (19034) retails for $148. It comes in mossy brown (pictured) and black.

J.Crew at ShopStyle

All I wanna say is...be vewwy vewwy quiet! I keep thinking WABBITS when I see this jacket.

I haven't tried it one, but love to cull the collective reviews when I can. Check it out...

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ETA - I tried it on in XS. Nice fit. It's not a match for me, but now I see why those who love it are pleased with it.

ETA - I ended up getting one on sale. Funny what a low price will do. It's definitely very chic & feels good on. Thumbs up.

Click here for an OOTD.

Chime in...

p.s. If you missed out on J Crew's Podna brass band tee I got one on eBay. I'm so happy!


  1. Ha ha. Good one:)

    An SA brough this jacket to me in the dressing room. I was excited to just try it on for fun but then I felt the fabric. Yuck! I didn't even take it off the hanger. It was so stiff and not soft or comfortable feeling for me. Definite pass. I have a similar jacket that JCrew had out a few summers ago that is comfy that I love.

  2. It's great that others have found success with it, but I'm with ya on the whole hunting vibe. Maybe it's the whole northwoodz thing here in WI but it reminds me of Carhartt thing the deer hunters wear. I'll pass

  3. It seems way too casual for my taste, and definitely reminds me of my dad's old hunting jackets. I haven't seen it in person, though!

  4. Someone out in the blogsphere mentioned it reminded her of a Teamsters Organizer, and when I tried it on I kept thinking of that. Not a look I am going for, so it's a pass for me.

  5. Oh, I love being contrary...fun! :) I adore my field jacket...it fits well and the color is great for all the brights I have in my wardrobe.

    I did review it (about two weeks ago)...check it out...if you dare. :)


    Now, I hope the address works...I have the worst luck with pasting items. Ergh. If it doesn't work, check out by date: August 20, 2009.

  6. The British have been doing this jacket right for years-It is a "wanna be" Barbour jacket. They did the "real" Barbour for the men and crewcuts, but apparently the ladies aren't worth it...I bought a really nice Barbour this spring that is lined with Liberty rose print fabric :).Granted the Barbour are pricey,but worth the extra expenditure for something so classic.

  7. Ha! So true, that's hilarious!

  8. I read on Wardrobe Review (or something like that:) That this jacket is also noisy. I just thought the stiffness of the fabric was such a turn off...

  9. Well, I have this jacket, and I love it. Of course, I bought it knowing full well that I was buying it just to wear for rainy weather during Fall. I don't plan on keeping it on all day. Just from the car, into work, and back to my car and home. I love the fit, and I love that it is really waterproof, as well as a little tough looking!

  10. I love it and am planning/hoping to snag it when it goes on sale ;)

  11. Guess I'll be a rebel too! I, like dinagideon, love my super casual field jacket! As a stay at home mom, I don't have the need or occasion (sadly) for anything dressier so it really suits my lifestyle and is great for keeping me warm on those few cooler days we get here in Florida and it will definitely help to keep me dry while being slightly more stylish than your average windbreaker or hoodie, it's a win-win for me!

    And btw, JCrew did make a real Barbour jacket, $379 item 19628, already sold out online. As classic as it is, this I could for sure see on Elmer!

  12. I like this jacket a lot on others. When i tried it on, though, i couldn't get past its boxiness. On me, i thought it looked masculine.

  13. Really? I don't know if I think hunting jacket, myself, but for $148? Not sure I would pay that... not when you could get a similar look for a little less. Anyway. My two cents. hehe...

  14. * Genny & Anon@3:14 PM - I don't like fabrics that give me the heebs.

    * Pamela & amy kelinda - I don't even know If I know anyone who hunts. If I do, they're keeping it a secret.

    * Kristin - Teamsters org...what a visual!

    * dinagideon - I love that you stay true to yourself. You pick good things. Yup. You look good in it :-)

    * houndlvr67 - I learned something new. I didn't know there was a name for this sort of style. What did we do before we all found one another? *lol*

    * FashionAddict - Thanks for visiting :-)
    * Suzy - The h20proof aspect sounds good.

    * Mack - Hoping you get a bargain!

    * JMPB - You should def post a pic on your blog.

  15. I bought this jacket in early august. I'm not crazy about the fabric but the XS is fairly true to size, unlike the vast majority of other jcrew military/"rugged" jackets.

    I bought it as an outfit...
    Black u-neck dress
    white tank
    jacket (obvi!)
    tortoise flats
    tortoise headband, worn over a pony tail

    I always get compliments on this combo :)

  16. Anon@8:37 PM - You know I love the u-neck dress. Your outift sounds cute. I like the idea of the tortoise shell w/it. Goes great w/the jacket & dress.

  17. I bought the downtown field jacket in mossy brown, in my usual size (large) and it fits like a dream. I think the shiny gold buttons keep it from looking too much like wilderness-wear. I am six feet tall and it seriously fits like it was tailored for me. I can wear the waist tabs on either setting and both look good. There is just enough room for me to wear a sweater underneath, but even if I don't, it's not too big or boxy. I love it!

  18. I love the European Hunting look, but I can see how that doesn't appeal to everyone. I'm happy that some people don't like it, as I'm waiting for a sale to snatch it up. I'm 5'10", and when I tried it on, it was perfection. I don't want to pay 149.00 though.

  19. I love this jacket because it is so not me, if that makes any sense. I can't do the casual look if I tried but for some reason I really gravitated towards this jacket. I think it really works with the appropriate styling. I can't wait for fall to arrive so I can really test drive it.

  20. Anon@6:21a & Anon @9:24a - You both sound nice & tall, with the carriage to pull this off. Thanks for your comments and they will help others.

    Stephanie - I get what you mean ;-)

  21. I am wearing this jacket today and I love it! (Although my 7 year old said "holy button factory, mom" at breakfast this morning!) The waxed cotton wears in nicely, I had a Prada jkt a few years back that I wore to death made of this material. It's fabulous paired with skinny jeans, fringe flats and creamy funky tank with avant garde ruching on the front. And a long gold chain with a gold and black enameled egg... which I think i JCrew, too come to think of it. The fit is perfect!

  22. Clea - Kids can be so freaking cute. Your outfit sounds very chic. Thanks for visiting :-)

  23. I haven't commented in a long time but had to stop to say you are so awesome for having all these reviews and links to reviews!! They're still relevant two years later. HUGE help! I'm just now giving The downtown field jacket a try. Actually, I tried it on in store but passed, not sure why. Probably the price.

  24. IRL - I got it for really cheap. It was almost like they weren't selling it, so they marked it down. Then when it became popular w/the JCAs, the price went back up & the company ordered more. There's a good chance it'll make it to sale, imo.

  25. Thanks Gigi - Ahh, like so many other 'popular' items. Over-order the second time around and let it sit at f/p forever. I ordered it to try, and if it's a keeper, I will buy and hold and wait and watch...I'm sure you know the routine! ;)
    Have a nice day!!


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