Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Limited - these dresses are *hawt*

First up...

Savvy Mode is giving away a total of 4 pairs of Paris Hilton shoes. These are ridiculous.

Destiny by Paris Hilton - $93 on Zappos.com

Click here to enter the giveaway. You can earn a total of 3 entries thru 8/5.

The Limited's brushstroke dress retails for $89.50 and is currently $53.40. It's on backorder at the moment. I saw it in-person and liked it. No pockets, but I guess that would mess up the beautiful brushstrokes.

The Limited's solid faille strapless dress retails for $79.50. I think this is a basic silhouette that's working for them, but the only color I saw in-person & online in this fabric was stallion, a deep chocolate brown. I know it looks black.

Size 2 - Fit ok everywhere except the bust. I couldn't zip it up all the way. I think a 4 will be perfect. I have a waist in this dress!

I ordered both of these online in size 4 as I couldn't find the brown one in a store near me. I think a lot of their stores have closed. I used to love The Limited & Express but haven't shopped in either for eons. I also some some really great suits at The Ltd. There are some construction issues with the clothing as far as fit. They aaalmost get it, but not quite. However, they have definitely overhauled the clothing & many of their fabric choices. I'll be checking in with them again.

I have 2 coupon codes on the side bar. Check them out. One is a savings of $15 on every $50 thru 7/31.

Chime in...


8/8 - ETA - I never received the strapless brushstroke. It got canx on me. I re-ordered a 6 and that got canx, too. I received the 4 on the brown strapless stress. It still didn't fit at the bust. They are going to have to alter their fit. A 6 would be far too big on the bottom. Wasn't meant to be on either of these.


  1. thanks for the shout out. good luck!

  2. Savvy Mode SG - Thank you! Great blog.

  3. love those dresses...and the shoes to. i have a pair of her shoes and they are actually nice.

  4. Ohhh those shoes are gorgeous. Too gorgeous to be Paris Hilton, but I love them all the same. I signed up for the contest, and if I don't win I think they're going to make it to my Fall Wishlist anyway. So pretty!

  5. OMG! Gigi you look stunning in the faille strapless dress

  6. Love those strapless dresses! You look fantastic!!!

  7. You were totally offbase with your title, Gigi. The dresses aren't hawt...it is you, sexy mama! Woohoo! You are so rockin' that silk faille dress!

  8. That brown strapless looks fabulous on you! I'm really diggin' the brushstroke too!

    Thanks, Gigi!

  9. The fabric bow is a big item on footwear this fall. Love these shoes from Anthro.


    If you click through they are SO already. :(

  10. you look fierce in that strapless! go gigi! those PH shoes are fab...but are they really by PH?

  11. I WAS a "LIMITED" chick for MANY YEARS in my 30'a until at 38 I became a full fledged J.Crew CHICK!
    Those dresses look amazing on you--I especially LUVEE BROWN--it's as they say "the new black!!!" smile

  12. You look so fantastic in that dress! I bought a few suits from The Limited last fall and have been really disappointed with them. I had to have them all tailored because the fit was off. On top of that I've had to have them all repaired in some way (button fell off, hem came loose). They definitely need to work on their quality and construction!

  13. I love the faille strapless dress. So cute!

  14. Thanks for visiting & chiming in! I am really loving the brown strapless. I hope I love it all over again when I receive it. Also hoping the brushstroke dress looks interesting and feels good on.


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