Monday, July 27, 2009

J Crew - Pinwheel matelassé Mica mini

J Crew's pinwheel matelassé mica mini (14881) retails for $150. It's available in matte gold and runs 0-12.

Size 2 - fit *exactly*

Size 4 - a smidge longer and not as fitted

I didn't get this one. Tried on for the blog only. I *did*, however, get the linen tweed mica in a size 4. I had originally tried on a six in that post. The linen tweed mini was about $16 after the most recent 20% promo. Woot woot!

Chime in...


  1. I would buy this if it wasn't a "mini."

  2. I had planned to buy this but I don't like the waistband. Something about it just isn't right. I also tried the linen mica mini and it was waaaay too short for prime time!

  3. I love this skirt! The pattern is great but the price, ouch!

    I tried on the linen micra mini and I just wasn't wild about the color (I tried on the rhubarb). I really wanted it in the weathered stone or navy but my B&M didn't have either in my size. It's a great skirt though--very versatile.

  4. $16?!?!?! Holy moly, what a great steal!

    I love my mica mini, as outlined by my excessive over-wearing on my blog. Have fun with it!

  5. I love the tweed mica, and have it in both colors for the $16 price tag. I wanted to like this one and the other collection one, but something about the fabric didn't feel right to me. I much prefer the tweed micas.

  6. I like the fabric of this skirt. Is it as short as the linen version? That one was too short for me also, but I am tall and that is often the case with J.Crew minis. What lovely belts they make. :P

  7. $16 for tweed mica mini = TOTAL score! And so cute on you :)

  8. Would love this skirt also if it wasn't "mini". Skirts have to pass the "sit test" with me - yes siree, I'm one of those ladies who makes a ruckus squatting and jumping in the dressing room in her potential $100+ skirts. I am THAT lady. Usually minis don't work for me - too much junk in the trunk - since sitting becomes obscene. Howev, the skirt looks totally cute on you and I'm totally jealous. $16, W00t W00t indeed!

  9. Cute, but not nearly as cute on you as the mica mini. (glad you got that one - it was awesome)

  10. Anon@12:11a - Would've made a great pencil skirt.

    ShuLvr - The waistband is odd, but works w/a belt, at least on the linen one. That'd be too distracting on the gold, imo.

    Law and Fashion - I never saw the rhubarb linen. The navy was nice, but the gold flecks didn't pick up enough for me. The weathered stone is my fave.

    Chloe - I will have to check out you in the linen version. I'm sure you're a doll.

    SM - Good score!

    Anon@3:05 PM - The silhouette of both minis appear to be the same.

    Coley - Thanks! Major score.

    Diana Draw - I am on the fence about minis, too. I have to do the sit test and feel completely comfortable in them.

    HeidiG - Thanks! It's even more awesome-r for $16!


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