Thursday, July 30, 2009

J Crew - sateen Saturday skirt (+comp alt)

J Crew's sateen Saturday skirt retails for $78. It comes in caspian blue & mineral gray. Fresh melon is currently $59.99.

Size 4 - caspian blue
with the perfect shirt in chambray

Side view --> the reason I returned this & will not get it on FS. It has pleats at the back waist. Not good if you have some max in the gluteus. Also, this didn't pass the bendover test. The skirt just feels so light, I couldn't feel where it was on my thighs when I bent over. And when I looked in the mirror, demure was not staring back at me.

Here is a comparable alternative (comp alt) from GAP. Their smocked two-tone skirt, retails for $49.50. It comes in regular, tall & petites. This looks like 2 layers, so it could look more full than the Saturday skirt. Also, if the gathering goes all around the skirt it may not look good over the rear. Me loveth the rich purple.

Deep purple

I didn't like the smocked waist. It was just bizarre.

Chime in...

p.s. I haven't been cooking much this summer, but I am always collecting recipes. You have to see this quick demo of grilled pizza on the McCormick's website. And if you haven't tried McCormick's Montreal seasoning for your steaks, you are missing out.


  1. Hi Gigi. Excellent review of the Saturday Sateen Skirt. Everyone interested in it (and the new woolly version 17445) should read before buying.

    I experienced the same fit issues you mentioned. The back "shirring" combined with the lack of length gave me a really round shape, too, like a BALLoon! The side profile is just killer.

    It's too bad, this skirt could've been a great go-to weekend piece. I do wonder if sizing up 1 or 2 sizes would help. A little extra length may balance out the puffiness?

    BTW, Gigi, have you seen the Gold Coin Skirt instore? I saw it at my B&M tonight. Unfortunately, only a 2 and a 12 were left, so I'll have to wait for its online release. If you have or do come across it, will you please review? Thanks!


  2. LL - Thanks! I was just editing pics of the gold coin skirt. I will create the post asap. I have a ton of images -- over 150 from my 2 trips to b&m. I tried a 4 and it's a little too big. There was no 2 for me to try. I think this will go quickly. It has pockets! HTH for now. :-)

    Actually -- I forgot to take a pic of the tag, so I hope we're talking about the same one. Black with gold metallic coins & stripes, $150.

  3. This is a cute skirt. You look so great Gigi!

  4. This skirt is sitting unopened in the box I received yesterday. Should I even bother? :)

  5. Love that purple GAP skirt....may have to take a look at that one while I'm there today for the Give to Get promo...

  6. Ok, not a keeper for me either. I tried it on in my regular size 4 but I don't care for how high it sits on my waist and the short length. Maybe I should have sized two or three sizes(?) to get it to sit on my hips.

    The model in the pic. is definetly wearing a larger size...look how long it is on her. I'm not nearly as tall as her and the skirt hit a good 4-6" above my knee.

    Wasn't this an issue with one of the denim skirts last year?

  7. that skirt looks so cute on you belted! i can see what you mean about the back pleating though. thanks for the review - otherwise i might have ordered it on fs and been stuck with the big booty! :)

  8. The model is posed exactly to hide the pouf in the side shot. Her arm covers the back pleats just enough and bringing the knee forward pulls the back down a bit. The photos can be so deceptive.

    I'm curious though, you felt this skirt failed the bendover test. How did the mica mini do on that test? I found it to be scandalously short, although I think I may be a bit taller than you at 5'8'. Love the gold quilted mica but as I said - short!

  9. I was curious about this skirt - now I definitely don't want it.

    From the front it looks amazing, so cute and love with the chambray but from the back it does look bad. This will definitely be a no for me. Thanks for reviewing this!

  10. I love the Gap skirt! The purple is such a fun color and it looks like a really full skirt which would be great for fall. I may have to check it out this weekend...

  11. LL - Yes, I do have pics of the gold coin skirt. Correction --there is pleating down the front, middle. Not stripes.

    The Outfit of the day - Thanks. This was a pass. Too bad as I love the blues.

    IRL - *lol* Thanks for coming back w/your verdict. I wouldn't size up. It would add more volume to the bell shape. The Wendy denim skirt had a funky fit like this.

    Coley - Give/Get begins on Thursday, tomorrow.

    kris - I won't be surprised if I see a couple of these on the swap/exch and see them on eBay.

    Summerilla - I would think this looks good on you because you're very slim, but I guess the length won't do it unless you size up.

    Law and Fashion - GAP pics are pretty much on the money. I'd bet the skirt looks as rich in color in person.

  12. Anon@7:29 AM - Very good question! The Saturday skirt is not touted as a mini. That's one reason I'm surprised at the length. The issue w/the bendover test mostly has to do w/the fabric and lack of lining. When the fabric is as lightweight as this one, I can't always feel the skirt on my body. I don't bend from the waist in a skirt, so this shouldn't be an issue overall, but want to feel comfortable in a skirt.

    Also, the bell shape doesn't touch the body so the way I'd probably find out I'm sharing myself with the world is if I felt some extra air. It's 18" long, according to the website.

    In contrast, the linen tweed mica mini has a lining. Also, the fabric is heavier so I can feel it on my body and I'm reminded to be mindful while bending. The gold mica mini has a lining as well. Both micas are 16" in length, but I am more comfortable in the linen than I was the Saturday.

  13. the purple is gorgeous. $50 is awfully pricey for a single piece for me, though!!! good for people to know about the issues with this sateen skirt, because it looks phenomenal on you from the front.

  14. The Thrifty Stylist - The GAP skirt will be 30% off w/the Give/Get that begins tomorrow :-)

  15. Gigi, I think we're talking about the same skirt. I also recall the center front pleating, and a stretchy black waist band.

    BTW, the skirt is featured on pg24 of the lookbook. But it does look quite different IRL, don't you think? I was expecting a more neutral pewterish shade with a subtle circular "print." Instead, we really get a "Gold Coin Skirt." :)

    Ok, I look forward to your review and pix! The 1-800 SA says this one comes out early Aug online.


  16. LL - It looks like a different version was used for the photoshoot. OR that washed out overexposed lighting theme they have going made it look different. I didn't expect it to be so dark and black & bold in person. I'll try to put it up for Monday.

  17. I have the Gap skirt (need to return and rebuy with the promo!). But yes, it is two layers in a lightweight but very nice soft cotton. I have the pink and grey color but there are several nice colors. It does have shirring all the way around and it is quite a wide strip meaning even on me, 5'8", the band covered my entire hip bones. I like this style but some may not for this reason. The Saturday skirt was way too short on me....

  18. Sydneygirl - I ordered the GAP skirt today. I lowered my expectations given that there is elastic all the way around. Thanks for chiming in!

    The Thrifty Stylist - I was wrong. I thought today was Wed all day. You are right that the promo started today.

  19. cute skirt from the front--but the back tells a different story.
    That's what I experienced with the Patio Dress...great from the front and "hell no" from the back!

  20. luvallthingsjcrew --

    "the back tells a different story"

    I love that! *lol*


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