Friday, July 31, 2009

J Crew - raining rhinestones wool coat (Fall 09)

From the lookbook, pg. 12

This gorgeous coat is a Collection piece. It will run sizes 0-8. However another CS said it will run 0-14. No record of petite availability. To debut in Sept in 2 stores.

The rhinestone collar Evelyn coat (17509) retails for...wait, my heart raced and I had to remove my sweater (hot flash!) when I heard the retail of $800. The coat only comes in golden amber.

I cannot wait to see this in person. It could have some oomph, like the honey glaze color. Or, it could be a washed out color, like the peach jersey strapless dress. The photoshoot for the Lookbook was washed out, so who knows.

The measurements on the 0 are around 37" for the bust and 40" for the low hip, if I recall correctly. The rep pointed out a couple of times that this is an overcoat and can be worn over multiple layers. I understood the point, but based on those measurements it seems to be vanity sized so I got a 0. From the pic it appears to be double-breasted & have an A-line shape. Not my favorites, but I'm blinded by the rhinestones.

I have to try it so I pre-ordered it. (Help me, lawd!) I'm not jumping up and down about anything in the Lookbook or that has been online. There are a couple basics I want, but this was the only showstopper for me so I need to see it. I'm not sure if it will show up in a store near me and I didn't want to take a risk that it will/won't. I've learned that it's better to get now & decide later, provided it's not final sale. Otherwise someone will come and swoop what I want. I know some of you have great luck w/popbacks, but my timing is not so lucky matching my size & wants w/availability.

ETA 7/29 - I pre-ordered on 7/24 and still missed the boat. Amazing.

"Thank you for your recent pre-order for our French Serge Evelyn Coat. I apologize, but due to the popularity of this item, demand has exceeded our expectations and we are unable to fulfill your order."

For those of you skimming and not really reading...I ordered this coat on 7/24 and wrote this post on 7/27 or so. On 7/29 I got that email saying I'm not getting the coat via pre-order. This sucks. But of course, not getting it could be good. It's definitely less $800-good for me. Anyway...maybe the color is bad and I wouldn't like it. Frickety frack!

I contacted my online PS and she said the only sizes left are maybe a 6 or an 8. Actually, she said she "could possibly get me a 6 or 8." It smacked of an odd drug deal for a fraction of a second but nevermind as neither of those sizes will work according to the measurements.

I have to trust in the Crewniverse that this isn't for me. Oh-- the newest words added to the vocab list are comp alt, crewinverse and patinalicious.

Chime in...

8/25 ETA:
I KNEW they were overlighting/overexposing the images during the Lookbook shoot. Here are the online images. I'm so glad that I didn't get this.


p.s. This is the last day for free shipping on Dulken & Derrick flowers.


  1. Nope it wasn't meant to be, I'm sorry you missed out, on the upside now you have money for other fall treats.

    I like the blouse underneath the jacket you can wear it with just about anything.

  2. crewniverse...hahahaha. i would sell an organ to get this coat. i'm glad it doesn't come in my size. My organs thank jcrew

  3. Oh No! Well, this one definitely wasn't meant to be...have you considered pre-ordering something else instead?

  4. That coat is not cute AT ALL. J Crew isnt a designer brand - why do they price things like they are?

  5. I guess I'll be happy that it's out in my size. I love love love that collar. Sigh....

  6. casual-crew - Yes, I agree. Saving money for other things. And now that my 1-year obssession with J Crew has calmed down enough to allow other reatilers I'll surely find something exciting.

    Patina - You're funny.

    FFM - I am really ok on coats. I got the cotton trench from ON. That was a fun bargain 30% off of $49.50. I *do* see something else I wanted so I may order that tomorrow. It's waaay less than $800! *lol*

    Anon@3:56 PM - They are in their own Crewniverse, that's why.

    HeidiG - So where shall I look for rhinestones to sew onto the jacket of something...cuz that's what makes it special.

  7. This coat has Patina's NAME all over it!!! muahaha
    I like the design of the jacket...not the bling on the collar--all though I am sure in the right lighting it could really light up a girls face!

  8. That coat is drop dead gorgeous!!!

  9. Sorry you missed out on the coat - they must not have had many of these. I wonder if they can put you on a list just in case someone sends theirs back?

  10. Oh no, I am sorry! I love it too!

  11. Gigi-

    Normally I'm all in agreement with your judgment on clothes. You're always looking cute and put together. However, I must disagree with you on this one- I think the coat is FUGLY. Sorry!

  12. Maybe this is a DIY bedazzler experiment. I'm sure a replica will be on soon. I'll keep my eye out.

  13. gigi, i must say that it is somewhat irrational to pay 800$ for a coat... on the otherhand is it a frickin awesome coat!! lol

  14. Hi Gigi, hang in there, jewels seem to be vogue for the fall and I am sure you will find something similar and better later on in the season! I agree with you though, its beautiful.

  15. I literally LOL'd when I saw this coat. Come on, all those chunky rhinestones will look so dated in a couple years and you will have only worn the coat a couple of times because really, it's not something you would put on to go grocery shopping, it is priced as a special piece. How many times could you wear such an dramatic coat? Maybe some could wear it often but not me, not in that color. And what if one of those stones got caught on a scarf and ripped off?! Tragedy.

    If your order was fulfilled, would you have actually kept the coat or just tried it on for the blog and returned?

  16. I would have liked to see IRL pics of this coat, but I think it's too much and you probably wouldn't have kept it. I say you buy a cheap coat and a Bedazzler and go to town!

  17. luvallthingsjcrew - Very patinalicious

    math teacher - I opted to not be on a list for it. I have an online PS and b&m PS. Between the two of them + the store director, and about 4 J Crew phone reps, this coat is not meant to be for me.

    jbird - Love your honesty. ;-)

    Erin - Etsy is a great idea. Or DIY. Or asking my tailor to replicate. I think the rhinestones have to be right or it will just look cheap and bad.

    Anon 8:48 PM - $800 would have definitely been the most I've ever spend on a coat. I just love it, though.

    Jemma Ruby - Including postage to & fro, I could probably send it to you and have the jewels sewn on for cheaper than $800. *lol*

    Anon 6:09 AM - This is an investment piece, hence the word Collection. Although I'm not convinced that the golden amber is a good Collection color. I didn't post on this when I reviewed the other Lookbook items because I was trying to get it before putting a spotlight on it. I didn't order a $800 coat to try on for the blog. *lol* I got it -- or was *trying* to get it -- for myself.

    Katherine - I really, really wanted to see it in person. I have questions about the fit (too big) and the color. There is a huge chance it just wouldn't work. If it were in black I probably would have kept my namne on the list.

  18. OMG I love this coat!!! However, Gigi, it is just not meant to be. Trust in the Crewiverse (love this btw) that something even more fabulous will come your way (and hopefully not be vanity sized!)...because 40 inch low hip on a size ZERO is freakin ridiculous...

  19. Oh man...I'd love to see this in person, I love yellow and I love bling, but yah $800 is a bit much. Still, I hope someone sees it and takes pics!

  20. I think the coat is cute but damn, pricey. So, if it has sold out in pre-sale, will it ever make it onto the website/future catalogs?

    You could bedazzle a yellow lady day or other JC in a similar shape if you're still pining for this one, though. :)

  21. OK, I do not want to make a cheapo suggestion, but LOTS of coats have detachable collars...get a detachable collar for a coat you already have and get $35 worth of rhinestones from the craft store, and you can have this can get a tailor to help you with the collar if that sort of thing is not your forte and you can still save about $650..

  22. Hi, I just saw it at the Madison Collection store in NYC if anyone is still interested. I'm not sure how many thay have but I saw one for sure ;-).

  23. Ema - Thanks for the news. The catalog image looks great.


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